The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1940
Page 6
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Wliiic ReaiUy Laltei-'s Ma na ge r Says He'll Retire Him After Healing Last Niglu By JACK cimnv VnllJd tins Stall Cor:t«i)oiijeiii NEW YORK, Pe'>. a.—Mv.sleivi (weiopsd t!ic Kiln heavy.vcls-h'l UIvWoii today after .\felio KeltinVs n)n.iki»g victory lasl night ovti- Fred Apc.sloli nt .MiUils.wi S([U:iif Garden—ii victory Him put ApO'Mi I in Polyi'linie. Hospital, t Heuina of Bc-aeon. N. Y., former Ihjlit heavy king, turned Hie tables with a vengeance on Apos- ioli of San FrancisM, tx-mlddlo- welght chsinp, nnd won o.i a tcch- nicnl knockout at Hie end or (he I20i round. This defeat was so iinpxpeclcd in the Apostoll cjinp Dial|><>r Larry While shouted to linjisidc reporters. "I'm retirlnx Apo'stol! now. He quit In tile Vine. He'll never fight aealr later Manager While explained "I'm sure I never sale) lhal Fred quit in the HUB. If I did ft was double talk caused by excllxneM What 1 mean! to say MILS tint Fred has quit the i-lnff. He Jjevei quit anywhere. He's sol i\ heart of Bold." And While added. "What happened to l>re:t? f never saw anything like It In my life." White referred to" the'unexpected debacle before 15,369 tans at the Garden as Apostoil suffered such a beating on his L'ijth birthday that Referee Arthur Donovan oarred him from comi.'-.g out of his corner al v thc end of the mh round. This was unnecessary really, became Manager White and Trainer Whitey Bimstein - already had given Die semaphore signals that tin: bout was ended. Most of thc Garden itvns were as surprised us While and Bunstcln. They liad seen Apostoil win a questionable 12-round decision over Uel- tinn on Jan. 5. They had seen Ihe Frisco Kid come oil In the later rounds jvhcn Beltlna was fading And in last night's tilt-slated for 15 rounds—most of them figured that Ihc longer distance was to Apostoli's advantage. They even shouted after thc eighth, "Now Freddie's coming on." But they were wasting (heir breath. The''eightIt was the only round Apostoli won, according | 0 United Prca sroilng. And after lhal rally lie faded 10 become a heluless, buttered hulk. Although there wen- no knockdowns in ihe bout, Apostoli suffered the worst beating of his career, in (lie fifth Bcttina staggered Fred with a left hook to the chin and belted him groggy In Aiwstoirs own corner. Fortunately the bell rtiii(> Thc bell rang again j,, the loth when left hooks 10 tne caw nmi belly had'Aposloli reeling about Die ring 0:1 rubber legs. '.This ivictory won for EeUlh'a. an- Today's Sport Parade HENT.Jf >aii, Iook...n ljmai , ;; i of eqiiliif tauty is l.llllf- Squire as lie s ,,lls riderless aver a .six-fool jump al riwlimst, M. c. Ultlo Squire, owned by w. J. dt Dfdltaiu. i\r»!w., Is our- c,f famous jumper-; belli!; trained Mickey Walsh. FCWI In background. <>,' \ 7 al{mi])!<>. THE PAYOFF BV JlvfiltV NEA SMvlce Sixirls- Wrller NE.W YOfiiC. Feu, 3,-Jl's n good nluht's work when two basketball 1 tennis take 100 shots ul the hoop betv.'een tlieni. but Ernie Mcssl'- komcr.jSUliplies pan oi the authority (or (he belief that ll won't be more than a couple of ye.irs before that ninny attempts would only leave customer;,- yatvnlii; with boredom. The one-handed shot will be tsrenMy responsible, infers Die Temple University coach. ii wasn't until Hunk Uiisettl and the rest of Hint amazing Stanford yniii; came along lo prove Us adaptability n couple of seasons back thnt thc one-hnndcd toss received impetus. Projn (hen on It was a simple matter to Illustrate H man could yel his shot off much quicker with one hand than two, lie didn'l have I'HOE'N'X 1 ^"- , j i. /. o. <,U|';As): the llf ly t Je'rr.oiu y, m ,-.. . ei lo jiiime Die toughest of all championships to win' am j I'lr-ir cliiinciis are that not of t ?i.'i-i'^ v.Hl iiuinc the correct one. r-'or -m- j.wi'ts they'll tlve you the h-iv- v.djhl boxing chit.npion.shlp," tin- National Opf-n (wli' title, the ll :- lunik singles crown, or the d-'-iCi- lo:i championship. 