Morning Oregonian from Portland, Oregon on March 8, 1866 · Page 4
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Morning Oregonian from Portland, Oregon · Page 4

Portland, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1866
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

The Bobbarj- of Mr Ailama We eopj from Ihe 9 F flay tbo follon letter from Mr Atlanta, glting au aoouilnl .f t late ruuborj of the OorornioonL fund, whioh BQdflr bla onr« OCCIDENTAL HOTBf SA H FnASCTHro February 22 Ip06 Mil EniTon --It la nint twelve laja aln reaoheil tbirt uity h a v i n g boon rublio 1 on bott Iho ateainahip 0 "t«n of ¥20/11)0 in 1 nitoil Stilt r«M cold, which I bud uollnalcd on iniporta in t I)tatrlct of Oregon n n d w l i k h In acuirilnme wl InalrajctiitnB fruiu tho Douurtm ml in Waahlngtu I waa] bringing lo lc|inalt with tbo AaalHta Traajpror In ban Frunolaou The money w ,, taken Ifrom my t r u n k In m j atato room, tho tin .During ray room during my nbaenf-o for a ahu tltae, by Qnluckinjr tbe door and entering u ironic by prj ing a portion of tbe bottom and u looltlaaj the trnnk, aa I auppoao, by bualiing t bo(. o f t b o look back with hla flngcra, aa 1 afu wnrila loarned from tbo detoctivea ouultl bo iloti My room I found lookod aa iiannl, and tbo oo around my trunk properly tied I bnd no au plolim, tbat my trunk bad boon diaturbod till arrived at Iho ftuaa Honae very anon aftur II landloK of tbo; Grcym, and opanod tbe aaiuo tbe iDQUoy in a aatw, when I uiaoorere that out of SI7.JOO in gold, $4,717 In groouUck $35 In demand note., uovornraeot money in n trtmk, bealdea .ome currency belonging to me, wlilab \ had no memorandum of tho prooi 'amount, $20,500 In gold had boon taken I in m4diately%ul^ad tbo Poliao Doteothoa, and hni alooe boon engaged lu rendering oiory aaaiatan in triy power to enable tiioin to Jern.t out t! S sffij partlm | Shocked and rnortlQod aa I wna n laom eilng the loaa of the money, I vory BM learned tbat [ waa to suBor a .till soror pui labmeat, a* I ind .ome of my friend, were n loiijj In dlaoov irlng tbat a powerfnt Influence vr aetofaotln b abort time after too robbery ' cMOrS 1 p«ttra» t»erefttb the Impraaalon tbat I w Tulala and hi 1 not been robbed of a dollar iBMliHnito of that Invonce, tho antlrlng so tolMl irJtlaQ ltlhanUd,me down, nnd ita auooeas cjolni n« miaeblef, ba* been abundantly ahow by tie-r«MarHa tbat have boon made by eorta part!*, on the atreeta, by tbe nnoandid, nncalle folf md trojaaf article, wblob have appeared oQB of thn prints of thU oity, and a rlllalnouallbo 00k eUltiirial in another. Iftlioio men bad d alre to know tba trntb, they oould havo obtalne n Ine detootiToa, who wore tho only pitrtl ^t mynlfjand thoao who committed the ro 'i irbn have the moan* ot knowing to a oe lytbaL the robbery waa aetually eommitte Ibedeleotlrea-- Oapt. Leea, Ellla, and Watkl eoHId bora told lieaj, aa thaj have often told m awJwieralrjftjmlnenl and worthy men at tb ejttr M of Oeegon, tbat they had arrived nt ov de loaj dorlnD; ., moat thorough lareatlgatlon tb "., Uta4 beydad all pouiblllty ofadonbl that tb to borj »aa obmnilUed," a. I alleged. Bono , tfi Mlmen bar, aaanredjtio and nthera .bat th $ tejuit aa well annred from what their Inroi . fa lion b.a doVeloprd, tbat I had been foully ro bel.allhoajbtbeyljaa Men tbo MllUerj com apl tU4* Ibo, o men have been forced Into t p. rafta exni lining the whnlo caao In tbo face U tnnqeaee t bat ba, railed to extort a oondom Milan of m (ram Ibat qnatlor. Yell find I 4 la altar ba' Ins pnbliahod an exceedingly u ,ealdld-atllc)olnrillatldn to tbe robbery on t II Q raalr fcpoi ilt, of It yelterday a* "the rubberjs-- JCinyTra/wl.'-iitted.", The JV«,» i.Kar of tli JTlboaa * oh iraolerlitlo article ajhlob. It neina 1 nut j, nlber Wjuiltoloua for aa editor who baa i «niut 4tlirejto benefit thoae under wlioio tab Vafta'lftlnnid » aether ordmbs. Bo dtffoourt _,-,l.f*OOMva«fltid that Adama la more pt , deai ultb hln yil«»M jftudi, a oerdCcato of depo .'if wra» qthef evidence for $3,000 by ira tbi»»«bBl«N,rd»4MoOc«kenin bla favor r ·JiiJaio.lntb.tAa.mawa. providing (or Oi\tfia f eh," i'. JumBO i lajt It viMl bo any new laformatlo to W poor di TH, bat U may U to Itbe nubile, ·u«tlitUiea»draftaon.tJu Bank of Califor , _, is mon Mte*, will Mr. Chooieuun 1 . i »o««ilt after my arrival .'. kbuatmy .arneit ,roqueat, goin f t , to'th. bonk and to I tha Aaalat. o| lie. In pnblljbiDg tbe lollowlng, '· i uweaaor did eo without baring dn ft Upou the oanto ho Mem, ID ion i.aoa the. lotertit. of : . «UJ latweiliaT* beard. Ailam. 1, ojnl ' ·, I ra«tbeoJ,.rlSi.nt. Ularo.ld.n I alatlal for the wabfotil ajctloo, I !· ni) (he arobltmlure nnlqae; tb ,.ln II iplng with tho quilt atyle of IU o ,_ *· dbori; red frith grwn bordora, tl it , l|}Tonia4ented with: (be fountain .bat late WSlll,«» il-r«, ftowlng that brother Adani 1, ifoVwUboul rennod tallej. Ibo rarlotn oooup 't- · of w'l «tor JkJawa, io«pol doctor, echo tn f Ib. Mil l«lan, and, at preatntj-eollactt ' ill k -Telnmi a f«r the nnatlllty ibf hi, phlo B. -JH^At J nhmtat 4ltorlai ^aBopnbllca 1 eo, ,«4.'lon, ,'OOberr of tha Leglalatare, are a V hi. eon rolj not evan tbe daring anil weal ·r.11 U- J0o l of He Columbia rivbr bar are b ijM S Wfttaoi . HU genina ba, extended to a r ?j\ · wUb tie WalilnjtonTerritory Ltgi.l te* , «haxa hi had atl Aet paaaed r taking »"a ftqj ti.'pllQt the right ta puriae their profo«if M j M^kulevf n sff tfiia.QoeitBarea of Aatorla, . ,.' A«*n Inti only loyal malt, toolbar Ad.tna 1j-"»o.nal. JU* Collector of th»Cnilon »i,il Ja.vlgllint and »m«l tn t. Durih i r of four rear, le bia »)aeaih addition to tie flnea of tbe office nf, tbat In any'other port wot tt Ma 104 wlthoafc douoa* Not being aa i tblf aeliore of the a'^n.ra. bis Iny .. th« B (^net«iiro BftftcMloOiam, and to th » wrlun to tha Secrotanr of tbo Trotsun tbu»e.iror jji^bcr Xa-wi, thouid tb DM *twy 1 1 ,b* rill r*9*,T( tb. l^^gBlfiotn-'inM of tbe h«lf « !,«M"~Tt U elatn of It-elf to .imply ~fli«[*n an* -OM* We bV thS* - h^Jlon. iHbei«Dgaage of tha Bft.nlljr A 1 -' re. Id ilm«. All thlngi right." b* |V r-,^t mop«nt. o»V has bot MilMljU nnaolmona aa to tbe real ialinqncn tha citing, ol Oregon--more particularly iho. t.4 tfaria .ad Portland--will bear with feelings fr/if U «d n (rat m that Weotor /dam« bj rttB M. Ii te mlafortone. Tkuly may we ex i, "that h moaty meet, not ita own toward . tharlDg aeen my bumble dwelling in Aat r ria.JwmU ami e at the idea that a building whio «·«" ' probablj he «iule4 tn Ban Franolaoo To ttti HO, aboulj be called "palatial." I an entire Iy.lio;mci4tlt land noambltloua lp.n,dmlttbat oa, jefbre awajre that t WM an !