The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1940
Page 3
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FONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1010 (ARK.)' COURTRR NEWS Babv Prays -for Dead Mother 3nly Slight Recession 1 E x jj « c I e d By U. S. Economists WASHINGTON <UI>) — I-Vinn rlccj this year have held vitutidly il gains made during the hist foui nonths of 1839 but souse tlsciinc nay occur this .spring, uc.-oidini; tin: Bureau ol Agriculture- E;<>- lomlcs. Agriculture Department economists regard it as a good omen t'.ial Ji'Ices received by fai-nifix have ie named slendy despite a ratlui narked slump in Industrial Mill ty since liie first of the yeas. "During th? early months of 1940 'arm income probably will be hlgli- T than it v.os a year earlier," the jureau said, "fiic-cs paid by farm- ;rs for manufactured toods ars not .'xpeck-d lo change nuicli." "The demand for farm products luring the next few months may tot be affected nnr.'li by the tiown- urn in industrial production, which ^December 8 "" " ^ '""" l " rt ,">•»» '"<>'>"« », j , t »-oJd Seasonal Decline Slight "Industrial activity In December •cached a nsiv all-time high. A define, after allowing for usual scj- ional movements. Is expectetl dur- .ng the lirst half of 1940, but il is •lol likely to be prolonged or »?.'ere." the bureau said. Tiie European war appears to :iayr: 'had an unfavorable effect on sxporls of farm products. Shipment of frulis lias dwindled to vlr- ually nothing; tobacco exports ave been embargoed to England nd to I tv, lo his fithci uitlutii: tu-j i umiBiiif], ftiiss ' familiar "God bless mamma." for Dickie does not know that his \ Memphis Wednesday lose mother, Mrs. r.atira Law. wus slain recently. Law, nn Aberdeen, Wash..'"''"' "'" "'" '" tinlcn official, hns been chief witness at. cot 1 0,1 shipments have been educed to make room for war laterials on ships to the war /one. "United Slates industrial exports nd domestic consumer demands loiild be benefited sufficiently by le European war, however,' to tore than offset the effects of any eduction export dsmsnd for •mil products," the bureau said. Three Factors Vital Trices received by farmers dur- iy the next few months will b? ffected by three principal factors: 940 crop prospects; export de- innd, and cxpcJtc.1 IIUTMSJS iu oinestic purchasing power due to no-easing industrial activity. Most of the cotton supply is in government hands nnd no flu:tun- ion In price is expc-tcd by econo- nists. Domestic mill activity is ilgh and export shipments since ast fail have been 25 per cent head- of a ycjir earlier. American*,wheat' 'prices are*now bout 30 cents a bushel above the orld level and exports arc nol.ex- ectcd to affect domestic prices, rospecfs of a short winter wheat . rop, however, ar? likely to keep Stcde-Cootcr Socicly—Personal Slcrle Odilfelloiis Install Omen's At a very hilercstlng ineeting Inst week the following officers were installed into the Steele Lodge No. 859 I.O.CXF. when Russell Frakes". District Deputy Grand Master was installing officers: Noble Grand, Marshcll Cameron: vice grand, W. F. Fiiiiderbiir):; recording sccre- lary, O. V. Wells; treasurer, James L. Cassidy. The appointed olllccrs installed .were R. S. N. G., Carlie Pi'itchard; L. S. N. G., Jim Hatley; warden, Auttie Ladd; conductor. John Wade; chaplain, Les- t ter McKee; inside guardian. SV. F. Clarl:; outside guardian, P. Gestring; light, scene supporter, H. G. Alexander; lefl scene supporter. Claude O'Keane; R.S.V.P., Bcrl Potettc; L.3.V.P.. C. A. Jolllff. guest of honor was presented a large cake which had Happy Hli-lh- ei-ii club lilt;]). The hostess served iiUsIn bi-entl .snndwirhe:;, chlllon lemon p!i> nnd iced drinks. Miss MnrOi'i nnbblns lias returned !o Si.. Clitii'lcs, Mn., where she is nttcndliu; college lifter several day.-; visit hero wilh hi-r par- nils, fit: mid Mis. J. \v, Uobulns. Tlie cuiKlllioii 01' Mrs, !