The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1940
Page 5
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SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 3, 19JO BLTOIEVJIiLBJARK.)- COURIER "NEWS PAGE FIVB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For lleiil rate per line lor consecu-! live insertions; One lime per line .............. lOc I'w'O times per line per day.... One Hirec times per line per Uay...occ Blx times per Jlne tier day ..... 05c ia te per line ............ GOc tonls of 5Dc & "K/C wx. Minimum charge SOc Ads ordered for three or six times and slopped before expiration will be charged for the uutn- utr of times the add appeared and idjiifitineni of bill nuulc. All Classified Advertising copy ubmiuea by persons residing OIK- iiuc of the city must- be nccom- Vanicd by casb. Haics may ne cus- ny computed from above uiuic. Adverusing orucicd lor iirtBUlor iiibcruons lakes ihc one lime nue. No responsibility will IK taken -— - — 101 more Ulan one incorrect iiuwr- j roams, bottlinB company, ware- uon of any classified ud. > house, etc. Ilcnt $75.00 per month. -j'Hiomas uuid Company. l-ck-5 2 room funiislicd apartment, Ap- '. i:ly M ° 9 - w ' ---- ________ -'" I '2 room furnished apartment. A led- 1 ejl >- 13 i 5 W. Main. u-clt-tl | "Let's Go" to PHILLIPS Sl'KCIAl, HAHGA1NS IN USED CARS :t room fiu'iilslied upimment with ,.,, ,,. -.,,..(,.,. />.,„,, - «til Ulitcknsawba, phono •« cluu ' 11 ' lM( ' 1 <- rM ' h - Nicely furnlslicd 4 J413 W. Main SI. room hovux*.' J-ck-JU Slemn lientcd bedroom. All e.onven- ! iencos. 818 W. Wulnnt. :i-ck-n Room for employed wcmiin. 1028' 'J'i'oes .l«'or Sale I'hint early b:urlng Mean and I'ruil trees now. Cnlalog free. Bass Pecan Company. I.umbortvn. Mississippi. Position Wanted i Ycunsj lady, now employed, desires ! better position. Excellent slew JrapliiT — capuble slimthnuri and rapid typlnj. Dookki-cpinB qxperi- emc - "esl of rcfrrenees from pro- i vloiis rmiiUiyers. Write Box "20" Courier News. • 'J-UH Loshly Nominated lo Head Lawyers S-CK-ll "37 I'lvmoutli Four room house on Willow unrt 'K liulch "4C" 2-Iloor ., Liiislcn. Phone »S5-W. l-ck-(i — MS Font "(10" Tuilui- .... Gurasse previously occupied by Greyhound Bus Go. Size 50 X HO. ' 3I F<ml ' l ' mlm " Concrete floor. Nice < tikes or dis- .« ,.,,,,.. Sllort s , play rooms willi steam heat. Tins ' '' building snitnble for garage, show —THUC'KS- ' Kurd \V< Tim Chcv. l>' : Ton J'icli-iil) ..Sttllli I ; 1 iv TO/.IMI rjpes *•• '" 1C ' ">«' PRESTO we mo on ••»••»•"< (lie job llmwlns your frozen s 3 ,j! pipes by electricity. No I ttiirksclnlc Mfe. Co. Four Sons Carry On ' For TwoWar Veteran DUSUICSS LJirCCLOry ;;t rcom furnished apartment, i'riv- — ' ale bath. Desirable location. Call '•«; riirv 1'ick-iiu S17I EIcoLrolux Cleaners and Supplies, i280. l-ck-tl im-mi >ni _ '37 G.M.O. 1'icU-nii . s;!9 7 | "Se requirements for service in Hie "' * Kw '•••' ' '•• carry MONTREAL <UP|...