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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 17
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 17

Cincinnati, Ohio
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THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Page 17 Monday, June 21, 1948 STRICTLY IUCIITER. Baseball? STEEL PILE Along Business Front Former Cincinnatian Is Named General Counsel Of Big New York Company. Twelve On List Of Injured In Two Automobile Crashes On Trafficways Of County Would Melt Past the Provident' Life Insurance Rodney M. Nash, formerly of Cincinnati, has been appointed Robert Lauer of the Northwestern If Miners Strike, Says Trade Publication. Buffalo, N.

June 20 (AP) The Buffalo Bisons and Syracuse Chiefs of the International League went on a hitting tear in their doubleheader today with these results: A total of 68 hits and 67 runs. Fifteen home runs 10 of them hit by Buffalo In the first game for a League record. A total of 20 doubles. Buffalo won the first game, 28-11, and the second, 16-12. The Bisons' 44 runs tied their own League production record set in 1932.

general counsel of Pan American Twelve persons were injured, none seriously, in two automobile Mutual Life Insurance Co, and George Vinsonhaler, General Agent of the John Hancock Life Insur collisions that occurred in the Petroleum Transport Co. of New York, it ance Co. Hamilton County area late Saturday night and early yesterday. Silvero, 21, Quincy, who suffered head cuts. Thom has been staying at U.

S. 52 and Kilby Rd. and Silvero on Cilley Rd. Those injured in Agner's car, all living in Lawrenceburg, were Phillip Pun-kett, 21, neck cuts; Louis Johnston, 15, right leg fracture; Carl Corn, 20, cuts over right eye, and Freddie Corn, 15, left shoulder cuts. tl was announced yesterday by Four Western Hills residents and Seven members of the Cincinnati Agency of the Union Central Life Insurance Co, have received the D.

J. Smith, three young men living in Dent sident. He were hurt when an automobile 1948 National Quality Award for outstanding work in the field of driven by James E. Lyons, 19, 1221 succeeds Thomas E. Sunderland, recently appointed Demand Continues High Fo Non-Ferrous Metals During Last Week.

Cleveland, June 20 (AP) The magazine Steel said today "outcome of the coal controversy holds the key to steel supply, not only for the immediate future but for Quebec hit an unlighted car that had stopped in traffic on life underwriting. They are: John F. Clyde, Elsie S. Doyle, Joseph H. Grossman, John H.

Kegg, Alvin J. North Bend Road at a point 200 Fall Injuries Fatal general counsel feet west of Clover Leaf Lane in Lehman, Irene P. Monford and of Standard Oil Monfort Heights, Deputy Sheriff Esther F. Vandervort. Co.

(Indiana), To Window Cleaner Albert Piening reported. The owner of the second car, Subsidiaries of Pan American William T. Earls, Cincinnati A 37 -year -old window cleaner NASH, the next winter as well." Russell J. Walden, .20, Harrison died at General Hospital late yes Pike, Dent, told Piening that he General Agent of the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Hart terday from a basal skull fracture include the American Oil Mexican Petroleum Pan American Refining Corp.

and Pan Am There has been little opportunity to rebuild fuel stocks, said the and some friends were on their and other injuries suffered June 8 ford, has quali when he fell 30 feet from a window way home from a near-by tavern when battery trouble forced him erican Production Co. The compa fied for the Kaiser-Frazer Accused By Investment House Cleveland, June So (UP) Otis Cleveland investment house, today charged the Kaiser-Frazer Corp. with committing a fraud on their stockholders and demanded that it return to the people "assets and income worth millions of dollars in vital aluminum producing." Otis served its demand on Henry J. Kaiser and Edgar Kaiser, based on a recent registration statement filed by the Kaiser-owned Pernia-nente Metals Corp. with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the sale of 600,000 shares of capital stock to the public.

The Kaisers have "unlawfully at the National Lead 1027 nies operate refineries in Texas. to stop his car. Seventh the office of Coroner Three young men riding with Georgia and Maryland, and market petroleum in 18 Eastern states. Herbert P. Lyle reported.

Walden were injured. They were The victim was identified as Nash was graduated from With- 1948 Million Dollar Round Table, he was notified by Paul H. Dun-navan, Minne Milton Rack, 21, Harrison Pike, Joseph Matthew Popham, 726 Wil Dent, head bruises; Robert Bessler, 22, Box 275, Harrison Pike, Dent; row High School in 1928. Alter receiving his A B. degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, he stud trade journal, which continued: "Should the dispute be settled with a miners' strike it is considered possible that production following the Fourth of July letdown way rebound to present high levels.

At least the raw material situation ahould be better, as various blast furnaces now down for repairs are about ready to resume operations If no mine strike is called. kinson Walnut Hills. Police were told by a witness, Clemens Cop. 1941, Kins fcuura SjMuu, Inc. world righu mnvrt JFi i-3-: ym( cut and bruised, and Robert Karst, apolis, Chair- Taphorn, 920 Central that 17, Box 274, Harrison Pike, face in "Did you say SEPARATE man of the top juries.

All were treated by private Popham plunged to the sidewalk after a hook in his rigging slipped. ied law at the University of Cincinnati, where he received his LLB in 1934. In 1941 he received an LLM from the University of Michigan. He is a member of Alpha physicians. flight insurance men's organization.

Earls has Popham is survived by his widow, Lyons escaped injury, but four and improperly transferred the Mrs. Josephine Popham. The Gilli- passengers in his car were injured. qualified every gan funeral home is in charge of lease of the Trentwood Rolling Mill near Spokane, major plant Tau Omega, Phi Mu Alpha and Playing Time Is Increased From Eight To 45 Minutes They were Thomas Haley, 28, 1044 Academy Price Hill, and Miss arrangements. year since 1939 except 1943 to Phi Alpha Delta fraternities.

While engaged In practice in Cin EARLS. (l (tax Jane Korb, 25, 4723 Glenway Subdivision of Hillcrest Section; S23.R51. 1945 when he was In the military "However, if a miners' strike occurs it not only would immediately Interrupt steel production but would prevent summer stock piling ef coal in readiness for winter. cinnati, Nash served as associate SADIE COOK'S SUBDIVISION Irvine E. Ross both taken to St.

Mary Hospital for treatment of head injuries; Robert Index and Ohio Law Reporter, Jr. and Elisabeth nis wne. iu rrmices of Permanente, from Kaiser-Frazer in which the public has invested more than $78,000,000 to a company in which Kaiser and family, through intermediate companies, own 60 per cent," Otis said. The investment house said this was "in violation of a. Hnlterhntf.

Lot 6: $1 (tax $8.25 In 1935 he became associate editor GMARnNVTll.1? TTlln Crnwe to Herman Brink In New Phonograph Record dopke. Lot 29 or resubdivlslon oi oari oi Consequently, it is conceivaDie a coal strike now would be felt in the of the Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co. of Rochester, N. Y. Kharnn H.lirhk Kllhfiivision: SI I tax 55C).