'I'hose ara all (ouijh. mind vo u, uml call lor much of the best (>mt f.a'S lo make up n man. lint UiVir- 1-1 one s.tjort, nnd H | s & co'inpu-u- llvely little kiiOA'n on/?, where :< man to win the championship ariii show the ultimate,-, and perhaps t. mile more. In' coiiruuc S Hll Mretigth and fudurnnce.' II | s ' mJ .->|:or( thai has grown up out al Amenta's cuttle induslry and Is known 115 the rodeo. • Which ivoiild you ratlier do fice .toe l,oul.s or ride out of •! i-luilf on Hie buck o( n Brnlima slerr? Have Don Budge .smash a' volley >i yon or jump hito tile pilot's -.-nit mop a bucking broncho? Walk »r lo a 50 foot putt or leap from r limning cow pony and tangle with the horns of a wild steer? To win the cowboy championsliin a man lias to tame the Brahma .slick on Ihe bronco, wrestle n steer nnd a dozen other things Just'us difllaill and jnsl as danxcrmis I here Isn't one event en his'list that docs not carry with a Hie threat of death or serious Injury One bit of bad Judgment, one slip mul the rodeo cowboy is headrl lor the last roundup. One of the biggest of Die coun- try.s rodeos will be held here in ten days or so nnd the streets already are sprinkled witli men of the range wearing high-heeled boots s.let.son hats, and levis. They are the professional rodeo conteslnnu- lull. lean, hard-faced, bow-le«™l cttllous-liamlod men. And mos°t of mem have u limp. M the fairgrounds the rodeo stock Is penned. The stock is »uar- anlcBd vicious and one look at ll and you know the guarantee it, valid. There Isn't an animal in (lie Pens you would feed a carrot to unless you woie n suit of mall mere Is no such thing as Hxhi» n to tike time to set set. He fired s CC1 ' or l)llcl; i"S horse. They have wlillc In motion. "° idea of the value of money Every high school kid in thc My vfciU to Ul - morning st tne fndmx .-oiiuin- high country is popping away hand now. Scores are into the 50s and COs . . . mul a polnt-H-mhmle oiKflt is accused of stallijis'. Iriple-tbiftil, r?[inik ' of Ihc Cleveland olhershol al the Ught'heavy crown ! Riims. was named the National r™n . , , , 1< J ''"""P'O" B"ly 1 ' cotta " '^nE»ie'.-, most valuable Conn mat JtHy. Mauling MCIIO will Player for 193!) folloMln, tabuhi- c alienge at New York or' Dstroit don of voles from committee of iijei Y mne '!.of. ilie.Conn-Gtte , v Le;;- 40 active professiontil football re- Feb 23 "' M ' ainl 0 " i l-'5'' ie '' s '" ' hp ntllc 't-'naiK 1 <•»«». Physiclnns at Polyclinic Hospital 1 ' ( 0 fnr me out '~~ announced that. Aposloll had no head injuries. and that lie seemed to be VsuffeVtng :frour-. complete Physical exhaustion. They admitted . amt that his temperature of 103 showe-l a fever caused either bv n heavy, cold or ultra-activity. ' ' ' '' Apcstoli's weight of. no»; (he heaviest of His career, was not be- today what, im-i hnp- lo Anostoli. Ha siild. "Preci is the mystery man of boxing, lie won't tell us what's wong, If he knows. And something certainly Is wrong. lie hasn't been himself since he lost those two close decisions to Conn last winter. He mads a couple of bad fijlits nm! was knocked out >'OU GOM& To Do— 0,V TMT MIL MIBWKST Iti.OCKIN'o- TACTICS UltDTAL, SAV.S U1NKI.E j Osslc Cowles of D.irlmoiilh and Tony Hlnkle of Butler are criti- cising eastern officials for laxity In calling walking and running with the ball. i "I know wo can't have the referees blowing whistles iM night," Cowies .s.iy.s, "but It's n {gravntlnc to see eastern players sta.