· Aoloorat" ha ln« tie Duion Conrenliona and tcgialalnro of Or I ond.r. o» control, be.ldoa holding In my i (bat gnldo the law-making powe ._, , J TetrHorr. Ihe ffaa Itllcr fe -aayl gloat I ia*e"ael»ed'iJ!r«i it«nablp (In - -^1 MOO to the »ne« of the offloer.,'" ' , ''I -· .lalfat ikea t It I «k on, ot.g!ii»B tho whole num .. bar « ateameji " nlMd," and mlatakoa in aaylng ' . Wff*«'««'""!'!'4«»».'«o'Of'lb«olllee..o Ir r -.-,-.-,- ~TM v _..,TM--tin tb* Udilad r ^BUtu Court 11 r Oroaon ig«T D flt Ihe "offioerf,' j-- ...-- ·"*,., jigg^rtmo |22,5VtnU coats · were obteJntjd at the bunda of _-,.,, .,,,., boiiBit »nd hODorablfl lnro». undor f bar ;«* M to point* o f l a w , from a ol ear-load 0 J knd incQffunttbt,' judge. The Judginentd are now Ino to tho Unltoa Statoi, but I bavo not, B JML " telfrf*'' tht) money tu tho tf«\u letter -"fyipt f utAl imnotat rtUoorUln tbat U over 11 * M M!swl " Oat of tbo four ·UttmeraBeJxot] an'a r ola.tne.lby Wui L Lubboak, Juhn T it *ud P Bwlna, tbe AuMo, Qrltate and i. alltbhx ireglitorod u belonging to tho C«lU.rala6tQamNarl Ka (b lt Corapaiiy tbrco hnro bMtt forfoltod tb t{io United Sttea Govern in out Tbe. afarta was^urWlod by n iteoroe of tlto Uottod 8t»t i DUtrlot Court Tho /.ic/^wafi tarna ed b' ber ownora, ·, forfeiture octtnowloilgud ·ppUiatioDWna'madototbc Secretary oftbo Trea M» 'or raloMe; She Is DOW running under Untie af 1J 26,000. The Qn*atn waa furfoltod bolb by q«Ita rwUtl(in«iit OD the part of ber ownan. and ; li« * Jooiye af tin United .SuUn DUtrlct Court , llolloo bus been filed tbat applloatlua will aleo bo , mkdnat Washington fur tho roleaio of tbo 0 ,,, t ba. She la not* mnDloBUnderboQdfof^^iJ.OOO 1 Tboic.,"i'c,whlohlw65 Informed Uft week by Mr , Kollldaj, j* owheii [a pact, by him,IB DOW running UDdor bond fur $fiO.OOU The law tinder wbi h tb^Miflnoi and forfniturai ocourrati, WHS paauid io {1790. Ithanbeoo hold to be good law by C'on gnMeirtad bjr otorj- udmlniatratiun olaoo, and if I ·m n|t ini»tttkflO wais adopted by tho Jl r «to» Lfittr Uan^CuDgroti, irhiob wai prorogued by Guncmi) Onutti at Rwhmood Every Collector hits tu take k lolemn oatl) tq enforce It Tbo uwnnri ' f fcvo rnlot'tboio vc^iola, have nokoowledftod Ihnt tb« forfeltpres haro accrued ander tho law, and yot tbe Jftm Letltr cnlla tbein ' minor adonfeB, t h u t la anjt other port would bare boon paused without aw* Lttttir tatty ondorxtnni) tho 1ru« ehrtr acterof Fodural officials and tho afptlaucoa UBU ! lit f$twpoiting lu^etn tu Uagrant vlulaliou0 of tbt| law iol'^thor ports " bettor tbao I, blit I know there U ono " pprt " whore tbo majesty of Iho law wil^bttriodioatotl while I ain onirunted with ltd ·fiXeealjon I May liuvc boon, aa charged \y tho JButlelfM, too oitrolc*! with tho money, (though I think Dot), b u t / a w not a criminal The otforls tbat bare boon mode to crash me by fixing a etnin upon Dly obarnoter are Impotent and I defy nil ^Ibolrppwotv I have in anfulling faith in Uod and tbo ultimo to triutnpti of rlifbt My life b li on u »l ruiy no 1 have Inon bnttjing wi! Litrriijiti'm in nlinont o\«r utiapo for many y » n r jwl I did not sitjip mo Wore that I 1) ut nn onoii: i» Ibo world who W f ild nai t h a t ho hilieiul would k n o w i n g l y wron« i m n ^ t u liminiii I m t » i f 1 liar, inn h h UK thiil I tvmild be giullj .,f t,nmi]iiMro lurk nut! tluuiiiuig In n i y c j c n tbn bif,hwiiy ru! h i r y th« orimo uf rol blug tho ().. orrtniu.t f funds nlnuh I had titkui) a tmU ftlli to II-K n u t f^r I)L!II[IK i n j hnof nliiy (bix oity I |tn\o paflHod tli rough tbo mnet Qcr trial »f my tjfo A n i r a n g i r m n Blruntfc Inn witb f«w to uitond the hand of frieodiil.ip in n j n . p u t ) y failing tn dieut the undent oj^i'f n wan Kuibiuff nympttthy tint ni7»ll up from b u i r l n li buail w i t h honionly dhnril that t b i n k c t h n« ov on tbo part of a miu from win in I t h o u g h t I hi a riRlil to cij ont llt |,,iflt u trlon lly £"-«""«. hav« ne\ortli*'loc(! round f n o u d H men w h o hav honored tliou«uhin by tlioir n ibl i oimdimt nti w h o hy thoir riatvrmfnatl in in d bonomblo pouri in rolnti a tu tn n i i f f i i r t u n c M hnvn fnstotK ! t h e n ·ieheH iijHtn i»y a(rootl«inn ns w i t h hooliH ij nice I flhtill ever honor tbooi apprceiato thoic raftgimi imity and kimlno.p and tlioir muni)* 1 wliall » known to the world in .hie Umu Permit mi Mr EdiL'ir in c«ntilurlnn 11 i tfor nn apotftj(\ fi tho k n « t h of thu nrllrlu and iho DnriiesUml po hnpii hanh cxfresBtonB oontninotl in it.tljo (to me ighty luoiiulng ot iho oiruimBtnncori hnv i d u c o l me ID soy a word In *ind(oa(ion of my ilf liere I haro a lnr{r,c family, toward whidi otand in thn relation of hu«banJ fathor and pn teotor I owe it to my family, I ovfo it ti ·olf, own it to my fritnde oVerywhcro) pwO tlto (Jovornmoiit anil own It to the cause of In inanity and right wbloh I baio to long e»potue tlirtt I eou to it that if^um to go do.TO, I go dow fighting like a man, and thut if atoj jto bo en gulpb-jd in tbo broakorfl of u foul and Ulaoli eoQ sptrnoy, I slrugglo wltb (ho irnvoa i b uinnn worthy of ouo who dnros to do lui dnt y, t no wh hai hitherto been actuated by an honoi t dceiro t do bli whole duly UB a Government iftieer, an who atlll Lbcrinhco an upwaroring fait jo tho u timato triumph of omnipotent right. W L. ADAMS, Collector uf Gusto ma Dlatriot of Oregon Wno ARE OUR^IUIR M P M ? -- W o t s k e the fo lowing from a loading oditurlal in tbe Albai Jonruatof tbo 2d lost It baa been urged that thoro l o a n bffort boil tnqde by Cangrena to aitbvort tho U ivorninei and Union men are frantically called o tbe sup port of tho President and the defence ( f Iho Coi dilution. Who, we would nek thoBo over BouU, IB nadeavoring to ignore or i bridge th Conat.tuliuu ? Are nint tooths of tho loyal mom bor» of tho lower Houeeof Ooogroee " Rtidioala Are thirty out of thirty cli troe and i ried 1) ni Sonalore Rudicala? la Senntur Willitmo a Itad aal, and