Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1894
Page 5
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A MAN'S APPEARANCE Is largely made up of little things. This is why a Gentleman's Furnishings, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Shirts and the et ceteras generally, are S worthy of some thought and attention. Spring and Summer necessitates an entire renewal in these lines. We invite an inspection of our large stock. DEWEN T THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. COME AND SEE US NOW, You must have % a Spring Suit. % Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & Young, THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. STORAGE. For Btomce la largo or ama! quantities, apply to W. D. PRATT. Pollard & Wilson warehouse CLIMAX BAKING ii in a^== POWDER '" ' ^^^^••^^^'MM^E^^^S IS ON TOP BECAUSE H r.frGood ====== Cheap [No other I* so land Costs less than Half pleases much better (than the over-priced and over-"endorscd" kinds. — ' ' Judge for yourself. I \v> Cans. At your Grocer's DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 9. "A Fair of Kids" tomorrow Make the new gas company a success. See new shirt walsta ani chiml- aettos,— Trade Palace. John Yost, the aged German citizen of the West Sldo, who attempted aulcldo some days ago by cutting his throtit with a butcher knife, and who w«w afterwards declared insane by a lunatlco inquriondo, was yesterday removed to the hospital for the iaaane at Long ClitT. It la believed that the proper treatment will oiloct a complete restoration of the old gentleman's mental equilibrium. The Marion Bicycle Company has made a spoci&l order Halllday Temple Scorcher for Glen Forg-y'a European bicycle trip. Tho wheel was received yesterday and is at Bur(jaman'& store on Pearl etreet. Glen is anticipating a very pleasant trip. He and the party which he will join at New York will take their wheels In France and wheel over the best roads In the world across France, through Swltzer- . l»nd and up Into Holland where they will disband. Glen will make a com. prehenilvo tour of England and will be in London tome weeks. it AM) ALL IS IN JML. lie and Otb«r OfDceri of Win Array Arrented at J-aportfl. A Laporto special says: One £o- tachment of Randall's army camped about seven miles 'from tero lest night at a place called Beavor Da«n. while the other contingent was at WeBtville. At a special meeting o! the council hero last night it wan determined not to food the army, and to try t« induce it to return to Chicago. A number of special policemen were appointed this morntng to prevent either detachment from stopping hero. Tho Westrillo detachment, under Sullivan, passed the city and moved in a southerly direction. The other wing insisted upon stopping here, but Randall, his son and five other officers were arrested and are now im jail. This move deterred the army from entorrlng the city. FOUR NAME IS FRIST. Item* of • PonoiiKl Character Concerning Loi[aii»irorter« nn* Ttoelr Frt«udH Miss Katie Kraut la visiting her s'lStorat W&bish. Miss Capitol*. Gottschall Is expected homo from Chicago this week. Mlse Hannah Cunningham, of Chicago, is ID the city visiting her slaters. Vary Rev. M. E. Campion was entertaining Rev. W. J. Qulnlan. yesterday. Major McFadin ectertaioed 'Gen. M. D, Manson, of Crawfordnviite, yesterday. Mrs. 'fl. D. Howell and, Mrs. F, White., of 'KewaeQH, were In the city yesterday, Widl G. McVap, City CUWk of Bunt vlllo, is In the city, the guest Of Will and Bert Small. W. D. Jonts, of Crawfordevflle, wae shaking 'hands with old borne frionds here yesterday. Misses Mlnoie and Aora Shannua- htn are st Lc'Gro to attend the wedding of their coualn, ZHlss Anna Mo- Sown to Mr. Jas. Barnes, Miss Agnoa Wallace, of Now York, trrlved last evening to visit in the city a few weeks, '.be guest of her cousin, Mrs. D. A. Houk. Mr. anfi Mrs. Jaanoa \\alklln and .John Patrick, are at Loutovllle to; attend the funeral <if George Patrick,! who died Monday. The fucaral wllC. be holdtcday. Ed -Visqueeney, the Vandalla engineer and wife of 'Terre Haute, were In the city yesterday en route lo St. Paul to'attend the raatlonal "Convention of the E. of L. 