-t running around their defensive man before beginning a dribble. "The defense has lo play a little more loosely, B | V !ng the' offensive player more opportunities lo shoot, over their heads." Hlnkle admits his own sect'ion also Is lax on another point: "Some of our midwest teams arc positively brutal hi bloskiug and pick-off plays. They make It look as though they're n-ylnsj for n first down instead of two points." Lew Andreas and Nat. Hoimnn Syracuse and C. C: N. Y. coaches respectively, hit all-time' lows in their careers this season by drop- iilti? six straight. The Big Six nice looks like Die hottest thing la (he country, \vilh Kansss, Mksourl nnd Oklahoma sizzling. Orcijon Slate hn.s been the bis surprise In the northern division of Die Pacific Coast Conference. Meeting Southern California in'the playoffs, however, furnishes n sad otit'iook ou life. NOHTinVKSTKUX JfJMOK IS BASKKTHAI.I, IKO.V MAN Al Butherus, Norllnvestcrn junior forward, has a record tough to equal. Since first goin;; out for the sport at Mtiryville. M O ,. high school, Hnlherus has imitlclpated In more than KID consecutive varsity contests. : Hoyt Brawner. Denver's siiarp- •ilicoting forward, also has a mark will stand a lot of pressure. • - - Against Utah this season he dropped in 12 straight foul shots. J Big news from tlio southland is ' that Alabama probably will break Kentucky's .stranglehold on the Southeast conference title a!lcr all these years. I N .Y. 0.. yet to be defeated, has lost two nthtclis. Irv Kesnlck, an fiii-ly season rcsiilar. tired of sit- l.'nj on the bench and dropped _. „..,. ,,L*M^ u , itiuinjy. My visit to the corrals followed with one « "'onii'ig fit Ine Pnemx yqi; mouiillns lj> "" wllcre "ic annual golf toiiiiia- Jiient is being held. After talking w Ihe cowboys f wondered if i hadn't been (juilly of over.stnlemeiit in referring to n goifcr ivho lind holed a long putt for a win as courageous." Take Slim AAlquist for cXdmulc. Slim Is a quiet, drawing, bine-eyed ic-llow ' O j six leci thrcc or tlu'i-cabouti. Kor year-,"hc made the rounds of Die rodeos- Piioenix, MndLion equarc Cnrdcn Cheyenne, i'cudlcton. and Salinas' He paid his own way. There was no guarantee money. He hn;l lo'riay a steep einrancc fee for c.ich event. He had lo depend on his own'skill and daring to earn prl-,.e money In short, to travel the rodeo trail he -, — ...,,vi nic IUIILU iran nc had to risk his own money and 'hj s own neck. £llm Is just, one ot many professional rod-o cmitcstnnts v'ho without n debt to pay and without a nickel In their leans, competes In Ihe toughest sporting events In the world, m'.h! "'i 1 '. 1" Msy wny to " inkc « hvlns. but it's fun." Slim suld. "I For Idaho Doubled Since 1934-35 Wintei Season COrSE, ids. iUlV-VV;n;cr T liavt biought y;jjii uit-ir rise- to sway ciiglnccr.s of the v"$i n,°,a iK-.irly doubled lar.- cost of wlnifj road maintenance, J. n. ciabuv UiUlsllcal engineer of u,e Idaho uiglwiy dcpartnienl, .said today I'hc m:ihuenam:e crews even now' are rradying llielr rotary and trie (or suowplows. graders, power shovels and snow fences for (he minimi 'rattle with the winter snowstorm.,Where the snow u Hie thickest Hid the mountains ihe highest li •ure lo be the place where ski fan.-, fill do the most clamoring for a The highway crews, lolalin-- between 25& and 5i)0 men. used Ml trucks, five tractors, nine tractoi- (Jlows, 24 graders. 17 poiver shovels •ind 1,228.410 feet, of snow fence -o k;ep the snowdrifts off the .tale's main highways last yeai racy expect to use even more this ..'iiuer. Some Roads Clogged If The toughest passes 'on main" roads kept open are Monlda in -lark • county, (jlabonsvilie ' In ..emhl county. The snow was too much to handle on T,ii-g)iec in .