The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1965 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1965
Page 13
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Evelyn An itty bitty bug got me down Tuesday noon with the accompanying chills, fever and all that go with it.* And it takes such a long time to have any pep. Here I was all set to go to Mason City Friday with Hazel Lusby, had a dinner date with Evalyn McDougall, and instead I'll be at home, probably having one of my many beauty naps. But speaking of beds-trust my ingenuity to find a way to see "Little Boy Lost" from my bed. It is a movie I enjoyed so much several years ago in which Bing Crosby was the father who lost his wife and little son during World War II times. I was too sick to sit up and watch the picture, so I had one of the girls move a small chest, over which hangs a large mirror, and shove my desk further north. The T. V. beside my bed reflected in the mirror and I had a perfect view. Oh sure, I had the bed rolled up a little at the head, but there I was, in perfect comfort. I think my white violet is a vampire. It is sucking the life out of my purple violet while the white one flourishes, and as I mentioned before, has tinges of purple. And it's crowding the purple one out. I'll give it a little more time to see what happens, then I'll discard the purple one and see how the white one gets along alone. Maybe it will die of lonesomeness. * * * I was sorry to read about the death of Forest Cairy whom I knew years ago. We were on a party one time at a Mr. Sewards whose fiancee had decided at the last moment she didn't want to marry him. Mr. Seward had the house furnished and was all set to end his bachelor days. He was pretty low in spirits so he invited three couples of us to spend an evening with him. He furnished the food, "Shortie" Lowe did most of the cooking, I probably managed to set the table, and I don't remember what active part Jennie did - eat probably. After the meal and dishes were finished, we sat around the hard coal burner, lights out as the stove gave out such a rosy light. Mr. Seward played soulful music - "Mood music" on hisviolin. To make a long story short the girl relented, they were married soon after the party and "lived happily ever after." Forest was "Shortie'sdate, mina . V/as some; callow youth who, san& ( .yjlth a boys chorus at,the Metl\-<t otiist church and Jennie's date was a Mr, Trainor, telephone manager. I was interested in the good steaks Mr. Seward had provided. * * * Forest had brothers Seth and Lloyd. Lloyd was in my class at school and Seth had a newspaper at Whittemore, He was killed when the 'back end of the car he was riding in swerved into' a truck when the driver hit an icy spot on the roadt * * * A more cheerful aspect is the "Watch" party held at the mother's home, the house just east of Pau's garage, I reraenv l?er Marg Danl, Liwie Post and I "were going home' at S &', m, and if anyone had seen us they'd have said, "What are those biddies doing out so early in the morning." Yes, Mrs. Tom Akre was among those present. How she did love cards. And Mrs. Agnes Laidley was also there. What fun I have had in my day. * * * We have a lovely fall flower arrangement on the hall mantel brought over the other day by Hertha Dau. She has a lot more patience then I'd have and what's more important, the knack. * * * When I opened the Register Nov. 4, I learned of the death of another well known Algonan- Ray Laird. I wonder if you get tired of my recollections of other times. This is about a time I played for a dance at Whittemore which was held over the bank. Ada Simmons was our pianist and she and I took the four o'clock passenger train on the Milwaukee. The rest of the orchestra had to work and Raymond Wehler, Theo Herbst, Tom Gillespie and our "boss," Mr. Johannes, came over later via horse and buggy. Ada and I had supper at the Susie Engler cafe and she said "Aren't you Marve Cady's daughter?" "Yes," replied. "Well," she answered, "your father and I used to go horseback riding when he was a lad here with your grandfather who had a haying crew." "Yes," I said, "He has told me about riding with Susie Munch." At the dance Mr. Johannes, knowing Theo and I liked to dance, said, "Go out and have a few dances" which we did. Then a young man asked to meet me, I danced with him a few times and he invited me to have lunch with him at Engler's after the "ball." I thanked him, but told him I was from out of town and would have to go back with my party. Ray Laird and his fiancee Alice Cosgrove were there and Ray invited Theo and I to ride home with them in his auto. Well, we jumped at the chance, but I have often throught afterward it was not very nice of me to leave Ada to return via horse and buggy. I was young and thoughtless is the only excuse I can make for myself. * * * • I was Laura today and had such a nice visit with Lulu Norton Capp, Bremerton, Wash., who was brought here by Agatha Hansen. They grew up in the same neighborhood and her mother • Nettie Edmunds was a very close : friend <tf my mother. It was from her mother that my mother learned to cook potatoes in their jackets, then fry them. What a wonderful taste they have, and she also taught mother to crochet, Nettie was quite young when her mother died and she took over the family - a sister May and two brothers Ralph and Bert, Mr, Edmunds ran a bicycle repair shop, had a long, sandy beard, Many times I have seen him wheeling down the hill in front of the Wernert place, the beard divided and flowing out behind him,. Nettie married Bert Norton, who will be well remembered and for many years was Kossuth county auditor, Lulu's sister Cleora married Ralph Loss and they were here a few months ago and drppped ' 'in to'see me, Another girl who lived in the' neighborhood is in town too Vesta Weaver Menzel of Houghton, Mich. She is a sister of the late Beth Weaver Schemel, * * * Other callers today were Mrs Joe Goetz and Mrs. Joe Hauptman of Wesley, who brought favors for our Veteran's Day trays. They represented the American Legion. * * * I think the Honsbruchs are a very lucky couple to have become owners of that lovely home just built by Champ Martin on east McGregor street, and were I able to be a housewife, I would like to have one just like it. Can't you just imagine a Christmas tree in that bay window? * * * I am sure the older residents will remember Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cliff. She was a beautiful woman, and he a fine fellow. He had a hardware store here for some time. He died a few years ago, and she is now with her married daughter Mary Lou and family who have been in France, but recently transferred to Wiesbaden, Germany July 3 and will be there three years. Mrs. Cliff had been at Minneapolis with a sister who died. * * * Halloween callers were Dutch Honsbruch, Steve Smith, Rex Post and Larry Groen, who passed out doughnuts and apples to each resident. A nice gesture, and thanks from all of us. * * * Dixie Keith and her mother Mrs. Kyle Keith were here too- Dixie done up in a witches costume. TuMday, Nov. 16, 1965 Algeria, (la.) Upper Del Well, it's confusing I "She thinks Early Bird is oneofLBJ*s relatives." * * * A perfect description of my father - "He's the type who hits the nail squarely on the thumb. * * * A note from Glen Naudain of Charlottesville, N.C. and a picture on which he had written "Hialeah Park race track also a very pretty park, Miami." A very life-like statue of ahorse stood on a pedestal in what looked like water - I couldn't be sure. Maybe it was grass. A horse would appreciate that more, I think. Some umbrellas and seats in the background and some date palms. At least I took them for palm trees, of which there is nothing homlier, to my notion. But what would Florida be without palms? However, Florida has many more pretties to make up for the top-heavy palms. * * * It was Casper Thilges' birthday that was celebrated Nov. 2. The men played bingo, assisted by the nurse. * * * TV shows I'd like to see junked- The Munsters, Smothers Brothers, Beatles, Peyton Place, Rawhide, Lassie, all that space junk, Gunsmoke, Shindig, Slattery's People, Jerry Lewis, spy junk, Sophie Tucker and her everlasting "Some of These Days" that I sang as a teenager and all she does is talk it and she always has a chiffon handkerchief to plip about, and let Judy Garland rest on the laurels of her young girlhood and leave her in peace, Don't ever give up Perry Mason, Lawrence Welk, and get some good material for Gene Barry, I've read a few of these are to go in the discard - Hurrah! 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