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Bryan' amily Newspaper 1 TT 'nfl Member Associated Preu Over JL itJ IJJLj Clll fLldiJLC Pric 5 Cent VOLUME 77 Seventy Seven Years Serving the Brazos Valley BRYAN DAILY EAGLE TUESDAY SEPT 21 1954 No 283 NY Dems To Pick Tonight By The Associated Press The campaign for control of Congress was temporarily eclipsed today by a contest be tween Averell Harriman and Rep ranklin Roosevelt Jr for the Democratic nomination for governor of New York The edge appeared to lie with Harriman former foreign aid director and unsuccessful can didate for the Democratic pres idential nomination in 1952 But Roosevelt predicted he would win in very close Balloting at the party's con vention in New York City comes tonight New Republicans con vening at Syracuse were pre pared to give their guberna torial nomination to Sen Irving Ives Gov Thomas choice to succeed him Dewey plans to return to private life Hardiman had the backing of Tammany Hall and other in LOOKS GOOD HALL SAYS DENVER' UPi Leonard HalL Republican national chairman told President Eis enhower today prospects for continued GOP control of Congress are "good" but that the party faces "a hard fight" Hall and three key aides conferred with the President at the summer White House for 90 minutes They were Joined by chief assistant Sherman Adams and three administration liai son men with Congress At a news conference after the meeting Hall said he and his assistants had outlined the political picture io the President "as we see "I hope" Hall replied "that Mr Truman fakes an active part in the campaign Anything Mr Truman says helps us" In reply io another ques tion Hall said that also goes for Adlai Stevenson the 1952 Democratic presidential nom ine fluential party leaders as November opponent Roosevelt however claimed support from New York City to strength In the Democratic primary in Rhode Island yesterday the state ticket headed by Sen Theodore rancis Green 86 and Gov Dennis Roberts had no opposition for renomination The state GOP primary is scheduled Sept 29 ar to the west President Eisenhower arranged to confer during the day with Chairman Leonard Hall of the Repub lican National Committee and two of Hall's aides in advanceof a speaking trip to the West Coast" later this week The President returned from a mountain vacation to his Den ver summer headquarters yes terday and did some more work on four speches he will make during the coming three days While i other Republican speakers were plugging for con tinued GOP control of Congress former Rep red A Hartley Jr urged replacement of Clif ford Case as the party's can didate for the Senate in New Jersey Case also a former House member opposes Demo cratic Rep Charles Howell for the seat being vacated by Sen' Hendrickson (R NJ) Hartley in a television broad cast from Newark said Case had NewDeal air Deal CIO voting Un less the state GOP replaces him Hartley said it must sume responsibility for a Re publican defeat in the Novem ber Vice President Nixon told a party rally at Omaha the Eisen hower administration has given the nation guarantees against a depression He said a kev point in Communist phil osophy is to rely on collapse of the economic system A different view of the econ omy was taken by President George Meaney of the AL who told the organization's A convention at Los Angeles theadministration is noth ing just about unem ployment Secretary of Labor James (See DEMOS Page 7) WE A II BRYAN COLLEGE STA TION AREA: Maximum tem peratufe yesterday was 99 de grees minimum 70 SOUTH CENTRAL TEXAS: Partly cloudy scattered thun dershowers this ayemoon and in south portion tonight and Cooler north and central portions tonight resh shifting winds on the coast be coming northerly tonight JLUMOim jHHHWL A SNAKE HUNTER Pete the 18 foot Python who escaped his cage in orrest Park Zoo at ort Worth Saturday was still at large today and believed holed up somewhere in the city's sewer system Here Pete's owner Harry Jackson with noose poised for use searches for meandering reptile in heavy un derbrush of park (NEA Telephoto) Worth Snake Hunt Continues rench Plan Is Studied LONDON Sept 21 (fl diard bargaining shaped up today over rival British and rench plans for rearming West Ger many Ministers conferred anew over old problems of Western de fense that must be taken up again at a nine power confer ence in London Sept 28 Arid of the con flict to attend that session in which rench Premier Pierre Mendes rance is to call for British commitments that Brit ain has refusedin the was pictured in the editorial comment of newspap ers left right