The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1965
Page 5
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Merry-Go-Round iiiiiiitniiiHiiHiniiiniiiiiininniitmH iiiminlllllllllllllllllllllllllliilill By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON - It was kissed off by most newspapers, but the administration took quite seriously a Viet Cong peace feeler aired on the Czech radio in late October. The Czechs said that relations between the Red Chinese and the North Vietnamese are strained and that the North Vietnamese were willing to talk peace. This touched off a vitally important debate at the LBJ ranch. The President is anxious to carry out his pledge to go anywhere at any time to talk peace with anyone. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, however, advise him against acting too soon. While they admit the Czech-aired peace feeler may be bona fide, they caution that any willingness to talk peace now would be regarded by the communists as weakness. They say the United States is now winning, has the Viet Cong on the run, and can negotiate from a position of strength if we are not too eager. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg at the U. N. is anxious to explore any genuine peace feeler; the State Department has mixed feelings; but Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge in Saigon firmly agrees with the military. He has cautioned the President not to be too eager. LBJ will follow Lodge's advice. - o - —FREE-SPENDING GI'S— The sudden influx of American troops into South Viet Nam has sent prices skyrocketing. This may end up as a more serious problem than the communist guerrillas, for the average Vietnamese peasant is much more concerned about rice than politics. Our GIs are free spenders, usually overpay shopkeepers, ricksha drivers and bar hostesses. Our armed forces have also started a construction boom, shelling out ton .money to cqn- ^aetonNnf ti&O&fs' alike, to !W i ' •'"All'-' this pushes up prices and -a creates inflation. Food prices shot up 6 per cent last month alone. Yet 80 per cent of the population are peasants, who must pay the higher prices but who get no increase in income. This could lead to a revolt more serious than anything the communists could stir up. Aware of this, Uncle Sam is pouring a million dollars a day in economic aid into South Viet Nam - in a desperate effort to keep the supply up with the demand and hold down prices. Despite this, inflation is winning out - thanks toourhigh-spending- ing GIs. - o - -LUCI'S ROMANCE— Luci Baines Johnson is the apple of her father's eye. Inside the family it's felt that he spoils her too much. But last week, when it came to her getting married at the age of 18, the President was very, very firm. He assured Luci and her 22-year-old boy friend, Patrick Nugent, that he couldn't ask for a finer son- in-law, but told them not to rush into marriage. He urged that Luci wait until she finished her nursing studies, and reminded them that it would be very- difficult for her to finish her studies if they were married. Luci was not happy. However, she joked about the fact that she couldn't even court in private. Secret Service men have to chaperone her on every date. She remarked ruefully that they might be the first young American couple to be married without ever having been alone together once. - o - —GOP PROSPECTS-- The GOP, following last week's elections, is a long way from any firm course toward either liberalism or conservatism. The liberals definitely demonstrated that in big Northern cities you have to have labor, Negro and liberal votes to win. But in the South and Far West the opposite is still true. Some Republican leaders are arguing that the GOP will have to assume a split personality as the Democrats have done for years - being conservative in the South, liberal in the North. However, it may be too late. The Democrats have found this increasingly difficult over the years. One sure development is that Gov. Nelson Rockefeller is washed up politically. Though his liberal policies in New York state were vindicated by Lindsay, his popularity with rank and file Republicans is at a low ebb. Meanwhile Sen. Jack Javits, who campaigned hard for Lindsay and won a deciding section of the Jewish vote for him, is almost certain to be the Republican who will run for Governor next time. Richard Nixon feels that the election points to him as the one middle-of-the-road Republican who can rally both the right and left wings of the party. He is running hard. But many Republicans consider him too shopworn and with too much accumulation of scar tissue. GOP Chairman Ray Bliss sees the New York City result as clear evidence that the Republicans must put up candidates with personal appeal; that ideology is less important than candidates who look good and talk effectively on television, have political "sex appeal." - o - — LINDSAY'S HEADACHE-- The road ahead for the new mayor of New York is not going to be easy. Mayor John Lindsay will face a transit strike just as he's inaugurated. Mike Quill, czar of the Transport Workers, is demanding a big wage hike for his union. This would mean a boost in subway fares, a tough decision for a new mayor to face. Lindsay also promised New York voters projects which will cost $2 billion, and he can't raise the money unless he goes to the Democrats and Washington. He'll also be in conflict with Republican Gov. Nelson Rockefeller of New York on off-track gambling, an increase in New York's minimum wage, and other measures which Lindsay advocated but Rockefeller opposes. Lindsay is honest, knowlege- able and resourceful, but no miracle man, and the problems of New York City require a combined municipal expert and miracle worker. - o - --RED-FACED POLLSTER-- Most red-faced pollster after last week's election was John Bucci, hired by Wayne Dumont, the Republican candidate for governor of New Jersey, to survey his prospects. Bucci submitted a private poll, showing Dumont running neck-and-neck with Governor Hughes, Democrat. In the end, Hughes defeated Dumont by the biggest plurality in New Jersey's history. - o - --TVCOMMERCIALS- Playwright George Stevens has taken a courageous step against the mutilation of motion picture art by commercial television. Stevens has sued NBC and Paramount Pictures to prevent them from chopping up his film "A Place in the Sun" for commercials every five or ten minutes. Stevens is asking damages of $1 million if "A Place in the Sun" is cut up for commercials. A lot of TV viewers will sympathize with him and hope he wins. -CONGRESS ON THE LOOSE-- THuriday, Nov. 11, 1965 Algona (la.) Upp*r Dei Meintt-l Like school boys on the last day of school, Congressmen scattered to the four winds, whooping joyfully, as Congress closed. Many didn't stop until they got on the other side of the globe. President Johnson's stern admonition to his fellow citizens to see America first and spend their money at home went unheeded. At least a fifth of Congress headed for overseas vacation spots. The fact that they are spending the taxpayers' money, not their own, is a technicality unlikely to win the President's approval. Even before the final gavel fell in Congress, the great exodus had begun. Two of the old curmudgeons of Congress, Rep. H. R. Gross, R-Iowa, and Hep. Howard Smith, D-Va., lamented what was happening. "With all the junketeers that are taking off these days," snorted Gross, "I note about 70 absentees this morning, and I know that some of them are off and running to foreign countries. I just wondered whether there is going to be enough funds to take care of all the trips. There have been meetings all over the place the last few days on who is to go where and how." Gross asked whether the United States had enough local currency on hand in Italy to take care of all the junketing Congressmen. "I understand," said Smith, "we"have-a bundle of them over there." " Smiftgadded that his House Rules Committee had been "very niggarmy about granting" authorization for overseas travel. "i have been hearing criticism/' observed the Con- gressman from iowa, "thafcTS? government is not providing* biff enough and fast enough jets to get the junketeers over to Oua- gandougou or -wherever they are headed. They are also complaining that they have to take smaller planes to get to certain countries which planes, they say, are not comfortable enough." "Kossuth County's favorite Newspaper" Of the desirability of a modern mortgage; « part of every payment becomes your permanent investment. Your equity Increases regu* larly, until you completely own your prop erty. Talk with us about our modern honje loan plan. URI STATE BANK 1 E. 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