Brueggemeyer, 27, 4778 Guerley and James Maloney, 19, 3407 Alta Vista Cheviot, both suffering from face cuts. SPRINGDALE Estate of Harry M. Carroll to service. Earls's agency ranked fourth in paid-for insurance production among all of the company's agencies. Earls will head a 10-man delegation to the company's three-day annual conference Thursday through Saturday at Jasper Park, Alberta.

Other members of the local agency chosen in recognition and in 1938, managing editor of Banks-Baldwin Law Publishing New York, June 20 Special) A arly months of 1949." Pressure of all leading steel- prod' ucts continues strong, and the na ventional 78 revolutions a minute. The player is equipped with a new Harriet B. Carroll, 84 by 130 leet on tne west side of Main Street, at the southwest corner or Main and Cherry $7,000 Itav S7.vni. In the second accident, a car your fiduciary responsibilities, constituting a fraud upon the stockholders of Kaiser-Frazer Corp," in a telegram to Henry J. Kaiser.

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP Anna M. Noga to type featherweight electronic tone arm-and stylus which exert only driven by Carl Agner, 21, 471 Canal Lawrenceburg, collided with another car driven by Andrew tional operating rate held last week at 96 per cent of rated capacity, William M. Noga and Marie uross, oy a fpr nn Knrlnsf Ipld Road. Section 34: $1. Co.

of Cleveland and New York, From 1941 to 1943 he was principal attorney for the United States Department of Labor. Nash joined Pan American Pe Otis added that it was making SILVERTON Ralph G. and Patricia L. Rinck- aid Steel. Thorn, 39, Braddock, Pa.

on Ohio the demand "as stockholders and of outstanding achievement during enoergei', to noger ana Lucreim x.iiBtvcii, Lots 172 and 173 of Haines Cresap Subdivision: $1 Itax S15.40), I one-fifth of an ounce playing pressure on the record service. The new record ranges from 224 to 300 micro-grooves to the inch, as 128 at Cilley Rd. It also reported that "a strong undertone persists in scrap, par underwriters of two issues of Kaiser-Frazer stock." troleum Transport Co. in 1945, SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP Althea Brlnk- phonograph record, capable of reproducing an entire symphony on one 12-inch disk was demonstrated here this week end by Columbia Records. A 12-inch double-face record, known as a microgroove, made of vinylite, will play for 45 minutes against the present playing time of eight minutes.

The record player, made by Philco can be attached to any phonograph. Riding with Thorn was Antonio! ticularly in cast grades." after three years with the law firm compared with the 85 to 100 meler to Elizabeth Schelinamer, 02 oy isu feet on North Bend Road, 352 feet west of Wlnton Road; Section 19; $1 (ta 2 7RI. the last 12 months are Arthur R. Massa, Associate General Manager; Gerald Isphording, agency supervisor; William P. Shields, brokerage manager; Howard T.

ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS of Crovath, Swaine Moore of grooves cut in ordinary records, New York. SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP Catherine Phelps The new micrcgrooves are three-thousandths of an Inch wide, the approximate diameter of a human to George W. Buslieiman, Lot oi Grandvlew Heights Realty Co. Subdivision; 1 (tax fiSci. Urmston, estate planning depart MEETING SLATED: Cincinnati SPKINGUALE PARK SUBDIVISION Roy D.

will play host the first three days ment; Anthony L. Ach, Carl W. Boettger, Robert C. Miller and Ro hair. A big library of the new records and Cllliora c.

Hern to Loreiia i. ana of next week to Crosley distribut Albert F. Heggcmeler, Lot 189, Section ClltavClll The new players and the new rec New York, June 20 (AP) Copper, lead and zinc demand continued high last week, with foreign buyers more active. Platinum prices dropped $13 an ounce to $75 wholesale and $78 retail. A seasonal decline in demand from the jewelry trade was credited.

Iridium dropped in sympathy to a new price of $100 to $110 is ready for distribution. The new bert H. Hillenmeyer, representa SS Ml HALPIN. Mary PALMISANO, William VSlS SS AXTOBT, Annie MIDMETON, Mike ypi SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP Suburban Develop ords are to be available immediate- record player turns at 33 revolu- tives of the Cincinnati office; Dean ment, to vauey pan tions a minute instead of the con- ly in the market. E.

Chenault, Hamilton representa of Lot 5 of William R. Morris subdivision, Section 1: $1 (tax $110). ors from all parts of the world when they convene here to view a new line of Crosley radio and television home receivers. The meeting is the second of the year tive, and E. Calhoun Grier, man RPRTMnFTRl.n township Marv Miller ager of the Middletown office.

John n. Miller, so oy i2a icei on um west side of Savannah Avenue, Section 31: $1. Real Estate Transfers an ounce. Palladium held at $24 for Crosley. The distributors will William I.

Taegers, Cincinnati SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP Robert Holmes Radtl's every service is conducted wiih the full S5 tour the recently; enlarged Crosley and Ollic, his wile, to jonn uoraon ana Minerva, his wile, Lot 245 of Lincoln Heights Subdivision, Section $1 (tax representative of the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, has earned membership in the company's National Field Club, Charles television plant in Cincinnati where video sets are produced. Business sessions will be held in HAMILTON COUNTY RECORDER. Week Ending June 19, 1948. (Tax indicated in transfers is affixed at the rate of 55 cents for everv $500, or fraction thereof, of value of property conveyed.) SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP S.

C. Cole to appreciation that it is a sacred tribute to someone's memory. The JOHN J. ItABEL Co. IIKXKV J.

Pros. James Anaerson, Lot 22 01 wuuuiawu Deeds 489 Mortgages 431 ANDERSON TOWNSHIP Elizabeth D. Harrison the company's new auditorium and Terrace Addition Subdivision, Section 1 ItSY RSOI. J. McCoy, manager of the Cincin cancellations.

34 an ounce. Tungsten ore dropped $2 a short ton to $28, reflecting the recent cut In imports duty on tungsten concentrates. Tri-state zinc concentrate producers kept the price at $78 a ton, but said the apparent burial of the Russel mine subsidy bill under the last-minute rush in Congress would display room on the ninth floor of SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP Emma Tocnnis to to Dvvlght W. Broeman, 19 acres in survey 70 also. 14 acres in same survey; $1 (tax $4,401.

nati agency, announced yesterday, Land Registrations 129 Chattels 1,033 A 0365-1 Anthony Lykins, acres in section io; i. 6 Four Convenient Funeral Homes the general office (tax WA 4512 ANDERSON FERRY Hattie Ruehlmann to 83 20 Members of the Cincinnati agency ST. BERNARD Rose Tausch to Earl H. 4 of the Equitable Life Insurance Co. HEADS GROUP: John F.

