The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1965 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1965
Page 9
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Wtdnwday, Nov. 24, 1965 Algona, (la.) Uppftf D« Moln««-f Franciscans Of Milwaukee Will Teach In Garrigan Mother Mary Romuald, Superior General of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, 3221 South Drive, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a communication to Father Cecil H. Friedmann, Superintendent of Garrigan High School, announced that two Sisters of that community will join the staff of Garrigan High School in the fall of 1966. Though the names of the appointees are not known as yet, the announcement was warmly received by the Garrigan administration and considered a blessing to the future staffing .of the school. In receiving this good news, Father Friedmann stated that "the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi will be a welcome addition to the Garrigan staff and that all Garrigan personnel - clergy, religious and lay - will accept the new community of Sisters as an integral part of the Garrigan operation." the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi community was founded in Milwaukee in 1849 by a group of dedicated lay women from Bavaria, Germany. They originally envisioned a contemplative community, but the active duties of domestic work at the Seminary of St. Francis in Milwaukee constituted their initial works, and later the field of education challenged their spirit of sacrifice. In drawing up their Constitution, this community of Sisters made the education of youth in parochial schools the special aim of the community. Other works done by the community include the education of the mentally retarded and the deaf, the care of orphans, and domestic work in institutions. Today the community has nearly a thousand members, and has houses reaching from coast to coast. It has high schools in Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and California, while its grade schools are located in all mid-western states. The Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi are no strangers to the Garrigan community as they have staffed the grade school in St. Joseph's Parish in Wesley since 1892, and the evidence of their good work is currently visible in the many outstanding students of Garrigan who had their elementary education in ; that school. Their coming to Garrigan may be viewed as a continuation of the educational work already being done in the area. The two Sisters who will be assigned to Garrigan will reside in Wesley and will commute each day to the school. In joining the staff, the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi feel privileged to be working with the priests, the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Sisters of St. Francis of Dubuque, and the dedicated lay staff of Garrigan, while the current staff feels equally privileged to have them as co-workers in educating the Catholic youth in this area. 7th Carnival Scheduled For December 5 Hootenanny Scheduled for Tonight by Joan Kohthaas Amid bold statements, counter claims and wild excitement, the 1965 G. H. S. carnival got underway. Representatives from each of the four classes fearlessly proclaimed victory in the drive for their grade. Linda Dodds, spokesman for the seniors, put it this way, "the senior class ask you the underclassmen not to become discouraged and give up - you have other years I Bill Reding, Ronald Gilbride and Thomas Black then countered that statement for the juniors, sophomores and freshmen respectively. The December 5 carnival will feature a smorgasbord, consisting of a mouth watering menu or roast turkey, ham, hot German potato-salad, baked beans, cranberry sauce, pastries, and other choice foods, to be served from 3 o'clock to 7 o'clock in the gymnasium. Several serving lines will be set up to accommodate the general public. Tickets for this smorgasbord may yet be purchased from any Garrigan senior or junior. A raffle will be held also. Three prizes (a 12" Zenith color television, a AM/FM transistor, radio, and a electric knife) will be given away to the persons whose names are drawn on the night of the carnival. Raffle tickets may be purchased from any freshmen or sophomore. An all-school Hootenanny will be held this evening at 8 o'clock in the G. H. S. gym. Schools all over the area have been invited to participate in this show. The general public is invited. On the night of the carnival, numerous booths will be set up in the