-A(l:mi Dmitri, veteran of two ware, with 21 years of army .service, t;nn mnkc Ilia FULLER BRUSHES Call E. A. Hood at Z33.' l'-pk-8 . - -i3 icom unfurnished npurtment ! will! bath and hot water. •!!;>; These cars arc guaranteed In ,,,, Call u.,n ,,icU-an, !•„«.,„ ,059 i "]l^ m ^ _ 1 - c ^"- i^'"^",. '"' " W ^'^ *"' .. O "" " f ""'" l :ilr( ' :I ^ ls ovcrsl ' il! - j Unlnmlslied apartment in Slianc i j Apartment liuitdinB on West i | Main Street. Call 511 or 137. 1-ck-tf i Kentucky Streets. Also in new addition on Tent)! street. ..i Pride 31-ck-'>-2!) .'""""""• ^- 3 - Holiinson, phone ~ *^^" J-uk-5 near School. Plione 17G. 30pk2-2U O. S. Rollinson, Phone 159. 1-pK-G 3 and 4 room "TmfuYri'iKlied apnrl ' 100 E. Kentucky corner of First St. 7 room cottage, plastered, hardwood floors, 3 bed rooms, fireplace. Desirable neighborhood. Price $2500.00. $308 cflsh nud balance .?35.00 per month, at 4y;. Rents at 527.50. Thomas Land Company. l-cls-5 BiVvk's Coal and Wood Yard. .'Chlpkasawba and Railroad. Tc-lc- pllorie 987. 3\-ph-7 Dry Cypress wood. 51.00 per Rick. At Walker and Harris Sawmill. East Main St. 13-)>k2-l3 I still make and sell Dr. Phillips' Analba Liniment. Mrs. O. 13. PhWins, 216 No. Franklin. 0-p.':-2-0 moils. Newly decorated. Private 25-ek-tf 3 room furnished apartment and bath. Modern and clean. Corner Main !\nci 2nd. F. Sinion. phone 704. 25-ck-t! Nice bedroom convenient lo bath Steam heat. Phone 280. 21cktl Call for Demonslvaliuti PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. | C'.A J5.P., bill four nous J!e Is llmviird Siiillli/as. with the! Montrenl lieijiinciil. Adnm. Jr.. 18. is wllb Die j.j|;,ck Wnlcli 5th & Walnut 1'liuue Slil (imunle Hobs Up at Unlvmlly &T. LOUIS IUI>)~SI. Louts University oflciuU took no clmnecs with H relic found i n „ ec]lll| , of n J. L. GUARD OiitumetrUt Only Ciruiliiiite Oiiinmn- Irlsl In Blyllu-\4lle. Uluascs I'ltlcd Correctly I y IwlKlliiB. H was n live n<lc was lumen over to police vlib \v«|. (jreiindo - iiresumaUly jdlsscmWcd It. siived by a velcidn who later ul- tcjided the university. The uren PRESCRiPTIONS— Safe • - Accurate Vein- 1'rc.wrlptlcm Urusglsl Fowler Drug Co. ' * First Pliniie Ml Road Courier Ni-v:c v?ant Ads . . (Royal IllylilHi:.d Kcxlyinnt), in training. Donsla-,. 10. is In training vvllh the R 0 y;,i Canadian Army Medical Corps, anil Billy, H. Is sore thai the best he can d'o Ls get in Ihe Sea C.idL-ts. M. Luslily. St. Louis nltor- »fy. wiis nominntcc) JH Chicii/'o eonvciitini, to lie prcKlclcill of American Uur Assdernlion. ian\ will be elected lo the otllce next _ fall. Muuni Rainier Nntlnnnl Putk hus M kuuwn species of imuninals. RKMKMBKR LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia MobiloU and MobilgctH Now A(iuiH|;(!i] 'by Wnltcr Cox, Jr.' ntul K. M. See Us For Anti-Freeze! FOR SALE! .More Ki|iil|imeii( ' Onr u«i>() B r«ot KOCH Ue- frlfturnui)- Moil