Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 29, 1968 · Page 3
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February 29, 1968

Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 29, 1968
Page 3
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markets LOCAL WAGON PRICES *""•* $1.28 up 1 «"• $1.72 Unchq. *Y« $0.85 Unchg. 50.82 Unchg 2 p.m. stocks (Tht following price quota t!on» ere furniihtd to »h» Tele* 31 , 40 42 75 29 Allied Sup. „_ 18 Amarada Pet. Co. ||. 77 «™.A & T ••».(...„„. KA AT & SL JZ.~'.~' " 26 Am. Motors ...„ ,„"' j] Am. Tob. „.'" Anaconda „. . Beech Airc. .™'~ Boeing ., Beth. £}tl. ..„ Chrysler _ Cities Sv. ZZT"~ 47 Colo. Interstate ZiHT 42 Du Pont 154 East Kod _ 33 Ford ™ 49 Gen. Elec gg Gen. Motoro ..... 75 Halliburton 66 IBM _~~ 5g3 Int. Harv. „ 33 Int. Pap „„ 27 Jlont. Ward ._ _... 24 Nat.'Dist 38 Nor. Nat. _ _._ 54 Panh. EPLi _. 32 Penny J C _ _ 61 Phill. Pet 57 Proct. Gam. „ 85 RCA .:. 47 Sears 59 Sparry Rd. 46 Std. Oil Ind 52 SW. Oil NJ 68 Texaco 76 US Steel IT...™. 39 West. Elec. 64 Woolworth _ 22 3-4 1-4 3-4 1.2 7-8 1-2 5-8 1-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 1-4 7-8 7-8 2-8 1-4 7-8 1-8 7-8 1-4 5-8 1-2 1-4 1-4 7.8 3-4 1-2 1-4 5-8 7-8 Chicago Live Beet Futures Fob. April Juno Aug. High 26.92 26.30 26.22 2630 Low 26.82 26.20 26.15 26.15 Close 26.83 26.25 26.15 26.25 DOW JONES AVERAGE The Dow Joes average of 30 industrials at noon was off 3.99 at 840.73. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY (AP)-Cattle 7,000; feeder steer sales to 11 am. choice and prime 540-700 Ib 27.10 - 29.10; choice good and choice 550-1,070 Ib 24.80-26.50; high good and choice 514*705 Ib feeder heifers 22.90-25.00; high good and choice 420-505 Ib feeder steer calves 27.90-30.30. Hogs 3,000; barrows and gilts 25 higher; 1-2 200-235 Ib 20.00254 1-3 220-280 J.b 19.25-20.00; 250285 Ib 18.50-19.50; 285-330 Ib 18.0075; sows steady to 25 higher; 330-400 Ib 16.75-17.00; 400-600 Ib 15.75-16.75; few 15.50. Highway Plan to House TOPEKA (AP) - A Republi- 1 can - sponsored plan for accelerated .highway construction, already approved by the Senate, today was scheduled to be debated in the House, amidst indications that Democrats might try to substitute a plan recommended by Gov. Robert Docking. However, because Republicans outnumber Democrats 77-48 in the lower chamber, it is unlikely Oiey will be successful. Docking has promised to veto the Republican.plan if it is approved by the legislature. He contends an increase in the state gasoline tax is unnecessary to financ-a accelerated highway construction in the state. The GOP plan calls for increasing the gasoline tax one cent per year for the next two years with the proceeds from one cent of the increase going to cities and counties for work on streets and roads. The other cent would be ussd to finance existing revenues to finance a jing the plan recommended by $350 million bond issue for ac- | the Dsmocratic governor. celeratecl highway construction, j In legislative action Wednes- While House Democrats lack i day, the Senate passed a bill ap- the strength to substitute Dock- j propriating $162.08 million for ing's plan. Republicans lack the j educational institutions operat- strength to override the gover- j ed by the Board of Regents. bonds for expanded construction. nor's veto without help from Democrats. In preparing for today's debate on the rival highway pro- The. bill now goes to the House. Using emergency procedures. the Senate read three times and highway j gram, Democratic members of | passed a new Senate reappor- , the House met Wednesday with Under the Republican plan, up j Gale Moss, former Kansas Turn- to $30 million