Poet- Louise Mehrckens. Lot 5 of Peter lnns Subdivision: Lot 6 of same subdivision; $1 (tax Smith, one-year lease irom June to, ibid, of storeroom at 4908 Vine monthly rental $60. 205 Chattels Canceled Leases Liens Miscellaneous Assignments Certified Copies Servicemen's Discharges of Iowa who will attend the com ker Jr. of the John F. Poetker ST.

BERNARD The Jefferson Corp. to Na AVONDALE Jack Levine to Edward Lipson, 3 20 38 pany's 36th annual convention in lead to increased pressure for a an undivided one-half Interest In an irregular tmmmmmmmmmmmmm'MWBissa Mack Johnson McMillan and Upland Place WOodburn 0474-0475 omi Haralson, 20 montns' lease irom may 23, 1948, of third-floor apartment at 4919 vine monthly rental $18. Atlantic City. N. today are: lino price hike.

lot on Alaska Court; $1 (tax AVONDALE Christine Wheat to Sallie Joseph B. Moorman, General Agent Total Papers 2.802 Son Cincinnati, was elected President of the National Candy Wholesalers Association at the group's recent three-day annual convention in Chicago. SYCAMORE TOWNSHR1P Charles Corhn ta Major non-ferrous metals prices: Jones, part of Lot 21 of William F. Irwin's Formerly With WILTSEE, Inc. 24 W.

9ih St. CH 0932 Subdivision; $1 (tax who will head the delegation; Al. M. Boex, Clem J. Boex, Joseph B.

Eugene L. kouduis ana uenjamin r. uumns, Lots 1,114 and 1,115 of Highpolnt Subdivision. Section 1: $1 (tax 55ci. AVONDALE Helen Deremo to Henry Dentel SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP Anna S.

Volk and and Jack Mailman, doliu business as faulty Moorman Richard J. Moor Auto Sales. 2-year lease from July 1, 1948 WHITING -KLEB man, Vincent G. Ruthemeyer, John of 1753 Reading monthly rental $275, Karl E. Volk to Jonn McAuiey, Lots ai ana 22 of Henry Feuersteln's First Subdivision.

Section 32; $1. John McAuiey and Mary, his wire, to Russell R. Herron and Berniece his wife, rjart of Lot 21: $1 (tax $1,101. AVONDALE Phil M. Schuman to Edythe Ran INSURANCE NOTES: These are new officers of the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Society of Chartered Life ter.

241 Sturgis $1 itax $14.30) FUNERAL HOME Serving Greater Cincinnati C. Scanlon and Miss Dorothy A. Boland of Cincinnati; H. Leon Ho-gan, Fort Thomas, Lee F. BLUE ASH Mozelle E.

Fussner to Beulah Rose and Nora, his wife. Lot 228 of Bryant Trevor's Subdivision; $1 (tax GOLF MANOR Marjorifc B. Allison to Ruby S. Hopper, Lot 99 of Golf Manor Subdivision; $1 (tux GREEN TOWNSHIP Martha Schlensker to Jacob W. Reinhart and Billle his wile, 50 by 135 feet on the west side of Race Avenue, 844 feet south of Harrison Avenue, Section 15; SI (tax HIGHPOINT SUBDIVISION Myrtle Groves to Robert G.

Rothenbusch, Lots 924, 925 and 926; $1 (tax 55c). HYDii PARK Arthur E. Forester and Llltlan his wife, to Ruth H. Meckstroth, part of Lot A of Hyde Park Subdivision; $1 (tax $22). HYDE PARK D.

Elliott Wilson and Mae L.J SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP Estate of Jane Gar- Wellman, Lot 90 of Arcadia Subdivision; $1 VITT STERMER, INC. Underwriters: Richard W. Angert, Hukill, Louisville, Ross C. (tax Copper 21 cents a pound, Connecticut alley; foreign 31ft cents to 22 cents, New York basis. Lead 17.50 cents pound.

New York: 17.30 cents East St. Louis; forelen, ents, Gulf ol Mexico ports. Zinc 12 cents a pound, East St. Louis; 12.65 cents. New York: foreign, nominal, 13 cents.

Gulf of Mexico ports. Silver 74 cents an ounce, New York; d5 pence, London. Tin $1.03 a pound, New York. Aluminum 15 cents a pounds In Ingot. 14 cents in pigs, shipping point basis.

Antimony 38.17 cents a pound, cased, Hew York; 35 cents, bulk, Laredo, Texas. Nickel 33'i cents a pound, electrolytic Sathodes, Port Colborne, 36.35 cents, lew York. Platinum $75 an ounce wholesale, $78 Mtall. New York. Quicksilver for flask of T6 pounds.

New York. Tungsten Ore a ton, carload lots, tellvered. 3900 Montgomery Road ME 2240 lington to Richard Simpson. Lots 17B, ii and 185 of Hazelwood Subdivision; $900 (tax $1,101. 1824 Westwood.

WA 0787. CENTRAL Sol H. Freiberg to Walter L. and Howell, Hamilton, Ohio, and Ed General Agent of Penn Mutual Life Insurance President: Arthur 3425 Harrison MO 0833. 3035 River WA QUO.

Nell R. Gross. Isaac N. Jarson and Esther H. Jarson.

an undivided one-half interest in ward W. Gowert and Joseph H. SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP Kenneth D. Sey Barringer, Manager of the Pru Williamson, Dayton, Ohio. 213 W.

Fifth $1 (tax mour to Mary A. Seymour, part or Lot 1 of John Stevens Estate; Section $14; $1. GEO, H. ROHDE SON AIR-CONDITIONED FUNERAL HOME. Llnwood and Delta Ave.

EAsf 0404. Slgmund Freiberg Estate to same, an un dential Life Insurance Vice SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP Mamie Brewer to Lucas and Eva T. Brewer. Lot 77 of Wash The Busse Borgmann Co. Central Parkway at Clifton Hills Lane.

1517 Freeman. PA 4487-4488. James C. O'Connor, Editor of divided one-naif Interest In same property; $16,250 (tax President; and William Spiker, his wife, to Clement M. Pray and violet his wife.

Lot 13 and part of Lot 12 Fire, Casualty Surety Bulletins, Manager of the New York Life ington Subdivision; Section 34; $1 (tax SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP Allan E. Reynolds CLIFTON HEIGHTS Clara Reichert to Emma Pulskamp, 25 bv 05 feet on the outh side NURRE BROS. FUNERAL DIRECTORS CHerry 6929 oi Charles u. uomegys subdivision; (tax si.ini. Insurance Secretary-Treasurer.

New directors: Thomas McNeil of oi Kiotter Avenue. 1B2 leet west ox emton THOMAS FUNERAL HOMB MADISONVILLE. LOCKLAND Edna Koctter and Joseph, her Cincinnati, will be one of the speakers at a meeting of the Lumbermen's Mutual Insurance Avenue: $1 (tax husband, to Minerva s. cunningnam. Lot and Mae nis wile, to wiuiam a.

ana Virginia Homan. Lot 111 of Osceola Park Subdivision: Section $1 (tax SYMMES TOWNSHIP Raymond Elbrecht and HODAPP FUNERAL. HOME 268 of J. H. Oliver's Second Addition; $1 CLIFTON Bertha Z.

