Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1894
Page 3
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A STRANGE CASE, How an Enemy was Foiled. The fnllnwlntr graphic statement will lx) rc.'iil »'!ili liuriisi'Interest: "1 ranriotdi'.-iTllie Ihonutiit),rrt'cpyscnsatlonthate.xKted in my ^iii'iii--, ii.'imN ami leK-- 1 - I h:i(l to rub ami heat Tin)<i' purl-* until I lioy WOT' 1 soro, to ovrrvomO in :L riHMMire thr (toa'cl fooling th;i!' h:icl l*kun l,,K^-.-i»u n£ tlicin. In iiililitlnn. 1 Ji:«l a sii-nik-.' wi>:iliiirx< In niy hm-k ,'uul ari>u:iil my wuNi. together with :m lnilcsrHI':i Mu 'itnim' fci'lliii.' In my Rtoniacn. J'hysli'hins stilil It wusiT.Tjilir,- pariily*!*. from whli-li. ruvord- Inif IIP ilp-ir rinmT-alrOMi'luslon, tiuTi' is m> relief. Uin'i' It fri-ii'iis upon a iieixon. tin y -MV.lt OHlUlMirS Lls IM*lllliPUS progress null! It. rnii'lpesii vltiLl p'.iliilunil llin sullVriT illi-*. >ni-h \i:i- itiy |inps|Hrt. ) liad bri'n ilui-torliii; iiye!ir:iinl :i hiiirsti'urtlly. Lint vllli m> P'n 1 - 1k'i:hir I.eiii-tlt. when I .-aw nn advert i.-eini'iit •iif Hf Mil"-' KYsKintiivti Nervine, proriired a txiuii'and IH-J.MH iism^' It. Marvelous us It, Tii.-iv leem. hut a few (lays had passed heforo •vveYv I'll of that p'lvi'jiy feeling Innl left !ne. 11 ml tin -re has hot I'eell uveil (hi! .sllL'htest Indii'iiiloM nf Its ivturn. I now fool us m-ll ;.-. ! over illil. ami Iv.wo cultiud ten pound- In weight, ihoiiitli I had run clown from IT" to l;ir, Four others luivo used Dr. Miles' Kr-uiriitlve Nervine on my reeiKiieii- .{lailon.aPKl II has been ii-ssatl.-fui'iory Inlhelr cases a- 111 mine."—James Kami, La UUP, U. lir. .Miles' liestorativo Nervine. Is sold by nil •druj:cl-.ts on it. pn-lt.ivo ^uunuih.'O, or sent <llnvt by tin) Dr. Jllles Mt,-dlcal Co., Klkliart. jiiil oii receipt rf prl[_'i', SI per botlLi), six Sjoitlos ror.f.'p, express prepaid. Itbfrocfrorn opiates ur EAST BOCNM SHIPMENTS. East bound sbipmontB from Chicago during- the last week amounted to 5.5,770 tons, against 57.289 for the proceeding weak, and 52,546 for the corresponding week of last week. Tho roada carried tonnaco as follow^: Miehlffun Central, -1,922: Wabasb, 5,323; Lake Shore, G.C05; Fort Wayne, 7 380; Pnn Handle, 7004; Baltimoro & Ohio, 2,S:i3: Grand Trunk, 7,787; Nickel Plate, C Slfi; Erie, 4,040; Big Four, 1,730. LACE CURTAINS AND SILK ASM CHENILLE PORTIERS THE PROMISED LAND. An Kniljprant Family mi tho Plain M THE mm. :;-JO HBOADH'AY. IirU. OF TARK FOR SCHDAT DINNER SOUP. •Cream of Fowl, Sliced Tomatoes itnd Celery Mackinaw Trout, German Frlwl Potatoes IIOILXI). Breast of :,amb, wlihyrenclt Peas HOAST, Boast of Bet>f, with JIusliroom Sntico Roust Chicken, with French Dressing KNTBIKS. HIcc Croquettes, Cream Sauce Banana Fritters, Lemon Sauce VEC.ETAHLKS Mashed and noll.nl Fotatoe.s Buttered Beets Jersey Sweet Potatoes New Beans Wine Plant Pie Coffee Tea DKSKIIT, Siloed f.emun I'le Curiimol Cnke Milk Ice Cream Huttermltk Traveling Alone On journeys is tedious — makes trips seem long which are all too short with good company! How is it then that on one great journey so many choose to travel absolutely alone — turn their backs on the only companions that can make the way pleasant 7 It's the journey of life, and the way ii long, tedious, and even dreaded, unleM We are band in hand with those Two Friends Health and Strong Nerves t When they are along days are full of sunshine ! Are thry witft you makinsf the journey h&ppy t or kavc you driven them way by carelessneis t worry, overwork, dissipation, or°<hcr causti f We want to till you that afromft and fait/t- iul use of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer always trffs back Health and String Nt mattes a reconciliation/ Kiplain your case (with stamp for reply) »n<5 the Doctor will Kindly advise you. Free treatment for other disease wilh Nervous Troubles will be given to users of the Vitnlizer If found necessary Of druggists at $1.00 « bottle, or if not found with your local dealer write ui. The J.W. Brant Co. JVUkcn ALBION, MICH. And 4 j O«y 5t., N«w York We offer $500 to any chemist or other person who ithftll find bynnnly* •iIn & particle of opium, morphine, co- cnlne.ornnv hurrn- ftildrtiEln thlnrem- cdy which uaeri can dep«nd upon u ftJl right. Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING. MAY 9. Attend the carpet sale this week at the Trade Palace. Houie for Sale Very Cheap—No. 808 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DeLong, No 402 Market street. For Sale—f 5.000 accident tickets for twelve months for $10. Houses to rant, No. 319 Pearl street. —S. M, Clos son. Acute and chronic catarrh; diseases of tho throat nnd ear treated by Dr. J. H. Sbultz, 412 Fourth street. Telephone 157. For rent, good 'front room, down l*,alr», suitable for two, In good location on Market street, fire minutes walk from court houne. Inquire X X Journal office. The olliclal report shows that tho actual expenditures on tho Pennsylvania linos west of Pittsburp last year amounted to $3,,023,0-17.91. SherilV Malchinfi- of Allen county, was at tho Pan Handle shops yceter- day calling on his friond and former echool mote machinist \V'm. Wohllng. Tho \Vabash hii^ secured tbe coo • trol of haulinj,'So!ia BroB. circus from Danvlilo to Toledo, making: stops of ono day each at Liifayette, Logansport and E'ort Wayne. With tho taklnp effect of tho summertime table tho Vandn.Ua will havo two through passenger trains each way b^twoon Torre liauta and St. Joseph over tho Michigan division. Fort Wayne Sentinel: It is rumored in certain circles that trains NOB. 22 and 26, known as thj "Keystone" and tho "Columbian'' express, which are DO^ runninp over tho Pan Hftndlo line, aro to bo returned to the Fort Wayne road. Tbe company it is stated, is dlssatified with the earninps of the trains on the Pan Handle route, Xhoomceof apent for a railway company at no mo of the email stations is not a complete sluocure. At Colburn, Ind.. whereE, W. KlcharJaon looks after affairs for the Wabaeh, the offices of ticket seller, telegraph operator, freight agent, janitor and general utility man aro combined in ono person. For fear, through idle ness, Mr. Richardson should sutler with ennui, the company in arranging matters so as to place the water station under his supervision and he will hflroaftor do the pumping in connection with his other duties. Cleaned and thoroughly renova ted at mo derate prices, by the Old fctaten Island Dyeing Establishment, of Nesv York, oa short notice. Leave your work at THE BEE HIVE DKY GOODS STORE where prompt attention will be given it. HE TOOK Tlo\v n CloLlilcr T.» THE SAMPLE. FuvnrlLn Saiitplo Xo Small Pox At I'lymonlh. PLVMOTTU, Marshall Co.. Ind, May 7th, 1894. To all Who i,ove tho Truth. An itom of news appeared in tho Chicago Horald of May 7th, 1894, slating that small pox is prevalent in ;ho City of Plymouth, Indiana, that ton persons aro sick with the disease, ;i large number exposed and that the city is quarantined by order of its common council. All tbis Is unqualiCodly false, and wo take this opportunity to state there is not a single caeo or small pox in tho ulty or vicinity, nor has there boon for many years, and we hope that the proas ae well as the good people of the State will join in making public this our emphatic protest against the miserable slander that has been publisbed concerning our clean and healthful city. CHAS. P. DRUMMOND, Mayor. C. T. MATTINGLT. Pros't Business Mon's Ass'n. 0. F. KKTCHAM, Secretary. In this connection It might alao be said In tho interest of truth that