tricky J W Noamitb a PatrlitV If a OIUT Ood deliver tho eomitry from BI ab pntrld and give us many nuoh Radioals ^ 'a want i do 'Ring or doublo-daallng, if there ia r n oxp«i of Uniim principles in Oregon who desire Bland npon Andrew Johnson as hla mtiro pl« form, and turn hU back upon tbo omrwholiuin jnajorlty of true men In and out of Oonaresa wb differ with tbo President, lot him epnuk plain terms. It will nut do to fight tbe wlm Union part; over the abouldors of Tin d Stevtm CburloB Snmnor and Wendell Philip Who Wendell Pbilipa, that bin name vboul I bo tiuk to tho notion of a loyal OongrosH ? It* in elinp n private ehisen of MasiaobUBetta, olatortniDli And advooiiting hie own extreme, and, m oar judg ment, oftofl Impractical vlown on raattera of go 1 oratneDt. Again, wd toy it Is n silly 11 well as cowardly dodge to attempt to rouke lay illy odlou by uiBoeintlpg tbe aetlon of Congreai with tb name of one prhato Individoal a tho awny from the ImlU of national I eg til .([on W h«ve iv fear for the Btebllitv of tho U lion pprt; ^uLDin^rBoltlloniindBnnBhine patriot i who bav ·i*cu to pUcea of bonor by loyal votei-ttnay d jart it;. eluVtlatnna Wbo bttvo growo f a . upo* tb ipoiln Of offlofl may de»rt It: tbo Pre.ldent Him ·elf m»y prove recreant to toe high tr nt repue In him by « o^Q^ing u.tlnn; but the 1 Jyal noop whoihix'OfiircoBo lavbhty of their blood an their treiBuro to [ilacotremon beneath (holf fee and porpotuHto free government on earth, wi noyor deaori tbe glorlouB atnndard Bill I net wll thdMoodof polrloU. True Union o)ori nood r tfual iHrring anpoala to make thorn scnaible their duty. Thoy will atnud by the Union port rocardlou of ovorytblDg cieopt truth and rlph No Tloleaao btu boon offered to tbe { onstiLutia by tho loyel RflptcicnUtitcs In Oongieag. on tb oontranr, tbe flame . insidious or.etny lately van f t t o n tbe add, aided by deslgi Ing dema- _ wboiepRltaaltoh f o r p q l f n u d plunder, or endeavoring to a.daoo the Prtiident frim tbe nat of roolitudo and duty. JoRtt BILLINGS Oft AUKIUKANB - Araorlknn lovaoauatieb thing* , they would pr-ferlurpci 'no to ooloao water, If they had tew d ink eltbe So with their ruHih o f h u m u r . they nuit bav on (he balf-iliell tilth enyenao. An Engl.nhm.tti waota hla fun sniot!heh)tl dee in minoo aauee, and be ii willing to iri it till nex day before bo toilos It Ifyntloltlfl or convince an Amorll oil yn ba got tew do It quick. An Amorlitan lura tew l«ff, but he don't luv to tukko a binintiB UT Itf he worts, eat i and ha I g«* the English bate more w t , F a n d th mer^ena more bamor. Wo bavo't bad ilrao, yet, tew bllo d wn oar bu mor and get the wit out or It. · The English nre bttlcr pnoBten, but I honsld panning a aort or llturary nrostitaahu i In wblo futur happyneis IB swopped oph for liemldztur ov tbe moment [ Thnreiz one thing tl bar noticed; tvwybndd that writes oxpocta teW be wizo or wk y--so doc every bodily expect te« be saved when tboy die but tbare IE good renoon ta bolearo thn t tbo goats hereafter will bv in tbe majority, just a E the shoe am here. Don't forglt on« thing, yu bav got t iw he wli before ju kan be witty , and don't furg.t lie tilings, a alngfo pivragrnff bn made ID n men 1m mortal, while a volume bus been wuaa than n pllo driver to* other*--but what would Am irlbana do iflt wains for tbolr eensaahun? Bumthiiig cow, autnthing startling ]i nooeBsary fur us ax a people, and it dott't make r mtch mat ter what It ii~a hugaUefnlttaahuD--*ed oletnt --or Jeraee olams with; pearls In them rill nnawo , _ ..,,._._ . ttqr O ff tnf _ s , llur j nff jp rft CuiVALnr.--IB tbo obivnlry of South Carolina dead 7 Has it been laughed or Inshoi out of -exlatenre7 On tbo contrary, wt trust tha b bu only been purified by tho trlnla through ibtoh it has parsed, nnd that U n nov about to Hurno another and better form Tboio i| no denying that it needed a traniflguratio i of aoim ort With all Ita reul nubility of laibuho aoil lurposo. It bad Ita lodiaroua nnd unworthy side t was bravo, but It was boastful, U WB i gonorouB nderitant littlencBf," and it, tberoforo not aeldt in tripped ver Its ownononnoua aolf ounoo.t. Kc ortbolena, metal of whtablt was once eompOHOi: VTHB gen me, and It ought accordingly to have b ion ratboi 0 in pored than Injured by tho lire into which it wu lately plunged. It thin baa boon It o ounu, ita pluo M «£ element in tho oharaoler of Lhe peopl will be at once humbler and higher then it wua of ore. Parbapu wo have already aeun th i eyldonoe f Bomo Buob change Ip tho patient fortitude wltb hioh tbo InliabttntB of tho State bavd endured beirpmt miafortunoa and In tbo oalm duOancc Ith whlob they look forward lo tbe dlffiouhioa of ho future. Bnt tho results that »« hope for, -loal eapeolally, are yet to be developed We du re to BOO tho people ron 1 bo tbo fuot tlmt they are andlng upon tho throdhuld of a worhl In w b K l i botruost chivalry will bo to go briuoly to work llh hand or lioad Tho knight uf (be nineteenth ury ia be who boUovoa In tho Mobility of labor --Ohirlc*ton South Cnru tnnitt TUB LOUISIAMA Cdltr --'Tho oulo n J ipled hy ho Lugiijlaturo uf Louiamna for the regulation of (.e labor an tbe pluntatlons, Itj inhuman, nnd it ngrnoo to tbe mou wli i oDiutod il ft compels 1 freoilmon to mnko oontrnoln witluct ibo tun iya fi UovcinR tho Qnt of January, and Huah eon nets tuiiBt bo made for tho whole year I h o j ro f i u n a , so fur as tbo frucdtaon are oomerned nro iry opprtaitvo It Ignores (lomploLolJ the frwc an uf tho black m a n , and hems lniu li, with JOB and penalties whmh oxnoted (.xoluiitfcly at ie ju Igmuiit nnd moroy of the cm ploy ar w i l l ll U I tho_culiro oarulngd of the laborer.