onse with I'rlBUInlrr Coiniiressor. '1'iiren tslnis IlKlilcil dlfiplay front with lower pi\rt for' excess storajje "mi i-olil drinks, will instull mid i'.imiimUT Klcclrlc lliOnwl Standard Cum- iniltnn Hcalm. Aecurato welkin and price al a slnncc. Oreat dlscomit over orl«lna| price. One lienvy duty Riml imi ,,,|. law miiclilno nnil coiinter enutp- mrnt. Above rqulpiiinit like nc(v. Triced for ijuli'k siile, Cnsli, Terms, or trailc for livestock, R. E. WRIGHT II. W, (It, One Slllc So. I'lnnie .(Sl-.l Welding ICXl'EHT Notice • ELKCTUIC fi AClSTYLliNh 1 Churl^s Long, iormerly welder for Blytlieville Machine Shop UKAGUNI-: and HEAVY WEI.O- IN'G OUK SPKOIAI/1'Y Found Ladles .belt i of .green fabric. Found Thursday 'morning on Main fa'i: - at.GofT Hotel. Oivner (linfiy have; belt By paying cost of this ad. i Courier 'News Of nee. ] Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HAKDWARB CO. PHONB .75 Key to Willys Overland automo-1, bile. Owner may have same by yt7. 1 T paying cost or this ad. Courier! \VdlltCU 10 Wews Office. GARAGE DcH, Ark. Phone S-F-ll Welding l ER'i~ELRC ANDrCETYI.ENE Strayed or Stolen While and Srindle spotted EiijlisJi Bulldog. Ajisivers lo name of "Bntch". Return to Dr. L. L. Hubencr for REWARD. l-ck-5 Trailer in go^^.uliUoTi. i " ' " B ''" " .' nn .l.V,l BV5r WeWI " B State price and size. Box EP, | Courier News. 3-plt-7l Now Located at 101 Nwlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAKHS, IVojirlctor All Itluku of Hctiullt TypcuTllcrs, Adding Miichlnw Cnlculiilors—KcpiifrlnK—I'arli—K»IIK>III HlilCTAL CANCER .. , i >i'nu' nnvinii'iiL n •»«n>- ji..v..jii,n ,1,0V,. ,i, r M , l|M)r) . „,„ DKS. MIES & .N1ES Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Safe Driving! Siife motorlnB Is the aim of every driver. Then, why not us- MHO yourself of th|s safety B.V far as your automobile is concerned. Drive In nnd let our: imx'lmiilcs put your car In shapo for iiny driving. The cost Is I'cusininblr nnd Hie work gunr- nnli'i'il. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'lHinc 810 Wanted to bus Government TJot- ton Loans. Blythcville Gin Co. BarksdaleMfg.Co. Plume 10 or Kes. IOIS Land For Sale Help Wanted Brown Mare mulc'aml^ BaTlTorse MWtiirr" n 7cd~whHc~lVo« s cke^. I ^"vc^^fni^v^f ^iT" .'"c Mule. Both imshcarcd. W. II.! Write Box 21. Route 2 Blvtlw-! . n o , , * y K> * J t lcr / lcrc Springer, Box 29, Rl. 3. l-pk-5'villc. ' UI 5 C ™ '^,1, l,ala,,« over period ,,f six SHADOW STAR i HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured, the lale actor Douglas . 0 His face was , wreathed in a i constant i!3Porlico [U Snaky fish 16 Wrath. 17 In n vertical I line 18 Small wild ox. (in Knotted. pi Thoroughly. ' proficient. 52 Climbing i planlp 24 Go. on (music). 26 Sand hill. 27 Postscript. 28 Tj-pe standard. 2!) Prescribes punishment. 32 Way. 33 Measures of length. 34 Old Frcncli measure. Ansxvcr lo Previous I'uz/.lc 1 1nsight 8 Untidy. 