'E. Peru Journal: John Miller, the violinist was up -from Logansport today Miss Flc Shultz returned to Loganoport today.... Judge N, 0. Koas was In the city today. Mre. X. S. Kerae and little daughter, and Mrs. Guy Hensley and children, -departed this morning for St. Louis, where they wfll make an extended visit with friends and relatives. Among the etrangera within our gates yesterday were: J.W. Johnson, Jas. 0. Barcus, S. L. Kiam, .Carroll L, DeWitt, T. K. Harden, J. li, Helle- kran and John B. Schralm, all of Indianapolis-; C. W. Weaver, of Fort Wayne; O. A. Klrsh, E. K. Vawte.-, O. 1). Gloason, and Jos. Blletaln of Lafayette; E. B. Woolsey, K. 'G. Sweeney and ArthurHuseey of Terre Haute; L. L. Heading and'E. S. Bo?er of Anderson; S. Trenaman, of Rochester; £ohn Prior and Aras Lewis of Marion;F--ank J. Vurpillat of V/inamacr George W. Rood of Greenfield; C. M. Smith -and S. F. Watson -of Richmond; C. E. Racier of Aubura; J. W. Parson of Greentown. tho superior also of ull public prestidigitators la the other accepted feats ot stage "magic." He confined him- eelt to cards last evening, b-owover, «s the most convenient artroleb with which to display his skill. "Pepperiiauce fcnr." Crentcn n Soima- Peru Journal: Mrs. Lkzle Reel, bet. tor known as "Pepper Sauce Lls." Is In a very critical condition at the home of a fri-end on W-est Canal street. Sfeo came to 'Peru e : irly last weok. Intending to remain in the city until after the circus god thon return to Marion. While In the city she became acquainted by chaoco with a young «ad respectable woman on West Caaal street. Early Saturday evening, about 8 o'clocfc, the Itcel woman was Into Seislef s meat "market and in talking to the proprietor eaid that ehe h«d Borne 'friends outside whora-sho wanted to (five the s3!p. They took the bint aod'left her alone. She was nex» seen with this other glr.l at the circus. After tho circus <rhoy came down to Broadway and parted on Vbs corner of Oanal and Broadway. A Journal reporter was on the search today for 'Information oon- •oernlng her whereabouts Saturday night brt was uneuscessful. Sie was Intensely elclc j-csterday afternoon at about S o'ciook. . She went to the place vrhere ifae is now bedfast ani did not want a dector. Last night aboutO o'clock a'tse&senger wt/9 sent for Dr. Haas.. 'He went to where tho women is acd •found her almoct dead. Ho pomalned wltt bor until S o'ciook in tho morning and sucooeded p ia giving hor relief. The doctor statos that 'without a -eioubt her .slofcness -is cursed by arsenical poieonioc. She vms vleited -by a reporter VhlS'Ccornlng and denied anything boing'the matter -except -a 8k)l:ne8B of the -stomach. It is a belief amon£ many, although denied by her, that ehe tried to commit suicide. i>r. L. 0. Ualstuiry attended the samo w-cman lact winier and pronounced ft; a 'Caee of £trycbaine poisoning. A Chance lit n Lo£al Flrui. The old established law firm of Dykeman, VVlison & Taber, one of Iho strongout and bast known legal firms Indiana, has boon dissolved by mutual consent and oach member of the tirm will devote himself to the individual Interests created in the past Dractlco of the firm, although no chsngowlllbo madu in ibe arrangement of the olllce the throe lawyers occupying the rooms so long occupied jy them a» a Urm. Judge Dykeman will retire from much of tho incidental and routine justness of u. lawyer and will hereafter conline bis practice to big canea only. Mr. W. T. Wilson, whose ex- .cnsive probate practice and personal justness occupies his time will mako, as formerly, a specialty cf • probate practice. Mr. Geo. C, Tabor will con- .Inue the general practice of law. In which he has made a desirable rcpu- ,atlon as a brief lawyer. World'* Uolnmbiuii Exi>onltton Vlllbeof valuf to the world by il* ustratlng the Improvements in tho mechanical arts and eminent physi- lana will tell you that iho progress n modiciaal agents, has boon of equal mportanco, and 68 a strengoning lax- Ive that Syrup of Figs is far in ad •anco of all others. ,TIn«onH- IMotlr.c. Orient Lodge No. 272, A. F. & A. VI., will hold a special meeting this Wednesday) evening, opening at 7 'clock sharp. Third degree on two andidates. Visiting brethren frater- ally invited. By order of R. B. WEITSETT, W. M. S. B, KICHAKDSON, Sec'y. The office of the new gas company open day and evening to receive ayntents. The F-ottowaecomleH Perplexed. There was a mucn mystified party of staid end sober business men at tho Pottowattornie club rooms 'last evening; and their perplexity has not been relieved, nor will it be soon. The cauEe of all this was that they saw Herrman outdone and in