there Is not nor has there boon any email pox >it Kewannn. Tho disease is confined '.o a farming community about 20 miles north of Kewannanear Do Long. This community has boon placed under a rigid quarantine and tho spread of tho disease is not expected. "Thirty-dollar overco:ils fnr ton," w;is the w:iy tho ridv<;rl:.sc:nent, ran. In tlic windowshniifr soineri'iilly hund- somc articles of clothing, which waro culcuhitoil to make the i>;isser-by be- g-nidge the fifty dolhirs spont for aa "order coat" before the bli'ssinjr of a closing out sale came in view. On tho tables within the shop wore piled coat* almost innumerable. On the front table and on the top of the pile was a coat which tbe prospective customer regarded with great favor. It seemed to be a "thirty dollar coat for ten dollars" in truth. It was the first ono he picked up on entering the store, lie put it on, but before ho had had time to see himself in it the salesman had dragged it oft with the remark, "That won't do at all," and offered him a garment of faded blue, which looked like a (ivo dollar coat for ten dollars. The visitor asked fora coat similar to the one first noticed. "Sorry, but these aro broken lots, and wo can't just fit you in that," was the reply. "Now, what do you want in this?" and another cheap coat was brought out. The customer tried on several, and then came back to his first love. "I want to try that on again," ho said. "Oh, that won't fit you at all," said tho clerk, but he helped the visitor to don the coat, and the latter thought It fitted very well. Then the discovery was made that it was already sold. The. customer didn't sco it in that lifi-ht, and in consequence a conference of clothiers was held in the back part of tho store. A man came forward and said: "There's a man in the buck room that wants that noat." "1 want it, too," said the customer. "Jlut it doesn't fit you." "All it needs is to shorten the sleevoa, and you say you do that for people." "\Vcll, we can't do it on that coat \Ve don't want you to take it. We don't want such a looking 1 thing 1 logo out of our store," said the proprietor. The customer persisted, however, and amid scowls and protest* bore off his coat in triumph. He sayb he is used to decoys, and that it is dangerous for the dealer to throw in his way expensive samples not made to sell—* N. Y. Tribune. Potto n'Htiomle Club. At tho last meeting of the Potto- wattomio club tho following officers wore elected. President—W. H. Snider. Vice President—E. A. Hall. Secretary—W. D. Pratt. Treasurer—John F. Johnson. Directors—A. J. Murdook, Dr. Lon(?necker D. B. McConnell, H, S Vfurdock, Eli Groonefelder, W. M. Graffle, Allen Richardson. Home Seokrr'M Excnraloni. May 8 and 29. 1894, the Wabash Railroad Company will ecll round trip tickets at greatly reduced rates to principal points in the Northwest, We?t, Southwest and South. For particulars of which please call on or address C. G. NEWELL, Ag't, Logansport, Ind. $l.r,5 Hound Trip to Indlanapolu Tin !>«nupiylvaula Linen. Wednesday, May 1G, for all regular trains of that day account I. O. 0. F. Encampment. Returning trains leave Indianapolis 11:15 a. M-and 11:20 p. m., and return coupon valid until May 17, Inclusive. Vandal la Line ExenrBlom To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until June 5, 1894, Inclusive. One fare round trip. Call on or addreei any Vandalia line agent and ailc for Information contained In circular No. 827 of January 20,1894. f 100 lliurnrd, $1(10. The rcndflr of this paper will be pleased to leiirn thdt th«ro In lit least onn ilrradoil diseases that selenco Ims bfwn aWe to cure In nil Its BtiiKcs midtluitl8Cnt:irrh. Hall's Ciitiirrh Ciirw Is the only positive cure known to tlie medical traturnlt)'. Ciitiirrh belnz n constitutional dlsei««p>, requires n constitutional treatment, Hull's Oitarrli Core Is tuken Iritpnmlly, acting directly on the blond nnd mucu« surfaces of the nystoin, thereby destrojlnp the fotindiillon of the disease., mid Klvhii? the pn- tlont strength by bnlldlnc up the constitution ami n.s«l«tlni: miturc In doliiK its work. Tim proprietor* Imve so muph fiiltli In Its curative powers, ttiat they oftVr One Hundred Dollars tor liny cnse that It Tails to euro. Semi for list of testimonials. Address. K. .1. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. To Special excursion tickets to Indianapolis will be sold from ticket stations on the Pennsylvania lines in Indiana at reduced round trip ratoe, as follows: May Cth and 7th, on account Musical Festival; good returning until May 9th, inclusive. May 13, 14, lo and 16, acount Re befcah Lodge. I. O. O, F., and Grand Lodge. I. O. O. F., of Indiana; valid to return up to and Including May 18. May 14 and lo, good returning until May 18, inclusive, account May Musical Festival, May 21 and 22, account Grand Lodge F. & A. M., of Indiana; good to return until May 24, inclusive. May 22 and 23, account People's Party Convention; Rood to return until May 25, inclusive. For particulars and time of trains, apply to nearest Pennsylvania line ticket agent. ^ Traveling: Bl«k«, With the increased facilities for tr.ivel and the great number of travelers, there has been naturally a great Increase In the risk of accldor.ts. Everyone, who for nnj reason Is compelled to Incur thf se risks, should keep by him a supply of Allcock's Porois Piasters, for they are a wonder- Inl specific in strains of the bock or limbs, such as are almost Inevitable In case of accident, Anj one starting on 5 long Journey should have on» as a part othls equipment. Commuters on suburban trains should keep tbem both at home and In the office. Allcock's Porous Plasters have repeatedlj proved thelrgre >t value In time olneed. Brandretn's Pills remove all Impurities. Kirk's 4 leaeoni toilet loap Ii new and very fine, only 25 oenti a box of I 8 oaket, at Ben Fliher'i druff "tore. Perhapu there were ten of them— these fp'allopii)£ dots wcru hard to count—down in the distant bottom across the river. Their swiftly moving dust liunff with then) close, thinning 1 to a yellow veil when they halted short. They clustered a roouient, then parted like beads, and went wide HStindur on the "plain. They veered singly over tho level, merfrod in twos luul threes, apparently racing-, shrank tojfolher like elastic, anil broke ranks ag'ain to swerve over tho stretching- waste. From this visioucd pantomime presently carat; a sound, a tiny shot. Tilt.' li^-nrc.s were tou far Cor ijisei!ruiii£ whiuh liivd it. It evidently did no harm, and was repeated at ouue. Soon, for no visible reason, the dots ran to- jjuthor, bunching 1 compactly. The shooting stopped, the dust, rose thick iiga-in I'rom the crowded hoofs, cloaking tin. 1 ffroun, and so pnsscd back u.nd was lout among thcsilu:iL, barren hills, Four emigrants had watched this from the hi-rli bleak rim of tbe Wff Jleud. Thoy .stood were the flat, of tho Oesc-rt broke and titled down in grooves aud bulges (loop to the lurking Columbia. Kmpty levels lay opposite, narrowing up into the ni^b country. "Tha'.'