New-York Tribune from New York, New York on October 16, 1921 · Page 44
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 44

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 16, 1921
Page 44
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vaudeville PALACE Irene Bordoni Karyl Nor msD, Pau: Whitemanl Eddie Bu ?nd the Charlie Cha] "The Idle Class," ?read the bill and are supported by Bert Fitzgibbou, Billy blason, Rolla i i ; Royce and the B b Pender Troupe FORTY-FOURTH STREE1 Jimmy Hussey tops the bill. Others ap-? r tg aro 'i- Jackson, Rath Vine and and i -, Buddj .-? l c p.r.d Je;ly :, ? . " ? ?es EIGHTY-FIRST STREET?Ray Raj > ' ction on the \ aud? - Ule b la "Blind Hearts." LOEW'S STATE?First Half: Cantor "? -?? on tho stage; "The Idle i [ass ' ?i, I ast half: acksorj and tuyior on the si g .- rve A h.I on the -err, MOSS'S BROADWAY?Nat Nazarro jr., Tack Sam. "Th.o Comebacks," and Burke, Vernon and the Jisters. Charlie Chaplin in tdli Cls WINTER CARDEN?Le?- Fields in ?hots of 1921," McConnell and jn, Lillian Fitzgerald, Yvette I her?. RIVERSIDE -The Avon Comedy Four, lea King and Lila Rhodes, Ruth and Claude and Fanny Usher .sr>- the featured acts on a bill pre .; ilso Eddie Miller, Clara How - ?a and tho Melvin St" ters, e ' haplin film "The Idle! . COLONIAL?Harry Fox and Beatrice ' urtis, William Seabury, Victor Moore and Emma Littlefield aro ppe features. Others on the bill are ? lasey, the Wilton Sis- , tcTs, Rome and Gant, the Trade Twins j ["liornas, Kennedy an?! Hid-1 'Is. ai d the Chaplin film "The Idle , Clas EIGHTY-FIRST STREET?Ray Ray-j - -. . Ward head, the %% "Bl <.:,{ Hearts" 1 ? C . [die i %?--" . ? thi screen l ORDHAM -First half: Florrle J M Gerard i "Klick i - ", Trrrey and McBride, Claude . Usher, Pearson, Newport Pear on, Mennetti and Sidelli Mortoi tn, "The HAMILTON- Gallagher and Shean, the . and Alexander, thej annein Sisters and Jimmy Lucas Francene are special featuri of . bill that includes n'^o Harr Di For, William and Joe Mai and Kafka ai d Stanley. The "The ' ? Class" will >e shown. , i ROCTOR'S FIFTH AVENUE? . Mignonette Rokin, Conway and ? Howard and Lewi?. Arthur 11, Rice and Elmer. Last half: Green, Mabel McCane, Ten? et t'en, Cramei and Zarrell. ) RO< 1 OK'S TWENTY - THIRD STREET First halt': "Fads and Rolles," Louise Ordway, Alexander ind Robinson, Macknary Dancers, i fill "The Girl From God's ? ? '? Last 1 ilf: The feature Show" and seven ? d ,.%>?