--tViua W A I LA W A I L * ITEMH -- llio Mutr»u«u of the d mnt furninhes tho fullowm f f items A tfnnR i»f w irkmen left b m o u day or two nee for tho Pen d UreiHo L i k e whore thoy ire i l u r o n g i g . m e n t t o o nupiote tho work on tho . itDor boinrj built for Menem Moody A David n It, 11 derijcnud to h u . o tbo at completed id in r u n n i n g order bofuro tbe cloao of April Some fifty pnM«ngem reached bore luBt evening [m W l l u l i Tho groat majority of them are mid fur Montana and ourno t Walla Wnlln for o purpopo of buying Biilinala am] gonorully nr i Hup outfits 1l, 0 influx of no many atnuiKera ' tnrally cauBoa buHlnua,! to stir nnd gifes trudo I loultb-y appearance j Iho boats of tho 0 S N Company^ mo now ' aking Irl nookly trips to W u l l n l a I · , i ) A'liuciiit states tbat all o Wai and personal property of C C Clay baa ' eon libelled by tbo United States Diatrlpt Atlor j , ut U wag narrow minded j U did not L bat "pride, however disguised inltsow " -··! TIM UN 'Imi i-n ~A orris, t Itint ( f ISnv \ lit V iiv. n n hu nimh tho toirrn! the h on or mint roml I ii^lnolifl, (,Kcrt the fgllinvm, the l u t i i l l of liiti o b N o r v n t l inn I* m u j nn .veil homidLrnlood by tbo N r l t p. oj U hrit iii lant that n j;o'mlnt 1 vul I i t i i n t i i l ft« it IH ft It and retogni i 1 in (ho N n l m u « l « n l i r o l y u i i k n ivn at the *- ith I t i n U t l u r o nrti w tlmut dmibt, w h o sir or I t n u w U d K O t l i o btntlHfi n a i i l t i n f t Ir in t l i u I ' t i T tli LIO Mutcri hut ihu grrnt body f [lio b · urn people at tlio prccoiit t i n i o rp((nr 1 llio tmti authority tin nil umi ping m i l t l i i i ) ( j r n n n v w i l l sutiraoty, I t h i n l i , be di i ird by in y dian oHtod and u n p r e j u d t p i d ol nervor of thu p }; fimlmg a« it u x H t B in Iho S u t h o r n Sttitoi I Hint so gonuriil anil all p e r v a d i n g ' t i tho trod anil h u t rust n t jtrctujiit v x l f t i n x nu ^Diitbornora of all otniML* itfiuiHt m t n oJ N rlh. piirlia ii i r l j n ^ n t N t nil pern nit h r iduoutod in tbe N«w fc-nglnnd RtntcB, thut tbiiuffh nt=l I from th " fhel n»'l tbo (,n.iiral Bccnrlty of lifu mi 1 pr party iit«l!io South, tho d u u e t n e n t In i n t L t t c«i ilnl Is \ o i (.lent, j o t , ilor tlio ciroim fltancCB no Northern man n o u l i ] i i n t i l i o l In fjiviiiu up n poriimnput an 1 j r o f i t i 1 buiinoflri at tho North in (ho hope f (warm lurgei return f i r his money fey i n v outing It ul Suutb \ \ h t n i i r n r Ifao in lint,! tun tB of iho u orn Staloa shnll tmvo roatirad sufflc i o n i l v the g; change thut hue t ikcn pbu o in tlio nuttirt, of tl intitituti nfl and tho character of tlioir Inbo oonfont lo rotcivo tin ,rnittB fr in tho N t i l l » ennrtiay and good will. Intitcnd f fluppl ion tlinliko--whtnoior they shnll be w i l l i n g to aside their fi)»H-h nnd n n w o i t h r Jnali uny jrivo tho ' \ankeo" fair pi 1.3 and osluiul t ! tbo right hnd of followitliip then, not till then will Is or I born in on Northern oapitnl bo justified in Bc«kiu« (laid for Industry and f-ir i m i p l m u i t Ibo South At tlto proHont n i o m o n t no I ir \s \ from bring tbo cnao, t h a t in the interior of cotton Slntea n man 1ml bolter hail from tbo ,Sl Prison than from A a n k u e l a n d Ihroattiaro Tn uttered as to what motliuds will bo row or tot rid then, of all " tibdhtiynlsU " when tlio tnlht shall haio boon withdrawn and I Bla to that nny Noil horn ^ o n l l u i n u n of ' rn Hcul l l m n n t n w b o ha* vonlorcd among tho South pooplo since the o(ncluion uf tho war wjll e llrra, wboii I my t h u t it Is burdly m iru info d i H o r In opintun from tbo prevailing Simlhi,rji i! of the inoapaclty uf Iho negro to dny lhan liel tho wnr Any man who ox poet a to go Soi^tli i bo nhlo to oxproHB his opinion in fin or uf nt sutTraKo, and tho right of the black to pulit X ility with tbo whites, will bo disappoint proaoncfiof Iho United States troops may j toot him in tho largo towne and oltioii, but ilia will bo Imperiled wherever bis aentimonte known and tbo pro toot Ion of tho military is w tl drawn. OniauuL LBTTitn Pttoii BritoK -- Tbo Los golcs(Cal ) .VoKwaaya We have boon shown by ngontloman of tins tbo manuscript «f a lottcr in tho 1 and writmi Englund'a grcut poot. Lord Ilyron It wua t ton in Venfoo, nnd boara dale April 27, 1819. IH addrofsoil to Lboeditir of Uallgnani's Ms**m renuoBltng him to oontradlot n BtBteroont in former IBBUO, wherein Byron was uoounod of I itip written the Ynmpyte, while a roafdont ul Lano. The papor on whioh it IB written end th wafer with tvhloli it was flealod, are of the. qua ll whioh wore used at that period, nnd they bonr tho marks afuDtlquity, Tb_c letter eontalni nsial number of ornsuros and In torl-neallons wt Ii aharacterizoa nearly all of Lard Byron's pplnl Tho foe simile of this toiler EH contained in s editions Hbicb we liaro aeon (if tho autbur'a no: Any ono who has ever soon specimens rtf tbo rography of this erratic hut gifted gouius, will doubt tbo RODulnonons of tbq copy w« Jiivvo bo ua In looking upon It, wo» OBO almoat imot wo aoo tho handtorao author, pen in band, ' Ihe live thunder leaping" aa bo writes Qoi Is Immortal If tho art uf printing IB prosen 6,000 yoarB bonca Lord Byron will be as fresh tbe memory of tbe living ntlio Is at thl Tboee wbu are fond of preserving rare re i should negotiate fur this letter. WHY PFTnotMJuV NAHDY LCPT WABIIIHOI]O! --Yet oz murb ez I lave Washington I WUB foi to leave It I mlto bov stayed there, but the ti IB iho plaha UT that olty and tbo pavements harder and nurse to sleep on than thoso uv other city in tbo United Stalin. I bod lived moatbB by paaeiu mynelf off OK a dimekrntie i gresatoan, but that aood only last a ihort ti there not boio many of that persuaiion boro poraonalo 1 hod gone tho rounds uv the hoi ei often o it wu* Biifo, and one nlto common on tbe eenit. Gain' Into Wlllnrda I colled fi go ur glo, wlob the gentlemanly and urban t hooper not afore mo and I il r «nk. " Put U d( wltb the rest uv mine," ci I, with an imp wove av the band "Yoor namVMecx he Assoomin a Intelleetooal look I Yntarted, "Do you know pharlcs Rumaer?" Hero I overdid it--here vtiultlno; atubltion o leaped herself Had I ed ·^Sftluabury," It u ttaveanaered but to give Sommer'a name fo drink UT gin, won a peace of lunnoy for whlcl ean't accuunt. I wu i K nominlounly kicked 1 tho street Drinks, obtained t tbo expenao bein kicked, is eboan, but I don't want em them terms--my prido rerolted, and so I e grated. Bryan W. Prootur, butler known M "IJa Curnwall," la preparing a.llfd lif "Ella. 1 Proctor in now over seventy-eight yean! oh,, _ ing been born In 1787. Ho WHS a aobooluiate Lord Byron and Sir Robert Peel, at Harrow UNION COUNTY OOlWSTfON. All ppraoni) who hate boon aud arelnfivoror n InttiB tho ·iipronmcy of the Oun.itUutlun anrl Mw i' ID Unlttj.1 atttton, and the tatogiity of tltoDujon