-rciuoni county and rj.Dena in aiaine county last year and tliej ..ere closed. Cost of iilghway road clearance of snow rose trom $143,531 in 183-I-S5 to $i77,861 in 19J7-38 i'lie ivliiior of 19.18-39 was a Il-hi one, bill snow clearance still cost 3228.195. And that was with concentration only on removal of snow from primary roads. Clnbby says tne demand for snow removal comes primarily from service ' station operators Grim battle for life between two gfc Age-iil Jack' Benson locks on This | s loath -{tip. Bwisoi, teoed' the am '- nk <! Kglon of Alaska ends while ' ' P K ' IU|1 « ''«•'' tnkei, of moos? ivltli Horns • fu o the hhtlers cf ihu vaiiquiKlinl animal tn is u«»u 7 die Ihey have locked antlei. 'Hitler" Buffaloes The Cop; traveling salesmen, bus and" truck j ?i c !;! l !' s , iiml scll °°i 'iisficts op- D . _ . i JB .—„„•».:: Bl Ur^... is^^y A *d I addicts, removal crews upon many times to pull hapless motorola out of siiow- iinils and rescue marooned parties Latu Winter liad January, February and March are regarded as the principal snow removal months.' That Ls when Ihe ;iiiow piles up the heaviest. Woven lath fences help to keep Hie snow off highways. But some times even they are drifted over DHches at ent-n side of the roa'« bed to allow It to drain freely and clearance of brush and trees off n;e road lo allow thc wind to hlow the snow oif, help In thc matnte nance. Buc sometimes even IhU doesn't work nnd the rotary plows are called In to buck the deepest drifts. When they have cleared a pnih, th«. smaller plows can keep the summits- open. Then' in Congress ---- ~..<..,. Jivo LJ^JUII, j JJLH S31 Kill i ^ crews spread hot, sharp sand on I the road lo give Ihc cars traclloii over the Icy surfaces. No motorist Is safe out on the Idaho highways In the stormy win tor months without a set of chain.'! nnd a shovel. C'labby warns. Sud- ucn storms bring cotigestion' thnt Who hasuaSlmieedlrS! ^"""""^^.ttaeW^ en all over the country Some had broucs to (ramp on 'cm. Others got gored by steers, and some got bust-d up bcnig thrown. What's thc t3u»h- esl iiihi. of 'cm mi? ril tell you- n the Brahmn riding. IJoy. that's O£ CEOLA. Ark.. Pel). 3. _ The hell. You Jnsl Jump on back of n D5Ceola high school teams dropped Brahma's hump and get to praylii? " two fames to Dell Thursday night Elirn said thai there mnsl b» an whllc thc Juniors were victorious b> easier way to make a living" He 011SmStclc < i scores, pointed out that. 1( fellow hiid to ! Tllc Dc " -wlet chalked be awful good and powerful lucky lo make as much as $350 u lno j uh during each of the six rodeo months. You need that much. Slim c 1 '- plalncd. to lake care of ih« |,os- Osceoians Lose To i > - Dell Cagers Thursday . pltal bills. Yarbro News up a 31 to 17 win, W itt, nieir fasl moving cnplaici. Davis, leading for scorln" honors- with 21 points. Jackson, alsr of Dell, ran n close second \vlih 13 to her credit. The Dell boys won 35 lo 21 Only in the third ijuarler were the Semlnoles able to hold their own Talc of Dell was easily the outstanding player of the game In thc junior brackets the Osce- olu girls were victorious to thc tune or 15 to 3 with Bannister tossing 13 of the winnlnj counts. The ju- Sillily Stcu-ardship "Stewardship" was the .siibje-t of the program prescnled by the Rev., , „„,„„„ A. \/. Hums, at a meeting of the nior bovs had an" even easier ti-n» Woman's Missionary society of the j with a 26 to S u'ln ' \arbvo Methodist, church W«h,es-1 The OsccoU .vrhool band made Us initial appearance betiveen halves of the games, Thc band im- der thc direction of Mrs. T C. Raines Will Meet Again A special return match between big diaries Sliikey nnd Del Raines will feature Monday night's mat. card al the Legion arena. Sinkey and Raines put on n Show