The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1965 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1965
Page 6
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Cancel (lo.) Upper DM Mefne* Wednesday, Nov. 34, 1965 I HEARD A SOFT KNOCK on my door. I glanced out and saw :i sweet-faced young lady, dressed in a quaint black dress with a crisp white cap and apron. At first 1 thought it was a Mennonite there ate many of them in Sarasota - but then I recognized her as my old friend, Prudence Morton of Plymouth Colony. A couple of times in the past, around Thanksgiving, I had broken through the lime barrier and called on Prudence in 1621. This time she came the other way and was returning the call in Sarasota, Florida in 1965. - o - 1 WIPED MY HANDS ON a paper You'll have to excuse the ready for Thanksgiving. We're and we're going to have a grand mess", towel and invited her in. I told her, "We're getting expecting friends from Algona time." Prudence blushed a bit and it was then I realized that she must have teen a bit shocked at my appearance for I was wearing shorts and my feet were bare. "1 hope I'm not interrupting thy bath", Prudence murmured. I assurred her that I was wearing what is practically a Florida uniform. - o - "I HAD A DIFFICULT TIME FINDING thee. I thought thy home was in Iowa", Prudence said, 1 replied that since I last called on her, I had done some moving to a New World of my own, and we've had to adjust to a new way of living much as they did when they came from England to Plymouth Colony. I asked her if she'd like a cup of coffee but she said although coffee would be a rare trept - they'd been on herb tea so long in Plymouth - she couldn't stay long enough for me to draw the water, light the fire and brew some. - o - "OH, THIS WILL TAKE JUST a minute. Our children gave us this automatic coffee pot for our wedding anniversary and it's really fast", I told Prudence. She gasped when I turned on the water at the tap and her expression was a caution when the red 'light on the pot went on. "0, 'tis witchcraft you are using I" Prudence exclaimed, "Governor Bradford frowns heartily upon ! that I" I had forgotten that Prudence had never heard of Ben ' Franklin and his kite and I couldn't begin to explain to her about ! electricity because I still think of it as magic myself. - o - I "WE'RE HAVING THANKSGIVING In Plymouth Colony also", Prudence said. "Governor Bradford has called a feast because TOP QUALITY BATTERY For Top Starting This Winter — Choose a Varcpn Battery From Our Big Stock This Week! Varcon DELUXE $•109! 30-Monthi Guarantee 6 volt • Group 1 With Exchange ' I Yarccm SUPER ACTIV 19' With Exchange 12 . Volt 4 ' Year Guarantee PHONE VIKING Oil CO. ROY STOPPED Owner "WE GIVE KING KORN OR GOLD BONO STAMPS ON GAS PUMP PURCHASES-" wp got through the first year in the Colony and the crops were abundant. The menfolks went out in the woods the other day and shot many wild turkeys, we'll have venison and fish, and cranberries and squash and we've invited the Rood Indians to stay for three days." "WE'VE INVITED THE LARSONS from Algona", I told her, "They are good Indians, t<x>, l>ut they'll only stay a day and a half'. I took the turkey out of (lie refrigerator to show Prudence and remarked that although you c.m buy turkey already cooked and frozen, I am a little old-f.ishionod and prefer to stuff and bake the bird myself. "WE BEGAN TO PREPARE FOR our Thanksgiving feast only four weeks ago," said Prudence. "Doesn't seem possible we'll get everything done in so short a time, liut the mincemeat fruits are diced, the meats and suet chopped, and it is all put down in crocks to mellow. Patience Mullins loaned me some of her starter so we'll have light bread and the meal is ground for the corn bread. The children, Fidelity, Faith, and Jeremiah, Jr. went out in the bog and brought a nice mess of cranberries and I've sweetened them with the honey from the bee tree we found. Oh, truly, it will l>e a feast!" - o - I EXPLAINED THAT NELL was bringing the cranberries and the dessert and that I didn't have to trouble with them. I thought to myself about the canned and frozen goodies available at the supermarket but I didn't tell Prudence about them lest she think that I am too lazy for home-cooking. I tore off a piece of aluminum foil to make a basting tent for the turkey. Prudence's eyes got as big as saucers. "Oh, the wonder of it!" she gasped. "Thy turkey is wrapped in pure silver! Truly, thou must be very wealthy." KNOWING HOW MUCH JUGGLING IT takes me to get the bank account and the check stubs to come out even, this was a laugh. I started to explain that although we aren't exactly eligible for President Johnson's poverty program, we have a lot of places to put our money. But I stopped short. How could I explain to Prudence of 1020, the car, Insurance, mortgage, gas, telephone, lights and garbage removal payments of 19651 "I'M NOT GIVEN MUCH TO ENVY", Prudence went on, "Thou doest have many blessings, but we have much for which to be thankful also. The good Lord watched over us on our Mayflower voyage and brought us to this new land. We are free to worship in our own way in our meetinghouse each Sabbath and our children go to school to Elder Brewster. We have ample stores to take us through the winter and seed saved for the spring crops. My husband is a good man and there is love and laughter in our log cabin." - o - I THOUGHT A MINUTE AND then said, "Well, Prudence, we may l« from different centuries, but we have many of the same things on our thankful list. We, too, have had a good year, and if the overtime holds up, ample stores to bring us through the winter. There