gym. Included are such favorites as: Bingo, the Country Store, and the Fish Pond. Quotas have been set for each class (for the freshmen and sophomores, an average of $10 per student - for the juniors and seniors, an average of $15 per student) and each class that attains its quota will be allowed a free day. In the event that none of the classes reach their quota, the class with the greatest percentage will receive the free day. In addition, any class that reached its quota by November 22, and goes on to win (percentage -wise) the carnival will receive another free day. Cash prizes will be awarded to the two highest salesmen in the school. High salesman will be entitled to a check for $10 while second high brings $5. Father Friedmann, had this comment to make. "The new carnival envisions a great measure of parent activity as well as student activity. Both parents and students will be working for the over all good of the school. "We welcome parent interest in this project as well as in any area of activity in the school. We have no doubt that since parents and students are working together, the end results will tie the greatest any carnival has achieved thus far not only from a financial viewpoint but also from the point of view of home-school relationship." Tickets are still on sale and will be until December 3. Honors Claimed by Artists During the course of last year, nine of Sister Mary Iva's art students took part in the Sixth Annual AMVETS "Hire the Handicapped" poster contest. Sponsored by the Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, the 'AMVETS customarily award prizes to the first, second, and third place finishers. Two of these positions were secured by a pair of GHS students. Finishing in second place was Robert Bleich and in third place was Mary Bormann. The other entries, Zita Duffy, Jean Haag, Marlene Reising, Connie Lickteig, Anita Moritz, Paula Ostwinkle, and Jean Ewen all received Honorable Mention. Worried more about the outcome of the Carnival than who gets William Milder, Thomas Black, Ronald Gilbride, William Reding, and agers to discuss both temporal and spiritual affairs, and the manner in which they affect today's youth. This was the general feeling of G. H. S. students who participated in the North- CYO Rally Held Here by Ruth Cassel C. Y. 0. Rally Day' offered an excellent opportunity for teen- east Deanary C. Y. 0. Rally Day held at Garrigan on Sunday, November 7. Representatives were present (•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••'••••MB rgan High School Star Mark My Words Mark Prieskorn Mark my words on this, everyone on <3oaclj«8p|W?l«?<?Q>l»^1 teaiin real&-pjiit;;forth the effort this" fall, it's 'true that football is an exciting sport, but these boys gave us more than our share of thrills and excitement. Starting out in the sultry heat of August, these fellows worked hard and sacrificed much of their personal enjoyment to be able to provide us with a few hours of enjpyment each weekend. Credit goes to the following seniors: co-captains - Bill Milder and Joe Ringsdorf, also Dick Bleich, Don Potthoff, Denny Hudspeth, Paul Kollasch, Larry Vigdal, John Schneider, Chuck Geilenfeld, Bob Koppen, Jerry McCarthy, Dave Loebach, and Mike Boekelman. Although the seniors carried a heavy part of the load, the junior and sophomore lettermen equally gave their time and effort. We'll look forward to seeing the following lettermen next season: Dick Muller, Bill Reding, Mike Crotty, Tom Wagner, Jim Youngwirth, Gene Lickteig, Robert Schmidt, Jack Muller, and Dave McCarthy. The sophomores, not lacking aggressiveness or desire, did suffer seven setbacks while winning three in a pretty rough ten game schedule. Left to right - Janet, Kathy, Pat, and Betty McGuire. GHS McGUIRES by Fran Goecke Garrigan is fortunate to have their own McGuire Sisters, the only family at school to have a student in each grade. There are twelve children in the Don McGuire family, and the four oldest (all girls) are students at Garrigan. Betty is a freshman, Kathy is a sophomore, Pat is a junior, and Janet is a senior. Another unique thing about these girls is that they have formed a singing group called none other than the "McGuire' Sisters." . ••••••PBW''' • mummm*** Beaming with pride over Garrigan's first Latin trophy are Father Friedmann, Mary Porweiler, James Becker, and Bonita Dahlhauser. HUTZELL' When asked their feeling toward being surrounded by their . sisters at school they had this to say: Janet: "It is really not much different than when I was a freshman except