The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1940
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THE DOM^ANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AMn «™ m « 4 en, ,5^,3" -^ 1 -U T T kD VOLU.MIC XXXVI— NO. 272. 5 aljy NMVS Courier BlyllKvllle Vnlley Leader Talk Of Third Term Swells As Democratic Committeemen Gather WASHINGTON, Keb. 5. (L'PJ3j'ho lloosevell (hini Icrm boom roared today as Ihc Domocralic national committee mol to pick « convention cilj'—it looks like Piiih- flolphia—am] to postpone ;t decision on the convention d-itc nemocralic State Chnirman 13 I,*—~- ... _ __"_ l ' Birmingham of Iowa said: 'There is no second choice in Iowa. Wo are all for a third leiin •' Former Qovcmor Olin D. Johnston of gouih Carolina said: "You can't change horses In mld-slrcum. We win draft President Roosevelt CommiUtieman Patrick Nash of Illinois ami Mayor Edward J, Kelly of Chicago lold Dem ccrats from oilier states how thcv had filed Mr. Roosevelt's nomination in their state primary. Another on the third term way- oil was Mayor Frank Hague of Jersey City, national commlUeemaii from his state. Senator Claud A. Pepper (Dcir Ha.), said a third terin for Mr Roosevelt was "not a mailer of politics bin a mailer of national safety." Delegated from the followm* states wholeheartedly endorse:! President Roosevelt for a third term. Nevada, Wisconsin. Soulh Carolina, Wyoming, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Michigan and Neiv York. Mrs, Samuel Ralston of Indianapolis said that her whole stale is for Paul V. McNutl—if president Roosevelt does not run. Judge James A. Quigley af Nebraska said sentiment had nnl crystalized in his state and Dr J n. Hyiton, Wyoming, said Democrats in his area were non-committal. Edmund c. Shields of Michigan said "there's no question wlmlso- ever thai lhe people of my state are decidedly for Hoosevcll," Other samplings of presidential sentiment: Mrs. Clara Driscoll of Texas; "I'm chairman of Ihe Garner committee in Texas. You know my altitude, r am not disloyal lo the administration but I am opposed t" ^caking thc third term tradition.'-'-- '. .' • i. •., i, j j | .*j. S. /Warden,' Montana:.""!'<! r«ibef~not talk^aoout'Tt.' Moftta'n'a has a pretty good • candidate Senator Wheeler. We want a progressive Democrat as a candidate. Stolen Car Is Recovered And Youths IS CTILL ICE-Lffi[! HI ISIS I'wo Gorges Located In 10- Mile Si retch; Barges Appear Safe The i'.vo ice c:rges in (he Mississippi river within a 10 mile stretch south bMwer-Ji south ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI .lVS ANSAS ' MONDAY, 1'MOBKUARY 5, 10-10 D'H> When 'floueytnoon Airplane' Crashes In Foe _^_ o HAMMOND, La., l-'i'b, fl. (UP) — Aiithorllios checked Ihroiigh whai, left of n honeymoon airplane •ittklni! probably saved |)ii> ))f p u f Tommy ''>«>•:, a 1. mm of Dio ullol. Ttm i.niiii had packed some of liu Floodway Couple And Baby Suffer Burns, Barely Escape Death nge •IVo white youths, , in the city Jail awaiting dlspoiilioji of their cases hi juvenile court hi connection with the taking of a car owned by Jack Finlcy Robin- sou. The car. stolen Saturday from In from of the Robinson residence. 1031 West Walnut street was recovered a few minutes after Ihc call was received by the city police. Policemen Lea Warrin 3 lon and Dick Potter, who were cruising in a police car. picked up the police broadcast that the car had been stolen. They Immediately started a survey of the city's streets Sonic Indications T It May Bo Weaken.- •ng Uncle,' ' «<"-ioi«ly burned in a lire T"T l < """ Jo, bnrcl crashed Inio ollw phu'y woods led lo recovery of thc c.