The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1940
Page 6
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jPAGE SIX . [s m POT MILL COURIER NEWS Today's Sport Parade MellillORR Dog, Kx-Oowbo'y' On Progi'um At Arena Tohighl, .•Writers Have Their Fun At Expense Of Game's "Big Wigs^ !iV I.KSU); A VERY United Tress Sl;fl° CuiTesjiomlt'tit 1'ltOKN'IX, Am., Fell, fi tljl')~ 1 R Isn't every reporter who will literally put Ills' car to the ground I lo Bathc-r information for his ! readers. Hut 1 did yesterday n fit r- jnnon nt the Phoenix Gauntry Club. jKor two hours l kept i:iy cur I lucl;c<i in [i divol hole back of the 18th p.K't'n iiiiu arc some of the (hiims I heard as the bit; nal- leiy followed tlie player. 1 * in the ^lays Lone 0;ik; Sliawnee Girls M e c i Yarbro toll was lianded back to thn club cv,ncrs today by ihe New York baseball writers, who took possession of the game for a day, laughed all Its.troubles away nnd ihreiv Ed Harrow's bat, inlo tlie rinn for player in the country lust year was Tom llur- mon of Michigan, but he wasn't. u jjreat deal belter than Amby SchindliT o( Siutliern Cnlirarniti, The critic who expressed this opinion \vits Hob '^upiike, posit, painter Barro candidacy w as ^ t, aild ,r T "nua'i dmner of the New York chapter of A! t, h , ! ' S none to ^ vi n n'"? in HcO Quests 7, y t, 7 Z"i " . unmindful of my ear j which he was almost standing on I with Ills spiked shoss, said tile (CM o( xieiitiicMi in a football bad: Two bn.skflib.ill games til tlw- .Mississippi County Amuleur IJa. k > kotball League will |j, ; j.hiyed j,, Hlythevilli' icjiiltjht, 11 v::i.s an- noiuiced today by .Ice WhUK-y. ! county recreation director. Ehiwnee will play Lone Oak in a boy;,' game alul Shiwni-s (jirK ivill play Vmliro with. boil, tills to be .sttigf'd (it Ihe armory with play CtbiT Cfi'iit's to bf; played this wiek will be: Hubbard Hardware boys ol JMytlicvllle at Osceol i to- nUjht and iliibbind girls at OsccoJa lonlglit; Manila ijoys at Blnrk- water and Reiser boys at Ix-achvlllii 'I'liiirsduy night. Tlie Manila ijhl.s (\it\\- a bvo Hits ivei'k. 'I He county tournament will lie held next Monday and Tuesday at Die UlytlicvIIJf mmory with draw- Girls Win Easily, 30 To 3, Boys Finish .'Ahead Bv Score Of 32 To 25 ' ... ...... .»....,».*, .w.iiivi top-ruier hhavi'iico boys and girls ' ul tht 101 Ranch in Wyoming tie- 1)rlslc< 'tbull teams from Joiner boat i |:icting Hie at the old west, ami his Hlllltelr<1 Hardware of Dlytheville | diiiii'liier. Miss (icnevievc Pear on'"' " do " b le header giunc of the .in a program of cowboy VIM,,,* i Mls s'sslp|Jl County Amateur Bas- 1 "•"•"' " "" ketball League at, t) )e phaivuce /s.sjjccial ncl foatiirlnz "Grna-i>ta!l, UK: K'H.'idt-r ilOf," v/Ill l;e''j|| added aUruelion at • toiiigiil's wrestling show nt the l/sgfon'nroiia', it WHS announced by Promoter MM- Mercney. With "Orcaseball" will Leu Pearson, fuitucr lop-rider (Jl.=. isyin Friday night. The sirls wen to the tune of 30-3, completely outclassing Ihr Tin- little canine performer Iri ' singing net, d«ncliv 4 and walking ,'» •>•%*« • UUJJ-li IUI L ,J | Sliawnee {while Mullins and Har- .~.jikey, heavyweight, j Halnos o! New York' in j.Sinkey v.'ill uUempl to Isioic with Raines for a dctcat ' ' litre « week ago In ••• ' for Blylhe- The lineups: Ihe "grenlest shortstop who ever lived," who nominated Die New York Yankee president for tlie White House pitching assignment. Barrow "discovered" Wngncr more than 40 years ago. Speaking irto a microphone set, up between former President. Her- j beit Hoover nnd Postmaster General Jim Farley, Wagner said: "On my right is a man ivlio.