are churches and schools in which to worship and learn and love and laughter in our concrete block home. And it's the same good Lord who is watching over us 1" - o - PRUDENCE AGREED WITH ME, AND THEN SAID, "Where is thy hour glass ? It may be time I was going." I didn't want to hit her with the complexities of an electric clock just then, so I looked at mine and told her it was half after the hour. She thanked me for the coffee and said she really must be going. - o - BEFORE SHE STARTED SLIPPING RAPIDLY back through the centuries, I gave her a gift. It was some brown grocery bags, because I suspected that the supply of paper brought over on the Mayflower might be running low. Perhaps at this moment, Prudence is oiling the paper and fitting it into her windows for glass. And she may be humming the same hymn I am, "Now Thank We All Our God." - o - DURING THE WEEK OF November 21 through 27, people having birthdays include Marie Lampright, Jack Dutton, Betty Stillman, Phil Bollard, Bob Martin, Gregg Buchanan, Dot Smith, Barbie Merryman, Marianna Steele, Vivian Cowan, Sarah Logan, Mildred Miller, Helen Pratt, JoAnne Furst, Douglas Schenck, Louise Hall, Jean Bangs, Judi Nielsen and Sharon Stalzer. Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. Don Gant, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Schmidt and Mr. and Mrs. Dick McGinnls. THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS from Mrs. Arthur Olsen of Sexton, and is for Cranberry Cake at a most appropriate time; 3 cups flour 11/2 cups sugar 1 tsp. soda 1 tsp. salt Sift in mixing bowl. Reserve 1/4 cup whole cranberry sauce (whole berries). Add to dry ingredients rest of can of cranberry sauce, then 1 cup salad dressing 1/3 cup orange juice concentrate, thawed but no water added 1 cup pecans Mix well. Bake at 350 degrees 45 minutes. Top cake while warm with 1/4 cup cranberry sauce, 2 cups powdered sugar, 2 tsp. butter. GRACE 840,000 times a week people use the Yellow Pages to find Heating and Air Conditioning NEIGHBORS GOOD ABOUND THE TOWN & COUNTBY Meet Nick Thomsen, Lakota Our Country Neighbor this week is Nick Thomsen, who with his oldest son, Larry, farms a total of 440 acres 2 1/2 miles east and 3.1/2 miles south, of., Lakota. Of the total acreage, 120 acres Is rented. „,.,,"'' . During the current crop 'year,' the Thomsons had 156 acres of corn, 140 acres ojt, beans and 20 acres of hay ground. They also raised 30 feeder cattle and have 40 brood sows, from which they sell feeder pigs. Mr.Thom- sen has been on the present farm for 14 years and formerly farmed north of Wesley. He came to Kossuth county from Laur e ns in 1942. He was born in eastern South Dakota in 1914, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glaus Thomsen, is a member of the Farm Bureau and a leader of the Aggressive Lads " 4-k club. He also likes to'fish 'and calls'feeding cattle his favorite job on the farm. The buildings on the Thomsen farm were painted last year and the garage was remodeled to hold two cars. Mrs. Thomsen is the former Edna Leonard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Leonard of the Laurens area. She and Nick met while their families were neighbors there. They were married in 1936 at Laurens. ROBINSON CONST CO SIOUX STEEl BLDGS Mrs. Thomsen Is assistant leader of the Lakota Luckies 4-H club and calls fishing and flowers her favorite hobbies. They have two sons, Larry, • .-I at borne, and Richard, who attends^ i JSstoervUle Junior, College; and : four daughters, Marlene (Mrs. Robert Sheldahl), Sunnyvale Cal., Karen (Mrs. Rex Larson) and • Sharleen (Mrs. Gary Spear), Lakota, and Joyce, Des Moines. Mr. Thomsen also has three sisters In this area, Mrs. Arnold Fisher, Whlttemore, Mrs. Lawrence Schneider, West Bend, and. Mrs. Leo Morris, Fairmont, a brother in North Dakota and another at Gilmore City. (UDM Polaroid Photo) Upptr D«s Molnts Publishing Co. PRINTING AT in MIT - WITH QUALITY AND ECONOMY. ruM>iT!fm Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Mollne - Kdly-Ryan - Pa New Idea Farm Machinery ' •*•!•• Hi hi JUvtft . N. Mate M. Phone m-MIl Robinson Construction Company, pictured above east on U.S. 18 from Algona has successfully served this area in farm, commercial and residential construction since 1945. This building was built and designed by Bud to meet the requirements of a rapidly growing business, Robinson Construction Company, since its very beginning, has made every effort to do the best possible in workmanship and uses only the finest quality materials. The company takes pride in cooperating with the customer to see that the finished job is what,he wants and expects. The quality of materials and expert workmanship done by this company can be seen in many of the finer homes in Algona. If you are planning to build, remodel or redecorate in the future, see Robinson Construction Company of Algona for the finest work that can be done. Here you will find friendly, efficient personnel cooperating with you in every way to see that you get no less than the best. Robinson Construction Co. Sioux Steel Buildings Building Conitructloit Tj? HM, 111* Mid MM 9t ittflt ingut 0g - II6VX - ta « B E* KM* M Hwy, PheaetMf4374 Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Mgou Farm Machintry — Trucks — Tir«i»im«ri OUytt ' CMC Truck* Tfct* Phone W-J4J1 Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery BOTH QUALITY A SERVICE Located east of Algona on highway 18. Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales it Service Plume 23S-3WI AMJON* Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped T« Serve Yew Completely"

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