-. ille. PROCTOR'S FIFTY - EIGHTH STREET?First half: Two film fea-j I"h< ' ' ' : Oaki Bucket" and harlle Chaplin's "The Idle Claps," seven vaudeville acts, ?r.f I ast half: Thomas -1. . lyan "? "Bringing Up Father" and ? ir otl ei acts. The film, "After the ? V PROOCTOR'S l-'-TH STREET ?First half; Two film features, "The Idle g' s id "Tl e Old Oaken Bucket," ludeville acts. LaBt i : ? . rrell and five <?' i ei acts. The film, "After the In Picture Theaters APOLLO?Mary Pickford's "Little Lord Fauntleroy" continue?. he..dora,'' the Italian scroen ?pectpe'e. is the attraction. ? APITOL- Marshall Neilan's produc ? ' Lif<," " 1th a cast of irtei n ,' In ?tars, " 'he feature. ? r ; loni," presented as I '' -, the "Tannhauser" over are two numbers of the music . ram. ? 1 N'T RAT. Hurry Carey in "The For.," I r. spectacle, opens an en ? ' H ERION "Petei Ibbetsi n," with im ' ? rgueon and Wallace Reid, is <?? feature. An elaborate program . --?-? ? .-. - i - . leture, LYRIC "The Three Musketeers," with I ai rba nks, continues. '?.1%') -Cloria Swan "Under i? Lash,' o screen adaptatio feature, A -, >- also shown, ? ' e overture ? Del Riego's ears.' ? ': rniiod rr-'- ova in the title principal atti " I re Viimp," is ?' ??.,-.? nf Tachai hoi ???'' nr<? the Place," in ? ?>?w ' ?rred is the .. ,;, itra and ? ? !W Oft YVETTEH GUILBERT SCHOOl OF THE theatre r RK W<\) \ ' i 1921 to (M RII , 1922 t, <.,,,...,1 ,,(,,,,|l.., ?I ),.,, !.. 1 >? ,,?-,.,.,?. .1 Ir,, (III 1 , ?f.f ii-tr o? ' ? . 'Brooklyn Theaters MAJESTIC -"Mecca," with the original Century Theater cast, is hero this v.-..,.;. MONTAUK?Francine Larrimore, in "Nice People," remains another \ eek. LOEW'S METROPOLITAN?First half: Sam Lambert heads the vaudeville. "The ('.'up of Life" in the film. Last half: Larry Reilly and Mary Hamp? ton in "The End of the Road" on the stage, "The Sting of the Lash" on th? screen. STRAND "1 Accuse," the French film drama, by -Vbel Gance, is the feature, BORO PARK - Fir i h ill . Ge : go Je; sel, lierschel Henlere, Emilj Darrell, Archer find Belfourd, Page and Gruen, Th.- film: "Why Girls Leave Home." Lnpt hal'X Edith Clasper, lionovan and Lee, Friscoe. The film: "Afti r the ? hov ." BUSHWICK The rail festival bill Is headed by Arman Kaliz. Others ?.; Fenton and Fields. Frank Ellis, Al Piantodo8i ami Abbott, Elmer El Cleve, Newell and Most, Miller and Capman, Hazel Moran, Roy and Arthur. ORPHEUM-?Carl Randall heads the bill for the fall festival we? k. Ruth Roye, Ben Welch, \Y. G, Fields, Kei - nedy and Berle, Burns and Freda, ? : ' nton ai d Roonej and tin Melva i Sisters also appear. SHUBERT-CRESCENT "the Kiss Burglar," Whipple and Huston, Con? nolly and Wenrich, Ernestine Meyer, --.,. AX?, Pollock and Verdi, Jack . ? ? ise, ? islai and N'ewell a:;.! !!,? i X < j ? si i 11 ? Brothei a form the XX hi On living Houses. S II LT BERT-RIVIERA ? "Welcome Stranger," with George Sidney, is the week's attraction BRONX OPERA HOUSE "LadieV Sight" plays a return engagement * his ?,'.????')?. 