Kelsall to Elaine B. Rlppe. Lot 3 of Green view Subdivision: $1 (tax $21,451. Hamilton at Elklon MADEIRA Laura L. Fllnn to Hazel Schmidt tax 7401 Villi: VA 0805 KIrby 1040.

Betty, his wire, to George s. uayior, i by 312 feet on a proposed street In Section 30' si (tax COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP Robert Bokelman to Turn For Better Taken Lots 36 and 37 of Madeira Heights subdivision: si. Big Mary M. Bokelman. his wife, part of Lot 3 VORHIS FUNERAL HOMES Agents Advisory Council to be held Thursday and Friday in Mansfield, Ohio, Russell Davis, President of the company, announced yesterday.

Representatives from more than 30 TERRACE PARK John N. Kramer to Louis MADISONVILLE Elmer and Ethel Fischer to of Georee Rieele's Estate. Section 18: $1 F. and Grace L. Slegel.

part of Loi 1 01 Allen E. Collins, part of Lot 47, Block COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP Arthur Koehne to Lock la nd, Ohio. VA 0063 Bamber Funeral Home, Inc. JOHN W. BAMBER ROBERT BAMBEB 3011 Woodburn Ave.

WO 1440. CHAS. A. MILLER SONS Kl 0040 Wrassmann Barfknecht Norwood, Ohio, MI? 4ftft4. C.

R. stunts subdivision: $1 (tax si.zu), of Cornuelle Muchmorc Addition; $1. Emma C. iCamphaus, 50 by 170 feet In UPTOWN Margaret Dehlcr. Magdalen Deh- MADISONVILLE Anthony Pedro and Mary, Section 17: $1 (tax $11).

hit urlfn In Tamoo rlimilnirhum Anil ipr. Annn 1.. Hennessey, jonn ana Kicnara states will attend. In Business, Survey Shows FAIRMOUNT Elizabeth Kohl to Thomas A. Dehler to Ethel Dehler, Lots 60 and 61 of Elsie E.

Wamser. part of Lot 141 of Ayres Elsas and Loth Subdivision: $1. L. Bramble Estate SI (tax S1Z.1U VALLEY DALE SECOND SUBDIVISION MOHAWK Soohle Lindemann to Frederick ALLISON ROSE ESS, COVINGTON, KY. Cincinnati Cremation Co.

flR DIXMYTH AVE. UN 1021. Bertha E. Ke stcr and Gene her nus- CINCINNATI STOCK EXCHANGE RECORD The table shows sales of stocks on the Cincinnati Exchange for week ended June 18 Linoemann, 2465 MCMicken i (tax 55c) Washington, June 20 (AP) i Prices of foods and farm prod- band, to Blanche P. Brosemer, wife of WO 1H0O CH 03.18 I2U25 Gilbert Ave.

Inc. 1421-23 Main St. Arthur part Lots 140 and 141; $1 MT. AUBURN Fred C. Rampleman and Rose ucts, which had stumbled in early Business clearly has taken a bigger (tax 1948, the high and low for 1948, the dividends, the high and low for the week, change for WALNUT HILLS John Tlemey and Mary, 1848, got back on the upward path his wife, to Matilda N.

waioman, loi 4 of Philip M. Price's Subdivision; also, 1604 Highland $1,800 (tax Tredway Funeral Home tne week and last saie on tne axenange wun tne aate. and better turn after brief hesi Last Week with other prices, the department -I Last Sale his wife, to Albert H. Koehier. part or Lots 71 and 72 of Idlewlld Syndicate First Established 1892.

Norwood, Ohio, MT. HEALTHY William E. Berndt and Mar 1948 I 1948 I High. I Low. I STOCKS.

tation in early 1949, the Commerce DiV. Sales.l High. I Low. ICh'ngel Price. I Date.

Cameron Ave ME 0311. subdivision: $1 tax $8.80 36 1 36 garet, his wife, to Rose P. steibcr, 9U By 255 feet on Adams Road, Section 33, Snrinefield Townshln: SI Itax WALNUT HILLS Benjamin A. Lawson and 10 20 Department reported today. A.

C. DOBBLING SON nyi 37V.I 13 32V4 36 IIV4 10 27 I 3.00 (Allied Stores 9 .60 lAlumlnum Industries 78 jAmerican Airlines 29141x2. 00 jAmerican Laundry 3l lAmerlcan Products NEWTOWN Lela S. Rabe to Earl and Lulu Marie his wile, to Milton Miner and Llille, his wife, 60 by 170 feet on Gilbert Avenue, being Lot 9 of Mathew Partition An upswing and' new orders 109 32 31j PT. THOMAS.

HI 1730. BELLEVUJfi, CO 8041. Beson, Lot 3 of ciara crun subdivision; (tax 6-16 6-16 5- 20 6- 17 6- 7 6-18 6-17 5- 19 6- 16 subdivision: $1 (tax 55cl. 158-'h 149 114 156 NORTHERN LIBERTIES Henry Shull to 3 303'. 155 J.

W. WEAVER'S SUBDIVISION Corlnne placed with the factories during May and this month "marks the 215 32 25, 1 Emma K. Robber ts, 1708 Goose Alley; $1 (tax 55c). Schirman to Ralph Reidell and Loretta his wife. Lot 16: $1 (tax 3 4 4l 17: 144 17 1 NORTHSIDE Ralph E.

Ruehrweln and Jack H'2 WALNUT HILLS Grace O. Holfman. et end of the period of temporary Brutickner Currier Goebel rubbs 1 luck Hughes Jackson nnu per Sheriff, to H. C. Hubbell, Lots 1 ana 5- 27 6- 11 reported, commenting that by the first week of June: "Prices of goods were within two per cent, and prices of farm products within four per cent, of their earlier peaks.

The (price) index for commodities other than farm products and foods was somewhat higher than in January." "LOST" FATHER POUND. Palisades, N. June 20 (UP) Police at Palisades Amusement Park today discovered Bobby 6 22 IV 7 23 52', Ruehrwein to Edgar c. Kennedy. Lot oi Abram Bell's First Subdivision; $1.

Maitpes Miller F.ilmisano Schroerier Srhwein Selmeler Sirvinft Nu Hi van Walker 5 20 47 hesitation," a new department sur 2 of subdivision of part of Samuel Beres-ford's Subdivision: $942 (tax 49l NORWOOD Raloh Hollars to Ella Hollars, 6-10 4-1 6 vey of business conditions said, part of Lots 59 ana 58 or norwooa hirh- WALNUT HILLS Viola Shannon and Lottie 981A! 39V4I 98 39 25 Ana Kvnaicate si ai.iu 39'3 26 45 Mandery 75 Steppcd-up spending, it added, 25 is NORWOOD Wilbur H. and Mabel L. Powell 25 37l M. Long, wife of George to Haldee G. Neblett, 22 by 184 feet on the north side of Lincoln Avenue, being Lot 20 of Rebecca Rusk Subdivision; $1 (tax $8.80 1.