•'. K. Waters who is a pal lent 111 Ihi' I Walls hospital over iln.> mrkrnd was some belter niler bclni! serl- uisly in for .several days, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hyron Holly and son, Jne Hyron. and Mrs. l-'unnli' Culeman, n-tmur-d the hitler part, of tlie week after » vacation wlii'.'h was .ipcnt In a. Myers, Mn. Mrs. Mnmlo Alice Amlorsoii of Laurel, Miss., who Is In Sleele vlsiiinrj her sister, Mrs, Sims Mlehlp, nnd family spent (lie lul- ii'i- pun ot the wwk In Illylhcvllle i with her brother. Dr. Joe" lieasley i and Mrs. lleiisli-y. llalpli Unit iviio has be-on seriously III wlih br.nelilul piu-uiuciulfi is improviJiK m his home mi Walnut Ave. Mttle Mis-; Cilnger llnmra, dimjliii'i' of Mr. ami Mrs. Musi-hell Ihiiura, Is sk-k with scarlet Icvor. Mr. mid Mrs. l>. A. 'I'lickcr. Hr., of Casn. Aik.. anil Mrs. Omen .lout's spent Saliirdiu- at linkers| viilp ivilli Mrs. Jim' 'lln-lcfr and lamily and at Swill, ill the bedside of Mrs. Harvi-v Wouible. who is very sli-k. M«, nnd Mr;;. Gerald llrookn. Virgil Unas, Mrs, II. s. Taylor und itio j daughter, Miss were In . ._ "CiOl'C With Hie Wind. 1 .K'e llusspn, spent. (In- weekend hi points of Tennessee locking after business and visiting relatives. •' Mis. Tonunie Frailer nnd bnbv .lay and her name written on It, < °* Manila. Ark., nre vislilii"- hei •.nid large assortment, of clher gifts ; '""'her. Mrs. Eva I-'owler and from those who were iirescnl. \other relatives of Cooler Ibis week. Those who attended were Mr. and j Ml ' s - Velum I'lillinin returned Mrs. Kuel Ashcr. Mr. and Mrs.' llol " c Satnrdiiy aiiei a weeks {-(sit Tom Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rus-: 1n Osceola, Ark., wilh her mother, sell. Mr. and Mrs. Fcnner Russell ' Mrs - Scgravcs, nnd oilier rebillves. and children, Mrs. Unnle Duke ;Sllc nl ^° wns '» Memphis tlie nisi und Joe Russell \<-< Hm : week with irk-iuls lo 'SK "Cone -With the Wind" l;i:rr-GoU-liet- *' SVetlflin^ Announced Of interest at Steele is Die announcement. of the marriage of Mis. Nell Gotchcr cf Hayti to Charles DUJT of Hteclc which occurred in the home oi the oflicint- Oinner Honors Guesls Mr. and Mrs. J. Abner Ashcraft were hosts to a six o'clock dinncr Frtday nigh; in honor of their IKUSC guests, Mr. and Mrs. U. A. Tucker, Hr., of Cnsn, Ark. Guests besides Hie guest of honor were Mr. and Mrs. Hay Jones and Mrs. Grace Jones. Mr. ami Mrs. Tucker with Mrs. Belle Isoni who has been visiting her daughter. Mrs. Harvey Wom- ijle who is seriously ill at her home at, Swift, Mo., left Sunday for their boino, ' * a « Hr.slc.n- Tn C'lub Mrs. James L. Cassidy wns hostess lo her Ijiicky Nine Bunco club I'.nd three ^uosLs, Mrs. Tom Perry. | Mrs. H. L. Casey and Miss Mnrg- | arct Mcchife at her home in . Mr. and Mrs. Hay Jones were in Swift. Saturday niylu 10 sec their cousin, Mrs. Harvey 'Womlilc who Mind' Your • Manners . , ' ' 5 ° ° f correct against the below: 1. Is it i on then checking nuUiorltutlrc unswers . , ,ir weddm., j are slioyyn to frieiuls? irjces around prcicnt levels. " tug minister. Rev. J. W. Cunning The bureau said that the pros- IIHIII, pastor of the Steele Baptist Active supply of ineat—pork,-bear church on the crating of Jan. 27th. Their attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hainan and D. C. Paiford of Steele nnd Miss nd lamb — is more than 10 per eiu 'above recent years, but prc- Icted that Increased consumer enwnd will ssrvc as a brake to revent any rapid price decline. 