'IVtrr ?bliflson" ??eo{>ens The Criterion Theater '. . . Ferguson was the star in two shown on Broadway yes K8?r?"3?TP-wrwrt A NATIONAL INSTTT?TlON BNWW ?S 41 th St. Oiroertc*! J?.9. i^UNKETf Extraordinary Attractions Beginning Today -1 ?& Personal Ap- C. IN HER LATEST AND BEST PICTURE Strand Svmphony Orchestra ( ar? i loaarde, < onduclor Mark Review Sunset-Burrud Scenic Sn.iw-bourtf) Yosemit?" Estelle Carey, Soprano Gaylord L-oyd Comedy "Dodge Ynur Pcb'.?" ?ese?s?s peai-unce for One Week Only of AS A GUEST CONDUCTOR of the Strand Symphony ?-Orchestra Appearing at 3.20 -7.30 and 9J?0 Presenting a Program of His Own Compositions i OVERTURE ?.<-? (1 * comic Oprr? ' M7!e Modlet?" ilntrorlucrni!,. ' K"?ea Me A/jitr"") A Ht-CRT nnn?-?> 'von. 'h?Orjnil Oper? "NbIoit??" 2. fV Indian Sn'Miff f 4n y4,Tir,.-.^#fi ?clyT' ?...Wnrrh of the Toys from "Bat*? In T 0'- li ?id" ?. OVERTURE tothelriah Ot-m"y.v.?tr, ? w ?ROADWV ?UUTttEl V??. ^ I AR*iTST^ndF0Pt?0ST MOTION PICTURE r?ALAC.f. tOVAPD 8IMVBS ?-.-NANA??ir-"i; RIS^r.TOR. Presents Hit Remarkable Phale-dtamotU Innovation -"Bits of Life" * Heal P?.?'? rhi Magazine M-., (trough? t? Mi? Sore?*?. "t.?'. ,?( unumial c**l ?l player?, including Wwley IWrv, I mi Chane Y, f?>hn Bower?, Peddy Sampion I Inrritl Hammond, Rockeliff? FVIlown, f" oal B frry \nn ? Ma? J r>j| an I I Ivtht ? hapmon ? /??. ? ? ,. ,,.. ?.,.., CAPITOL GRAND ORCHESTRA, Erno Rh,h?, Conductor " ? "?"? '"' ?iif?1'?'?""" . . .? Warnet CAPITOL BALLET CORPS Bajial ' ? ?fiuloo? .S lit.rmirrrn \\ itli Mil? i ? i! ? " '?'..' ' .. i .... Dorii Nile?, H??l'i /-?non and I 1 Dancer? Capilol Qiiintf-'t? Solnijt: Mllr. Fanny Re/In ?Ja?.? im? m.fiiiJ'retienfatloax by S, / . Unthatel?.Y?'.r X'' .'H''-am -.?,? em ' '. ' tcrday a1 the Fame time. "Peter Ebbet- j son," in which she was co-star with Wallace Reid, opened at the Criterion Theater on the same day that "Foot? lights," in which rhe starre?! alone. ad its ?aft performances at the Rivoli. The two pictures are entirely different j in theme, each revealing a distinct psychology totally unlike the other. On? laid in France and England at the beginning of the nineteenth cen? tury, the oil er is a 1921 bit of fiction of back-stage life. In "Footlights" Mips Ferguson gives a progression of characterizations, every one a bit of line artistry, but in "Peter Ibbelson" she reach??? even greater heights, and the run of thr former picture has been interrupted for the sake of the latter. Jt i?. .seldom that a woman is her own rival. SHjaUotof? on Lillian Ramhean, mother of the : t-eaute?us Marjorie, will be seen in a Gasnier production of "Mam'selle Jo," based upon the novel by Harriet Corn stock. Tho next Alice Brady picture is "Hush Money," by Samuel Merwin, put on the screen by Rcalarf. Edward