and center Prime Minister government was warned by the independent pro Empire Lon don Daily Express not to the easy way the way of ac quiescence in rench wishes the way of smoothing down rench fears at ex On the other side of the fence the liberal News Chronicle de clared British government must recognize that the time to make our utmost contribu tion has arrived and that no contribution can now be effec tive unless positive commit ments are ORT WORTH If Police and zoo men were getting a lot of bum steers but no snakes today in their search for the missing python ijjete Several persons said they had seen the big 150 pound 18 foot reptile but none of the leads panned out Park officials thought they might ha've a tip last night when Mr and Mrs Bucky Terry reported they saw a large snake on the bank of the Trin ity River But when the park employees reached the scene no snake Pete a native of the Bang kok area of Thailand came to orest Park Zoo here about four years ago and most of the time was a nice law abiding snake until he went AWOL He was missed Saturday and ap parently had forced open a small door and climbed a 6 foot fence in making his es cape Since that time snake stor ies have been growing and Pete's owner Jackson is afraid Pete will either starve or die of a cold in case of a turn to fall weather zoo curator Lawrence Curtis said Pete was fed three weeks ago and the Weather Bureau reported the temperature around 100 degrees in the Dal las ort Worth area yester day Volunteers 'who have showed up to help hunt Pete increased after Amon Carter ort Worth publisher and Amon Carter Jr posted a $500 reward for python's safe return Curtis said Pete would at tack a person only if hungry or if 'somebody started the fight But said one of the volun teers growing a bit reluctant: do I know how hun gry a snake gets in three weeks and how does he know whether gonna attack QUEMOY SHELLING TAIPEH ormosa (fl Chi nese Nationalist guns on Que moy stepped up the bombard ment of the Red mainland to day and Nationalist air sea strikes along tne coast contin ued for the 19th straight day WASHINGTON If) Sena tors investigating re charges against Sen McCarthy (R Wis) said today they hope to hand down their verdict Monday Western allies were taking a long cautious look at the plan outlined by Mendes rance yesterday in a speech before the European Consulta tive Assembly at Strasbourg As a substitute for the six nation unified army of the Eur opean Defense Community trea ty which his National Assembly killed Aug 30 he wants to tie West Germany in a tight conti nental alliance with Britain that would limit the fighting forces of all member states and control their arms production Under both Mendes rance's proposals and the British plan put forward previously by or eign Secretary Anthony Eden the basis for rearming German troops would be the Brussels treaty of 1948 That treaty was originally drawn up by Britain rance Belgium the Nether lands and Luxembourg for de fense against any new German aggression The idea now is to admit both West Germany and Italy which would get all the EDC partners together again and revamp the rules Instead of the unified army envisaged under the EDC members of the pact would rush their national armies to defense of any other partner attacked But there are big differences chiefly: 1 Mendes rance would con trol the size of all armies and arms production through the enlarged Brussels group Eden would give supervisory powers to the 14 nation North Atlantic organization and speed West entry into NATO 2 The rench plan for all partners to accept control of their armies and arms industries runs in the face of past British arguments that worldwide em pire commitments made it im possible for Britain to join the EDC and thus accept some out side control The council of Rhe Brussels treaty met in London today to consider technical problems in volved in admitting West Ger many and Italy Prime Minister Churchill's cabinet convened in its regular weekly session with Mendes plan and the nine power conference to be attend ed by representatives of the United States' and Canada as well as the seven European (See RENCH Page 7) E1IAXK XOEL CLAIMS HE TEXAN PLANNED ESCAPE SAN ANTONIO Sept 21 Associated Press photo grapher rank Noel today testified that he and Cpl Claude Batchelor made plans to escape from the North Korean prison camp where they were held by the communists i Noel was called by the defense at the trial of Batchelor before an Army court martial at ort Sam Houston on charges of aiding the enemy while he Was a POW Noel was captured on the Korean front and