37 38 376 10! to John L. Morand and Mary G. Morand, Lot 24 of proposed Sheridan Drive Subdivision: $1 (tax $11,551. 11 6 u.uu American rei. de lei 52.00 lArmco Steel IBalcrank 1.50 Baldwin .50 Beau Brummell Ties .40 Burger Brewing 2.00 Carthage Mills 6.00 Do A pt 2.40 Do pf 1 1.00 Champion Paper new 3.00 Chesapeake Chio Churngold .15 Cln'tl Adv.

Prod 1.40 Cln'ti Gas com 4.00 Do new pf 4.00 C. N. O. T. P.

Ry 5.00 Do pf .15 Cln'tl Street Ry 4.50 Cln'tl Telephone 2.25 Cln'tl Tob. Whse .85 Cin'tl Union Stock 1 .50 Cities Service 2.50 City Ice Fuel 2.50 Cnca-Cola A WALNUT HILLS Charles L. McGonegle to 29 1 27 NORWOOD Rachel Staub to Charles J. 6 29 100 95 101 95 1 1VA Thomas P. McGonegle, an Irregular lot on the northwest corner of Madison Road and Fairfield Avenue: $1 (tax $3,851.

100 95 Staub, her husband. Lot 21 of South Norwood Syndicate Subdivision: $1. MAPPES Mathilda M. nee Ritter beloved wile of Walter C. Mappes and devoted mother of Mrs.

Wilbur (Mildred) Winebrenner, Walter Jr. and Albln J. Mappes, suddenly, Friday, Junt 13, 1948, residence, 1831 Milts ave. Friends may call at the Romer-Moeller funeral home, 394 3 Montgomery at Mentor, Norwood, Monday atter 4 p. m.

Requiem high mass St. Elizabeth Church Tuesday, June 22, at 9 a. m. MILLER Anna Horn, beloved wife of-Fred Miller, mother of Mrs, H. J.

Shirley, Mrs. Clifford Stegman, Mrs. Edwin Klsker, Mrs, Fred Scull, Irene D. and Earl F. Miller.

Thursday, June 17, 1948; residence, 653 Foulke Clifton, Friends may call at the Clarence Baiter funeral home, 3412 Clifton Clifton. Sunday from 3 to 10 p.m. Services at the convenience of the family; 9834 2 8 5 23 92 80 104 5 73 35 11 473 75 20 3 820 222 Salvation helongeth unto the Lord Copr. 1948, John Howard Harris. 110 "A 110 110 110 14 NORWOOD Allene M.

Wait to Frank and Ora WEST END Tliomes Perrv and Ethel, nis Thompson, 6, wandering by himself 8l wife, to the Board of Education or Cincin 5 74 B'B 75 M. Wlese, part of Lot 10 or Parvin, Lane and Bolles Subdivision: $1 (tax $22). in the crowd. "Are you lost, nati, Lot on 01 ts. rurceu a sunaivision $3,085.

NORWOOD Samuel A. Vandever and Jewell. Hi 35 13 62', sonnyY tney asKea. isoddv in put a halt to the piling up in stocks of goods in the hands of business. Inventories had been showing a large increase in earlier months.

The rising clamor for goods also brought a renewal In the price advance and Induced factories to pick up their production schedules, the report said. Behind the spending speed-up the department saw: 11 Ul WEST END Leo Marcus to Framil Corpora- 2 5 743i 35 11 61 32 160 18 200 342 his wife, top Edna White, 2628 duck creek Road: $1 (tax 55c). 32'el 58 on. 904 Richmond si. 32 sisted he knew where he was.

But he added that his father was lost. Z9J NORWOOD Charles Willis to Leona. his wife. WEST END Betty C. Kuby to Hvman Chrnek.

Lot 1279 and part of Lot 182 or uo-finger and HoDklns Second Subdivision: $1. Lot 15 of W. Thorn's Subdivision In cutter's Stiuare Five: $1 (tax $7,751. 18 18 1.00 Cohen Dan .60 Columbia Gas System 14i NORWOOD Leila M. Snyder to Mary I.

14 Police, paging the lost father through loudspeakers, eventually WEST END John T. Mlms to Thomas Perrv 2V0 icommonweaitn it southern 6Vi I Crosley Motors Walter. 2686 Arbor $1 (tax NORWOOD Clarence R. Hughes and Ruth 10l 14 3 10 7 17 934 1014 and Ethel, his wire, 20 by 126 feet on the east side of Cutter Street, 373 feet south of Clark Street: $1. 80 16 found him.

4T Curtlss-Wrierit 4-16 6-1 6-18 6- 7 6- 2 6-18 6-17 6-16 6-16 6-18 6-18 4- 9 6-18 6-18 6- 3 12- 5 6- 7 6-18 5- 14 6- 16 6-17 4- 28 1- 18 10-11 6-18 10- 22 5- 17 6- 1 6-17 11- 4 6-16 6-18 6- 3 6- 3 2- 9 6-17 6-16 6-15 5- 1 6- 16 6-11 his wile, to Clarence J. stelnke and Wil 7 7 I- 8 18 36 mtlJiiCKNKK Rev. Ernst William, beloved brother of Edna and Ida Brueck-lier, Clara Herget, Lydia Gaenye and Charles E. Brueckner of Monrovia, Thursday, June 17, 1948; residence, 3100 Markbrelt ave. Services at the Witt, Good Kelsch funeral home, Madison Hyde Park, at Oakley fsquare, Monday, June 21, at 2 p.

m. l-riends may call Sunday after 2 p. m. Boston (Mass.) papers please copy CIIRRILR Lewis beloved husbandof Romalne C. Currier (nee Louget, father of Lewis J.

Currier III. and brother of John Currier, Sunday, June 20, 1948, at residence, 2741 Minot ave. Funeral services Wednesday. June 23, at Cleve- land, Ohio. GfJKBKL- Willi am beloved husband of Betty Wilkinson Goebel, dear brother liam F.

Woestc. 48 by 110 feet on the north side of Buxton 505 feet east I714I .60 ICrystal Tissue 36 I 1.75 Cayton Mich. R. of Montgomery Pike: $1 (tax WEST END Blanche Gerstner to The Board of Education of Cincinnati, 1043 Mound also 23 by 87 feet on the west side of Mound Street, 386 feet north of Court Ktrpt- SI. LIVESTOCK NORWOOD Herman Buse to Gertrude Busc, 25 (1) Lower taxes, which began leaving more money in pay envelopes as the lower withholding 31'A 30 30l Lot 25 of Mills and Kline's First subdivi 8 7 sion; also.