Davis, err,:while clergyman, will be seen in support of Elaine Ham? merstein in "Handcuffs or Kisses." Georgo Arllss is now working on lo? cation in the Westchester Hills filming his latest picture, "Idle Hands," made by Distinctive Production.". In addition to Gaston Glass the fol? lowing players will be seen with Shir? ley Mason in her next Fox picture, "The Little Alien": George Williams, Maltha Franklin, Arthur Rankin, Al? fred Testa and Richard Lapan. Adelaide Prince will be seen in a ( screen production which J. Searle | Dawley is making for *Fox. Marie j Alexander, another stage favorite, will NEWYQRK 25-50-75. vfxttyym i lOCO 0?CH SEAT.5 ?iPO S EXCEPT 5AT..VSUM. ? do<1 HOLIDAYS ? r>ir...ii)\. -7 ntiil >'. )' >1. 1$?ginning %I?i; " v:s'c,A,:):yv:y.r f.)U? i ,1 -. R iternatl ^! rrtrr.n U.-.nrr. s?. , ,, \(-trena and Beaut; with Chic, Charm, Pleasingly Pre-eminent Personalll and Magical Song Method, E BORDO NI \i ?l.?ted by LEON VAV \RA, '"?? - "The Evolution nf n l'ianlat," and n; of popular Anii>rl'?n. French ? ? '. Spanish HI ;? unfi In ni i pera M; to the Perfe? tloii of Musical Accompaniment "bxtk? Al > ! > K I > PE VTURE Music Lover? Oommanfl a THIRD WEEK of the M autor Magician of Dance Music and His Sense-Stlrrlupr Tunen like Melodious Electricity, ITE and II ?*s PALAIS ROV.M, ORCHESTRA f seductivi nui ben played with tui originality of ti niptil thai Kir- s ?,.. ni Irri ilstUilu valu EXTRA (KAI i U?; ZZELL if life, "A MAN Or AFFAIRS," by luntpl Kuseill. A Laurence Pchwdb Producthm. ?UdKD FfcA i i U.K. T11I?7 <)M AM) OM,V CHARLIE C in Th? Mrrri^ "THE IDLE CLASS Written and Directed by CHARLES CHAPLIN Thfrrn Isn't an Idle moment In "THE IDLE CLASS' !?" .:,!>? CHARLIE ? 1I.M-1.1N la In It In b i.i roi? P ? i BERT FITZG?BBON ? . i- , Dafl 7' I and Prr. i.-r I30B PENDER TROUPE BILLY GL?SON "J ukI f ? ? -.--. ., nd Snvh '.- ??' ??-???? ,, ? . ?: . Kit 1.1 7 f. KOYCE Uli M ?'A 1 111. M.W s KAR Y L.NOR "THE CREOLE FASHION PLATE I'D i EKK.yr Edwin \v?m><-;- C?uflacUns, ?ir ) ? vond C ?fnpetll Ion or's f-.n l)f ? ? ! 7 ??-. A S ,-? W Si .i K.'??y 7 II'. HI PKltllMiE t VS?Y * CO. ?(mu-: x <; m r \ h nut no?RE .t ( o. i,-t.. ? \i ?i.i'ON -?rit i ?; H M. ?-? \iu uv IU'\I K h \uu i un. ? i n. ...... r'urMs CHARM? < H U'LIN nu isim* picture _ " l Mi- )!?? g II.?V ???L^&fmrS&'?TfttS^ ST STREE f"nnTr+? Ki,,.,i,,- j is ft n ]-, ?joek of r^t. -,r M, Li. Rfrrnij In , '.. . r. ....,.'. CL H tu; a; k'.nmi; imm n H? TI? ?H 1H> iii'<- u- ? don < >'. %S. lilM; a 1.11% KH?nBS \tllii?i. \VON niM'rin i ? H *.Kl.?r/< llAJ?.IV In lin ! >ir(.