a year in bonds would be issued over a 10-year period, primarily for freeways. Docking's plan would draw on tionmeht bill by a vote of 36-3 and sent it to the House. The upper chamber passed 14 other measures, including one that would authorize th e board Oratorical CAP Cadets Receive Awards _ _ . . . . Johnson Photo Service The Garden City Civil Air Patrol cadets h ave received the coveted Billy Mitchell awards, th* first such presentations in Gar den City for several years. Commander 1st Lt. Dave Schneider, Eminence Rt., lef r , presented the awards to C/M Sgt. Dennis Fouse, center, son of Mr. and Mrs. W arren Fouse, Rt. I, and to C/M Sgt. Mark Roberts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Roberts, 1218 Parlcwood. The 18-year-old flight students mastered seven courses, e ach of 11 weeks duration, took part in financial drives, held positions of leaders hip in the CAP, spent numerous hours training for air search and rescue missions as well as Civil Defense training for the award. Each also has spent a week at summer encampment at Forbes Air Force Base Topeka. in Two Contests Set for City to Jay. .. in GovdM City Bridge Tourney Results After 3 Weeks of Play Results of the first three weeks of play in the annual Telegram-Kim. Bridge Tournament are announced today. Tourament is now in the fourth week of play. Men's Bracket A—Hoeme and Randall 2-5940, Miller and Huck 1-1560: Price and Wright 1-1170; KrebB and Whitson 2-10,060: Spencer and Grigg 1-1980; Kimball and Mitchell 2-4250; Patton and Barnhart 2^5260: Autcn and Hughes 1-3970. Bracket B—Hays and Powell 0-0; Thornbrugh and Shipley 3-2240: Wasson and Merrill 2-3410: Hatfield and Fife 1-3090: Hall and Meeker 2-6670; Hoskinson and Lucas 2-7440; Pilcher and Dowd (M). Bracket C—Roper and Roper 12080; Berry and Brungardt 2-3950; Moreland and Landon 0-3790: Dickerson and Woodson 2-3150: Nanninga and Krey 2-4660; Ret- melt and Rutledge 1-1420; Ward and Bentrup 0-0. I See... by The Tttoqram Bin Williams, Garden City High School senior, is one of 15 seniors from 63 high schools who have been invited to participate in Muster Day activities Saturday at Fort Hays State College. Only those who have made straight "A's" in high school, or who average above 82 per cent on the American College Tests are invited to attend. Mrs. B. W. Jacobs, 901 East Fair St., is the Memorial Chairman for the Kansas Heart Assn. lor Finney County. Her phone number is BR 6-2488. . * Carpets if Furniture * Draperies 419 N. Main M 6-2326 INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE Gardtn City, Kansas, 67846 NFO Action Hikes Prices A holding action on livestock by the National Farmers Or- j ganization has resulted in increased prices. Larry Wilson, local fieldman for the NFO, said today that contracts with major packers hi the Midwest have been signed — calling for cattle at 32 cents, sheep at 29, and hogs at 22 cents. More packers are ex- cfced to sign within the next few days. The NFO is now in a grain holding action in an attempt to raise prices. Kansas Traffic Log TOPEKA (AP—Kansas traffic accident death log: For '24 hours to 9 a.m.