tbe-outdoing there was much entertainment and .much mye- tery. The souros of entertainment and th« object of the mystery was a plain, everyday, unassuming shoe IEBQ, Mr. Thomas B. Arnold of Cincinnati, the very gentlemaoJy traveling representative of the Alter & Julian Co. Mr. Arnold stands very securely as the acknowledged king of cards and from the skill with which MB mystifying tricks with the pasteboards vvero per. formed last evening, It is not likely that he will soon be deposed. At tho invitation of members of the 1'otto- wattomio club Mr. Arnold consented last evening to give fin exhibition of his wonderful skill before the club and for a couple of hours bo entertained tho members in a highly interesting m una or. -. Tho tricks wcro performed with pncks taken from an unoroken box of the club's own cards, and unlike the tricks performed by noted prestidigitators on the stage wore done in close view of the circle of Interested and keenly observant spectators who lost not a. movement of the operator y<3t saw nothing. Some of the feats of dexterity and skill performed by Mr. Arnold rose clear beyond tho range of the ordinary card tricks performed by manipulators on the stage and were exceedingly mystifying. Mr. Arnold is a polished and very agreeable gentleman whose tricks are done with an ease and grace which add all tho more to the charm of the entertainment ho affords. He received last oveing the thanks and the eongiatula- tions of tho Pottowattomio Club for tho season of rare entertainment ho gave, and his welcome to return was perpetually assured, Mr. Arnold's acknowledged supremacy In this line of "magic" has led to princely offers to tempt him into the business professionally, but ho has no Inclination to pose in the glare of the public stage, rightly deeming bis amateur prestige far more desirable. He does not conflje himself to card triolet alone, but-la Miss Maggie Shinn met -with «. ' distreesiae 1 an| i painful though fortunately not serious accident last night by rrhlch-cho received ijruisos end hurts which may keep bor con- fltrod to her room for some days. She •was riding her bicycle and crossed the Ttird street bridge. A.-; she whoeled oil tho south end of the bridge she enaounterod ac omnibus -going ovar to -'iiho Vandalla station and ran her wheel between the horses. The .driver who iiad not seen her noiseless -ap • pro&ch pulled tho horsce up and pot then under control before tho wheels could strike ;the prostrate form. The collision was seen by several pedea- triaca who cuickly extricated her from her perilous position so near tho horses hoofs and Bhe was assisted home. The tcoident was a thrilling one acd it is fortunato that tho victim of It did cot receive a serioua hurt from the trampling 1 of the horsoe- ADDITIONAL J.OL'ALS. Fresh vaccine points atBufjahn'fl. To Chas. E. Bennett and wife, B son. Make the new gas company a success. Tho now gas company will succeed. Pay up. To Albert Brown and wife ol Toledo strest, a son. To Jos. Xlmmortnan and wife of the East End, a son. To John Todd and wife, of the Kast End, a daughter. Pay v,p your first Installment to 'the now £R3 company torf-ay. C'has. C. Hammira and Mary B. Bailoy were yesterday licensed to murry. The new gas company will be a faocess. Pay u<? youT subscription* today. Tho business men were recognized *t the gas meeting Itst evening and they should pt,y the 'first 'installment today. Charles Boswell who has upon several occaslocs beenconviolodof selling liquor without a 'Mcenao was again, arrested and will have a hearing in, court this 'icornlng. The jury in tba case of Frank Spohn, the real estate agent, against Reese Woodling, a sutt to recover commiBBion on property sold, brought In a verdict for the plaintiff awarding him judgment ic the 8tnn of $§4. The tousineae men voted almoet solidly to accept Dr. 