- fi,??.,!. "tllE TOLE CLAP?" ? xr>n_F<ir.4ar. M1, 4- 6 11. W,--k nt (Vt, Iv n li?ioi i- .nil' i i ?ai ? . ? . lia;. h m : .7 Co ?? ?hui U'cr-i IIU IIWMIIMl nn i M .?in ly i"hj mora -oil \ ? Mil? * < ?? !?? I, ?lato Oonrtrtii Siinrl??, 2:1.1 ft 8:1.1 " ? ; i i St?nl?v Lexej & O'Connor HOI?ART l?OStV?ni H ?n "111 IMi III, Mil's" ? Il VKI.M I II i II l> In il"- i -?t-ri rir~' ure "IMI ID. il i i.\r - ' ? M, ? .10E MANDELL IIMM\ I i < \- K < <i lll.i?lMIi Mvl'KIIS ? AI ? \ *. "N ?H l? In:, rmleelon H \1. Il I A Milt R.\ 1 1 A < O <. 1 II Virlll K H ^111 W M\HMMN v|siri.S riHitiir: iiimiiv !.. U|S Hi.?' , r ?,.? . ?Tur. mi v. r Lass* also appear in this picture, which is not yet named. l?lenn Hunter will temporarily the films and will appear in B Tarkington's new comedy, "The Inti? mate Stranger." Arthur Rankin will appear in sup? port of Pauline Frederick in her Ft.-C, picture, "The Lure of Jade." Robert Bruce has jus; starte? with a jrroup of new scenic pictures h<s has been making in Washington ?: -, parts of the Northwest. ? K en and Henry Walthall wi : seen in "Parted Curtains," pro duced by Werner Brothers. Bust? Kcatoi has finished -ihrer comedies for l-~ir7>t National. They are , "The Playhouse," "The Blacks?, and "Th? B? at." Riescnfeld .1 >ya 5up Harold Lloj X V. hen I tat ???I-O!???^?t? I IM^J..IIJ1...-T-?-,|||^ " ? '- ' -:?S f? 1 ? - PaXi? ! ? < . . }y0x T: ' *"-' ? ' ' " Trou Hand to Mouth," "Hi? "Haunted Spooks" a?:d Ga*t?a Westerner." I ickie Coogen's new sti and he will ? ext w? eij ti Hollywood, d ,-,. ..-.,_ the Mack ?Sehnen ?NEW YORKS LEADING THEATRES AND SUCCESSES' 1WH?E?r%' WEOI?Vif BEST S&MT*Z99 "Glow: v/rrii iiff and coio?--7<? ;-,-.?.-? ? 'jT^Ws&i? tj ???i^r'^im&K 059m w*? NtB ilm iKj / ^^ ff(w '." LiW ^1 3nd SAN. a foundedonHie F^mou s Mow! ?BlASCO IB?NEZ, ~KLAW'YH?ATK" ?U^5fh.ST - BRYANT 6767 ? X s 6-50- MAiXWL?^S&t "AN INSTWMENt Of EXPOSURE EFFICIENT " PRE5E?V NO THir RE50LUTE- BIGNESS HAtN rwi ftTi?i?Kii.i;t?fN\-. VITH UteHV PEMAlfS nun '.- *?"?^ii*i> ?! v .'.Tt?^ ;?l MTW AMSTERDAM WTST4-2 St F^ca.?a 2D CAPACITY YEAR! HENRY MILLER'S Ulf of the A COMeOV hx VUIWK MUH BUT NORMAN TPmi? CHEER-UF THEATRE-GOERS! It's h'rn hardft on yoa ' - ???-?son than on iht prod c BUI A tf?AL PIAK AT LAST hat arrived mlh i u? sn.l \\ondt s?' ? : ? IX l non "The Comedy Gera of the Year"? v. !' RI N. ' ll.\>ll,l>' D1TJJ.VGHAM 'THE'WHITE HEADED BOY" hush' players ni . M URE ??'M'.n.i. ?VKTHI l: - IN ?.All. -'? D NBV MOIRI ? I ?? - ? , ... I . s. . ? uinpa ,v. MATINEES THIS WEEK THURS. (Pop.) &. SAT. S SAN ar-urau o MACLAREN "ROARS OF l.\\ ??ITTKIV?TJmes. "THE FAN" "nON'T MISS rr."?Tribune. PUNCH & JUDY " Bvgs. 9 SO '-;- k Frl i ..' . : '?0. f rom n; ?iNWifcG to ??A Bill of Divorcimenr "FAULTLESSLY PL* ? .1 V S ! iGEMBN r Cl ?? ???f? COHAN theatr; M \ I IN'KES WHIM -l? W md ?AT., $1. I. ' ' ..'? IIBNR V Mil !?! R'S 1 !! K.Vi i: E SUNDAY NIGHT. 