Lot 24 of same subdivision; $1 (tax WESTCHESTER SUBDIVISION Westchester Housing Corp. to John j. and Josephine 10514 rates became effective at the start Cincinnati livestock market as reported by 107V4 25, PALMISANO William beloved hoi-band of the late Lucy Palmisano (nee Sanzone), devoted father of Frank and Pvt. Vincent Palmisano, beloved son of Frank and Auguita Palmisano (nee Gentilet, of Norwood, Ohio; devoted brother of Frank Palmisano of Clear Water, Paul and Neal Palmisano, Mrs. Susie Mercurio, Mrs.

Lena Cian-ciolo, Mrs. Augusta Sanzone, Mrs. Freifta-Degaro and Mrs. Mary Duccilli, Friday, June 18, 1948, of 677 Hermosa ave. Funeral from the John J.

Radel Co. Price Hill funeral home, Glenway and Dewey Tuesday. June 22 at a. m. Solemn requiem high mass St.

William Church, at 9:30 a. m. Friends may call after 1 p. m. Monday.

36 97 30 15 8 107 22 116 30 24 2: 70 30 I- ii 22) the United States Department oi agnnuiure. Aloysius Buse, Marie, Leo H. and Catherine Buse to Gertrude Buse, Lot 25 of Mills and Kline's First Subdivision; also, Lot 24 of of May. 4.00 Do pf 1.80 iDayton Power Light .50 Dixie Ice Cream .45 IDow Drug 7.00 I Do pf 1.80 lEagle-Flcher 3.00 Early Daniel 2.00 Federated Dept. Stores 1.20 (Formica (Foundation Investment 5.00 I Do pf Gallahcr Drug IGeneral Electric 3.00 General.

Motors 150 "21" 19 (2) Third round" wage increases Production and Marketing Aaminisirauon: based on market conditions sales as rennrred un to 10 a. m. June 19: 30 24 30l 24l same subdivision; $1 (tax 24 50 1 Rei schneider, Lot 21; 11 (tax $13.75) reg. WEST END Lucius T. Jenkins and Lula M.

Jenkins to Homer L. Foster, part of Lot 6 of Cutter's Subdivision; $1 (tax WEST END Larkin Rousey to Otha Rousey. 25 by 100 feet on the east side of Free Herman Buse to part of Lot 4 of in the mass-production industries 2 2 Culbertson Park's Subdivision: $1 (tax 55c). 7U Hogs Compared week ago: Barrows and gilts closed $2.503 higher, Instances up more on weights over 250; scarcity weights "which in previous years estab Aloysius Bruse. Marie, Leo H.

and Cath 31V, 42V, I 41 erine Buse to same, same property; $1 (tax 55c I. under 160 and over 2 so; weeks top, paia man Avenue, 20 feet north 01 xorx Minnie conover, Elsie. Charles and John Allen Goebel, suddenly, Thursday, June 17, 1948, at Miami, Fla. Friends may call at the Chas. A.

Miller Sons funeral home, Hamilton ave. at Knowl-ton Northside, Monday after 4 p. m. Funeral services Tuesday, at 10:30 a. m.

lished the pattern of wage Increases for mahy other industries." 64 i 63! 263 249 34 4214 641, 51 late 528.25. lushest Quotation since Allev: $1. PLEASANT RIDGE Mary Bickers to Gladys 1.00 Gibson Art 51 January. Sows shaved advance, Ilsht month WEST END Jacob Newman to The Ellokum 41 64 I 51 I 9l 62 I 18l 14 I 30 32 50 49 7 62 ley, 13 4 6 40 OK 10 65 (3) Increased buying under the orferlnes late to 522: imam reduction Investment Lot 88 of Francis carr L. Byus, part of Lots 17.

18. 19 and 20 of W. D. Freeman's Resubdivlslon; $1 (tax $111. .50 Hatfield-Campbell 5.00 I Do part pf .45 IHobart Mfg.

Co. new celpts compared previous period; few feeder Estate: $1 (tax European Recovery Program. 1954 PLEASANT RIDGE SYNDICATE SUBDI WESTWOOD Peter Dottermann to Dottermann 6-10 16 pig sales Cattle and Calves Compared week ago: 8CHROEDER Paul suddenly, at the residence of Theodore Hechlnger, Jackson near Owensville, Ohio, Friday. June 18, 1948. Funeral Monroe funeral home, Milford, Ohio.

Services Monday, June 21, at 2 p. m. Committal service Cincinnati Crematory. Friends call to 10 p. m.

Sunday. 47 i Son. Lot 41 of Frederick Schwartz Estate: $1 (tax $5,501. 40 199 47 45 Strictly dry-feed slaughter cattle very scarce 6-16 6-18 6-18 47 44i 23l 93 I and dwindling supply grain on grass otler- 21 WESTWOOD Louise Rlngenberger to Ger 23! 44 23 93 2y 95 581 II ings; market steady to strong, demand bread; 6-14 S3 83 trude E. Cutter, 50 by 150 feet on the west side of Epworth Avenue, 100 feet .75 Kahn's 2.50 Do new pf .2.40 Kroger .50 Lunkenhelmer 4.30 Little Miami gtd 2.00 Do spl 1.00 Magnavox 1.00 Manlschewltz .75 Meteor Motor National Cash Register 44 I bulk marketable supplies light grassers In all classes, demand narrowing and price weak to 13l 5- 1 13l south of Wardall Avenue; $1 (tax $2 lower in very uneven outlet; good beef 6- 1 Graduate Mechanical Engineer Able to satisfactorily design and correctly upervise production of air conditioning equip-vent.

Cincinnati location. References required. Salary open. Reply Box 455, 26 WESTWOOD Nettle E. Burkley and Harry cows and bulls scarce, but 50c to SI lower: 5-27 VISION Gladys E.

Volk to Georgia Schroy. Lot 98: $1 (tax PLEASANT RIDGE Eitel Gross to Mildred K. Lyle, part of Lot 42 of Ridgewood Subdivision; $1 (tax PRICE HILL Patrick J. Jyce and Mary his wife, to Ralph L. Dolan.

an Irregular lot on the east side of Rutiedge Avenue, 54 feet south of Glenway Avenue; $1 Itax PRICE HILL Mary F. Stevens, et al. per Sheriff to Anna Wood, Lots 20 and 21 of Sarah Moore Estate; $1,000. PRICE HILL Alice L. White, et al.

per Sheriff to Arthur Wood, Lot 19 of Sarah A. Moore Estate: $50. 10 24 124 24 12 27V, 26 12 4 6 "A 17 veal are mostly steady, late deals uncovering her husband, to Alberta S. Burrows, 50 by 115 feet on the south fide or Harrison Avenue, 413 feet east of 6- 7 6-10 123, 16 I 42l decline of around week's sales Included SCHWEIN Louise (nee Oesper), beloved wife of the late Henry Schwein, dear mother of Mrs. Edna Thiel.

Friday, June-18, 1948; residence, 5450 Hamilton aged 83 years. Funeral June 22. at 10 a. Spaeth Sons funeral home, 1320 Chase ave. at Chambers Northside.