.s tho Colvilli! reservation across tiu> river -from us," ^i:d '-ho man. "Another!" sighed his wife. "The last Indians we'll strike. OUT trail to tho Okanuyon goes over a corner of it." "U'e'i-o K-oins 1 to Uioso hills 1 .'" The mother looked nt hoi- little girl and back where the cloud hail jrono. "Only a corner, Li/.a. The ferry puts us over on it, and we've ,'^ot to go by the fori-y or stay this side of the Columbia, You wouldn't wanttostart n home here?" They hail driven twenty-one hundred miles at a walk. Standing by them wore the six horsus with tho wiLR-ou, and its tunnelled roof of canvas shoje duskily on the empty verge of the wilderness. A dry windlass air hung over the table-land of the Big Kend, bul a sound rose from sumc- whcre, floating 1 voluminous upon the silence, and sank again. ".Rapids!" Tho man pointed far up the giant rut of the stream to whore a streak of white water twinkled at the foot of the hills. "Wo'vfc struck the river too high,' 1 ha added. "Then we don't cross here?" said the woman, quickly. "No. liy what they told me the cabin and tho furry ought, to be five miles down." Her fauc full. "Only five miles! I was wondering, John Wouldn't there be a way round for tho children to " "Now, mother," interrupted the husband, "that ain't like you. We've Crossed plenty Indian reservations this trip a'ready." "1 don't want to go round," the little frh-1 said. "Father, don't make me go round." Mart, the boy, with a loose hook of hair hanging down to his eyes from his hat, did not trouble to spoilt?. He had been disappointed in tho westward journey to find all tho Indians peaceful, lie knew which way he should go now, and he wont to the wagon to look once again down the clean barrel of his rifle. "Why, Nancy, you don't like Indians'?" said her mother. "Yes, 1 do. I like chiefs." Mrs. Clnll:\rn looked across the river, "It was so strange, John, the way they acted. It seems to got stranger, think- iuj about it." "They didn't see us. They didn't have a uotioii " "lint if we're going right over?" "We've not going over there, Liza. That quick water's the Malikin Rapids, and our ferry's clear down below from this place." "What could they have been after, do .you think?" "Those chaps? O, nothing, I guess. They weren't killing anybody." "1'laying cross-tao-," said Mart. "I'd like to know, John, how 3*ou know they weren't killing anybody. They might have been trying to." "Then we're perfectly safe, Liza. Wo can set and let'em kill us all day." "Well, 1 don't think it's any kind of way to behave, running around shooting right off your horse." "And .Fourth of July over, too," said Martin from the wagon. He was putting cartridges into the magazine of his Winchester. His common sense told him that those horsemen would not cross the river, but the notion of a ni^lit attaok pleased the imagination of sixteen. "It was the children," said Mrs. Clallam. "And nobody's getting me any wood. How am I going to eook supper? Stir yourselves!" They had carried watar in tho wagon, and father and son went for wood. Some way down the hill they came upon a gully with some dead brush, and climbed back with this. Supper was eaten on the ground, the horses were watered, given grain, and turned loose to find what pickings they might in tho lean growth, and dusk had not turned to dark when the emigrants wore in their bods on the soft dust.—Owen Wister, in Harper's Magazine. - ALL TIRED OUT. STOMACH LIKE LEAD—SLEEI' KESTLESS-HEAD HEAVY. Von Xood Stimrl'n Ojtprpiln Tnblom Probibly nino-tentb3 of the people of the United Slates aro more or lets troubled with ii-digestion. Indigestion and the conditions following it are the cause ot more than half of tho bad feeling in the world. The body ia very much Hits a machine. It is a sort of human grist mill. Runs along ull right as long as it'« . treated right —as IODJJ as you grind only such thing's as aro proper. I'utslines In the grist mill and it cither stops or breaks. May be if they are small stones they will go through, but they damage 'be mill Moat of us are csirolesj—more careless with our digestive organs than anything else. And Uio digestive organs are moro important to our hap- pinespor unhappinu&s than anythine; else IB. Wo won't try to crush rocks io a urUt mill, but we do try lo di£?sl indigestible thinps. The human