4-H Club Notes Daphne Mustek of Blythcville. Both are well known at Steele and southern! of Petniscct, county. Both arc graduates of (he Hayti high school. After a honeymoon jvhich wns -silent in points of Mississippi and in Memphis they hnvc returner! to Steele to make tlicir home where Ihe bride grcom Is in the ijiocery business. at her Cooler last week. The high score prize went to Mrs. Case?, bunco lo Mrs. Vclmer, (raveling bunco to Miss MtClitre and low score to Mrs Perry. hostess served pimento andwiches, cookies and cof- The cheese fee. Uos-fcss To ({ridge Ctilb Mrs. DrwHi-t Smith. Mrs. R. .). Tato-jm, Mrs. Byron Weaver. Mrs. A. L. Jordan and Mrs. I.cyon Earls played bridge with the Young Matrons Bridge Club cf Steele when were entertained by Mrs. Mtirshell Cameron at her home last Wednesday afternon. Mrs. Earls received the guest Jiiyh urize nnd Mrs. linxtcr Sotith- The Huffman 4-H Club meeting fas held Friday morr.ins. with Silly Hughes presiding. Mncte:n memkers answered to roll call, olm Tankersley. song captain, led he group in singing "Drink To Me Only Wilh Thine Eyes." Calvlu Russell was asked lo be aplain of the cotton club with 4 members: Gerald Cassidy is cap- ain of the pig dub with nine ibers; Peggy Holmes and Bobby Cassidy arc captains of t!i; poultry hibs with eight members er.cb. W. R. Schroedar. assistant cotin- y agent and Miss Corn Lee Cole- laii, county home ricinr^-tratlon gent, W, M.^Crowe and Miss Vcl-, la L«flin, sponsors, were present. The club activities, program and utlook for 1940 were discussed. - The estimated 30.0CO,000 motor- sis in the United States use nearly I 0,000,000,000 gallons of motor uel annually. BewareCoughs Following Flu Af l er .i h ? ?H, ls om nn(i Bone, tha cough that follows feels like It wUl tear your chest wals apart. You need reliable and ready help. Creomulslon relieves promptly because It goes right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm, increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. No matter now many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle . 9f eom .|J Is Iori with the under- fJ i iS M you are to Ilkc the way It qulcfly allays the cough or you ere to have your money back. (Adv.) CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis IHrs. Jtliii Russell Honored On Hlrllltlay Members of her family surprise;! Mrs. John Russell with 'a birthday dinner Friday evening at. 4 o'clock when it was her 10th birthday anniversary. Tlie affair was held at her home an:l each one brought a covered dish which was eaten buffet slyle. Before the dinner the I j£ PRESCRiPtlOHS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores An excellent laxnn'vc in colds, relieves biliousness, sour stomjch, bilious indigestion, flatulence and hcacl.ichc, due to constipation. lOcand 25cat dealers H APPY UOUR ii FREE DELIVERY 1M W. Main SI, fhonc 15 2. Shrfuid chocks from which; are also wedding sho«-|i- to friends? 3 -.'.' If . ; tl)c . 1 "'t:lB lias a brother whose age is .suitable, should the groom nsk him to be an iisbei? ' •1. May a mnn hnv;; his father for best man? S. Is It necessary for the husband of the matron of honor to bt-' in tbe \vcddfng parly;, What would you'do if— You are a ui:in jHarryln;; a girl wlio lives lit n grciu dls'tniicc'f roir yotir home and are wondering what to do about ushers since 'you do not inve any friends in her city— (al Ask your friends to come to HOLD EVERYTHING By Clycfo Lewis "You're welcome lo YOU il u ,. sh lb) /VsV, iiiwi K-ho :irc good ot ibi- to serve us und ho- family 2. No. llinusjli It Is ,,|| ,-ltilU lo say, "Uncle Nod i;avt' IK a check." ihn umbrella, Jones, luil 1 in lour ( |;,y s (lu,l (in le explodes I" Unite proof Hint boys and Bills who cam Ihelr spending money are more Independent than those who rely en allowances, lo the •:). Yes. ' -1. Yes: R. Km nt nil. IJest "Wh:il Would You 1W so- no or (lit. Buying Traits Of High School Youth StiKtierJ CHICAGO (UP) _ uiRli school students, ii)thoii(jh still dependent upon (licir parents for Ihe nit Dry which ibey spend, now select most of Ibeir own clothes and equipment, nccordl senior. the wedding. If they will lie nble a survey com- «riy of Chicago Parental guidance in (lie choice of expensive dothbiB, such us leave