—2 For February—39 For 1968—93 For comparable period 1967—77 Bracket D—Dal* and Morris 24700; Lindner and Holmes 3-10,730: Rome and Kraus 2-5040: Key and Murphy 1-3630; Kettler and Lewis 1-4030: Bentrup and Johnson 0-0; Minter and Kimberly 1-4260. Bracket E—R'eed and Lee 2-9200; Cllne and Wieland 3-11,160: Huggins and Letourneau OK) Masone/r and Wells 2-5060: Towles and McKain 1-5730: Roark and Fowler 12900; Warden and Wiikerson 1-1660. Women's Bracket A—Marsteller and Bartlett 1-1870; Patton and Pinkston 2-6070; Van Belt and Church 1-1860; Greeson and Bartlett 2-2360; Jasper and Vycital 2-4360: Gunther and Selfredge 2-1950; Woodham and Hutchins 2-1650; Neeley and Shull M. • Bracket B—Forney and Skelton 1-1410; Measerly and Watt 2-2610; EVlsaosser and Conover 2-1350: Rutledge and Reimelt 1-3020; Shot ton and Holland 0-0; Powell and Hays 3-3470: Phoenix and Messerly 1-1740; Shaw and Ellsaesser 36560. Bracket C—Hammer and Hammer 2-9130; Spanler and Trimpa 1-780; French and Phoenix 1-1890; Getehell and Garetson 2-3120: Redd and Thompson 2-4040: Weeks i and Weeks 1-490; Metis and Stat- j ton 1-1590; Ellsaesser and Stoppel 2-4600. Bracket B—Kimbal! and Whitson 3-4610: Spencer and Huck 0-0; Burnett and Robbing 1-1960; Fouser and Beckley 2-7130: Stoll and Robb 3-5810: Hughes and Hoeme 1-5470: Krebs and Patton 2-4580; Bobbins and Beach 0-0. Bracket E—-Morris and Hall 0-9; NewBome and Hineman 2-4630: Riley and Ashlock 2-3160; Foger- ciuist and Riley 2-2830; Sharp and Ming 2-8440; Niedens and Burnett 1-450: Cramer and Peck 1-4930; Fullmer and Selfridge 2-8400. Bracket F—Sigsbee and Sterling 3-3820; Galloway and King 1-5380; Cline and Rutter 2-4400: Arnett and Pearson 0-0: Masoner and Cobb 2-1580; Zrubek and Kemp 0-0 Etrick and Need ^6860; Unger and Bryant >6140. Bracket G—Brungardt and Berry 1-20: Gondles and Morris 3-9840: Meinert and Bach 0.0; Wiikerson and Thornbrugh 2-6900; Marshall and Schroeder 1-1440: Sh'earmire and Enslow 1-2340; Gay and Wasinger 2-1990: Linn and Hall 2-3640. Bracket H—Haflich and Haflich 1-690: Beaver and Lee 1-3580: Wasson and Deinea 3-5820: Dowd and Pilcher 1-1640: Anderson and Brungardt 2-3470; Carmichael and Burris 1-3670: Kinder and Bentrup 1-1510: Burden and Anderson 0-0. Bracket I—Craig and Roark 0-0; Woodson and Tedrow 1-2200: Stein« irietz and Fowler 2-4170: Hannema nand Dickerson 3-4890; Rom* and Craig 3-3730: Thomas and Gatterman 1-3250: Kaiser and CloTer 0-0; Lile and Dale 1-610. Bracket .T—Gies and Broadboclcs 1-1070: Cook and Mollhagen 1-2050: Grigga and Lang 3-7630: McDaniel and Dobson 1-1410: Willbanks and Davis 2-2250: Mulch and Kaaten 0-0: Rodenbeek and Kraus* 1-2140; Hutchison and Auten 3-7780. Both the sub-district and area American Legion oratorical contests will be staged hi Garden City. \ J. D. Adams, commander of i the local Legion post, said today that the sub-district meet will be here next Monday, and the area contest here on Wednesday, March 13. Finney County elimination contest, to decide who will represent the county in the sub-district, was here this morning. At the sub-district, winners from Wichita, Lane, Hodgeman, Ford, Seward, and Finney counties will take part. The Seventh District contest will be Friday, March 8, at Dodge City. Winners of Districts Five, Six, and Seven will compete here in the area meet The winner of the western area will compete with the eastern area winner to determine the state champion. Adams said the public is in- i vited to the contests. Next Monday's sub-district will be at 1 p.m. in the Little Theatre, with registration for contestants at 12:15 p.m., and drawing for speeches at 12:30 p.m. Dave Craft, high school teacher, is chairman. The same schedule will be observed .at the western area Hospitals DISMISSALS At St. Cithern* Jeffery Baseue, Holeomb 'Mrs. Gilbert Bowyer, 1312 Mulberry Gregory Bribiesca, Holeomb Mrs. Clarence Hunter, 1001 Center • Mrs. Lee Messenger, Imperial Rt. Tara Messenger, Imperial Rt. Silas Mills, Lakin Timothy Steimvand, 1,117 N. llth pike general manager, and John Montgomery, state highway director. Moss and Montgomery, played leading roles in develop- j of any unified school district to levy a tax of up to four mills for five years for capitol improvements. A resolution was approved by the Senate that would amend the State Constitution to permit six constitutional amendments to appear on the ballot in one election instead of the present limit of three. Introduced in the Senate was a bill appropriating $13.6 million for penal institutions and other public safety agencies. No increase was recommended over Gov. Docking's recommendations. On the floor of the House, a bill was passed that would es- Poqe Garden Otv Thursday, Feb. 29. 