machine is elastic. I> can help itself some, but it can't do everything. Give jour stornaah half a chance and you'll never be renl sick At the first intimation of digestive disorders, take a fow of Stimn'D>-3- oepsla Ttiblct.fi. You noodn't take vtsry many. Tho good eff<tct will be felt at Jooce. U?u the Tablets jiu diciou'ly. You can eat what you like, ii won't hurtyou. They digest tru; food and make such •jhemic«.l cb»n(jan in it as to render it ea-ily dik'PSliMe in the natural way. No mit'.tur whether you aro slightly troubled or whether vou have dyepop- Mn. in Its moul nccravivted form, the l',-ib;ets will put you in perfect order ana keep you PO. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are made by the Stuart Chemical Co., Marshall, Mich., and sold by all druggists at 50 cents per package. Perfect Baby Health ought mean glowing health throughout childhood, and robust health in the years to come. When we see in children tendencies to weakness, we know they are missing ike life of food taken. This loss is overcome by Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil, with Hypophos- phites, a fat-food that builds up appetite and produces flesh at a rate that appears magical. Almost as palatable as milk. - Tho uftual treatment of catarrh is very uDi?ati«fa.ctory, as thous»nde can testify. Proper local treatment is positively aecossary to success, but many, if not moct, of the remedies In general use afford but temporary -elief. A cure certainly cannot be expected from snuffs, powders, douches nad washes. Ely's Cream Balm, which is eo highly commended, is a remedy which combines the important requisites of quick action, specific curative power, with perfect safety and pleasantness to the patient. Tho druggists all sell it. _ Rttien io California «;rently Itoduce* Via the FCUIIHJ Ivunln MUCH. The Midwinter Fair at San Francisco and the numerous other attractions in the Wonderland beyond the Rocky mountains can bo enjoyed by persons of limited means as the round trip rate has ag-aln been materiallj reduced via Pennsylvania linos. Passengers can select any of the several routes from Chicago, and the return limit is ample for a satisfactory sojourn. For details apply to J. A Mo- Cullough, ticket agent, Logansport, Ind. A Pointer for Traveler*. While Mr. T. J. Richey, of Altona, Mo., was traveling ID Kansas he was mion violently ill with cholera mor bus. Ho called at a drug store to pot fiorao medicine and the druggist recommended Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea, llomedy so highly ho concluded to try it. The result was immediate relief, and a few doses cured him completely. It is made for bowel complaint and nothing else. It never fails. For Bald "by B, F. Kees. ling Druggist. llon't Tohcco Spit or Smoke Tour Lift Anaj Is the truthful, utartlinn title of a little book that tells all about No-to-bac, thn wonderfnl. harmless, GUARANTUKI) tobacco liablt car*. The cost H trifling, and the man who wants to quit and can't runs nophj-tlcal or financial r In using "No-to-buck." Sold by B«n Klshor. Book at store, or by mall tree. Address, The Sterling Reuiedjr Co,, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind Medical and Surgical Institute For the Treatment of Cbroiiic and Private Diseases, Diseases ol'Women, Catnrrb, Bronchitis, Consumption, Cancers, Tumors, Stomach and Lung Troubles. 0,000 cases treated during the last three years with a success that has never been equalled outside of the large eastern cities. We have all tbe new methods and all the apparatus with which to apply them. We will tell you just what we can do for yon and charge uothing for the examination, Drg. CHRISTOPHER & LOXGKN-RCKBB 417 Market Si 1 ., Logansport. %?