\r beln» driven by one of Ihe boys while lhe ether Is said to have left the car a few minulcs before. The car was undamaged. We cany the state for any progressive Democrat." Marion Rushcon, Alabama: "The attitude toward the third term is yet; to be found'but. I think iliac Alabama as a whole Is for Speak- er.Bankhead right now—but s:-),li- ment hasn't cryslalizcd." The Republican national committee meets here Feb. 1C. Chairman James A. Farley of the .Democratic national committee; told the' United Press lhai selection .'of' the 'Democratic' ! di>.te wpuld be postponed and thai the Democratic "national coinenJicn would be held after the Republican convention ,nl all. costs. There. was talk as committee members gathered of delaying lUcir convention as late as SenWmber, but an earlier date Is.likely.'Con- ventions normally meet In June. Pour cities are more or less eager to -be host to convention Democrats with Philadelphia putting on the biggest show and showing Ihe biggest suin—a guarantee of $125,000. - Other cities angling for the convention are New York, Chicago and San Francisco and It may re Important in that connection that President Roosevelt is dead set against New York city and cajur for the convention to go to Chicago where he beat Demcovatic conservatives to win hi? first nomination in 1332. Stock Prices A. T. & T 171 Am. Tobacco 90 Anaconda Copper W 7-8 '13 3-3 Beth, steel Chrysler Cilies Service Gcn'l. Elect Gen'l. Molors Int. Harvester Mont, Ward . N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips . Radio Republic Steel Socony Vacuum ... Stiidcbakcr Std. of N. J Texas Corp -V3 U. S. Steel 55 3-8 81 t 1-4 38 1-4 52 1-2 53 3-4 51 3-4 IS 1-8 24 7-8 3 1-4 39 5 5-8 13 1-4 1! 3-4 10 42 1-8 'New York Cotton Prey. Open High Low Close Close Mar. 1080 1084 1078 1084 1076 May July Oct. Dec. Jan. 1015 1048 1012 1015 849 954 943 945 938 .... 1043 1010 949 943 1048 1013 952 944 540 1041 1000 947 940 936 BO nnd a crew of 28 mpii, who !m<l break last night. They have been j)clal,'"and Iherc H days and today said they j believed all gorges will In- within five clays if the v/calhcr continues. Crceil HiiideilliKlor, son' of gonu Colorado sink 1 cnslneer. mild i They left 13envr-ryej;lenl»y Vkiilni. ii,„ • ^ '" B '" M> ' s - ''obeli's nlaha which visiting lhe gorge at Qayoso she bought :«.«n rtB , ,0 pi,,, u, v^r! r^,s i ^!;'t!^ 1 r"-" of Ihe Hairing plonf laud. till t hll tree lops Bend, north of Carutliercvtllc. Mo., where Ihe ice again closed In aflcr parlh'.ily breaking Friday night lo loose thc Federal Barge Line boat Illinois marooned there „„.., with Us $1.000.000 cargo, was Ihc _-__._ pastime of thousands.of molorlsls ri'cenily F'lmil-ili Ihc dp- anv Im- llusslinis A. F. of L. Charges Efforl lo Subjugate Unions to Makes _ New Deal 'Tinge' Likely WASHINGTON, Feb. To HigK Com r* . v 15 the boat is tied up. As Die large ice floes would come cia, cani-as' ^™^«ffij^i^^^ side. The boat woult! move over from thc Arkansas run . Its steel helm tip irilo ever the weekend while hundreds woiu to Butler's Landing for n view of the "Indiana" and lo ivatch lhe large blocks of ice floal by as lliey go from the gorge north of Butler lo the gorge several miles south. Tlie gorge two miles ncrih of Fort Pillow, Train., went out late' . . , , reformed 'at "•iver'fSr' ""^Minesweeper, Dam-.Chickasavvba District Light point and the gorge at Sugarloaf, five miles south of Butler's Landing were both still hcltl- I"!! at last reports. The Indiana did n thrilling bit IK LOSS OF ' LIFE IS FEIHED aged By Nazis, Sinks While Being Towed LONDON, Feb. 5. (UP) — The of the Miuinerholm line. Indlcallons were llml th had suffered more sever*! | ml cm wide drive in place orgmi- Plnns Uc:l '« uor under lhi> Uiunib of (lie tlinn feiisrul government." Have $150 To Locall}' - The North Mississippi ' * ••--•« •••lift «bU . - • - - . -..