1968 Mrs. Olive Ervil Bradfield. 603 Courts AUCTION SERVICE Form, Livestock. A Community AncHoe Every Saturday at 107 N. 5th St. Weather EARL BARTON AUCTIONEER •R 6-3814 Scales Tests Are Conducted Fifty-seven of the 59 vehicle and livestock scales in Finney County were approved in tests run by the weights and measures division of the State Department of Agriculture, J. Fred True, state sealer reported today.'Testing in Finney County was under the direction of Harold Dietz. deputy state sealer. A scale is condemned if the error is more than two pounds per 1,000, either above or below correct weight, True said. The scale is retes'ted after the owner has it corrected. True said the percentage of approved scales in Finney County is well above the state average. In 1948, when testing of vehicle and livestock scales was started, about 35 per cent were condemned. At present a much larger percentage of the scales are accurate. Two heavy-duty trucks are used by the weights and measures division in testing over the state. The truck operated by Dietz carries 20,500 pounds of test weights. All of the 2,600 vehicle and livestock scales in the state are tested annually. Events Calendar THTJBSDAY, FEB. 29 Women's Exercise — 6:30 to 7 p.m. ta •ZMCA Hall. Knitting Classes — 7:30 to 9 p.m. at YMCA Hall. FRIDAY, MARCH 1 Women's Ceramics — 1:30 to 4 p.m. at Chris Sigsbea residence. 701 N. 6th. SATURDAY, MARCH 2 Youth Swim — At Mel Krebs' covered poo! on TJSBO West of town. Advanced boy» and girls, from 9 to 9:45 a.m. Beginners of ages 6 through 8. 9:45 to 10:30 a.m. Advanced Beginners from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. Advanced beginners of age 9 and up, from 11:15 a.m. through noon. Basketball — Church Athletic Xie'ague,' 11 a.m. at Ben Grimsley Gym. Church of Nazarene senior high girls vs. Trinity Lutheran senior high girls. ; Youth Ceramics — 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at Chris, Sigsbee residence. 701 N. 6th. MONDAY, MARCH 4 Women's Exerci»e — 6:30 to 7 p.m. at YMCA Hall. Tiny Tot Swim—9:15 to 10 a.m. at Mel Krebspool. deaths Howard A. (Bill) Pate SYRACUSE — Graveside services for Howard A. (Bill) Pate, 59, Syracuse, will be 3 p.m. Friday at the Oakwood Cemetery, Parsons. Mr. Pate died early Wednesday morning in a fire which destroyed his cabin apartment COUNTY Fintd — Billy G. Collins, Wichita, speeding 70 in a 60 zone, $10 and $10 costs. Rufus L. Hardy Jr., Lovington, N. M., I failure to clear port of entry, $10 and $10 costs. Michael J. Turner, Holeomb, speeding 75 in a 60 zone, $15 and $10 costs. Howard H. Kisker, Satanta, speeding 75 in a 60 zone, $15 and $10 costs. Douglas W. Mader, DeerfieM, defective muffler, $5 and $10 costs. POLICE Bends Forfeited — Eugene Henry Schnoor, Goodland, no drivers license, $10. Mrs. Doyle Lewis, El Rancho Trailer Court, improper driving $10 and rib drivers, license, $10. Mrs. Dallas D. Decker, 2002 St. John, parking in a no park- he spent most of his life in the Parsons area. .He had lived the past 10 years in Syracuse where he was employed as a laborer. He was a veteran of World War II. Survivors include three sis- . 