'ETattery's resignation. All rocognfoo Dr. Hattery's ability and emfeuslasiK but nearly all recognko tho fact 'that sometimes his enthusiasm carried him too far. Tho •dTourna'C hw nothing against Dr. Battery. It voiced the sentiment of the 'business mes in opposing his selection for tho presidency. His enthusiasm tiado iim careless as to detail* -sometimes, -sad it was thought best to placd foe management in charge of some else. Dr. Battery will be just as active and just as earnetet against tho old company as ever. Geopge Hol'k, an iamato of tho hospital for the insaae at Long Cliff escaped from"ttiat institution yesterday morning absut >! o'clock. Ho made his way through a small window through which it tr&s thought impossible tb*/t any oneoould got ouV. The man was not s'iolent and no trouble was feared on his account. Ho was retaken ccttr Clj'tcors station, laet evening and returned to tho hospital without any show of resistance. JAKE'S TREASURE. JMfaral Center Ejection. AtKoyal Center Monday the following town olJicors were elected: Trustees—Daniel Van&man and W. G. Sweet. Clerk—Marlon Fisher. Treasurer—George A. Roa. Marshal—George W. C'onc, Thu party vote was as follows: CITJXENS. Day 70. Sweet 77. Burton 71. Thomas 70, Wiscley .72, VOTEltS. Vanamun 81, Klstlor 7.'!, Fisher 79, Rea 71), Coon:?", On Cent Clean Your *:«nn»t for Vnrd. Ono can of Electric Cloanser will clean 2f> yards of woolen Ingrain, Brussels, Morjuot, Wilton, Axminstor. or velvet carpet, without removing thorn from tho floor, und without dampening them on tho under side. Guaranteed not to fade the color, but to make them look as bright as now. One trial will convince you. For sale at H. Wiler & Go's. ITInhlon Itodcrick to be Taken North. Sentence was yesterday passed In tbo case of tho State against Mohlon Roderick, forgery, and Sheriff Homburg will take his prisoner north today to begin his four years sentence. The motion fora new trial in this case was not argued. Tlie Bully Olvorcn. Yesterday In tbo circuit [court by her attorneys, WInfield & Taber. Mary E, Lawson filed a suit for divorce agaicst Alonzo Lawson, alleging i buse and abandonment. Dr. H. D. Mattery has been ono of tho most enthusiastic workers for the success of the new gas company in the city. His resignation cannot change his attitude in this connection, and ho will find opportunity for as much efficient work as over. The doctor can be counted on whenever his services are needed. .Pay up your subscription to the new gas company today. X» ;TIlH Koaph BrtMiHL Tli^ro YT»rt Ono Tender Kput After AH. I Lad seen somexoug-h and realties? nrmy teamsters on the plains before I fell ;.,n with the man everybody knew n.s JrLku nlonc, but it didn't take me half a day to decide that he was the roughest of the rough lot. I heard soldier*: who had known him for years declare that the only redeeming' trait he had was his bulldog- courage. He'd drive his six-mule team right thr a war party of Cheyenneb if ordered to, &nd he'd fi™-ht any white man living; with ;iny uort of weapon. Xo company of soldiers would use as much profanity in 2. day as .Take would in a quarter of an hour, lie was cruel to his mules, tyrannical to his companions, and there was uo one to oven wish Jjim pood luck. When I liad charge of the wag-on guard I used i;o study Ihe mail, hoping to find one thing- to prove that he was not as bad as everybody made him out to be, but my efforts wero in vain. The man appeared to hate everything with life, and once when somebody spoke of tho heroiifter in his presence he cursed and reviled until he had to be ordered under arrest and a gai,' plaeed in his inpnth. He had killed or crippled a dozun uH'ii, Ihonph always eseapiu^r conviction, and but for his courage, which is looked upon as ararityiinioiig teamsters under convoy, he would not, hiivu been allowed in any train. I did more than study .Jake — I tried to make friends with him. lie met me in sueh a contemptuous, belligerent spirit, however, that I turned away despairingly. What was it tome whether he was y OO( ] OI . bud? Nothing, I re- lily, and yet I somehow wanted to dip down below the crust and "discover what made him the wicked, reckless man he was—to tone!) that chord which is to be found in every human brciisl-. 110 matter how much evil covers and conceals it. When he eo-r.tinceoi to repulse me. 1 left him to himself;.asy all others had done, but J n.i'.vor (joli sight of him without fiwl:nfj-thi.t.th«j. time would come when his better nature would shine out, if only for a mo-' raent. One summer day. when our train oft thirty wagons were stru-ntf out on tlxep hot plains and the escort was srr.&Ue*r than usual, tlie crafty Cheycn-n.cs'.sJiiK dcnly charged us. A.soldier is ready for a brush and is seldom off his balance, but I fraaJoy iiii'mi* that but for the courageous conduct ot Jake on that occasion tlie train have been lost. His face woro a of fiendish delig-ht as he rushed ui>5U».