Friends may call Monday after 3 p. m. Iew xorK central lOhlo Oil smau lots nign-good to low-choice 700 to 1.00 42'AI 2l La Feullle Avi-nue: $1 (lax $17,051. 1.200 lb steers 34w34.50: hleh-eood 700 lb 5 5 WOODSIDE HOMES SUBDIVISION Roger T. Packard Penn.

R. 100 105 10 45 42 5 15i inquirer. GRIJBBS Contes beloved husband of Susie Scobie Grubbs. beloved father of Albert L. of Lafayette, Mis Margaret Smith of Cleves.

Ohio, Ralph of Bright, and Russell of Harrison, Ohio, and the late Robert Grubbs of Lawrenceburg, at his residence, Brltiht, Saturday, June 19, 1948. Friends may call at the Jackman Bullock funeral home, Harrison. Ohio, offer 2 p. m. Tuesday.

June 22. Funeral services from the Methodi3t Church, Bright, Wednesday, Jun-j 23. at 2:30 p. m. HATCH Emma L.

Ross I beloved wife of George J. Hauck and mother of Mrs. Eugene Durham, Walter and Mil tun Hauck and grandmother of Howard, Milton and Marilyn Hauck. Thursday, June 17, 1948: residence. 2917 Maisel Clifton.

Friends may call at the Clarence A. Baiter funeral home, 3412 Clifton Clifton, Sunday from 3 to 10 p. m. Services Monday, June 21, at HUGHES John beloved husband of mixed yearnngs $33. 5u; 67U lb heifers 533; 16 .5 50 42 5 21 15 67: 21 15 54sl 22' 22l 71l Neal and Eleanor his wire, to vera B.

Smith. Lot 57: $1 (tax $13,751. 6-16 6-16 6-14 6-17 6-18 5- 26 6- 17 6-18 15 .30 IPepsl-Cola IProcter Gamble 3.00 67i medium and good steers and hellers 52832; lead lots 990 lb steer3 $31.50 and 725 lb heifers common and medium grassers 4471 68 WOODSIDE HOMES SUBDIVISION Charles PRICE HILL Minnie C. Pabst to Joseph L. P.

Taft to Ohio Homes Lot 44. section R- SI Itax $1. 101. $22.5028, cutter grade $16(5 22; few me talia. part of Lot 10 of David Allen's Estate: $1 (tax WYOMING The Oueen Cltv Construction Co.

40 14 13 21' PRICE HILL Jack H. Rlckett to Alma R. Do 8 pf Pure Oil Co Radio Corp. Randall Rapid Electrotype new Socony Vacuum Oil Standard Brands Standard Oil N. 41 15 7 13 23 28,4 I 1' to Minnie C.

Stelnmetz, part or Lot 4 or A Pendery's Estate: $100 (tax 55 cents). 3401 3481 1001 3501 1S7 10 3851 1301 101 Rickett. 40 by 100 feet on the west side of Kingston Place, 156 feet south of Stoddard Place: $1. 1I WYOMING Elolse B. McFerran to Charles R.

28l SELMEIER Norma Huffzky, beloved tftife of Louis J. Seimeler and mother of Mrs William Hal Newsom, daughter of Mrs. Mary Hutfzky, sister of Mrs. Fred Owens and Mrs. Harry E.

Fisk, Saturday, June 19, 1948; residence. 1730 Avonlea Bond Hill. Friends may call at the Clarence A. Baiter funeral home. 3412 Clifton Clifton, Mon--day from 4 to 10 p.

m. Services Tuesday. une 22. at 2:30 p. m.

SIEVING Charles beloved brother of Anna Sieving, Saturday. June 19, 1948: residence. 1701 Hughes st. Braun and Anna E. Braun.

Lot 53 or wvo-mlng L. 4 B. Co. Subdivision; $1 (tax PRICE HILL William J. Hagemeyer and Isa- 8.00 1.00 .30 .25 1.00 1.00 2.00 V4.00 .75 1.50 2.00 2.50 5.00 .36 1.00 Standard Oil Ohio 22U 40 15 7 13 22 28 89 34 53 4' 51! 45 48l 81 I 8 I 32HI 88 34 53 230 I 215 41'A 25V, 15 7 8 6V, 15 13 23 14 29 2234 691, 35Vi 643, 4514, 4 4 53 50 49 40 50 48 82 67 9 8 33 26Vi 92 35 53l beiie, nis wire, to Meiva L.

speidei, iiuo Rosemont Avenue; $1 (tax 6-17 6-17 6-17 6-14 6-18 6-18 6-15 3-18 5- 1 6- 17 6-15 6-18 5- 24 6- 16 Timken Roller Bearing United Aircraft Prod. WYOMING Frances G. Ashbrook and Elliott PRICE HILL Leona Kuhlman and Edward. her husband, to Robert F. Riley and Jane U.

S. Playing Card C. his wire, part or Lot 36K. or J. T.

Wilson Subdivision: $1 (tax her husband, to Mary H. Burke, 25 by 113 feet on the west side of Boldface Road, 600 feet south of Warsaw Pike; $1 (tax $9,351. U. S. Print.

Lith Do pf 44i 48 81 HEATING, VENTILATING, AIR-CONDITIONING and REFRIGERATION Safes Engineer FOR CINCINNATI TERRITORY Must have adequate technical hack-ground and record of successful sales experience. Must be capable of contacting architects, ronsultinir engineers, industrial engineers, not only to interest but to sell Opportunities unlimited, Salar plus bonus. Reply Box 451, co The Enquirer. 115 45 21 48 225 81 "50 "32 dium and good beef cows $2425 50; common and medium grades bulked some common $19; canners and cutter 3 largely shelly cannera $15.50 down to $10 and below; small supply medium and good sausage bulls $24.50 5v25. 50, top on good $26 sparingly; chiefly common llgnt dairy-bred bulls week's top on vealers $30, late $29; under trend on stocker and feeder steers, generally steady; medium and good 640 to 710 lb steers $2830; medium 710 lb steers $26.50.

Sheep Compared week ago: Slaughter lambs and ewes generally steady; few closing deals spring lambs weak to $1 lower: late demand narrow; instances choice light ewes 50c higher; pool and trucked in native spring lambs topped $32; chiefly mixed offerinns including bucks, medium to choice $28fi3i. few good and choice common lightweights $27 down to $2 few good and choice 100 shorn lambs $25: medium and good $24: odd choice light ewes to $11.50, mostly $11 down, with wetgnty ewes $79 on bulk. I- PRICE HILL Frank L. Trepohl and Helen U. S.

Steel Western Bank Trust Westinghouse Electric his wife, to Edna Wetzel, 1237 Denver Avenue: SI (tax 32 PRICE HILL Arthur Wood to Alfred Bauer, Total sales for the week were 7,895 shares. Total sales for the week ended June 11. 1948. were 8.665 shares. CI Paid so far this year.