was a prisoner almost three years He was in the same camp where Batchelor 22 from Kermit Tex was held 38 months Noel said he had made three attempts to escape but was unsuccessful About ebruary or March M953 he said he talked with Batchelor about a fourth attempt to escape A member of the court asked Noel whether it was a joint escape plan Noel replied that Batchelor agreed to go along He said they decided to make their attempt about the first of August 1953 when the fains of the monsoon season would give a protective cover He said he and Batchelor were going to try to get to the China Sea but they needed a map Batchelor got the map Noel said Noel said as far as he knew Batchelor never informed on him He said about the middle of July 1953 the prisoners knew defintely that the prisoner exchange was coming off so he and Batchelor did not try their escape PLAXB HUHNS 15 Praying Chaplains Parachute To Safety NEWHALL Calif Sept 21 IiH Praying as they parachuted in shirtsleeves 15 chaplains landed safely minutes before their disabled Air orce C46 plane crashed and burned yes terday The three crewmen also 'bailed out successfully can be sure there Was plenty of praying going said the Rev Lertis Ellett of Lawndale Calif' Church of Christ who is an Air orce re serve colonel was an occasion when doubly we were practicing what we namely pray said the Rev Neville Carlson of illmore Calif Lord was with us in many ways even to the fact that the fife in one engine was on the right side of the plane and the door through which we jumped was on the said the Rev Bertil Von Norman of the West Hollywood Presbyter ian Church The group of Civil Air Patrol chaplains from Southern Cali fornia left Burbank at 3:03 pm (PDT) in the C46 bound for a regional CAP confer ence at Sacramento scheduled for last night and today: The plane crew included the pilot Capt Thomas Willson North Highland Calif Lt Earl Meredith Jr Sacramento and Sgt Lloyd Plew Globe Ariz all stationed at McClel land AB SacramrJto The chaplains and crew were wearing back parachutes and had been briefed before take off but' none of the ministers had ever jumped before Minutes after the departure smoke began trailing from the C46 Vibration was felt in 'the ship then the right engine caught fire As Lt Meredith and Sgt Plew carried the instructions to the chaplains to bail out at about 3000 feet the right en gine fell away Mr Von Nor man a CAP major was credited by his colleagues with calm heroism as he helped the chap lains adjust their and shepherded them out the door He was the last chaplain to bail outL The crew followed with Capt Wilson the last to jump whe nthe ship was probably no more than 1000 feet up justwest of the Los Angeles Police Rehabilitation arm for Alco holics at nearby Saugus The plane crashed and burn ed on the farm only 75 feet from where the nearest inmates were working A half dozen of the chaplains suffered cuts or bruises wrenched legs or shoulders but hona was seriously hurt Russia Demands Seating Red China As UN Opens I jrr DEATH PLUNGE Rac driver Kenneth Adami 31 rural Madison Wis father of six children was carried to his death when his auto plunged 65 feet off this cliff in a "thrill" cli max to stock car races in Verona Wis Authorities investi gating to determine why Adams failed io jump from the car before it reached the wooden ramp on the cliff top as he was supposed io in the stunt he had done before This picture was taken by an amateur photographer attending the races (AP Wirephoto) ront Brings Rain Coolness In County Van Kieflens Dutchman Is UN's Top Man UNITED NATIONS W) A Dutchman in international affairs was a shoo in choice to day for president of the ninth UN General Assembly as dele gates gathered for their open ing session this afternoon The election of Dr Eelco Nicolaas van Kieffens to the top Assembly post became a virtual certainty when his only announced opponent Prince Wan Waithayakon of Thailand withdrew yesterday from the race Van Kleffens Netherlands minister to Portugal and head of the Dutch delegation to the 60 nation Assembly began lin ing up his support on a visit here last December Even US support for Prince Wan could not slow Van candi dacy The veteran Dutch diplomat will celebrate his 60th birthday while the Assembly is in ses sion on Nov 17 A lawyer and the son of a lawyer his long career has often alternated between the law and or com bined the two Van Kleffens was bom in HeerenVeen a small factory town in the peatbog country of riesland northern Holland He attended the University of Leyden and in 1918 at 23 won his degree of doctor of law The next year