- -,, w .,u.v,, L«L1.->L>1.1.1LIJIH VjUUIHy of work Sunday to prevent the "' lm """>' l(Xla >' amioiinccd the Advisory Council of lite Infaiilile slated In (he official comm mlqucs r " " statement on Hie imll-lrusl nnd lhai the continual mass attacks <lrlvc '"V Assistant Attorney General !' lhe Russians ivc-re beginning lo '"iiinnon Arnold whlcl ""- lliclr effect although this '" hidleliiicnt Hcd army wns uellhiK Into i< position to break thi'oii[;!>. H \viis noted lhai Ihc Finnish officers asked forclmi corrcsiionclciils lo fibiiiuloii Vilimrl because of Ihu icr- Hflc bomlinrdmcnl by air. Mr. Cole, \vho siivcd his mid bntry from dentil, was nw'al-cii- al 3:30 o'clock i\ml smclicd smoke. When he openi-d the «cor. ;: lending Into liU slorii (lames llclu'd!' his nielli ciolhltig as they wire'"' sucked In by Dm ami thrcinh tile door. •' Wltli his dollies' burning lie broke (ho glnss.of the imail ivfii- dow. Brabbttl his slecjiins baby oiiil icok her lliroui'li the window. Uy- Inx lier ty Hie rondsldc. he returned through HID window Q'iid aided hla wife lo mnke her cacKoe •is the roof collapsed. .' ''' TlKty saved iwtlilng, lii aridl- llou lo Ihe of their itc&t which llicy hnd |jiirch!iscd wiitn . I hey opened the store only; a mniitli . ngo. Ihoy lost $30 in bills'niui cur- rcsultcd rcncy which was burned, nil 'of. "««»». llie present reactionary of foils. 1 Tho council pointed out ns n significant circumstance" Hie <lln- ' Clnliii M). Suctesscs s. (U|.)_p|n. closure by Arnold that he wns m-o- forming of anoihcr gorge al (he ?J llltill S o( the- British mine sweeper Paralysis ciuiiiiiiign' will" lie "given lllsh 'orees bnUlliii Jlussinii' tromls hlui "'"died head of Island 34, near where ^ llllnx wlth " know » 'tenlh toll of 51SO to he used for crippled dill tllrow " llll ° °™ of thi- most de- courl "™ incl probable loss of 54 otfK dre.i minis suction am] a .slinllnr ' tcnnlnt!rt R « l '"'my offensives of A - p - of "~ ni ™ " 1C "- , '• sum w'» 1 ' "' " mnMicc ! ' day « brief In liulmlf of n Congress of industrial OrannlMllons union In on anil-trust case thai the u. g. supreme President William . he sent lo Ihc national IL ', wnl ' nl ' e continuing to throw Oroou .remarked "tlwt, to Ihe - !t *'»« nnnoimcod today tllclr "tinkers back, an olflclal f- ° r ^, appe " rr m-i , , o u , - - ay , , , ' s s '" pc lhe by Jllmcs H1 " Jl '- °' lllylhcvllle i C0l ""'i 1 » 1 1»c said todny. '""'" --^^ ""-" '* ^ ?»»<**«>™» of lhe HHO -nghl I ..?J« c«nm«nl,u B .«U th, ley and promise;! to perform his S"" C K f Un ' iei ' " ie ' co ^«WUon channel "faithfully and efncicnUy" to (he, ± ™ best of his man shipping ., , _ . . . -. . - -. - -i ••• j.-" "i imauLi; ii ULII .'.__. "" --•'• , . ,.„ - -----~ °f Ukc'Lu- ,.. , . -.„ „ „,,„. „,... . ... , ..... .. ,. v ,. ..Jjwns nlso |ipld Tuesday n'lght biit B .nio smftll pieces ami'af'the Heavy .was broke 'the 'to*'' ilne \prccecds troui. tliijj Joint offal," will"' ve lum(lre ^ R-'Wslaiis were kill same lime shove them into the °» th c Sphinx and she capsized'. Me used bv [in advisory council to C(l nud lllc ' - - tanks, four B coastal- Infantile Piirnlysls" campaliiii. while. l>s- No report Is yet available from towed lo port.' Forty six were Osceola where a banquet and ball n " d £lllla ' '' Tuesday night biit them into the and start Iliem Healing again. ciplurod The mine sweeper was one of hc "PHohUed in South Mississippi lnn . l!s ' r ° nr B UI1R , !M> autonioolles the ves-sels altackcd Saturday'when Collnt i'- . nlu ! lnreo <li«i"lHlcs of other arms has gravel digging equipment { „ - - nl 's highly conlradlc- _. yes- Tlle I'Vosccullons nsalnst A F thc Finns repulsed six at- of ''• ""Ions, the council asscrlcd fks bclivccn Ihc Ktircllan Isthmus "I">V« : been uudcrtnken contrary lo Die plain provisions of lllc Ohv- - „- i i ,, , '•/ ,, , • ' •• - • • ' TolaJ .