- has held the job. and on my. left is n man who wouldn't mind having it. But don't forget we have aii- clher eligible candidate for' (he presidency here tonight. His name is Ed Harrow." : ' . Applause shook the room. Hoover laughed. Farley turned Crimson Barrow, who despises public appearances and bad .raid no more than a dozen words when presented with the writers' plaque lor meritoricus service to baseball, put his hand up to the side of his head as If stunned. : One of the wags wise-cracked: i'How are r,'} going to stop' tlie' Yankees \l 'UUITOIV is president? That topic was one of the main , targets, along with judge Lantlls and Bill Terry, of the dinner show staged by (lie writers. The only other sericus business was presentation of the "player of- (he year" award lo'Bucky Wallers Cincinnati Red pitcher who won . 27 games last year. i .The stage, was set as n big press box. Tom Meany of the New York World-Telegram acted as quiz muster in the "mis-information please" skit. When lie asked how to "slop the Yankees " cue of hi? stooges replied: "Report it to, Roosevelt. Legislation might, stop cm." I . A "newsreel" also was devoted lo I - the subject with President Rposc-' velt, King George, Adolf : Hitler ' Benlto Mussolini, Halle Selassie'' and Josef r .-Stalin all 'Imploring their listeners to "stop tiic Yank•• era.!' It ended .with « -.donkey braying: "Confucius say:. Slop Yankees," . - r . ., .-,• , i A; song by ..Ed Murphy : . of the ' New York Smrand 'illustrated by : n ' sfcimy and pantless actor' vbarlue Bill Terry's baseball shirt'With the number "30" on the back; had verses; ending in. these hues- ; "Come tack .Sc.tiumncher, .< I. may. lose my' Locker. ' ' '•' ''Come back Cliff Melt.-n, I sure !» took a bcltin'. 'Come back Can Hiibbell, I never knew trouble." . j Arthur Mann sang ''one.lampoon- ing landis to Ihe tune ot "How you gonna keep 'em down on the larm —after yen turn ' em f r( , c How you gonna keep 'em down on tlie farm after they've^ talked to McCoy." In a skit called "The Great Liberator or a Quiet Day With Lan- ' *s.".Kcn Smith impersonated the commissioner and Lou EITrat his secretary, Leslie O'Connor. Lamlts nan ed to get something cn tii e Yankees, and O'Connor kept diir- Emg up the dirt on the Browns and (he Phillies. Smash ending was a great chunk ot custard pie slapped in O'Connor's fl>cc bv Limdis, Euv^t^la't" La " diS 8 ° l UlC r ' 8llt remarked. ' ' "* Ellsworlii Vine.-; was the next man to place my car In Jeopardy. He passed so Close that 1 ever- heard him answering n friend's question a;: to v.'hy lie nbandcned tennis for golf. He gave boredom .1.5 tlie reason. There is little or no variety in tennis, Vines said. Every game Is almost a duplicate or Che one ployed tlie day hefoie. Same type 1 of spectalti's, same sort of court, same sleeping .linesmen, same strikes, same everything. Golf, Vines went on to say, is Just the opposite. You can play the same course every day for n year and never have Identical shots to make. The former U. S. Wimbledon tltleholdcr also said lie thought It was t;uglier lo become a golf champion than a tennis kind because there arc so many more shots lo perfect and so much skill and delicacy needed to execute them. A little old lady who all bin pierced my ear with it shooting slick cmphiilfcnlly slated Hint Jimmy Thompson was tlic longest, hitter Hint gclf has ever known. "1 have watched Mr. Thompson play many times and lie always hits ihe ball •!!<) yards," she said. •'Pulls too?'' Someone nskcd, "Yes, putts, too." From the way. Jimmy pulled In this loiiriiHinent Die little old lady was guilty of understatement. That is my own quotation. When Ed Oliver came up lo Ihe elglueenlh Bieen needing n, fovir fir u-r39 for Ihe lust nine holes, Gene Buck, president of Ascap nnd the man who discovered such the- fUrieiil stars ns W. C. Fields, Eddie Was Old at 62 SETS VIM, PEP, FEELS YOUNGER jumijar."—A. S. llortol-. NAIV». O:,l.'o^TllKX ^t>—lij- l^!?," hlch^'lmii/rarrhini! 1 vl^int!^ ol,n)0(rr«ll w,lV^: -;lt ill.l sa mutti nir iwikV,.