of -^ lta1 ^ r «l'» 1 »'"l *o ""tot In tho BcTcrnl ifreclnct . ohooM DalvKatus lo a Dnlon-Cuniit; UonTcutlun for M i) ilomuU Ouuni. tp bo held on Satiirdnr, Ilia 24th March, A p JHOC, at tl,o hour of 10 o'clock, A _ tlifl Court Ilouse In said County, tu nqmlnnto Dalnii to tlio StntoC invention, Cnmtldiatei for tho Loglalnt trad County Oli^n for sftlit County, auJ to tranmict * it other bujilnw. u may he pro|»orly Lr^ugUl b«if n It IB rtMpcctruIly rccommmiilod that tho iiietttngn IM kdd at tbo plnct4 uf v jveral p * Oil nreclnct on "Tuowluy, tho !»tn" day "of"(u«l-ch" I o clock, )' H Tli* Committee lime adopted thtttoels ofrcprc* linn ndopteil hy tlio Btft(« Oontlnl Oommltteo, via "uiKlonmu vot« of June, A D , IfiU .Tho iovoral vrocluotn uro entftM to lh? f illuwttiKi bcr of DHcaiUM to tho C.ninty Convention NorthV: and, U i H.nilh Portland,^, VHII-imelK., 2 1'owu Valley, 2i fnnd, 2 t K«wt PorUund, flj at JobuV , Mnltiioiitaih, a TH08 FHAZAIt, ' D«uglaa Oonuty Convention. Tho Union voters In the noviTnl proolnctii in the con I lluujilna, Oregon are rnqneated lo inont on 8»tur I, March UHIi. l»»ll for llio l iirpoio of cli wlim Dulmni o Mtlfind tba Dnton Oinntr Umvonttmi to IIP liild "·"·* " " the Hilt ..f March iioxt, (u uloct Dolngft T March IK xt^ for thti iiomlnaHoi "of Stutt olUcf nt ° And f irlliar, llmtn,.l f DuUpl-jH ro nanunliU in O.iun iiivpntlonnl Itutinbuif, ou Butnnlny, MnyAth, JHO«. unilaatoc'iuniy unicorn TIIOS TniNflSTO^, J (IIIKPN, ' Union Co Corn Clnokautna County Union Con.v«utl« Union (.t*r« «.f Claoknmiw {'unity. (Won \ jt-cij nnd an In far .r i final.ilul rl i, ltt thuliwprMii. f flu? Union tho 0 inHtltullon itnd tin Law«uf tlio U«|l ' uUauUiUuriliill DjipoMltlon nronquMti. Itt.liuiot In v t m l PiKinrlti lull...** U-ili K atra t» » Uiilwi CU.IL. . invLiitinn fin ClnckiuiiLnCiiiTttj to buliulil ut tl uCuu -I oilio In Ortg n City on bATU»DA\ , Til!,, 17TII I)/ -' MAKCII.18IM a t l l u ' d a k A H , Ui u ^ilu.Ki I), i tun I nStnlt (, iiiruiti in funiliUiil.n t ir Lp«mliHn ul C oiinl^ Ol!lc ra f u unlil O lmi nnl tnniiiiii I nu iaj praporlv bn bninght lit foro rl« Uu In i-Mtptctftilh tt-c nun meoiliiu.UKeliUttliu ['rwliict i n T h n n t d n y , 11 cl ick I' M Hi^ernl 1 iticliirt* ni. u r.,1 Pr Tin wtnal 1 i«« tntllkd loth, foil,,, riM.fiiiti.rj ( iiion ih ^| l Inn City I, I'liuiHiiK Illll, J, tlnl.,1 II, T o W i r M lallti lino, 3, U}ILU M ilailn. a Ii , », Z\ »|riug U itcr. 1\ Iwauklo, l j OiugoiiCitj ch 4) J l u r Y « » K H 2 . Hock Cr.Lk, ; Hy 11 \V U HIIOK, 0 W I l l t V A N T A U I - L MAl-KlOV, A M A I K J U A M m Conntv Otiiiiiulttua Washington Connij Union Couientloj T o l t i o U i i ) ii Vfitirn uf Uii«lilii|(l n dninty i ion u n \ l l t i l lu i n i u t iit tliu iHiinl ] Imui.r \ittliiK itl.m )n l, l U l i , mi.K t)ll , tj n K u t u n i t y , tl IU l i j ol Mmdi 1HIK1 · · ' - - i tu W ilcli i i! t L i n tl* iillllt · 1 Id lit HUM. no . u s u u J tlio I 7 I I . ilii uf Munli IKiMt t, n j i,olti' ,,., H intuit lln, Union (1 irty of Wwlilnirt ti touiilv In Ll nil C iiivonlk.n llxtri, i i n l nlcctlonj rttlii tmim oiilllk 11 . tin fill » k njiroHiiiilrtliim In m i l l C nutj- C o i n u l l n D t h cuk priLliat, 1| Iriitrinlllu J M » ) nl . 1 F.,r wo fl [ Ilino, 6 i South rimliilin, 5 j I d n o i Dun tocim Cr«.k 4 , Hlllslioro. 7. WILLIAM V HAIIF Clmlriiian f Iho \\ i.«hhi«lon U i i i i l j CummUloo TVotice 8 H P 1 I T T H O I I K N THAT VHAMC IIOIlNSritO' liundi B| ,oMNl ,.f li|r Imnr'-Mi lu thu ilmylnc ilnn of F ~.MlM*ntUU * C t.»Mr JA8 I I u l M A N UAlTnn'l'K *" ""' '" TenT " '" C '" ' 4 * fl °" br J AB " II01 A l l ( l e b l i i d u » l l i D l a t o linn ( mint Iw |infd to V 110UNSTUU] EXPRESS AND FAST FREIGHT LINE L I N K IH N V I N ( O l I I J l - r K 11 I Ulo( lij ilu U .nnd VtluiiMp I .id Into p luta nltli c Tho Lino ii Stock tho country i ttfords and Now oroogh Braco C6NCORD \V A O O M Hnfxty In the t il fft-rl li Iiliiki for i-lii .plug UtixlH Tto ' ' Uc- nn K ' L i ' i [(lull i i t j c t t t u thn iiriiiil ill Invii L u t |i Flint (JowlN *hl]i| LC! from Si Ion 1 Clmrgeri ni!l bn JMI ninl (lotxli f iwuiilid to diwtl omD8 siioui i) ni A CO F F I INK, And Anctite at lurtland and ADVANCE CKARQE8 1 fl CAKH RI011AUUS JOH1 I'll TKAL 1'Ott KI L t CO J 11 WII K I N S O V II M DuKbl I.AUO II M DuKri.I, ACO MAJOR 81'1'BH DuIlELl A MOOItK nctllMfiti. d with tbo Dont T i Bun ui|.,idi. I* K t l l i ill tl n On Ron Hi run i N l hy tl i« lino will M A K K h D -DARK B M D tjlilgiiilug Kecrliilu unlit Lo oni iimlilla OR TRAHSPQHTftTIQH PAID nt Doxtlnatlon (lixiUi will bi ) Owyhcit nnil Soulli llolso FI) Al GjlKAILY Kl-DUCED i-.lK'l wltl. Siipprl _. . II Ml ilk- Tlwr »(th »n»c. [ nn on t) c in nt 1 Ibi ml foniiH \\ e Inv over cuul ltd ul u t i ; n 1 nn t 0 iivnii nt H l i t i n u Iti Hi t b t 1 iirfVoil *f icgtiliir rtwt K K N Sun Fnitirliico r»rtlnnI Uiillvn Unitlllln Lo (Imn 1 HoWLIty Irlulio City Jliir(8mlliHil«8.} nntl Silver Cltlwi B. II. DnRBLl, .ft, CO , WHEELS. WATER POWEE PLEDGED TO mu Best Overshot Wheel in Exiatenge, American Doubh Turbine Water Wheel [ SNOW UANtlFAOTI MorkN, In the ctty iiiio cnn ln lillotl Imiiut OKU BY THB 01LLQON IEQN r Piirtliunl, uul onion for lately We tmvf a timiill urn attr. Tfaftt wo miiy Jrno * tho proper sltwl wheel you io- Anulro, inmitiiin) ymr wn tnrln thu tulloifiiig waj",, Tako iho width of NIC »troiioi, th»avoruae depth, dntl tho ills n tiilrtul . 1 il «atlnfeclli tunco It lii All the wheels now lu . Both til? CCtintnictltHi of tlir c.immonJ U to thti Iwtte of A|ipn*clntlii({ tlio anatruotlun Tliarplbfa Init oppoiiltloti Tlili wl.r-l In ranoclnll] la light, UDi[c..ii la uasll 10 to 40 lior»o |nwor, un - ' * ' km thv arranjt«l tu lo produce ll thouatcr uted The- prices of thoio wt rats ol nil mind nit daveti jimciit tif lillrli lillrnl it baa coir mbntoil ta om 1 JO toUOOf mining jmtpomx) nto 11i« molintjtln krnheml o wit tip I greatest nuwa, as tlierarm povrcr poaalbk from L. emMrs, r or Plrc-PrUof Daot», KK BhtiU«i:i, Bnnk V»ulU, 1 RATING*. CfiUKT JiY 11.11 UNO, JJ.1LCON1EB. "" *-1, Oregon unet, tietn«cn ftvnt nnd Dnvlr., Wtuh- ,.^ Terfttory or noy pini t Mr BlMfla H|I . l 'cl.vt(« Iniorlor, 0« ,,., frlanda, and truata ha mr |r conlluiui i tbal bj feel! conOilant Ib it bla nut i lar calling li anrpaianl b none on aiinorbr work, aunt to aj mnat CYer Vlolorla and 8 nn»lcli la *"' b ""'"" t '" Ala«-- A »ftr Uraallol tf a«s,nj rlona dlmrniloiia, all for i ». B.