0C?, 23, ACTORS' FIDELITY LEAGUE BUILDING FUND CONCERT all STAR FEATURES PRICES: $2.?)'i (.. 50c. Keats Nom -.11? THE \tt;K. COLUMBIA CIR? '. ^ T0-f?C8R0W NIGHT, CGI. 17th n v ? st with Al? ran* ISARKJ.l. 1RW1XG AMY OM.!.\ IX?HO I H\ SIIOIXKK ss v,-v nsohr? * lmUAM K08KIAE I t i.\ AN TASHMA5J A UM EY B J \V1 HKRBEKI ! (II \ KROS1 1.1 ?i.i,\ <.i \u THE PRICES: 50c. t<> $2.00 fur Opening NTglit and Ml K including Sut. Nights.?WED. MAT, 50?. to ?I.tfc?. SAT. MAT. 50c. lo (1 ?0, v :?'?;.' '4~&& Tfi?ffGrT? '"f 6ELMONT Mim WRST a aw tsrrr??err ? ? ? '.? ? fgritl GILBERT EMERY5 Vot> MUST SEE IT ,v mwwm. 5TAQ^O ^y A N?W C?MftDV ;.??'; -SeASOM-S -?(?iGCf-.'Jt ?'? s :jjj^ ^ M^P i m ty'ill? th" Following C ait f?* a.^:^ 7>55v. S? ?3 ?1*, t^ SAM BERNARD k -Jg &^%L?'-' WII.UAM COLLIER SMr? MSS* rw?L-4 FLORENCE M00RE Wll.DA BENNETT I0SEP1I>AN"1U\ IVY SAWER IRVING BERLIN And others. '::X i^r?iH-f^^uxfcf?S. ass** rom^e'sr ivuA.Ts. TKur?./csAr. GREAT PfUAV SAM portr^ciST Ti^e^vTr^'fe, A ii.K?M MATlNa?S W?p./45Ar PEtETTIKiST DELASCO ;?;,;? JL) ONLY SIX "David ^ arfield s cliaractci Peter (jrimm | - nf greal characters who havr <-?>, -) tlie clasbi'.-s ol the .Ameri ? DAVID P.l. LAS( O Present? DAVID WAREIELD "The Return oj Peter Crimm My DAVID BELA ? *-t * V-l-?WiVI Mat?. T, hm. .\ POSITIVELY UST WEEK Prior Contracts Prevent the Prolongation oj {h< Brilliantly) Successful Er nt ?> in S i ARR David Seiftsco's hom> o Eugene Walter's imsric?.n Pnw ^THE EASIEST WAY" l_A;;i P| RFdRMASOf. SAI ?. H ?f?k W^fCOMEOI/' NS LC3EB? ' ???OP ?AT3 ?iff 0 * 5A" ^^fc T'/c ABSOl . of rw ^H^^7 S?< g ? B'VW . ? 6 -15 f'V? r '. Wl D.% SA T 325? L?ST WEEK BE?l ?i^ *THq MostJotfous Even f-of This G?neraHori-^vLyin**', ?v (AVAGE5 NEW PPODUCTlON ? yr| >. SINGWG CAST WORTHY OF TH? WC7RQPOUTAH . . Lydia ? ;???,-.?- ka Oorottij l-.-iuici?, fcrTcrson "? ,; '- ?Roginaid Pasch, Frank Webster, Mario \\ril>. BEC?HH?H0WCDD/E0CT?6-CUftTAi?<at 815 SHAR 7fie&0ftder?? hti?W Sut r??r With Ihr ! newp?rxble C?t st 1TR0NK POWER HOWARD LANG F.PCAR KEN! ALBERT BRUK1NG HEI I N V9 i??'r MIRIAM LEWES BELLE BENNETT" SJDNE1 HERBERT THAIS (AWTON ADELE (CLAEP VIRGINIA RUSSELL ?!>d M??>y O?it? |3 ST, MUSIC HAU THF, ONLY MUSICAL Ht! ......... IPMI? MI DN IG H1 ' - ? *<:????.?;?, NtGHT ONLY ?I ? ?..-,* i ... A MICHTV DR?HA WITH A TREMENDOUS NUtfAN APPEAL ?SEATS READY TORS'. OCT. 70 - ENTIPE LOW!& FLOOR ^2.^ ? > 7 ?*< ?*% J 16X1NT0N AVE. 5- 31IJST. IH^TQN OWC WEAK OMUV RR0W(Ml \VHLL<A?*1 MORRI?? ('?NiNrXfNCIi.S /Af .v/ru/ 50/v'?s >iA/r> c/..^ rAvaftttts * nWST T1MK IN 3 VEAMS COMPANV Of-' INTERNATIONAL APTI3TS *THt SEASONS BiOCiST MUSK HIT ' p-?. '. "J 'AH \ mmm '? ???* r .-,*- .>??- i*q % LETTERS .^ h a rxsT?n6uisHto ??'- ?

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