he went to work in the legal brarich of the League of Nations Secretariat in Geneva quitting two years later to work in London as a legal aide for the Royal Neth erlands Petroleum Co Van Kleffens came back to the international swim in 1922 as assistant director of the legal department of the Dutch Mims istry of oreign Affairs He served in the late as reg istrar of the arbitration ccurt that interpreted the Dawes and Young plans for German finan cial recovery In 1939 he reached the diplo matic top at home when a Cab inet crisis resulted in his ap pointment as minister of for eign affairs instead Nine months later as the Germans drove toward the (See TOP MAN Page 7) Suicide Ruled In Death Of Base Airman Justice of the Peace (Shug) Graham this morning rendered a verdict of suicide in the death by hanging of A1C Walter Rineer 24 early Mon day morning in the lobby of a mail room at Bryan Air orce Base' UfUkaid Ke acted on informa tion received from an autopsy conducted by base doctors in which death by strangulation was given as the cause and completion of an investigation by members of the Brazos Coun ty department No motive for taking his life was found for the native of Strasburg Pa who was a sent ior cook for the 3530th ood Service Squadron mates said that he was a quiet individual who never talked his personal problems His wife had been living in Bryan until recently when she reportedly left for Pennsylvan ia to await the arrival of a baby The Public Information offi cer at the base said an investi gation by the provost marshal is being continued Trial Of Brazil King Is Re Set or Oct 25 The trial of Brazil King ac cused with the July 24 murder of his wife Willie was post poned until October 25 on irio tion of the defense this morn ing in district court The motion was granted by Judge Williford sitting in the case for Judge Bar ron on grounds that a recently employed defense attorney Mack Bennett of Madisonville is tied up with another case and that Bryan Assistant Police Chief Sam Tullous who inves tigated the incident is confined to his home County Attorney Democratic Nominee John Barron is as sisting County Attorney Davis Grant with prosecution and Minkert is the other defense attorney cj A cool front which into Brazos County during pre dawn hours today dumped 117 inches rain on parts of the sun parched county and brought the temperature down from a maximum of 99 degrees yester day to 77 at noon today By 1 1 o'clock Easterwood Airport recorded a light one tenth of an inch and the Bryan Power Plant had measured six tenths by noon Heaviest fall was at Bryan Air orce Base where officials said a two hour downpour dropped more than an inch The showers extended well over the county but from all indications were not sufficient to aid farmers who are hoping for a top crop on cotton Nor was the fall enough to do dry ing range lands much good But even the clouds gave farmers hope as they watched grazing lands bum under late summer heat High winds rode with the front as it struck Texas' knocking down some trees damaging others and bringing to Sherman 69 of an inch of rain The rains reached up to 47 miles per hour by the time they struck Dallas about 11:30 pm Wind driven rain fell in tor rents in some parts of the city measuring as much as 80 in Urbandale and temperatures dropped from 90 to 74 in 30 minutes Temperatures started rising again a few hours after its pas sage The Weather Bureau however said temperatures Tuesday would be 5 to 10 de grees under high marks The thermometer marks Mon enhower appealed today to the of Russia and other Iron Curtain countries to join Amer icans tomorrow in a day of prayer for world peace as for war breeding tensions In a message beamed to the Soviet Union and its satellites over the powerful radio facili ties of he Voice of America the President saidn the world be ringed with an act of faith so strong as to annihilate the cruel arti ficial barriers erected by little meri between the people who seek peace on earth through the Divine Voice of America transmit ters began broadcasting Eisen appeal worldwide at 6 SHERMAN DAMAGE SHERMAN Wl Wind up io 85 miles an hour caused extensive damage to Perrin Air orce Base during a se vere thunderstorm last night Several buildings were badly damaged and the cen tral part of the base was without power for about two hours The winds blew off the ma jor portion of the roof of the old central hangar and the "old shops building The ground power equipment shed and radar maintenance shelter virtually were demol ished day were blistering 'even with all just two days away (Thursday) They included: 