-Mr K.M. nt oontrautn for Iron Work |n my FOUNDRY AN , thuJPHcii trb :lio put ID ml pali-uup* of hli turn rcirllM InroPnmti^a aratniKen, lit wonlil , ifcnco ID hla lurlloU. lhl» coaal, olilch bla town in California, anda, and to bo Ma 8m Stancl«», ftillj lanrf Sbntton, of Ta- K, of , ' - S . «D»HTZ Mill MadihiDrr, HIM ana a. Mill UacWnarj, "/°y?"' '«»la'lo« ' l«elll»»^ I JSlVmS a MOW. S ^^^·«^"i a r^,-A^^"^ t : £?^JUS£SFS5k t ttlilpa rtnd Stenitiera All klndn of HKPAini 0 prompt r danc. Tho IVojirlcloTM we ro U B*|erle icad M-jcbmilct, and nil work will wcelvo tliHi poreon*! K tuition and will bo done In A woi knuuillka DI lotmr and japon thu moat rea- aoiiilblo toniiB 1 d-wZdif C E L E B R A T E ] MAGIC OIL! King 'f Pain! nn J K MOB W »or aaU bj all lha Pr woat. COS. _ , . WLolo»!o, Bol ill nclp.l Dn ixlata on tba ratltb ^ S. LADD iCO . Salom, nd Foi «ntJli, K Agmta for^Pr J M. RICK ARCHITECTIIRALi NOTICE ! orFiina TO TOM ptmio T int ijNniiusm.NKi hla aarTicnn tOKotliu) In MKCIlASlr DKAWINQ nolaciJuali \vltli Itla liing and iimnliCHl ox AKI)TAllCllftEOTUBA, .rt Arehllooliirnl vr «tlca ToRolhor. »l Ifhn. nf tho miMt bon I r n n l l t In tlio Unlloil Ixiro I ta mrnhh IManx an PRIVATE OR P oconllnx to till. Inln.t , «j »t III, DmTM, N.. ullJIns i i i y l l t f N II HnvlnR .lovotwl Mkotolilns anil trimill,, ultMBtulpMniid Ontltdn tl»riotliiiliinlUiitinitl r of Hi* jlrttonil mi 1 piott rtii pnbliatiu.] lu Knn ira u:'l tho Cliolrwit f-ollt^tlons 4 tlful nnilloltMomt« iimnBlotu tntim or OiUinJn, It now nro lpcjginMitlbn» fttr IBLIO IlUII^DINGS, .timimt titifl most apprnrt4 1T Front, Now Ilrlck TN() NKSTOK --- jy linn-w«l atlmt. ,_ tlinn H h inll [mrtloiin of tho 1 ciiiHufilyKuarantcow.! t h d r w o r k f o m o J N T nV A H I ^ K H K U A I D irrrnt of JA VIN J VltUMIT whoMnipCHlfrt m ah Count; on the nllwtu MtUf-ir thon-rnt .f J 1 HK1IIT t t o hlhir. 1 Di-aouirnoN--j J i 'ON n l i t t U l KtlHI'Vrlllllillllc '(Hit 1T5 HH nmiitl # mlu «,mi, O f m l iit,{h ul K "o. ullni KILO k . H A I D U F A V A R D S I 1 nil If you Play 1 le Piano Duii't Utli to ttnrc IK-OJI) iirfr* InrflmaiVqlfil tin, tiortl*' 1'opulnr ^itDprt, 1 f IVrvrli/'I.'.y-rllr.l. i.linciit-i "Operatic * Out or Ml I'rlLC nf ! K n l l R n i «1 "0 ll_y , Ire | OLIVER 1) I 277 i tli. by Sluufc Dunlor no L VPIIOM IT M A Y ( I OOIII1N b ,, I aaar if rnra or In en nllltotlii (Inil d iirlly to IK I for nut I t« Hun Franchco Jntiiiarj J BootfS and Tl' 81*1118; A UHaJH B1XXK 0a and ITaaMnaton cuaal, attoadn) la a mcrU It lu tbe ru PortlatJ, will mak. SHOP! PORTLAND, A OO., . QUARTZ \UI T. BK PAID VQn TUB IJlfHH nnd UKLHU1K W .. tbj County JRH of Mult no. ITI o f b n n j H T tlm 4lh I n K t t DUH1I titnlilftOfur UK01U1R o t h f a O m t i t y unli IH til, ut 21 jorti-rt nf i B n, liiiiR pnnkftJ fiico, lnrl* I nrcl «lf,lil IniJU dii.Vl.i"wi'i"l\lr, -ryi( ir^ili.l.t »Lii ut ISO llin, l IN (lOU)ODIN 1ACOII s r i T / r l ^ rift of WiilinunaliOountr n 6 18IM1 *f tbt "Home Circle.'' PI 2 vnln Tl.i. ·· Silver nllaU A,-. Tin. '·Shower ·»l DiifilH Irltli, p| An i Airaiu P«*»rl«,'" Ucmii from OIIP ·u-li. Cloth J,] DO plain f j nil (tmlmtil, on nvcfnt of ~ 8 . ) X A C U PaMlMhen r ft(i]Ufi H t n Mi rot, I) nton of I'orllnnll rim No tice J I)\OI'.KN MR KmiAHD 1,,,,, I ,,,,,, t rillior u I " r l a i K U l j ond Inn not v inbuilt nn I liln au. wny eianoii n and lioni thnt PIlANBISa IIU11KB Id, 18(10 I fol2Rdlm lii oes, H.W.OORB8TT. "CONSTITUTION' WATER," TIIH OM V ni.MLlA FOR t)I8KA8K8 09 THE B L A D D E R , K I D,N E Y S rpaiiiH AsToMsniNo BuruiRs wnron IIAI ji t ti t thlt. liiTiiliiull nt illjini r lulornit til. i iluul.l. nut liu I lui 111 II ml 111 I HAL 111 l : It mmwionH in the Uafl.lJloil nn.l In fiiit llMlfudHm^iUlrl|Marind f llio'i ni.imoiilriiruuf tlia uml«jUuai T I A B l i - H IMI'OTPiVCY, j U)t (ft MUKCtJI.AK KNKpCJY, i'U\SICA1, I'KOHTKAT^ON, BKM1NAI WKAJKNl'SS, ULttT, ILUUlt Al BUS, nn ,iuj coniKtitcd U tli tliodliiord inurry ircoiinclmm ol niiy uoi.)(liiui, i lloulil tttko tha CONSTITUTION WATER, iiuturo.or Ira (durgnrt)intio MEDICAL WO,NIEI K tnimhlliig victim nrdoji Irni HI,.).! hi- min 1 ttlilcli wrw [ r'otlmiHl iuiik li ifati alntoHt lill lit u j n t h y , bcdttixai littLlit nml mil In din'M f i r t t i r i K i i i i r i l i ^ l cgimciiiis j f n u w vigoi riiumtilirli i r ntlioillit CONbTl^UTIOI lt«oir etud ro itunu It tu ita ti i innl L»nlttln.i mitlTATION OP THh NKCK*OFTH BLADDER, I N F L A M M A T I O N OF T 1 I K KIIHV. TB, AND UAlAlillll O IHJ'' ItLAl UBK, BTHANaUAKIi A N p n U K I JMJ OK VAlb.I'UL UIUNATIVQ. 0\1XJI)LUH, UlLAV: pniOU DUHTDEl'O iT, " OR UtUvY DlSCllA!tai3 AJ PC r thnic diiMvuiui It In truly a iuTcrolf n rcmwly - H j m t i r h o n i n t 1 onnld In IU pm|«g A It /In dowoji [T In ttion? LIUM im 1 you will ovilr » lVLC.ra.lo0 ox- troyoii t run bin! with that dlwtrrtmln,,; 11 of tlu tuick ami UiruiiKt. yonr lilmr t W ATICU will rulk v« you 11 lio in vgtr 4 Dn W H OKKCIG MORCIAN fjAlLK: HOSTKTTliR, BM1TH A Agent* far tli D PI 401 And 404 Rattcry at , cornijr Clay, SOLD BIT HODOK A CAI.E1'. E11ITH * DAV1B, IV WBATIIEIIFOIID, And a .BAN, clflc Ouwt, San Fnuouoo tl, JulT CONSTITUTION L I F E S Y M U P COMPOSED^ OB IODIDE FOTASJSIUIM With tho Coinnonna Conctnt^ttvl FI I.nnrc«ort AiiKonturo Ilwt, Afc-ttp* KtHi CaiRor Hoot, Fov«r Jloot, Canker Vftift Pbuit, nra«l Plant, Ufo Ht-ot, Ll^rwcrt 'Nerrln* lloo Pleurisy Hoot, ftiwutfl-u Moot, Scurry Or M Itoal, flcro nln Hunt, ttnttlomnke Hoot, 8Hmw l o u t , M n B-uot Iturk, Wlnlornroon, tlio i,holetcl^ntiflCM] y l ror.-ua ] d,u] cantnlnli(c the full Tlrtuo of nil tub lngrc font* nnltrdt - 'nip, that p w u, poBltiTo »nd rncelflc rameilv fl}r nil Un R from tin IMmlllB BTATK OK THE ftll(lioroiHl«ry)"li8tABKB trannbiltted TO CHILD. d HAM* ortglnfc 1LOOD, Wid fo torn VAKEN Demlplogla, Parral^ Piu«iitt«l^ Pu»ljil* t AglUtu Indigestion, Liver Complaint, Gbiuttpttilon Homnch, UlUoninaM, UantofAipBUto, ' Ireath. ·· Scrofhld _ StroMM, OUndaUr, 8w*lllng.\ I I«r»tl.