(TuUmalc of. lhe loss was placed,' at ,n.boul.-t46QQ' tadity.'/wUh . the five ibulldln£s._c, to exempt labor"unionnybm' jiro- ,* lli00 ' The.-dance,hall: visions of lhe Slicrinnn iinll-lrusl- ' act. ton net and In complete disregard ...,-. ot ll 'c.iminlslnkiiblc r ,blent of coni- , vt .,, -grcss" was --•••'-'-• • ----- RS is estimated at $600, : Mr. and Mrs. Cole arc the most seriously Injured wllh Mr. Cote's cars almost scared lo a crisp. Jflls luce and hands were burned whlli! Mrs, Cole's burns are also very scrlQUH because she contracted 11 cold from the exposure whKli may loud lo pneumonia. Thc baby's night clothes and bed cm-era m-nlccted her but her hands were loosened from thc cover and these [ire seared while her face Is also burned. Homer Johnson, a ii»lj?h- fcur, quickly placed Ihcni In ills car and rushed them to thc. lias- \i' Attends n 0 . . . , i conlrlbullons hi lhe schools. A Uamage.aUlt Hearing complete rciwrt of each project will '..-' .";•• bo announced later In the wsck. LITTLE ROCK..Feb. 5. (UP) — in this was an For City Fire Truck $3,OCO Judgment Is Reversed By Court place' buildings, i which -.adjoined, thc building occupied by (he,Cote .florc-niitl family,-,. and the-othfr store biilldlni; ivere owned by D. M. Moore of Oseooln.. Itoy Brin!:Icy, of Kelscr, owned the bulUluu rented by Bill Hcclor for a whisky store. Several members ot the family which lived In Ihc other slore LITTLE HOOK, Feb. 5 (UP)— The stale supreme court today reversed the : $3,000 Judgment barely escaped with their Ijvcs. A sriinlcd by n Hc-inpslcnd county vvcman known as "Lucy" operitlc!i circuit court lo Nonlln Kennedy 'he store and she and her fnmliy learned there peared at a hearing" in fednr'al sll)pl C 0 " 111 .^ Ti-aJnhig School at court lotliy to help Ills lawyers In Arl n<"'«]. with H. W. Hafaway ns hus D boats along an 58.ODO.CtO' damage suit «ja!rist sl| l )crl »tcndcnt, for Uiu only «Ift Thc been tied up. five chain grocery slpres. • ram i^grocs who were nol asked light, MoriiFO!). who ran fo'orth In the the Krcaer grocciy coin- lived In a part of the buliditv!. ' I They also lost Iheir stock and Ihc ' practically all of their belongings.,, ts tell "' C[l Ulftl - thc ' name's - In —-. .....v... „. ,v, ,— „.,,„„„, ... ,. •-•— -— . •- , ' n '° Dlylhevllie Fire dcpurtment liany. James If. Morrison, so-called "klnu- ™" cl «™ contribution of $5 raised has a new $BC , siren but 'there lii» Kennedy won hk' cn^n wn of the strawberry bell," a,,- ^J Ul ^... o L «.«, '"*™. Mtel,. ten no ftre since the nr.v al.irm Icw.r court on ,(ro,md° of Saturday, so ,Its full power of a fellow employe In leaving an sliu-led In the dance hall, «id lo" yet been te.ilKl. onion on Ihc floor of a slorurcon siren, nJoii? ivllli It,, red on which hc Said ho slipped am , , ,, -- - --- - — --is purcJia.wd to replace (hc fell suffer' ' to conlribulc. old huml-lurned alarm. ^11 you mnnenl Injuries." ty Joe Ma-ssoy and FUcman, of Manila/There v/ns n nro "' lllc slov<! wh -» Ml - Mnsssy ,,,„ thc bu ,', (tlnK lfloi . Iccking up a short while bet'die Die flam?s were discovered ufter- Dicy hnd spread rapidly through f n i » • the tv.'o frame structures an;l -lo in D3CK, improving' lhe adjacent Cole store