^ lodny tor ,s&. If'tHn'ilcUglnni. maker tV;:inO« ilVli l-for that "'a/t«HO" letdow n at all Klrby Stores. i'.nn. Marilyn Miller. Bert Williams, and Ed Wynn, suggested tlml Oliver be handed over to a taxidermist, slutted and sent off lo Ihe museum of naiural history. "Any man who can shoot Mint sort (t a score should be preserved for po.ilei'ity," Duck said. At this point Mr. Buck went into n graphic description of Ihc 150 strokes lie had needed for tlic same nine holes the (lay before. U was at this poiiil that ! took my ear from tlic ground and got up. Having lost a t«o dollar bet lo Mr. Buck oh the round he was describing, i didn't want to listen lo his open, shameless bragging, Sammy Byrd. who quit baseball lo become a golf professional, 'was being qucstttned by a reporter when I walked by on Ihc way lo Ihe clubhouse. "Why did you give tip baseball for lhl s game'/" tlie golf writer wanted to know. "Because ] started hitting .250 in the majors," Babe Hulh's former underslud.; answered. "I figured I could gel around a golf course In less than thai." Someone calllcd me to jcin them in a cherry mash nnd a yame of rounders. "niglito,,"" r called. Period Paragraph. No more. Read Courier News «ant ads 13 Sign the New Register at the Ritz LAST TIMES TODAY STANDARD TIRES omit Nc»s A Comedy TUESDAY —PAL 2 nilmlllcd for price of 1 THE MAN WHO Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE 1 Over Joe Isaacs' store Phone 540 (OTHER SIZES TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS S1/.S5 1 •• ' " PROPORTIONATELY LOW // AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As Cflc Per Week Low As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. GOOD DEMAND FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON Phone or Write Us Now Geo. H. McFaddcn & Bro's Agency E, C. PATTOM, Agent P.O. Box 218 Grand Leader m«lg. rhonc 2 ., 8 What secret sealed his lips? A 20A Cin!ury-To* Pitrun with Ilinii]i1in>y Hognrl A Jean Uo^crs Also Sclwlcel Shorts ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY PHANTOM KILURT EDGAR WALUCE'S ' CREATES! THHIIUR STRIKES with S. Halt .* William I.awsun Fo.v X'civs & Cninptlj- TUES.-WED.-THURS. OYNAMITEl HIDDEN POWiR A COtU M 81A PICrURE and Middleton Family At The New York World's Fair LISTEN TO KLC.X 11:00 a.rn.-ia;.15 p.m.-4;30 p.m. AMUier grappling Iwue, W ill in . turn itamy tlio HoR and pi oyt | liyrd, a couple of fast, performers who usually give the fans p] M)lv ol action when they climb InroiHi tile roiies. '• . niythevllle cj) H. Grimes li. McLeod B. Trtunblc lluey 3 . R. Triimblc i J. Crimes arnr.s Joiner (30) Carlock 10 A. n. Speck (i O. Speck 13 Childless 1 Tlnsley Collar iJenkins 1 Steele Cagm Beat „ . Manila In Two Games j Si... STEELE, Mo., Feb. 5. _ siede high defeated Manila in a double header basketball game here Friday nlghl. The girls won to tlie tune of 23- > • ---.-.•18 while the boys' score was 37-20.' Nl "' (o ", Hosey, : " • . ^ vuna .'jiibstitutions: Joiner, Harrison BOYS Blytheville (25) Pos. . Joiner (32) p B . BeU 8 PP. McClendon 10 C E. Croxton 10 !" > ' ' Mwlck 2 «' n * 8 ,, 9 r ...... Ralph Substitutlcns: Blytheville, Hard- Barley'. Joiner, Burnett 2 ' ' I:v tlic Smitlisoiiian- Institution j Trailing nfSO miles nn hour, a a WnshingloH, D. c.,. nre.cto I loccmotlvc.'.puffs four times for which show the beginning.,of tliej every revolution of its wheels, or automotive industry.. . •. • • . 'm times n miniitf. Jonesboro, Manila Cagers Meet Thursday MANILA, Ark., Feb. )i.—Tiio -h- dependent boys .basketball team of Manila, members o! ihe Mississippi Bounty League and holding second place la the county, will cl.ish with ' tlie powerful Mil Rollers from! Jonesboro, here, l\>b. H, accordln» to R. K, Fendlcr, coach' of •!