|n t Klnc'* Bvl BhemnatU ^(Artlirill.) Neuralgia, Oott, : .uml.Jrj, 8H-«9, I Nerrooi Debility, OonfVufan ol Thoni Lou of Power, flhntt«i«d NervM.Bt Vfti , Twlli.g of IVoorfD «J Cuuiptrxlon, AchM In Uoue*,| OBMttlvUn Ufo Bymppurgwi mil tbo ovlt «BT«tB of M«rcurr» mm ·ad caring tbfl^ nab JolnUatidU urCatoiiielf« Mi, Rot Ing o ,| Urpn* ndSpi L M flra ly M Oofutxtation iWI i Syi 19 Endloatea, luotwidbnoch, all Erupt the 8klii, llbo mcftn, Pimplw, JBlo* m-o thu ontWetrd npnearaneo i, nod oRan roaklug thenl thonuolTc* and thour IViDuds. Con.Utntion l^lje S, OUREH ALL 6WKLHNQ 01 of tha F.c*. Nock, oPVrau.1* l 49- A« K K°u*r*l Blood-Purif Jnf A [rat. Hymp BUndn CoMtitntion 1.11 s Syi np Iitlie Poor *ton l s Wend mndthfl 1 Rich Au'e If) Buy It, ink* it. and bo com], T - effecta TSolul Ul.ratorj Krwkljm. L X PHIOH-«tperlk.Hlo, SU : *»· Soot by KXUI^M to i " Rot pn oiy vlnu iy. «n ««ntlr»ly of Bwl Srentb oumat o Palm wbfc It ardni* 8 t«Uki ^^ . tfe Lift nriralled ly any prj puatk i In the korid !»li-it£ «kL In 7 I tprioto Bc.ttoaf.jr 5 5 ijutrtio/ibf oouotqr ' SMltH A DAVIS W. WKA.TII»CI» Jnntr j Portia id, PIONEER IRON'WORKS, IRpN DOORS AND .SHUJTTERS yl.). OAST IKON PILAbTE^S, (orth B ||««t PRISON 'CELLS ,1 IRON STAIR B A] DFBNOIKO Corner llattery orfd Jack AQRNT8 FOIL OUEOOK-- J JnldamJp !{ c. w. cobu. ; of Bw - hlcb to kondi m«l« ahd ft. OF 1 UK 01 A KM, i«Hb« M. D., , Hew York. Offlo«--in OHrter** B^Mldtlg t FRONT ST1USKT, P0.j.11*ri: npHOBE M110 DKSmB FntBT CLASS WORK dono ftr«pr.rlia. lurly requmited ti g(Te him » rail j AllOpaniliPits^ AltUAMBDHrtTTO kh EXOBLLKD l.y any Oppmtor on Iho Piiolflo Ooaj|t All Worit will be dono at NEW *ORK t IUCES I hart) proournd iho wrTlce* of A 0 rilU'MPfl, D D 8 , \¥li l .«rudu»i u dnt the Dentil Col' P ' Union Market, I MANN, IlILI, ft, CO., Prppflctor.. T ONjIANltJ^a-r..! · W ILL ALWAYS KRI'. ,,,, lli« Itoxt of Mi-AJT OF lAKrKTIkS uud othiv «rtlcl«li I n o W I I O L K S A L K A N D KK1AIL. TTxiioxi. South WMtOornui ooui.try klTordK an 1 will dollrur tli ill part* of Ih* city O- KiMrior limit (HinHtaatly on hi 'i.rtUntl Manih Utli 181S6 TT - r -r- [AM'Jfc-rtra " isMq C-llL. »t, uul S«4 onil 8ta Jtcd, · good ip , pitho lo piircnaaora Empire Marhet. tcr AVa«Uli Oorilnr AVa«Ulik.rtrin nnd 'o.ll, Conch'. A,I,title ON I I A N U a l l till *ari _ HI tail ANI1 bat the nmrkcl uffAt.ti. f u r e a l n a Mnrknln at \Mio),wiili or 1UU11 (Jnlillf) olth.r THE EYES I THE EY] IS 11 D R. H. DIGBL.OW, -- ' nr«ex|iiotto dtf »ta., nod 3*. UTe ' OCCULIBTatnd AUI11HT, ly uHieuitKl with lr 1'nr at fimn Francino,) bu , ed\n cimccntNo fid Krotit treat corner of WuhliiKton, unite tho 1'Iontnr llnlnt ,, HIP tronlmcjit an! cum of 11 tha T U .ot» dhMies of th. · nil K«r. . All opurntlona o Ful and KleutlU* o i tho Ey« porformi «1 ID tl aanir vre-i .n.^rtod wlthnnt i ioftbore)h.By The Remedy for CmrlUB C O N S U M P T I O N , COUGHS, COLDS fncttoi HUMl-TJIOK tl.ulWI w NFCKB8IT' TION,»bci (f only^ik of tho Throat, Drone hi Us, Pain d Opprcsflion of tho Chwt an j, Difficult Breathing and a th J Diflaaso§ of tha Pulmonary BUM. JJ, 18 PXIUrrOttANT, ALTKIUTJVK 1C 8hUATlVE.l;JAP110HbTICAND» i ronlcri U o n u o f UK n.oat voJunliluroni curing ctlri MM of tlio UniR! Itpxclt m i l Miu^ri tl o IIIHK-I to throw off t! IKI r i l A M J t - S 111K 8VCRFTION8 AP. I!K B1OOD) liealu tii( In Itufwl jmrtii) g1v K (llK'«tl»o nrtc*ni{ brin^i tin liver to 1 anil iinii]Ifl.Uaiijlh t the wh »lo R}nt«ni mn-dluU ixnJ · ithfuctory ofTot,!, It nt U ) 1 U I I H K A K Ul III? MOST WSTREfiS IN A Vr\V HOUllS T t M K , If not of t II IB W AKKAMJ D 1 i tl.a MOST COM'IUBIED CABKfl Of CON IT 18 WAKUANTI'D NOT to prodi JTO UK 1'EIirfcCTLY HAHMLKBS to tl child altlirrtiKh U · nn nolfvc itnd powi rft K)H»K tlu Hjxtum TIELKK IB NO HhA P O H 8 0 M A N V DEATHS BY COXSUMJ ALLEN'S LUNG 11AL8AM »I11 prov«nt I In llmo DniggUU. Prlc«l por bottle 8311 Til *. DAVIB. PORTLAND, OfUfOON, Oe«ral AKonto TO niawj n 61 u to mij In card pabllc p ^tW uf tuorti dflj the «yc the rui olwntt or by onllfli rflbetln Unndn i D^U; riljtolfB afllie E in DOC: OR w^rlan iiWt^TeV,t7bTnn ? Ama .Jrt? eff^f tnnanent tare, or make no charge, adlfwcr nJayooCUKBD AT BO**, k - _. ~ latter to Doctor Gibbon, atatlngcan, i li ngih of time the dleeaae baa continued, and n » pi omptlT fDrwardad, tree from ''-·van " " «n«l* Stea * B B Mai nnti tg Im UD the fal thote f net eluded JcBorib tA i m«b o nn 1 Blooke In fur itttntln t ho full f« Court h . tb B v klultno ipi,!nnt Sfttn bo follow!! 1HE UNFORTUNATE MKDIES, MEW KEMKDIKS MWl ,,,-«, : Hltln inriuw (ol, g)»n(1 Utcoratod ' istcd IIOTflbI« D bim»ttntb of )wr .... _,. B who we tuiTorlng oat a _,_ , offectabf»ocn't)o0iijgoiic«, or from th0*VHt()in, Look atihelr pallftj, en - ' *ici»auil thulrliroton-ttowncoa . ..lliotn for ibo Ijappliicss of nuirr]«Ke out at llfo. In tbl« horrid »|p-"«n tbou -' loatbcluKH the ircno. Ut pwanU , alUtud tothatoivhoiirniUaTeriiixwIt horrible Hftwloitnijfag nialodl^ n» tha. tlforaiidturoctbofiiraUlM toolnt«. Sm Intuly to Doctor Qlliljon, ajihj*icMu wliobn ·"-"(ruu lilaMipi.'cIuliitudy tor^oAm, and wh tlia niiMt* casw without tn«r njurloui Jmgs. it 0 ImporUi.l to lh«M wl, or to fbofo *bo ara Interojled In th Jr/U«jrn]», tu Ii0tar«f-jl of tho 0111117 pre i wjio infrtt all citloi, pabllshiDic llwlr tkl ro In bloal 'orttnn n f r o n ounty * 18661, ell so i iuo! bovo 6 tooa gold iroml or. Portli Adu li WTOTDR J| m i * of mty Btnl D Ifi m doci af« - Inwfiij! mo cl hdn. Iisti . Gibbon's Lifipensary, K A R N H Y BTJ1KIT, -AU COMMKllCrAL, In n IW dwrn, Imponios upon tb g thn nuiM or Btnliifnt pltyildtn* from hw place* Be tlicrofaecAiftfol uMi I * or you nifty fell into tbo buds of 1 BomlnM Wc.Ocnc.ii. i, tbccoiwo.iD(Jiic*of«*»bn« « j o t - . w , i 1 m « - t . 1 tb unwrJug caruinty, thn iptotai, UDleMvcnniijattmlb i In the lirad, rtngiuK In tho M n, noUe Ilk riMTc-.Qndratlllnporol.Mioi., nntmalnw ·, woskRCMof tballiulf*-, contnMd Tlcloi^ net. Iota of confidence, diffldenco lu ft] *iicvn,.i«toirninoir«c))nat to tinn aMduty. IOM of memory !H and Tartan* cnititimu about t fotcxt breath, . c e U Mpply immwiutoly, dtbcr In IMTKOB viiacare^ecltiftbyhli MwradM , »-..---IK HI»U"D^», wHiyn mftv WHO ck fftttt rftdlcat corii^ Dr^O -wilt gl** Oa B»tt«r ttkaji Our*. rt Dti«\ ts nnd V**gt"r*y f Mnt by i - ildren. UK. J, F. QIBDQN, OU Kohrno St., DeJf Cor morel*., Ban Fnoclsco, Pottufflco Dot 252 WM.. HEALY, o | i» JP JE R, SMITH: nlM at,Dis(ilIerjaBil Brewery WORK DONE WITH PHOMPTIIE6SI an. 13. 