£ $&3%SiSJS& Notice. The first payment on subscription! of stock to the Citizens' Natural Gaa Company of Lopansport, Ind., is now duo and should bo paid at the company's olllce, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stock are twenty-five dollars (.fi'5.00) each (two shares to a fire) to be paid as follow: 4]irll20,1891 ( J 00 May 2 i. 18114 1 00 .June -M. lw« 1 00 .Iuly20, ISM 3 W Au»iisl20. 1S04 s 00 Seiaombcr 2d. 1SH _ S 00 October LM, 191)1 S 00 November 2rt, W.tl S 00 December »). 1SU1 4 00 Januarys). 1S95 4 00 *2SO» JOHN GRAY, President. Hmariloua Either Wajr. He—You can't very well have a headache five days ahead, so just say we have an engulfcment. <5] le __But that will bo plain fibbing. j[ e _It's no more llbbinf; than to say that we accept with pleasure, and no more likely to be found out, for I should hate awfully to go, as I »ro sure that I couldn't conceal my feelings.—Harper's Magazine. A Dig Doie. "Miss Pipkin looks bad. What's the matter?" "She swallowed her pride, and has indigestion in consequence."—^Hallo. —In poetry violets are always "blue." But as » matter of fact only half of the twenty and odd varieties in the United State* »re blue. .The rest are pnrpl*. yellow, whit*, Iflao and <m« A MIRACLE. What Plielps' "Four C" Remedy Did lor Miss Jennie Basset. Last Friday, Dec. 19tli, my attending physician stated unless 1 was bolter by mornlnj? lie could do nothing for raj relief. That night I commenced taking Phelp's "Four C" remedy; stopped all other medicines. The llrst dose stopped my cough; slept and retted well; a few more dosos removed all soreness Irom my lungs: the second diy [ was up; the third day I was out on the porch and today was up town purchasing holiday goods MISS JENNIE BASSET. Washington Ave. and Summit St. Cronp Cured. One dose of "Philips' Congh. Cold and Croup Cure" nave my child Ins'ant relief when attacked with the croup. W. K. MOORE, of Moore Bros. 1 Grocery, ukansM City, Kan. I guarantee Phelpi""r»ut C" tor Li. &BIPPB, iitbmm, Bronchltli, Cou«lu, Coldi, etc, BEN FISHER. C. W. GttAVES. Secretary. Notice. To the stockholders ot the Citizens 1 Natural Gas Co. : You are requested to meet at the Council Chamber on Tuesday evening next, May 8, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of recommending to the Board tho name of a President and Vice President to fill tbeae positions until tbe regular election ia August. By order of the foard, C. W. GRAVES, Sec'y. A n«trvmmu> Opinion. There is nothing I have over used for muscular rheumatism that gives me as much relief as Chaimberlaln'i I 5 ain Balm does. I have been using it for about two years— four bottles In all — as occasion required, and always keep a bottle of it in my home. I believe I know a good thing when I get hold of It, and Fain Balm ie the best liniment I have ever met with. — W. B. Danny, dairyman, New Lexington, Ohio. 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keesling, Druggist. A Popolnr !lemedy> The promptness and certainty Of Us cure have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. It is intended especially for coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough, and is the most effectual remoay known for these diseases. Mr. C. B. Main, of Union City, Pa., says: "I have a great sale on Chaimberlam's Cough Remedy. 1 warrant every bottle and have never beard of one failing to give entire sat. isf action. 1 ' 50 cent bottles for sale by B F. Keeelins', Druggist. A Wlie Conclimlon. WEST CORINTH, Maine.— I doctored for years for bllousnefs, but nothing ever helped me like Simmons 1 Liver Regulator. I shall take nothing else hereafter.— N. M. Oaknaan. To«r druggist sells it in ponder or liquid. The powder is to be taken dry or made into a tea. Quaker keadaoh* oapsuls ffirera. lief in ten minutes. ,1

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