befdie iBarficld Man, Shot D. McClurkin, superintendent of barges'at Cairo and send them on I 1 ,", " <lvisc " lc »'s nt the close of schools, will be heard tonight a t ' *"' ' ""' " library at 1:30 the city school o'clock, His subject be "Individual Problems and Individual Differences." He will be assisted by Miss Rosa M. Hardy, principal of lhe hijh school. New Orleans Cotton to Cincinnati i£y,_ rail. Armorel Jiafl Say ,;:'' ~.?.'r } tills nftsnioon's henrlnj. I ~~ IBrunet Presides His:,Wif e Shot Him 1 Over Mardi Grcs Mar. Mas- July Oct. Dec. Jan. No arrests had been made carls this afternoon in Ihc shooting of Claude Leslie, 30-year-old Armorel farmer, who said his wife shot him Saturday nfglil. The wounded man, '' Hll ° lins " bllllet wound throujh 944 940 946 943 942 Chicago Wheat May Julv open OC3-4 9^7-8 high 9T3-4 95 Mrs. Leslie is said lo have Tired the shotjim at close range when, her husband threatened her allcr reluming' home, allegedly in an inlcxicatcd condilion. low DG3-8 37 1 -4 935.3 D45 . s Chicago Corn May July open high 553-8 663-8 543-4 561-8 low close 541-8 56 543-4 553-4 Four Patients Using Hospital's Oxygen Tent "it's ycur lurn now"—and so Ihc oxygen tent al Walls hospital nukes lhe rounds lor four patients who arc being given Ihe use of oxygc.-i lo prolong ihcir lives. There is liule Palrlcia Savage from Holland—less lhaii five weeks old and who has pncumonii—for lhe yovnvjesl member of lhe "Oxygen Ciub." Suffering from Ihc same t!lnj« are Oscar Farrow of Ciiruliicisvhlc, and Meek Ileizht of Stcc.'c. The fourth user is j E Whitworth, city, v.-ho is 111 of a heart ailmenl and who has been asln™ Ui2 lent for several weoks ° Tiie Dnrtna h ,"~ ' ^"^ " r . c pbccd ""dor' a tent, me uurjea horseless carriage, when breathing becomes difficult generally accoplcd as the first «lth uo one rarely ever using It gasoline aiilo in lhe more Ulan low hours at a time Slates, was built around The number wing oxygen at this i ' lime is a record at Walls hospital,' Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111.. Feb 5 vlIPl—Hoas: 15.COS Top, 5.G5 170-230 Ibs.. 5.50-565 140-160 Ibs., 3.00-5.00 Bulk sows, 4.15-465 Cattle: 4.0CO Steers. 11.00 fclaughlcr sleers, 6.50-1150 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.25-3.75 Slaughter heifers, 625-1035 Beef cows, 5.25-6.25 tellers ant i low cullers, 315-4 75 Debutante Katharine Th-Mips reigns as queen 'ol New Ol leans' traditional Mdrdi Gras nnd will preside over grand ball which climaxes ihe fete, inlllee In iti work of seeking n cause ana cure .or this dread disease. Working with Mr. Hill In Ihc program was U S. Bcnlsh as y,m- eral assls-tanl; Mrs. c. Vf. Affllck as co-chairman; B. A. Lyndi, scc- rclary nnd treasurer with these county co-chairmen: E, 1}. Kites, Blylhevillc; Hale Jackson, Osccola;' Mrs. R. c, Langslon, Luxora; Mrj. J. H. Grain, Wilson; Mrs. K. M. Rcgcnold, Armorel; W. R. Brown, Manila; Mrs. A. E. Robinson, Leachvllle, Special commlllces were made up of: llcket sales, E. n. Kites; president's bantitiel. Mrs. B. A Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. Jessee Slltt, Mrs. A. Conway. Mrs. Ellon W. Klrby, Mrs. H. H. Houchlns. Miss Nannie Clark Smith. Mrs. R. C. Parr, Mrs. Firmer England; president's ball. J. T. Surtbury for Bachelors club; coin box. Mrs. Harry Klrby, Mrs. F.uusworlh Slack, Mrs. W. J. Pollard; lag sale, Mrs. W. C. Higglnson, Mrs. Jess Homer; birthday grcctluj arcls, w. u. McClurkin; sports events, E. A, Rice, J. I'. Friend; newspaper publicity. Harry w. Haines, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. i Norrls; radio, W. J. i'oilard. J. 1 Louis