7, 1908, at Parsons,! ™S ™ n «' **• Don . ald T ' Beule ' ost of his life in the *» Summit, parkujg in a no » Va t, a H Kvn/i tho parking zone. $2. Dale 11 Cook. 2206 "A", parking meter violation, $5. Mrs. Julius Appelhans, 1506 Jan. permitting an unauthorized minor to drive a motor vehicle, $10. Edgar D. Kile, 1605 N. 8th, uuaei-veu .ai uic western «uea . , ,, „ , f anHrpt u aTld improper driving, $25. DoitglaS contest, *tth Adams as chair- jj» jTpauSP«onl and I W*™ Mader 612 Jones run- m <in i «v ' !».,.«.••,..»,i 1: «•!* L ff*WT *»v*f4 «*** man. Technicality Delays Trial Mrs. Hazel Blackburn, Rozel; and a brother, John, of Kansas City, Mo. Blossom-Demuth Funeral Home of Parsons is in charge of arrangements. McFadden • Funeral Home of Syracuse handled local arrangements. KANSAS CITY (AP)—A legal technicality delayed arraign-} ment Wednesday of ex-convict! Henry F. Brown on charges of j murder and robbery in the hold- | up Jan. 19 of a suburban bank j across the state line in Overland Park, Kan. Judge Herbert Walton of the Johnson County District Court put back the proceedings until Friday under the law which requires a defendant to have copies of charges at least 48 hours before being arraigned. The murder charge against the former inmate of the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth was filed in connection with the Lawyer Shot By Grocer HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) — An Oklahoma City lawyer who vanished from his office last autumn lay in critical condition — and possibly blinded — in a Houston. hospital Wednesday night, charged with robbery by firearms and assault to murder. John Burton McCaleb, 40, was shot in the face and shoulder Tuesday night by the manager of a grocery. Robert Burl Pur- ning a red light, $25. and improper driving, $50. Mrs. Don Sinclair, Jetmore, car parked in a truck zone, $2. Fined—John David Russell, 506 N. 9th, driving while intoxicated, $100, and driving left of center, $10. Drivers Liccns* Suspension— Ralph L. Rirpp, 503 N. 13th, drivers license suspended one I year or until 16th birthday, j whichever is the longer, for i driving in violation of drivers i license restrictions. Drivers License Revocation — Raymond (Ricky) Walter , Hands, 6C« N. 1st. drivers license revoked six additional months for driving while drivers license was revoked. tablish a Citizens Committee on Constitutional Revision. Also winning approval was a bill that would permit the state to sell surplus property at auction or by sealed bid. Still another bill passed would allow the state to acquire right- of-way for connecting links of the state highway system in first, second and third class cities. The House Public Health Committee meanwhile recommended for passage a mandatory meat inspection system for the state designed to forestall a federally - controlled inspection system. It would make the state inspection system effective Nov. 1, 1969, one month ahead of a deadline established in recent federal legislation, administered by the state health director.. The proposed system would include inspection of meat animals before and after slaughter. A bill designed to allow counties and cities to levy a half- cent sales tax subject to a vote of the people was approved by the House Assessment and Taxation Committee. If approved by the voters of a city or county, the proposed tax would be collected by the state and returned to the city or county. N. Adv. Quick Snacks * Traffic death of Sgt. Eldon Miller of | vies told police he was counting the Kansas Highway Patrol. Miller died in a gun battle after the bank robbery. Brown, wounded in the gunfight, has recovered. His cellmate at Leavenworth, Andrew E. Gipson, 31,, pleaded guilty to