there are more people with whom to share my happy and sad experiences." Pat: "I always have someone to tell my troubles to who I know will understand." Kathy: "I never get lonely at school because as I walk down the corridors I usually see a familiar face." Betty: "It's always helpful to get advice from someone older who's in the know." Latin Students Receive Trophy By Jean Kayser As a result of outstanding work in the National Latin Test given last year, Garrigan now has a shining trophy to grace its trophy case, The test, administered last year by Sisters Mary Sarah, 0. S. F., Mary Iva, 0. S, F., and Mary Alfred, 0. S. F,, of the Garrigan faculty, proved fifteen of our students to be among the best of the nation's Latin students. The test, taken by over thirty-eight thousand stu* dents on a national level, consisted of one hundred twenty- five sentences. They were split up into two groups: those to be translated from Latin, and those to be converfecTto Latln.I , There were four ilevejfc ofl achievement. The GHS students Ts ranked in three ofthese.l)M^dal and Superlative Certificate of •Merit' (L15-<1£0): Bonita Dahlhauser, James Becker, and Mary Dorweiler. Each registered a score of 115. 2) (110-114): no GHS students registered' in this ' category. 3) Achievement of Superior Merit (100-109): Mary Ann Eischen, David Loebig, and Patricia Dorweiler. 4) Achievement of Honorable Merit (90-99): Kathy Boudewynes, Glenn Elbert, James Schmidt, Mike Crotty, Micheala Elbert, Jane Kohlhaas, Barbara Wagner, Rae Ann Kollasch, and Janice Thul. The trophy is to be engraved with the school's name and the • names of the Superlative Merit winners. It will take its place among the school's other trophies in the case in the gym lobby. 20 New Members Join Math Club by Kathy Crawford Twenty new members have been elected to'the Mu Alpha Theta International -Math Club for high school and junior college students. The club, headquartered at the University of Oklahoma, has been sponsored, at Garrigan by Sister Mary Ita, P. B. V. M., since 1963. New members are: JaneArn- dorfer, Linda Buscher, Ruth Cassel, Kathleen Crawford, Dwight Gilbride, Gary Erdman, Michelle Erpelding, Nancy Fox, (Michael Carman, Jean Kayser, Ronald Kohlhaas, Lynette Lappe, Gary Loebig, Richard Muller, Janet McGuire, Michael Nitchals, James Schiltz, Robert Schmitt, John Studer, and Steven Walker. Returning members are: Carol Besch, Kathryn Besch, Steven Eischen, Eldon Erpelding, Leonard Kenne, Dennis Long, and Stephen Schuller. During the first meeting, which was held on Nov. 9, officers for , 1965-66 were elected. Elected were: President, 1 Steven Schuller; Vice-president, Michael Carman; Secretary, Kathryn Besch; Treasurer; John Studer, Honor Roll Students Named by Phyllis Lichter With the end of the quarter, one hundred-and-four Garrigan students were reported ori'-tHe •• gold and silver honor roll. Juniors lead with thirty-eight students,, followed by the freshmen with twenty-nine. Seniors, on the tails of the freshmen, were next with twenty-five students and the sophomores recorded twelve. Students having over 90.00 percent or more average make the > gold honor roll. These students are: Freshmen: Mary Becker, Timothy Boekelman, Rebecca Bormann, LaVonne Dorweiler, Mary Hamilton, Darrell Lentsch, Margaret Lickteig, Anne Loebach, Betty McGuire, John McGuire, Thomas McGuire, Mary Kay Miller, Diana Mullen, Ruth Neppl, Norman .Schneider and Judy Venteicher. Sophomores: Ronald Besch, Bonita Dahlhauser, Mary Ann Eischen, Ronald Gilbride, Howard Kayser, Timothy Molacek and Patricia Scherer. Juniors: Judith Berger, Judith Besch, Rebecca Black, Constance Bormann, Kathleen Boudewyns, Ruth Cassel, Kathleen Crawford, Michaela Elbert, Dwight Gilbride, Frances Goecke, Esther Hildman, Jean Kayser, Joan Kohlhaas, Lynette Lappe, Leonard Loebach, Patricia McGuire, Janette Miller, Susan Nelson, Nora Nurre, Carol Otis, Kathleen Plathe, Janet Zittritsch,' and Mary Beth Sterba. Seniors: Jane Arndorfer, Mary Jo Becker? 