(VI Plus stock dividend. (SI Plus Number of Business Failures 20 ner cent stock dividend. I Plus $1.00 extra, (tl Plus 50 cents extra. (X) Plus 25 Lot 19 or Sarah Moore subdivision; $1 (tax Anna Wood to same, part of Lot 20 of same subdivision: $1 (tax $1.10 1 cents extra. Plus $2.00 extra.

Virqinla Hughes nee Speaks I beloved father of David. Jack and Carolyn Ann Hughes, beloved son of Mrs. Irene Powell and John T. Hughes and beloved brother George Hughes, suddenly, Saturday. June 19.

1948; residence, 51 W. Corry aged 30 years. Friends may call at the Busse Burgmann Co. Parkway funeral home. Central pkwy.

and Clifton Hills Monday after 1 p. rn. Services Tuesday, June 22, at 2:30 p. m. JACKSON Perry beloved husband of Minnie Harris Jackson, at residence.

No. 1 Lane Seminary Grounds. Friends may call at Jacocks funeral home. 2602 Gilbert ave. at Taft Monday after 2 p.

m. Services Tuesday, June 2, 1948. at 2 p. r'NCII JoseDh beloved husband of READING Albert Meyer and Mary, his wife. to John R.

Moore. 50 by 100 feet on the east side of Fenton Avenue, 2 50 feet north of Walnut Street: $1 (tax $9,901. Monthly Data Source of Dotot Dun and Brodslreet, Inc. NUMIBt Average Price of 30 Leading Stocks ocums BASED UPON DOW-JONES AVERAGE OF 30 LEADING dou PHiHAUiLirM tCTnin fTAif MlI Tl IT IV 1 a VAn CTfVl CvrUAMCCiSrWi READING Albert P. Matre and Olivia, hi.

Friends may call at the Wrassmann Barfknecht funeral home, 2625 Gilbert north of Taft Monday after 4 p. m. Services Tuesday, June 22, atl :30 p. m. SULLIVAN Mattie sister of Cora A.

Sullivan and Mrs. John C. Sconce, Saturday, June 19. 1948. at her residence.

2548 Cleinview ave. Friends may call Monday after 3 p. J. Sullivan Co. funeral home, 1336 E.

McMillan at Bell pi. Requiem hinh mass St. Francis de Sales Church. Tuesday, 9 a. m.

Kindly omit flowers. WALKER Mary wife of the lale Alfred B. Walker, mother of Mrs. F. R.

Deprez and Mrs. William C. of Mrs. Warren A. Witt-kopp, F.

Robert and Jacques W. Deprez, William W. and James C. Mullally. sister of Mrs.

Anna Tucker and Mis. Margaret Hall, Thursday, June 17, 1948.. Friends may call at the W. Mack Johnson funeral home, McMillan at Upland pl Sunday after 4 p. m.

Services Monday. June 21. at 10:30 a.m. 240 240 wire, to Eleanora stauverman. Lot 198 or Oliver's Second Addition: $1.

Eleanora Stauverman and Richard her husband, to Harry T. Walters and Elsie I. Walters, same property; $1 (tax EXTREME PRICE RANGE i i 1 1 ICfT IOAO: i Baled Upon Datly- AVAILABLE 220 the lnte Anna M. Benton Lynch, and sort READING Adolph W. Link and Theresa, his 1 .1 or mill UItU I 1 .1 IOA AO uuivia.

io.oo niun June mi Closing rncei A Hi i i i in iioa I nul r.L ii ujm 200 mn reo. Tj Tl iT i I i 1 1 i I wne; Amanaus Link ana nazei, nis wuc, and Charles L. Link and Agnes, his wife, to Charles J. Huenlng. husband of Vera Lot 30 of E.

B. Blunt's Second Subdivision; $1 (tax $1,651. LAST WEEK "I 1 LAST WEEK "I I 7T I rM-t-- High-Monday 194.49 IBoHIHHWHiah.Monday 194.49 READING George Luedeke to Augusta J. Reb- holz. part or Lot 68 of Gahl subdivision; $1 Low-Friday 190.

(tax Mil I rr.THMiini il A 1 1 1 'Tl i 1 1 I i 11 I I I I iVV RIDGE PARK SUBDIVISION Marshal W. Ar- gadine and Elizabeth his wife, to Helen C. Kreuzman wife of William part of Lots 14 and 15: $1 (tax $31,351. SOCIETIES AND LODGES 200 100 of the late Dennis and Elizabeth Devine Lynch, brother of Mry William E. and Sylvester J.

Lynch, Sunday, June 20, 194 residence, 3768 Ferdinand pi. Funeral from the Witt, Good Kelsch funeral home, 3026 Madison Hyde Park, at Oakley Square, Wednesday, June 23. at 9:30 a. m. Solemn requiem high mass St.

Cecilia Church at 10 a. m. Friends may call Tuesday after 4 p. MANDERY Carrie (nee Hoffmann-, beloved wife of the late Jacob Mandery. beloved mother of Oscar E.

Mandery and Sister Mary Concepta, O.F.S.. Sunday, June 20. at residence. 692 Riddle rd. Friends may call at the Busse A Borgmann Co.

Parkway funeral home, Central pkwy. and Clifton Hills Tueftlav after 1 p. m. Smlemn requirm Mph maw Sacred Heart Church Wednesday, June 93, At a- Metal Cleaning and Coating Industrial manufacturer and applicator of high resistant acid and alkali coatings, with facilities for blasting, metal cleaning, spraying, dipping and baking with experienced personnel, wants any quantity metal items fans, ducts, pipe, sheets, tanks, blowers, etc. Two spur tracks and overhead cranes.

CYCLIC CHEMICAL Permolite Division Phone 4-6530 Hamilton, Ohio RIDGEWOCD SUBDIVISION Hotze. Kuntzler Co. to Raymond F. Hare. Lot 32: $1 ill! illi Mill iniUiniHnHlfTrrMMIII UliniHM MHUIIHI mUM ii ft Wii1 IT i 1 IM, Vrh-7r4rM 4 CLOSING PRICE JUNE 15,1948.

WAS -120 Ii Jl HIGHEST SINCEAUGL26J946. 1941 1942 1941. 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 RIDGEWOOD SUBDIVISION The Sibcy Con jl. Rine service will De held tor struction Company to Mary J. C'lllins.

part of Lots 4 and 5: 1 (tax iwtTnddv. June 31. at p. m. 1945 1946 1947 1948 RIDCE1VOOD SUBDIVISION Annf Abbthl to th Muck Johnson funert Ravmond F.

Hare. Lu' 7)- ri 't-r 2.7ji home. MrMUlen ipiana -m. ROSELAWN Oscar E. De LaCrolx and Alma ARTHUR r.

CnERR i T. R. L. COMPTON, 33. Sec'J.

lu- rW4 his wire, to Bernadette R. Antnnelll and her husband. Lot 157 of Fourth.

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