10 Minute objccl. 11 Rainbow. 12 Sheltered place 15 Holy men. IV His pictures were full of 20 To disguise. 23 Born. 25 Dejected. 26 Procrastination. 35 Translation. 56 Farewell! 27 Punitive. 36 Twenty-four 57 He portrayed 2D Assuaging hours. ;> heroic pain. 37 Visible vapor. on the screen 30 Wood spirit. HSNote in (pi.). 31 Billiard rod. Ouido's scale. 58 He was .1 31 Ocean. 39 Alas! great star of 'IDRemainders. 40 Of Ihc thing. Ihc 42 As well. •H Pound. screen 43 Roll of film. 42 Axil lent. 44 To jabber •IS To long. VERTICAL 45 AfTirmalive. 48 Instrument. 2 Snake. 46 Genuine. SO Bees'homes. 3 Shrub. 47 Wheel tiub 52 Relaxation. 4 Street. 4D Still. 54 Indian. 5 To roasl. 51 A duct. 55 Cease. G Tidy. 53 Measure. Conway & Houchins lilylhcville, Ark. 12-ck-tt Farm Loan's Large or Small At Interest Iluics. We arc equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm laud, at low cost, and at a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut, St. Blytheville, Ark Poultry Highest prices paid for all kinds of Poultry. and Worthy, Slcelc. Mo. 12-pk-2-12 Baby Chicks Cus!cmi Halcliinjj Marilyn Hatchery llljilifvillr Hiwy. Gl Nlirili 12-pk-2-l'i For Sale or Trade ll trade for Mules, Cows, lf«M. Cattle. Corn. Hay and Lumber.' Dellii Implements, Inc. Sec Floyd Simpson 8-ck-tt Personal HY KUKI) UAKMAN jOrAEBODV OVG.R.HEARD OVERHEARS -R>JQ Ciuitinn: Sirens Ahoiitl HY V. 'l'. VlAMLtN WE'VE GjOl I ACCORDIWG TO h _ TO RND /CIRCE'S DOPE, LAMD THAT I'M HEARJkl BAD HOLE \aUICky BB-SAV/ ( PASSED IT 1 WERE IW THE HI II I S^ ,-f IVHAT AtVM IT I I ^>T^ I ../?.,5 IM THE HULL OP HISSHIP, ULYSSES HAS WO CHOICE OTHER.THAKI TO FIND A HAVEM WHERE THE DAMAGE CAM BE REPAIRED WHAT ABOUT HE ISLE OF LOMC, / MIGHT ,/BEFATAL: BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES How's About II, Willie! HY EDGAR MARTIN , HOW VAt OOWW WASH TUUHS (illicit Thinking, H:isv HV ROY CRANK ...AND LET THE MAlU FIPE ROAR PA,y US EACH WUL MAKE IT. WEUBE9URHEO ALIVE WE\L <SIMPW BEAT IT OUT OU TUr W1UO WACD-SIDE, STEP WTO THE BUBMED Tliu Arm of Hie l,«« •si BY aiERRII,L BLOSSEK YOU ( 6OIN6 To PUT IN A I RtOF CALL ? f' MOWS VOGR MOTHER I THESE OAYS.NUTTY? I i HAVGNT seen \ HER ' ' I oosrr THINK so WELL , i WENT Off DUTY FIFTESM .. MINUTES AGO • lr : WOULD HAVE BEEM OFHCER ROOP'S Jos To OSPOSE or WE BODY' _ - -_ - BACK , To TMS OTHSR TMIMG .' l MISUTA BEEN SERIOUS, Foe ALL YOU KNEW, AND REAtLY MUROEBEO HIM !( ^.^ I.(rouse SI«E(rl* Mvcr, woTk oiti FRKCKLES AND HIS FIUEN!)S~ the bile to rid yourself of const I- ' /r ^ nation, gas pains, and that sour, I (•/' punk feeling. Take one box of KIUHY'S ACTlVHi ».IVE» PIU.s 25c at iOi Klrby stores Lost Man'j •'•trap wrist waich." \Viiitc S old. Hewixrrt for return to Courier. 3-ck-7 Repairing j Kxpi'i'i gun repairing, SccTlF" M. I Damon al the Bljlheville Arni- I ory on Wednesdays and. Thursdays.

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