tlie ovcrccals for boys mid iiaiiy dress- when they .es', lor «ii-ls, is still exercised in the majority of cases. A poll of relatives l.UOO students disclosed that tbcre gifts be 'was virtually no buying of any .school clothes by the parent. L Tim survny also revealed that boyfe nre much more liulopcnilrrnt of parents In buying- thiiti girls, •iilthoirjjh Uicy do not hnvc « hniid l'i the scli'cllon of so ninny articles. Hie latter commentary Is nttrlbiil- ed to the tact thnt girls have more to do With the buying ot foods and household furnishings. . Paper routes nnd domestic science courses arc influential in ranking the buying cf young persons Independent, u \vns discovered. The researchist found tlml the source of spending innney bears a direct relation to the extent of Independent selection. There Is di- you lo? iMovo Conifdi-t FALSIil tEETTl Here Is n plcn.siiul wny to over- conic Imxse plate discomfort. PA8- 'rHETItp'iiu linjiroved iwwdcr, sprin- klwl 611 upiicr And lower plnlcs holil.v them Jlriiifr no Hint, tlr.-y reel more comforliiblQ, No guniniy, tsoocy, pasty tnsle or teclln«, It's ! tnon-ncld). Does not sour. ' ' Clici-ks iilutc' 'oilor" (denture lirenllH. Ciet FASTBEl'ii lodny liny drug store. KI'KNn YODIt KASOl.INIi DOl.l.Alt «'JSKI,V' SAVE He to -Ic I'c-r Oullon ON RASOMNIO Valuable Coupons Wllli Kadi I'nreluise OAS()l,iNi;_MOT01l Oil, Wholi'saic * Kcldll •lllAlJi: UTt'lt JOYNER OIL CO. ..Independent Denier T.\NK.C;AK TO YOIJK CM Hlgliwny.Cl, N'orlb, Illylhevillo We Deliver Phniiu I5S ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS-LONG TERMS Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in this state. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities . Oaceola, Ark. Batman Shows Initiative To Gel Trousers Pressed 1.0NOON (UP)-All oliter weighing Mf. |joi|n(ls veilUI not iilidcisiaiid «hy he slcut so badly. .fruiiclhliiK wii.i iiiwiiy.s stlckliiB I" "Is buck. Ro one day lie slrlptied bis bed and found under the blnii- ti'ls Ills b.ilinun'.s linusers. which lni:l been put, ihi'i'ii l«r ini-sslui; purposes. The olllccr nskcd Ills colonel 'islulji Sufferers I'^JU'c Danger One of Hie (ri\g(r- results of nrn- ecti'd llslulu frociuenlly Is loss of bowel conlnil together wllli nervous dlsensi-i umi i B f.|| ( .rtii m health iscd by self jitilsoiilnir. Thous- nnds rould .save llicuiKelves from I'.umlliallmi and ta-rlows Dlnc.'i.s by iln-< proper livalment In Mill--'. The Thornton ,V Minor cilulc—old- fst. known lectnl luslltullon In the ivorM-oiI'm n KRKR Hook wlilc!) cxiilnliis Flsltihi mid other rectiil (llsrn.sfs; mis hinv more (linn w~ 000 pfi-fiin.', have been boni'llled by Ihelr mild, cnirective Insllunlojiiil Irenlinont - wllhout hospllul con- llneinoiu. Write for tills Kreii HOIK untt Kiifcrcnci' i .1st. Addri'ss 'I'horn- toii A- Minor clinic, .suite 4ID B20 Meyee HI,. KniiMix clly, Mo. svlint hp ouijht to d3 vrlth Ills bat- wnn for his "cheek." "JVoinote him, he shows Inltla- llve," was Die prompt reply. . . turoiicKi. mill nmnncu In thu nastrll* uso Mciilliolmuin. U Klvw inilfk relief from these <lls- coalforlH unit piomotci hcRlinB cl tlin iTrltiUt'll il»-]uljffinr« Itl Ilia h(jstrllii. Its vjipora ]0*o ro.lcli iJccn Into Ihn nlr imtuigci, lirint>iiii! tttittcfiil cointorl. Al«i> nili sonic Mriilliolntiim on our clirai ami lind; to Improvo tliu wral Wo<i<i clrciilntlon. Hxiti H on vmlr forrlirnil niul lcti)|>li>:l to (I|)BV it iictimii;i:i UIK- m colclj. 1 THIS IS THE this beautiful family size . , n .A .'-...." \\festinghouse An' niuuuml ojipoiiunliy is yours (his week In connection with (In: showing of n new technicolor film featuring the Now York World's Kulr. See This K Technicolor Movie The Middleton Family At' Tim ,.'' New York World's l''nir" Roxy Theatre Tiie., Wed. & Tlmrs 1 . I''el>. (i, 7, R FOR REAL MILDNESS AND BETTER TASTE... 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