six charges in the bank robbery and was sentenced by Judge Walton term of 40 to 90 years. to a MEET THE SWINGER Regular $19.95 THE NEW POLAROID LAND CAMERA Now *13 H»we you seen it yet? We have the SWINGER, the amazing new low-priced Polaroid camera. It's the camera that "talks" to you— says YES right in the viewf inder when the exposure is perfect. It's full of surprises. And it gives you your black and white pictures in 10 seconds. Come in and see it today. It's the most camera in the world for the price! RENICK DRUGS NO. 1 ir NO. 2 Play Cast Sounds Need for a Pump the day's receipts when an armed, robber appeared. Police Lt. J.'M. Albright said the bandit herded Purvis into a storeroom where a .30-06 rifle was kept, and Purvis picked the weapon up and fired as the man was stuffing money into a paper bag. McCaleb formerly was a member of an Oklahoma City law firm. He disappeared last October and left behind his files, personal effects, the wife lie divorced last year and three children. City Accident — Wednesday, 2:10 p.m., 900 block N. 10th, a parked pickup truck van owned by Vernon Eugene Steele, La- Junta, Colo., and a pickup truck driven by Edgar D. Kile, 1605 N. 8th, (minor damage to both vehicles). Dale Hosford Anybody have an old-fashion-1 Jewell, Vinney; ed outdoor type pump. One of those "go out and pump fresh bucket of water for supper" types? The props crew of "The Miracle Worker", new play under rehearsal at the high school, needs a pump desperately. It's one of the most important props in the story of the blind child Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan. Set for production March 29 and 30 in Clifford Hope Auditorium, the play is directed by Larry Fowler. Cast as Helen will be Nancy Hope, and as Annie, Kathy Kesler. Bill Alsop will play Mr., Keller; Shan Salter, Mrs. Kel- le"r; Gary Smith, James; Eileen Bauer, Aunt Ev; Denise Jim Pctersen, Anagnos; Terri Wilson, Martha; Cathi Caliban, Prissy; Surgeons to Operate On Siamese Twins LOS ANGELES (AP) - Surgeons will try to separate week- j old Siamese twin girls joined at the abdomen by a tubular section of skin 20 inches in circumference. Dr. Darleen Powars, acting as liason between pediatric and surgical teams, said the operation will be put off about one month until the in- Police said his. present wife, j fants gaui seve ral pounds over Robert Kadser, the doctor; and the three blind girls, Carole Corlqy, Marsha Lemke and Ginny Leopold, Judy Pennhigton will 'be the assistant director for the production. If anyone has a pump they're not using—call the high school, or Larry Fowler. Linda, told them her husband was unemployed. Ben Taut) Hospital said the wound cost McCaleb the sight of his left eye, and the vision in his right eye was threatened. their present combined weight of 11 pounds, 7 ounces. There, are several ways to earn a living by the pen. The easiest way is to raise pigs in it ... -A- * * Just the thing when you're dog-tired ... a pup tent! * + * Children of all ages have one thing in common—they close their ears to advice and open their eyes to example . . . * -*r * Parenthood is hereditary. If your parents didn't have children, chances are you won't, either. + -*••*• Ever notice how the rainy days for which you saved always come during your vacation? •*•-*•* Don't wait for a rainy dayi' Come to buzz inn burger bar*, Inc. »t either 1203 East Fulton, Pone BR 6-7977 or on Kans*s Plaza, Phone BR 6-6990 right now for a relaxing meal to perk up those tired spirits. MIRACLE SOFT WATER $•«(•«« e»e e"eer «MI yeir bucks well spent! Free Water Test 612 St. Jehu, Corden CitY IR 6-7345. 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