•» i n ! dcpeml2iu eirls team. The girls will also rneet an independent sextet from Jone.sboro. idvanced dope from Cnilsjht-a'l way Indicates Hint Ihe "Hutlon Hurlers" will have iheir hands full So far Coach Woodrow Hultoa's nailers hnve apparently had an easy lime in winning ihe ssve;i amea against one defeat. The iwo forwards of t:ie Manila ive, Ken Williams and Roy Ash-, are two-filths ul ihe winning- combination th:il has dt>'«ie<l seven out of ci^lit opponents. WilIIa;iii is OUR of tile best player-; ihut ever nitended ?,!f^iin high.. lie • Is a former all-vouatyl and all-i!istri'.-t player. , i FKBRUARY I),. King. Katherine Martin; third Si'iide-Aiui McLcod. Joyce Merjer- •noll, j)|)iy j, lnie . s . Poiirll) grade Ofralriins I>ft^e'"In ijrado—James Peterson, Kinina J«!i Helm; sixth grade Lynn V/a!ker, Josephinr. vlvWciin Duc'son. Sji<l|i,i £ Scares following students from the , fourth, filth and sixth ijradei "Li ° e tl£ho "' h:ul I )l ' rfcd ipeJling .scores fo;- liie first sc-ncs- ier of Uie pMsent lerim ---xUi grade; ,M aJ y Ellen Crawford. Billy cobb, Josephine lie].,, °f' le " l'?"H«i'i, Virginia Morfiin; Juc Wallace Moore. Dorothy Mc- tullnni, Mury Bilen Ovenon Clieric 1 revest, Lorene Hoss, Melba Walk' 1 " Wa " er ' Willi!un W»M«. jxjuise Lyerly. Atkins Pri n Edbt-l '•"Hi KJ-aile: bcuye ha lx>u )., OW », o-rlm, m-ien Mane-,'' SCHOOL NEWS I.ANGK SCHOOL I'rrfcit Attcndiince liccords Are Announcnl Seventeen .students at Ljnge school had ffrlecl atlendance rec- oids during the first semester of the present school term. They are •as follows'. First grade: Stanley Ingrain Alerrel Lloyd, Virginia Sisson; second grade—Calvin Wheat, Odeli Akers, Patsy Jean Ilaynes, Shirley Dr. J. A. Saliba Announces liie removal of his office from the Ingnim Building lo his home. /:. Kentucky 1'linne Charles Parris, Eugene Oatin L/li Elhi Godwin, Emma Jc: m i ! Lcomrd llammons, No'ole LAH, U ,-,, Ruth MeColUim. 1). j. McLeojl, VI- Jlnta Oxford, Jam?.s i'etcrson,', ' Fourth grade: Opn! Bombalaugi rtershell Gann, Billy Wayne Hoi •-'hins. : Third urarie: Irene Autry, Dor Broun, Biliie j lm( ,. i| u ,. lt ,y Ui\ ! son. Bennic MtCulluin, joy-e M( Uc-i'mo;t, Mary Ann McLeod, Mai' EWt-n .Stafford, Emma Lula Shoo' N'iitium w.idc. Mildred Lucas. One school ic Bristol, Englam' tiives daily lessons in Die , 1r / , 1 "'•- correctly. AT (MICE CASH For 1938-1939 !f Government Loan Cottonj? Louis Applebaum 107 So. 2nd. lilythevllle, Ark.'-^ PHONE 167 L.D. •' -Now In New Location J. J. IIARGETT SERVICE STATION Main & Division WRESTLING SPECIAL RETURN MATCH! 1 Charles Sinkey vs, Del Raines! Benny Bolt vs. Floyd Byrdf ATTRACTION "Greaseball", the Wonder Do? American Legion Arena, Monday 8 p. m, mf if STAR FOR STYLING • Feast your eyes on tlic smooth-flowing lines and contours of th'ts best-selling Chevrolet for '-10, with New "Royal Clipper" Styling. . . . Note that H's the longest of nil lowest-priced cars, measuring 1S1 inches from front of grille to rear of body. . .,. Yes, eye it nnd convince yourself that it's the "star for sfy/iiij»"-the outstanding beauty nnd luxury leader among all cars in its price range! STAR FOR PERFORMANCE Just touch Chevrolet's Exclusive Vacuum-Power Shift -and feel the hidden power cylinder, supply $0% of the shifting effort automatically, as no other steering column gearshift can do.. . . Step on the throttle and see how Chevrolet out-accclcrafes nnd ont- clhnbs all other low-priced cars. . . . Relax ns you enjoy "The Ride Royal"}—the smoothest, safest, steadiest ride known. . . . Yes, fry, it and then you'll know that Chevrolet's the "star for performance" among all economy cars! 10n Special De Luxe ntul Master DC Luxe Series. tt f I * " See your Chevrolet dealer nnd lejini how very f little it will cost to own a new Chevrolet for MO with your present car in trade. . . . Yes, buy it, and you'll own the "star for mine," because "Chevrolet's FIRST Again!" A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE Chevrolets FIRST Again! i an '"""PO'latlan hatc.l „„ rai , '"'"• '">"• <"«' local ,„,.., (i . ' e 'HMTA 9 ^, TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633

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