1 Sheriff's Sale. of ab exeoutlua tit me directed, la of die Circuit Court fur tbo county fa\or of Jonatban B, Thorn*] Icy. I h a \ o timila; loviw wing dceorlb»tl cetato, to-wtt : 4) ns or niece* of land tying atiu to an tbo aouthern Hue of tuo follrtwinj kB In tbo City or Portlnnd, MuUno- . oa por the plat fboreof, to-felt 04. 196, and block No. 214 nbd the of tbe patout iisuott to Etci.ben Cof ion of tlio Por M and Laud Claim, oon ripof lanilraiming north and eout! of said block. *nd will o±p«»o the at nubllo nuoUoD, In lYont of the oor, In Muttnuuah oouttty, ID Than . day of March, A. P. 18W, at tba atoolc A. u., to entisfy tho nbore oio »t». iTACOB STITZEL, honff Multnunab County, Orcjron. Fob 28. 18(18. " Sheriff's Sale. of an oxoputtoQ to mo i Usu jf th* Circuit Court for tbo county ,.. in fixvor of Johu T Smith AOOJ lei Fnrtmm, t bavu thin Iny levied or described txal wit Lot (2] 24, and lots 1, 2, 't, 4, , fl t 7 and 8. i Couch's noMftlon tu tl)o oity ol will oxpi'so tbo sntne at pulillo «a)«, _o court hoUio door, in Multnomah luradny thu 28lb day nC M u r t u y / . ^o bour of 10 o'cloori A, 11 , nnd will if saiil real eatnto an will ftfttisfy the .on, amounting to 109 dolltirs ia U. nnd In ton at from tbo 13h day oj (J4, tORpflior ntlh coale, A.C. JACOB 8TITZEL, Sheriff of Muttnouinb Co . Oregon. I'obrunry 28, 1S06 rfctor'B Hale of Hciml It·*·*»- mv:iuD\ GIVEN, THAT IN of Oregon, n»ul«at thoF^bnuu-T Term ho matter of ttio Mtnto of Robt rl Thomii- [ ariiiUl PI-XUM! to nil toUiohl.rliwiblilfl.M- y of tl... Unltwt aiiUM. at the Com thouw. Irtnu, In Kold cjuiily, on Moniliy, . . ..h IMrO, ut 2 n cldcL r M of *Ald ht,lltl»nndlhloi-ntt)fral,li«tat« In unit n p i i M o u r p u i t r t of tumi ultunitvl in tho In imlcl uiuniy more jmrtlculoily Knowi I'luih two hniKlM and .Ixty (2(30) nc i|» o n ) pint* ,f wild rlty hak) li.iul nt tiiiioofialo \,II.I,)AM ORFK, AiluilnlntrmUir of * ill wlute ution of Capartnerahip. NKltailJI' HUti-TOFORK KMSTiW !.«ltw) ( y miituiloonMriit All i.(wont» H«.«rri SClltiaUIM it aOHBUKER w|i i IM of utli) Dim OHA8 Hi 1IRAMM, JUIIN SOlItCUBKIt, JOHN II. KIltQORR UJ»J)|1Y ^CHOOL A2T.D GIFT BOOKS. IOAN TRACT BOCIKTY ANJ .. «., .V 1 " fl * ho ° I Boc ' "*y For M |« at A SlilniUfr'a, Flrol strait, u«ar Ald«r. ,,,, O H ATKINSON, .0.1 TnMum Orroon Tract flocloty fl SIUN1LKH, DnpCMllary. nitig 1 Tools, STOCK CONSTANTLY ON IIJ.MD. For ul« bv II W.CORBBTT nEQS TO INFOItH HlB PA' n«y ntreel, San Frunclaco. CONFIDENTIAL T . uilMrpI, , II. ] 0/HeCil XHatyta, Ltcfjtlta OURKa 8ECIIET DI8BAHK8 w ? lt MritOU.(.y f II* aim* trcati , UHt.S m.Kfl, SK111N At. \VilAK.,- HIHFAHHh, and (hoio who «un*er frota IJII.ITV. or tho LOST row ma or vtf well t.»-(mnuU him. Hi*PIl*LOMj.fii^MU Uoune anrt Offlcw $ ltt«riritrn(Jr.c«inint«intorn «««*,. j rf full Mtat»vrnt of 1h« CMC, *tatlnj; tyrant ( nf llf«, occunHttvu and »ny »t4j*r fiifc, tofiiildo him in fn»lnjtactrrfetjaj,tl i US-All Oonimuuloatloiu to f - -"" GROCERIES AND PROV w *»a oa* »-"a T «l« of all the Tnrtooa bnuadav * - *·' Alto, LOS AMOHLira WJlMiB In any p«rt ofOlv^on or W*hegtoa ORANOK TKft, for tho Mr. Tf C ITALIAN I'IDI,UNO 8THVP. ._ klnifa Of alckneu In Ibc world. TUal KJwuuattaii In TWEKTy-TODBBO rollow« llie dlrectlOM tb« abort on haud at v TIIK ui hanou of F |,!lNK LIVERPOOL SALT in 60 J 17 celrcd FIKE.?ALTtuN«w Kov lt»,l«»-tf Nw loflltdffii., Botwwn A1I«r «.nl MorrUon /,il N. W. SPAULDI S»w^mi*].«nffJkHflK i 'iuf Ho. 113 Pinasiraet. Utwecn ) and Battery, BAN MUNC76CO, K. W fl PA OLD I NO'S FATKNT W»*»i SKllTEDINCntCDLAKpAVra HKI'Alltltsa, io all Itv WneliML i tte-ToolMnji, Stnlditfiilnir. Ac OIIKTULAlt 8AM 8 of nfi'rikM t stUo. On MnUy, U.nK, Buck. Butclim-and Hand-Saw togMlier with a guod awortmrnt gf Saw Art it nutrttet ratof Out-Stntl ftc«d PLANKE KN1TE8 tut 5 ' - - - aUiorlsfld Ar«nu for Oraoou, Waibl OrA«w aunt tUrough lEin by teU^^, "fSSfiStSSf^-" ·'*'·-' DE. 3, . FRBKCH MEDICAt C B R E OF IPtflUl ABMOBT tUU. »Blr / »i Kortbaaut C»r»«r M»m'l jQK.PKKHA.iJI.TODk fliiT PIUVATK 4ND CB,C*i iiiREa or THE BLOO«M ATOUIUKEA, IMPOTBIiCt, BI» PK PEUltAVLT la . Ondnaeof« TM" · "'S« ""1 l« , orj an Injnrkiu. kaUto, coninicM In y --if maturity, wulca liroilucecoiiatltBUoaaleT mature decline. It la a me»w|m| r tut teat thm-- *. I dl«taaeo«liigte ui,.klllr o l trealmtat a ·* 01 jirrcury ., A K,"K* ofOooorrlioai, Olttt, Jtrt the rjMaer, Orarrf, SiwrmatoiTao!a.» oe cund u . few U n wltnout p T» the Lmdla aoOcrln g (ron, » , , i w . a acb., IVJpltaltur,, aul .11 «l W "lT · will u, dv«, *li«l,or email, or not 3 wo nndor treatment warranted, tio rt, ^ Aorr' «-ortiankaa«llelix»iolnjar» otir,, r loloni. K04-al4)Inwr I I I Ttt. Imnoallptloo, rl.lm »ol to know «- -^ Urt eTpryboiij, l, u i 40 etalni la i »ai», and tocor. alabt o»c ali m M " VTflpartlctllaily rMiunrt Ihoae VI**- 1 tor. .mUluu.cIrutiacl' V J n '.*°!?,""' ""* ·««»««"wt» · " aa mlrmmv a« 11 loa, et«. i-ftt .t CO) Oautl tmt^'icairurv'riiSa '°y\ \ otabllalioiltb-'""' · " - -*« u amr frean wbai c«ou On , Pljla will be aeot b, llall orj r. rroo «rlo.Ilj THAT OU) ££i nJ'w(wklhaT» ueenkiiireDcc.17. IMS, for th« rent W »iy tlatidmrn* Brick ·nd Front «tr«U, i tWt ^cooipclled |« i t^^" * m UH| *«M»lp « Jaw I**. «***·£"' * **"* * y«S* time thcro wai no inch v VORQ4, and It ww nndtt.i1ukjd jeni.Ouib^Sluc. tl» datirtSi '·fljfurlLrrato,,' CITY OF PARIS . nakliut lo than Kro-tttlia of th. i ,,,?,"'" »aa te »a». II. bad I bnltyliur. at Ttry advantacKM. t-- .ten were he now to conuJy »llh «_ traor anJ f»j In Uoln, »o«W »e y J tliolioat Wrtaln In lUclt, I M ibt namnint to alio« the nsbl ohnt Und of a nun h, omit I, I lak. nd undUB adTanlaan^ Ura'WlSlf'S'lSoit rlUINDUNa Dumb. IKoan mullljanioV ' mochltoMtaroUlre' ancblcnanUuiapctt j CO.HY Inlldlr,,, aa tbe one re. ferred J.n 1«, 1800. ' a. MADAME VECONIj O » T XJ N X» -/IVINCUUSTRKOFIYKBI Oa Qonulur Carda and i -- ' "· ' " M n, 111. i H AyiNCUUSTRKOFIYKDnniWJI... tl«« Oflnubwi Carda and aHaaa «T lav "*."*.Jil 0 ^?".' J' 10 . loW ff t-»ttfOjkl ortland Lftraiy 6Q MBftT; STDJCiTf, ( Kest(IooruTreHa.Iar|ot(., ^ T HK LllllyUlV «r.ftilly T e.lrel lamtm oiniiltulraa mantMailiil Pvnona tem[i»rar!lj In tbe dtr mav jbr« i ra of Ilia I,ll,rar T and Hooma oi llt,«ral terai .adlj. and 0atl«Ua ·rlAhiitDbfimi--r T ilr la the Librarian at It. EC-» from By 14

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