The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1965
Page 5
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^Merry-Go-Round innniiiiiiiinHinnniiuffliiiiiiMnmii aiimmrmimiiiiiiifiiiiimmiiiK By Drew Peanon WASHINGTON - The feud between Bobby Kennedy and the Johnson administration has become deeper, more bitter, as a result of the Senator's trip through Latin America as a self- appointed goodwill ambassador. Trouble broke out between Kennedy and the Johnson administration even before Bobby's departure when he tangled with Jack Vaughn, Assistant Secretary O f State. RFK objected to Vaughn's criticism of "your brother's" policies in Latin America and finally walked out. Stinging from this encounter, Bobby publicly disagreed with Johnson's policy in the Dominican Republic, also lined up against the Johnson policy of giving birth control information to Latin Americans. Coming at a time when Dean Rusk was in Rio de Janeiro and when Johnson policies were under attack by all the democratic governments of Latin America, Bobby's statements roused a slow boil in the White House. The boil is certain to continue, - o - —BOBBY BAKER WARNING— This may be denied, but Mrs. Bobby Baker recently telephoned the White House to warn that she didn't intend to stand by while her husband was sent to jail. She delivered a message to Mrs. Lyndon Johnson that she was not going to let the government make a scapegoat of her husband. A federal jury is now investigating whether Baker's backdoor business deals while in government violated the law. Mrs. Baker warned that if her husband is indicted and still remains quiet, she personally will tell all she knows about the Senators who got Bobby involved. Note : Bobby Baker definitely has started writing his memoirs which should throw a scare into several Senators. His publisher says that if Bobby can write as The peace situation in North Viet Nam can be summarized as follows: During the late part of 1964 Hanoi was willing to talk peace; but we weren't. Ever since February 7, 1965, with the bombing of North Viet Nam, we have been willing to talk peace but the North Vietnamese have not. It may be a long war. - o - —MOSCOW-PEKING FUND— Kremlin leaders made a last- minute attempt to pitch up their quarrel with Red China before renewing the open feud last week. For more than a year, they have borne Chinese insults in official silence, striving behind the scenes to restore communist unity. But each overture has been rebuffed. When Chinese Premier Chou- En-lal showed up in Moscow for the November 7 Bolshevik anniversary, Soviet leaders sounded him out in a final attempt to placate the Chinese. He carried their message back to Peking. The response was another blast at the Kremlin, this time 30,000 words long. This was too much. The Russians finally hit back. - o - -POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS- One way of paying off big Be the lint en your block with the bottle that party contributors has been White House dinner invitations, It's a practice followed both by Republicans and Democrats. Future contributors will be eyed more carefully by this administration, however, as a re» suit of an invitation issued a convicted income tax evader for the elite party for Princess Margaret. Thanks to a newspaper query and an alert Congressman, Rep. Richard McCarthy of Buffalo, the invitation was withdrawn. - o —BOMBING A FRIEND— A significant, unwritten chap- tiould be a best seller. >»„ - o - '"•• —A LONG WAR— Previous optimism in Washington that the Vietnamese War would be over perhaps early next year is now changed to pessimism. Viet Cong forces are taking heavy losses, but are employing brilliant military strategy and inflicting heavy casualties on American forces. ROCKINQ CHAIR KENTUCKY WHISKEY A BLEND, 86 PROOF, nVt% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. MR. BOSTON DISTILLER INC., BOSTON, MASS. DINE OUT THANKSGIVINGS MENU SERVING FROM 11;30 A,M, -2P.M. RESERVATIONS WELCOME TELE. 295-2441 MENU TURKEY HAM CHICKEN COMPLETE DINNERS YOUR CHOICE $ ( CHILDREN UNDER 10 - $1.00 TD-OLE MOUSE So Phillips Algeria ter in the history of Johnson's decision to bomb North Viet Nam has now leaked out - by way of Peking. It was always known that the Russians were indignant over our first bombing raid on the night of Feb. 7. The chief reason, it was thought, was that Premier Kosygin had arrived in Hanoi on Feb. 6, the day before. Some Russians, explaining their indignation, said it was like Russia bombing Mexico one day after the President of the United States arrived the re on a goodwill visit. But last week, the Chinese gov- ernment revealed another reason for Russianire. Issuing a 30,000- wnrd blast against the Russians, the Chinese revealed that Premier Kosygin, en route to Hanoi last February, had "stressed the need to help the United States find a way out of Viet Nam." Kosygin had stopped in Peking for conferences with the Chinese on Feb. 5 and 6, had intervened with the Chinese on behalf of the United States, then gone on to North Viet Nam, to be welcomed by U. S. bombs. No wonder the Russians were sore. —U. S. AND RED CHINA-U. S. policy on barring China from the United Nations is due for drastic revision as a result of the tie vote on admitting China last week. Some of our most important friends and allies the U. K., Norway, Sweden, France - voted to seat Red China. State Department experts have been arguing privately that the United States makes a mistake of getting out in front in opposing China's entry; that the Red Chinese have raised so many conditions to entry that most of the European nations voting for China would reverse themselves If the W«dnMda y> Nav. 24, IMS Alflena (lo.) \_UffW Dtt Mottm-j Chinese reservations were fully aired before the United Nations. The State Department may, therefore, adopt a more passive position, let the U. N. vote for Chinese entry and then find that the Chinese do not want to enter except on their rigid terms. - o —MERRY-GO-ROUND— Henry Wallace, the late Vice President, will go down in history as one of the truly great Secretaries of Agriculture. He and his father, who was Secretary of Agriculture tinder Harding, made greater impact on American farm life than any other two men in history. Henry was as great in agriculture as he was inept In politics .... Charlie Braiman, another Secreta/y of Agriculture, whc devised the Brannan Plan only to be hooted and Jeered, is sitting on the sidelines in Denver while the Brannan Plan is gradually being adopted by his successors. First to adopt it was arch-Republican EzraTaft Benson, who applied Brannan's direct subsidy plan to wool. Riverside 4-SQUAII CUAIANTII •re fjvof ont**di vorknioniklp for Ike life of Iko original tread, Adhntm*nti wM prorated on Ik* mod wear " on »*l* prk* wken rerwned, Agelnit rood koiardi (incept r*« •pecllled, AdivthoenH wti be pro- foled on monHn md and baled on lot* prk* wh*n retvmed. For tread wear for Ik* period to*. titled. Ad}v>lm*nts wM b* bot*d on Mm* ill* and typ*. tkorglng MM cwrcnt exchange prk** ten a ip** clfk dollar oRowanc*. (Tread wear aiowonc* not applkabl* to mow tkei or tkei wted commercially.) *[(change prlc* h regular retal prke plin Federal £>che TOR kit trade-In el lime of relvra. 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