'Carol Besch, Kathryn Besch, John Bradley, Mary Bray Linda Buscher, Steven Eischen, Michelle Erpelding, Nancy Fox,' Shirley Heimer, Marilyn Kellner, Maureen Lentsch, Janet McGuire, Connie Molacek, Stephen Schuller and Margaret Studer. Since last year the silver honor roll was established. Students having 88.00 percent or more average ranks with silver honors. These students are: Freshmen: Thomas Black, Nancy Courtney, Patricia Dahlhauser, Jean Goetz, Ronald Heinen, Thomas Kisch, Dean Kollasch, Gordon Kramer, Paul Nelson, Rayann Nichols, Mary Reding, Panela Simons and Lynn Studer. Sophomores: Kenneth Fuchsen, Catherine Kollasch, Rae Ann Kollasch, Christine Obrecht and David 'Roethler. Juniors: Corinne Bormann, Michael Crotty, Mary Dorweiler, Gary Erdman, Michael Carman, Pattrick Hegarty, Cyrilla Kellner, Phyllis Lichter, Rebecca Lickteig, Gary Loebig, Patricia Loebig, Richard Muller, Robert Nichols, Karen Otis and Carole Salz. Seniors: Patricia Cink, Linda Dodds, Carol Freilinger. Lorraine Kemna> Ronald Kohinaas, Sharon Ludwig, Victoria McGuire, and James Schiltz. ••••••••••••••••I The STAR staff wishes to extend its sincere feeling of regret to Sister Mary Lucile on the death of her mother recently. We also wish to ex- itend our feeling of sorrow to Tom Derner, Garrigan grad- ; uate, on the untimely death of his father. . . . Wanted by line eSam by Mary Beth Sterba Who would ever think that a student of Garrigan High would ever refuse to llll a Selective Service form, an act which is required of every American boy upon his eighteenth birthday? But this is precisely, what one GHS student did recently upon receiving such a notice. In spite of such enticing slogans as "Join the Army and see the world 1" the recipient refused to fulfill this patriotic iuty. However, contrary to popular opinion, some friends said that this student was very anxious to answer the call of duty. But rejection eventually came on the grounds that too much of a furor would be raised at the boot camp. Despite the fact that the name Marion is often used for a boy, the Selective Service Board was hastily informed that Marion Kohlhaas is a girl. the TV are class representatives Linda Dodds. from Spencer, Mallard, Bancroft/ Estherville, Emmetsburg, and Algona. The purpose of the rally was to make teens more conscious of their role in the church •and their obligations toward God, their parents, church, school, community and self. The discussions were centered around a general theme, "Crossroads- Christ or the World ?" The principal speaker was Mr. Joseph Straub, attorney from Algona. He noted that the sac„ raments are at our disposal to ! attain salvation, just as are the [ things of the world. He also I emphasized that justice and I charity are the keystones of life. > He stated that virtue takes, a ! manly, courageous person and I that charity is Love. i Debate News by Nancy Courtney Debating on this year's, topic' of labor relations, Garrigan . High School on successive weekends of November 6 and 13 debated at Mason City. . In the first session, the Varsity debaters, Ron Gilbride, Stephen Schuller, Mary Bray, ail Jo.m Bradley, won two debates and dropped four. Likewise, the "B" team Don Courtney, Vincent Esser, James Schiltz, Rose Studer, and Michelle Erpelding, took two debates while dropping four. In the second session, one team, consisting of Stephen Schuller, Ron Gilbride, Mary Bray, Rose Studer, and Michelle' Erpelding, won four and dropped two. Play Is Success The all-school play, "The People vs. Marine Lowe," was a definite success, as large audiences turned out for the two nights of production. , Although the play provided a new twist as far as form goes, the student body expressed opinion that the cast did a superb job in the production of the play. Special thanks and recognition goes to Sister Mary Micheal, O. S. F., for her long hours and unceasing devotion to the production and organizing of a truly fine performance, November by Judith Besch November soars with excitement of cheering the basketball team on to victory. It pictures plowed.fields with a thankfulness of a bountiful harvest. November clutches the individualistic holiday of Thanksgiving - a personal thank you to God, our parents, and ancestors for our faith, freedom, and existence, November brings the cool breath of the Old North wind, footsteps of Jack Frost, and a touching nip of a low mercury. It leaves students with another packed quarter of memories, boys with pheasant hunting tales, and girls with a superb knowledge of fall fashions. It is a time when work walks a slow pace, entertainment steps up, and baby sitters are running. For The Best In School & Office Supplies HOOD'S Good Food For Less No Less Than Best! >ee Our Complete Selection SWEATERS^ Jacket Headquarters Of NW Iowa ling pretty proud that sne aurnoi have to go after all Marion Kohlhaas (far right) rejoicingly observes the document that she received. Looking on are Madonna Heinen^ and Ramona Thill.^ ONSBRUCH'S Prescriptions "Our Specialty' 1 Your Health and Beauty Center I

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