<S down, now firing ;v shot and now-kiefc- ing and cursing u. cowardly teuni&ter.* He got the train closed up, put.iieart, into the drivers and gave the- sntslli escort opportunity to make the-best ot the situation. After a hat fight we, 'boat the redskins off, ami: sis. they rt~ tired R-nntjfmply behind a. ridfjo we pursued <?vir -way. We lia/l g-one abomt aiailcwhen Jake rode ihe column, on a led horse. He •pale-ffu:cd and trembling, and it ' only afeer two or three efforts thit •succeeded in calling-out" "Captain, for hearcn-'s sake. sVrp tram for'ten minutes"' "For what reason?" I.asked. "Because I lost »iy treasure bacte. there and must recover it. Plto.se order*a hs.lt. Tlie Injuns are .licked'and will. jiol- attack (again.'* • I though*, the mrm had l£ft his wallet when hie spoke of his treasure. bnt> Its voice amd demeanor had so charged; •tiat everybody looked at hhn in ructaze-- aient. The train was halted, and JT; •asked !him how much motiOT he- badi J.wst ami where he hoped to-find it. ".Moneyr" lie wailed out ; 'as <f hist Jtteart were breaking- "It isn't 'but my treasure—my relics! I'v raed 'em fur over fifteen yeirvs, and if •Uiey are gone 1 »ha'n't want to live> nnothcr hour!" lie rotle straight b::ek at the Indians •as fast as lus horse could g-o, and as hei rode 3ic Kaannc-<! the frround to theJ cipht a.nd left before him. Tho red~ ikins wore pu/.x.led anil suspicious anct a little, but when it becanjc 1 ^ that lie was searching- foc- soroe lost article they moved to closot- :c on him. We couldn't stand that.. To lose ihe train in. trying to save. '.lake meant court-martial and djis-- frrace, but the '.eamstors -.vere loft to. do the best they cor.ld, and every trooper pot spurs to his horse. We saw Jake dismount and snatch, up a small parcel from the grass—his lost treas^, are. The act cost him his life. ."Before- he could remount tho Indians •(Tore near enough to fire upon. 3iim, a>nd though they (lid not f^t his scalp tliey- laid him low. We drovo them off and 1 earned liis body hack to the train. la bis left hand was clutched his packa"-e, nul his fing-ers were so tig-htly clinched that it took strong hands to open.there, .lake's treasure—his relics! What do vou/suppose they u-ere? We knewhim. for a wicked, heartless man, fearing no, Jod and caring for no man's g-ood opiu- OD. and you ca.n ima.qfiae our astoni.sh- . ment when that pnekot. carefully wrapped in oilskin and tied and sealed 1 with great, care, w;is unfolded a.nd wo. found a wee little initton, a child's tic whistle, a battered old rattlebox and; a lock of hair as fine and soft us silk^ They were relics of babyhood—childhood—relics lie had carried in his bosom for years and years and treasured as. more priceless than pearls or diamonds* His baby—his child? It must liavo been so. Somewhere in the east he had once had a happy home and wife and. child. Death had come to break up.his. happiness. Perhaps it had come to. both mother aud child and madejiim a. wanderer aud embittered his nature. No one will ever know. Ue had a secret which was betrayed oiily by his. death, and \vc who so often wondered. .i his heart could be touohtwi found OU4; too late tho spring which would have opened it to the ^i^'Jit of aft the world.. —\. Y. Recorder. There are two kinds of linseed mcaX n the market—thu new process by which al! tho oil is extracted from it. jud the old process which has froinSto 0 per cent, of oil left in it. The old process of pressure docs rjotfretsomuch, jf the oil out of the seed as the ne\r- jrocess. by extraction with benzine* Those meals may be purchased from. ,ny dealer in agricultural supplies in ,ny town of considerable size in North America. It is not a desirable food for uuttermaking, as .the butter is soft and has not the line, waxy lcx;.uro of that made from corn rac:d or cotton seeti meal.—Colinan^s K'jral World. A Good liiioN*. Professor—All natural products are divided in to three parts. Mr. Thompson, where do you place sugar? Mr. Thompson—Jnto the coffee.— Hallo. ^ i f f Another Envious Competitor ^ Says he is "still in the ring." Don't be * misled by the idle vaporings of would be m tailors who profess to cut clothes that £} never got above making pants. || We have a practical tailor who does ^ our cutting and we carry the only high ? grade class of woolens in the city. T Bring on another "horse." • CARL W. KELLER, Leading Tailor. •

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