Cherry, B. A, Lynch. Ihc Rev, j /.irncs A. Overholser. Max U. Reid. Marcus Evrard. W. t). M:Clurkln, the Rev. o. W. Patterson, Cecil Shane rctichlng tile other two Mcuvlu Hughes, 27, who was shot Mr. Cole, who Is the son ol J. through lhe back of his hip by P. Cole, former marshal of Ma- 1. H. Mercer, 159, Inst Wednesday, nlla and now employed on the has been removed to Walls hospt- county farm, and Mrs. .Cole, had ' liil where his condition today was lived at Manila and also at Ltrx- titscrlbed as "good," jora for it short time before he Mercer, who hn.s been In the opeiicJ his store Jnn, 1. Mrs. Cols ccunty jail here since the shooting lived at East Prairie Mo., before occurred at the Hughes residence , her marriage. on Ills farm near Barflold, b ex- |)ccud lo be given a |ircllnili<aty In arti-;3 within a few days on a charge of assault wllh Intent to Although stories told by pilncipala conflict, Deputy Constable Arch Llndscy sultl today an Invcsli^atlon revealed that Mercer allegedly shot Hughes in thu l>nrk niter Ihrcatcning to kill Ilu;;li2S and hls^ brother. An argument l:c- twctr. "Mtrcer, who was work:r.g on thc Kughcs farm, anil HiijiicV brother over soma tin which hrul b'mvn Into a ntld, Is said lo have •jlart-Hl the trouble and tha older man then wenl lo his employer's house where there Is said lo nave been anollicr argument and two tlows exchanged before Mercer drew a .22 plitol and lired. This fire left Floodway proper without a dance hall or whisky store but Iwo bscr plnccs and sey^ oral moie General merchandise stoics arc a'^o located there. Mi', lhe ' Mcore said today that .he will Conrad Rites Held At Caruthersville Display Window Is Accidenta'ly Broken CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. Feb. 4. Funeral services lor Dr, A. R. Conrad, 18, were held here this afternoon at 2:30 p.m., at the Methodist church, the services b3- Ing conducted by Hie Rev. W. L. Meyer, Methodist minister, nnd assisted by Elmer Peal, a longtime friend of the deceased. Dr. Conrad was stricken with a iieart attack on the street near his home here Friday afternoon at 3:30, and succumbed shortly after ho was tnken to his home. The breaking oi a dtsplny window at tha Montgomery Ward stor3 , ' •',..{ here last nl^lu was an accident, t <' f. - 5' police and, store officials decided 1 ", ' ,' t. , after a thorough check-up. I Kalian army pilots literally flew Parrar, In passing by, no- ring's around Rome when they soared over the city in this un- am i Alfred ninnri usual triple-circle lormal.ion, I t 0 i, V a prttatly rebuild his property. Osccola Girls Lose : $90 To Hitch-Hiker NEW MADRID, Mo.. Feb. 5.-^ Mlis Tbelm-i Crain of Os:eola, Ark., snd her sister, while driving toward St. Louis picked up a younj man they both knew as "Eddie." who wanted to ride part ol the way. They slopped at New Madrid to get a lunch. When they returned to their automobile, their passen^r was gene. A short time htar when they started to pay for some gasor line, they found $30 left in tiu glove ccmpartment was gone. Of-? fleers arrested "Eddie". Deputy Sheriff LaFont said he slill had lho money and papers lakcn fro:;i lhe automobile. WEATHER •iced the broken window am! notified police. of Arkniijjs—Cloudy, occaslonaj rains, warmer in cast p:rtion:- Tucsrtay partly cloudy in west, occasional rains tn cast portion. j Memphis and vicinity—Rain t<3- I n:glit and Tuesday, warmer tp- n'Rht. lowest temperature about 46, colder Tuesday. ' - : The maximum temperature here yesterday -was 41, minimum 35, . cloudy, according to Samuel if. Ncrrls, official weather observer.

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