The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1965 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1965
Page 2
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(la.) Upper D»* MoinM Thursday, November 4, 1965 BOYS ARE QUITE WONDERFUL creatures. They are dirty, noisy, carefree, thoughtful, loving, horrid, exasperating, and enchanting all in one package. Eventually, they lose some of these traits and, for better or for worse, prow up to be men. Always, from the cradle to the grave, some woman - a mother, sister, sweetheart, or wife, is trying to dissuade them from their natural bent, which is utter depravih. And usually she might just as well save her efforts for l>oys will lx? boys, as the old saw goes, and every woman who becomes involved with them ends up by losing her heart. - o - I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT boys this week particularly, not only because I spend a couple of hours every day with boys, but it is also the anniversary of the birth of our son. In age, and accomplishments, my Iwy is really a man. That is, in the eyes of everybody excepting his mom. Moms are notorious for considering their sons eternal little boys. - o - DURING THE YEARS WE HAD OUR BOY and five or six of his buddies always around the house, I sort of looked forward to the day when things would be more peaceful ajid quiet. That time came four or five years ago, and mighty fast it seems to me now. You'd think I'd quit when I was ahead, wouldn't you ? But I rounded up a job where 1 am the warden for a couple of boys between school and the time when their parents come home from work. Something to do, and some extra casli was the original purpose of this, but I suspect that one of my motives is that I can't stay away from boys 1 - o - THE PLACE WHERE I GO IS in a housing development of about 250 families. But in those families are, I swear, 1,508 boys between the ages of 7 and 12. Most of these boys play in the Cooper yard, or in spite of the house rule of no more than four boys inside at one time, they seep through the woodwork and play in the house. It certainly reminds me of 209 S. Williams Algona, when Bill was little. - o - THE WAY MY BOY, BILL was when he was their age is often cited as an example of the way kids should be. My boy never sassed me - he was always a cheerful worker even when I asked him to empty the wastebaskets - he did his homework promptly - always got go*od grades - never fought with his siblings - never used bad language. I have his halo so shined up that the way I tell it now, Bill even kept his room neat 1 If my present boys ever paid any attention to what I say, they'd consider Bill perfectly obnoxious. And if they'd take a glance into the back files of my columns, written through the years, they'd know that Bill's mom has turned out to be an awful liar I - o - THERE ARE A LOT OF SIMILARITIES between the boys of a decade or so ago, but then too, there are some differences. ThisHime around has me more involved in athletics. There's a baseball, or football game or a swim meet going on right on the premises most of the time. Occasionally, what could be termed an impromptu wrestling or boxing match springs up and I get to referee that. It still amazes me, as it did back in the old days, how two boys can be absolutely intent on murdering each other one minute and bosom buddies the next I I'VE LEARNED HOW TO PIT the padding in a football uniform, this trip around with the bo\s. One of my duties is to get Chip to interrupt his neighborhood football game and send him off to Little League practice. I've also learned quite a bit about baseball. A couple of times 1 trot to keep score outside and then when we adjourned to the pool for water baseball, I was second base. No, I don't mean I played second baseman ! I was the base they had to touch on their scoring trips. - o - THIS YEAR, FOR THE FIRST TIME, I thoroughly enjoyed a World Series. Naturally, I was rooting for the Twins.- a highly unpopular opinion in a roomful of young Dodger fans. I finally found one lone Ixn who shared my sentiments, but by that time it was the last day of the Series ajid our cheers didn't count for much. - o - AS IN THE OLD DAYS, I HAVE lots of discussions v/ith the boys. I have to keep on my toes for the subjects are quite varied immersion baptism compared to infant sprinkling; Republican politics versus Democrats; the virtues of music (?) by the Beatles compared to a Strauss waltz; and most frequently, southern football teams compared to the Big Ten. I maintain the reason southern teams are rated so highly is that they don't have any competition; Chip claims Texas, Arkansas or Florida could beat any Big Ten (earn. I am quoting verbatim, my husband; Chip is quoting won! for word, his Dad, who is a former sportswriter. it usually ends with both sides unconvinced. Occasionally, the talk gets on sex and I've collected some astounding information on the subject. But I'm always a little relieved when we get back to tlie fallacies of the beliefs of the Unitarians which is a field where we are mutually agreed. - o - ONCE IN A WHILE I GET TO THE point when 1 think it might be a good idea to strangle all little boys, and that is an emotion that was not entirely foreign to the old days either. But kids seem to sense when they've reached the limits of adult patience, and they do an immediate about-face and become little angels. It is then that I realize that in spite of present antics, most of these little savages are going to turn out to be good, responsible adults. Heaven help us all, if I'm not right about this. - o - DURING THE WEEK OF COTOBER 31 through November 6, people having birthdays include Charles Harmon, Mrs. F. E. Kent, Tim Geelan, Ken Parrish, Dick Balluff, Don Sherman, Marcia 01sen,TimothyHagg, Gordon Hall, Barbara Harris, Chalmer Read, Bill Kuhn, Bill Slgsbee, Vicky Hansen, Dr. LeRoy Strohman, Beecher Lane, Tommie Miller, Kay Agena, Mrs. G. Russ Cook, Bill Conn, Don Gant, Lori Ann Herbst, William Larry Dau, in, Richard Palmer, Jim Pratt, Danny Struecker, Ellen Dailey, KevinSculfham, James Everds and Darlene Farrell. Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kent, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Dick Post, Rev. and Mrs. Frank Harcey. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS for Popovers, called Merry Pop-Ins. 4 tbsps. soft-type margarine 6 to 7 eggs (1 1/2 cups) 2 cups milk 2 cups flour, sifted 1 teasp. salt with a wire whisk or rotary beater, beat together margarine an'! eggs in large bowl until margarine is well dispersed and egcs are foamy. Add milk. Gradually beat in flour and salt until smooth. Lightly but evenly coat the inside of 10 to 12 popover cups or muffin tins with soft margarine; fill with batter to --vithin 1/2 inch of tops. Place cups in shallow baking pan. Bake in 375 degree oven 1 hour and 10 minutes until tops are firm, crisp and brown. Yields 10 to 12 popovers, giant size. GRACE Celine Miller Of Titonket Is Engaged To Wed CELINE MILLER TITONKA - Mr. and Mrs. Glen Miller, Titonka, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Celine Kay, to Dennis Schmidt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Veryl Schmidt, Titonka. Miss Miller is a student at Northwest Institute of Medical Technology in Minneapolis, where she will complete training in December. Mr. Schmidt has been in the U. S. Navy since July of last year and is presently stationed aboard the U. S. S. Vogelgesang in the Atlantic fleet. A late December wedding is being planned. TYPING PAPER, Office Supply Dept., Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Algona. Wed 40 Years Will Honor Burt Couple HURT - Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Miller, Runnemeade, New Jersey, and Mr. and Mrs. James Fredrickson are honoring their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Fredrickson on their 40th wedding anniversary. Open house will be held from 2 to 5 p. m. at the Fredrickson home Nov. 7. No written invitations are being sent. All relatives and friends are invited to help make the day a memorable one. The honored couple requests no gifts. - o - Members of St. John's Ladies' Aid will meet at the church Nov. 4, with Elizabeth Radig, Florence Koestler and Dorothy Marlow hostesses. In charge of Market Basket are June Bierstedt, Lilly Blelch and Phyllis Hanna. The Harvest Supper sponsored by members of St. John's Ladies' Aid Thursday night was well- attended with over 500 area residents enjoying the dinner. A large number of Burt Presbyterians attended installation services for Rev. Albert Bullock at the Lone Rock Presbyterian church Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miller stayed at the farm home of the Clark Millers over the weekend while Mr. and Mrs. Miller attended a Masonic gathering at Knoxville. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hinckley, Sioux City, spent the weekend at the parental Al Hinckley home. Students at the Burt school enjoyed a varied assembly program on Tuesday afternoon by the Parkinson assembly group. Mrs. Elsie Lockwood will entertain members of the Fortnightly Club at her home Nov. 5. Mrs. Bill Batt arrived home from Dickinson county Memorial hospital Wednesday and is recuperating in her home following surgery ten days ago. Mrs. Louise Godden, Lompac, Calif., visited her sister, Mrs. Emma Manus, at the Gertrude Ackerman home and with other relatives in the area. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson spent the weekend in Minnesota and attended the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barney at Coon Rapids. Mrs. Barney and Mrs. Anderson are sisters. Principal Dean James and members of the junior class attended the annual "career Day" activities at Sentral' tfov. 4. Students at Burt will enjoy a day of vacation from their studies Nov. 8. Parent-teacher conferences will be- held that day. Mrs. Janet Sowers, local F.T. A. sponsor, and Mrs. Jim Fries chaperoned a group of Future Teachers to Cedar Falls Wednesday where they attended Prospective Teacher's Day at State College of Iowa. Students attending were Nancy Becker, Joe Fries, Douglas Black, Jean Wood, Vickie Koestler, Jane Barslou Linda Fairbanks and Diane Miller. REASONABLE PRICES, good set-vice, and quality printing are trademarks of The Upper Des Moines Pub. Co. In Algona. I for BETTER At Your Favorite Food Store or Super Market And«r«on-Erick«on Dairy Co. PREHISTORIC TOOTH Ronnie Foss, 12-year old son of the Elwin Fosses, Garrison farmers, found a fossilized molar from a prehistoric elephant in a creek bed on the Foss farm. Dr. Burnlce Beane at LeGrand, an expert who has studied prehistoric animals in North America, identified the find as^-a molar either from a woolly mammoth or Columbian mammoth predecessors of the elephant, which sometime grew to a height of 14 feet. Municipal Utilties AN ALL-NEW FAMILY GAME DEPT. AT READ'S * BILLIARD TABLES * PING PONG TABLES * POKER TABLES * RIK-0-SHAY GAMES ELECTRICALLY Algona THE EMPRESS I - 3Va' x 7' x 31" FEATURING >/2" PLYBEND BED, STEEL LEVELERS, RUBBER CUSHIONS, FOLDING LEGS, WOOL GREEN BILLIARD CLOTH, CHERRY WOOD GRAIN, 2W MOLDED BALL COMPLETE WITH 2 CUES, TRIANGLE BALLS, & FAMILY INSTRUCTION BOOK, _ A THRIFT TABU BUT STYLI & QUALITY NOT SACRIFICED CHOOSf FROM MANY STYLES & SIZES AVAILABLE FROM 99.91 TO $598.88 FURNITURE and CARPETS OF COURTHQUSI SQUAR& — A I Q O N A

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