105 at Presidio and Wink 103 at Wichita alls 102 at Min eral Wells 101 at Cotulla San Angelo Dallas Midland and Abilene or Dallas it was the 50th day of the summer in which the temperature had risen to 100 degrees or more maximum 90 degrees was recorded at Dal hart after the front had passed and at Galveston where Gulf breezes added to the comfort or Wednesday the last day of summer weather observers expected more high tempera tures CHILEAN OPPOSITION SANTIAGO Chile ffl Op positionpolitical parties called emergency meetings today to map action in the face of Presi dent Carlos declaration of a state of siege modified mar tial law Opposition leaders crit icized tne decree as unnecessary am EST today with special emphasis on reaching people of the Iron Curtain countries The National Day of Prayer for Peace being observed in the United States tomorrow was provided for Tn a resolution passed by Congress and ap proved by the President Eisen hower himself will "attend chapel services at Lowry Air orce Base here tomorrow moaning to pray for peace Here is the text of the Pres new plea directed par ticularly to the peoples of the Iron Curtain nations: common with religious people we in America know that the true cure for the tensions that threaten and too often produce (See IKE Page 7) 1 Vishinsky Also Asks Ousting Nationalists UNITED NATIONS demanded today that the General Assembly act at once to oust Nationalist China and seat the Chinese Communists Soviet Deputy oreign Min ister Andrei Vishinsky took a he floor ten minutes after the 60 nation assembly opened its ninth session He declared that the Peiping government had and properly taken the seat of a great at the Geneva' PICKETS MARCH UNITED NATIONS Wl Two seperaie groups of anti Communist pickets mar ched outside the today displaying such signs as bombs on the Kremlin" as the hour approached for form al opening of the General Assembly's Sih session One group called itself "The anti Conununiat Conference of Overseas Chinese in the Americas" and the other "The American riends of the anti Bolshevik Block of Na tions Inc Ukrainian Divi sion Conference and added that it was for the Chinese Communists to be barred from the a situation cannot be he declared Secretary of State Dulles was on hand to lead the cam paign for keeping up the bars against the Chinese Reds The United States backed by Brit ain planned to ask the Assem bly to shelve the question until the end of the year The same strategy was used last year to keep Peiping out Both the Ameicans and the British were confident ot a clear winning majority To strengthen their case Delegate Henry Cabot Lodge Jr in a weekend statement charged the Chinese Commu nists with 39 attacks in the past four years on ships or planes of Britain Panama Denmark Norway rance Portugal and the United States With the seating contest out of the way organization of the Assembly for business promised to be smooth sailing Withdrawal of Prince Wan Waithayakon from the Assembly presidency race yesterday left the field clear for Eelco Van Kleffens Neth erlands minister to Portugal and theonly other announced candidate for the post There was possibility that a contest or sorts would develop for the chairmanship of the As budget committee The Polish delegation announc ed last night that its perma nent delegate Henryk Birecki would be a candidate for the presidency of the fiscal group This is the committee which will debate whether $189000 in damages should be paid to 11 former American UN em ployes who were fired for re fusing to testify concerning al leged Communist connections Otherwise the next major (See UN Page 7) Plans Mapped or County air Auction Several members of th Brazos County air Associa sale committee met Mon day to chart plans for the com ing club sale While nothing has been defi nitely set indications are that buyers and sellers will have a good day at the fair I Kelley chairman of the buyers committee told the group that club boys and girls selling their stock could expect a good turn out of buyers Wallace colinty agent and Jim Dooley high school vocational agriculture teacher said that while sales will be less in number this year they expected some spirited buying Both estimated that about eight club calves six to eieht lambs 26 hogs 40 pens of fry ers and at least 55 turkeys will go on the block Auctioneer for the sale which will be held at 7:30 pm Oct 15th has not been named The air will open Wednesday Oct 13 and continue through Saturday avening Oct 16th SPECIAL DAY Ike Asks Reds To Pray or Peace DENVER Eis.

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