for the - fans who sa\v an exhibition ot "tag Cola wlln 18 °- wreslling" here a week • ago In : which Raines succeeded in dtspos-! inff of the fcrmldablc Mississippi' heavyweight, Sinkey. however, has been seeking « return mali-h, according to Promoter Aflke Meroney and Raines readily agreed to take him on again. This time, however there .will be a different, referee who has not been announced and there will be no lime limil The gropplers will be allowed to uo until simeone wins. Another fast bout is promised between Benny Bolt and Floyd Byrd, tico local favorites who iiave. been appearing on thc card for some time. Over Coca Coli The National Guards of Com ; pauy M defeated Coca Cola [t \ their first gams of the season las; j night at the Plamor ulleys. Highes! pingle game of the night. 2BG, wa, rolled by Marshall Blackard o! Cocji Cola. National OuardsmaL Henderson Hall lind the highe*' four game average, 212, and «'n. followed by Cecil Howard of • Co^i . Freshsst Stock Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores Wert Optometrist "HE JLUCES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 5'10 STANDABI* TIRES *f« •OTHER SIZES j l day afternoon at the home of Mrs E. V. Hill. The meeting was opened with n s.-ng by the nine members present Mrs Hill offered prayer after Which Mrs. George Bunch dl'ciiss- cd Hie Scarreit pledge.'! The de- Waller .Tolmson feeds chickens on his faun near Germanlown while annoimcing c.indidacy for Republican nomination from Maryland's Sixlh district for ;i seat in Congress. The immortal pitcher was elected n commissioner of Montgomery county. Matthew was read by the lirv Mr Harris who dkmlsscd the croUD with prayer. WlMgntMjoiisist, of • 45"members:; bc 450.000.000, out of which they ... „ ; W HI show a nsi profit of about $2.- unlkcrs Ordered to Lcfl ] 500,1,03. This is in comparison 13 similar during tv» me ocnriTll pleflf'e.'i The rtr- rnrr ,- , uuu.vuj. volional from n, c 2511, chapter of lam? n • / , (UP '- Ca P tal » **' the fact *c~*ti._ . . . "'i't(.t wi land urais nf 11^ r'mtnt,, Tjioim-rt-.i Fred nerctta. Purdue captain, irobibly will wind up as the guard who outscoml Eouiliern , Cat's great Ralph Vaughn this i winter . . . Vx -!ilch i s distinction, plus. The Inrgrst private Innd-ownin" body in Orrnt BHtnln is sni:| ( 0 b^ Eccltsinitlcnl CominiMloii «l>ich ccntrcls 239,000 acres. , . —.- Innd Drais of Ihc County Highway Patrcl, has announced that pedestrians hereafter will be arrested fcr walking O u the right sida of the highway*. Immediate cp.use of the decision HYIS the fact thnt the last seven automobile deaths in the county were pedestrians. p.nioiint O33. thai <i loss of n was experienced A recent speedup of the manu- icturlng facilities of the plane manufacturers of the United Stole. 1 ; IroiiRhl the pvcducllon capacity M' <o 15.000 planes a year. Read Ccutlcr News «ant ads. TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS AT ONCE CASH For 1938-1939 Government Loan Collon Louis Applebaum 107 So, 2nd. Bljthcvlllc.Ark' PHONE 167 I,,D. 19' H is csthuatcti that the gross revenues of the American air transport industry during 1939 will Dr. J. A. Saliba ] Announces the removal of his I office from thc Ingram BuildinB lo his home. 124 F- Keniucky Dions 410 j WRESTLING SPECIAL RETURN MATCH! Charles Sinkey vs. Del Raines NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service PROPORTIONATELY LOW l AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! CAc As Low As Per Week On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. ^«anes amxey vs. uoi Kajnss| »^y^^^^ v T^H Benny Bolt vs. Floyd Byrd. J7 GAY & BILUR6S, Inc. American Legion Arena, Monday 8 p. m. 1V • Phon* 76

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