Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 29, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1896
Page 4
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Gray's DAILY CORNER. On al! kinds of light weight \iudcrwear. All styles atiil prices for men, women and children. The extreme warm weather has so far made this a good underwear season, and John Gray i? the place to be suited. Greatest Discovery or the 19th Century. .VK'.V REMEDY •Ho.llcntcclAlt For the Cure of Cnturrh, AKtlunn nnd nil Pulmonary Diseased, It lias no eutial for Slvknnil Nervous Heutl- aclie. 1.00(1,1)00 Dt-ople a«< iinnuHllj 1 from tli» above -nunifcU dlsflflsps. W»r suiter and <li», whwi Medicated Air Is (uurntiteetl to care jou, V*dtcntc*l A!r and Drujj Co,, Richmond, Ind., C. 3. A. It la the best remedy on earth for La D ..^pe. It will give Immediate relief ud will effect a cure -where all other nmedles fall. •old by B. F, Keeallng. Published evory day In ttio week (CNCCPI Monday) by tho Logansport Journal-Company. W. S. WRIGHT ...... .' ............ President. A I-I YRDY ................... Vice President C. W. GRAVES ....... ............. Secretary S. B. BOYER ...................... Trensurcr Price per Annum Price per Month M-SO '.40 Official Paper of City and County. (Encored jis second-clues mall-matter at the Loganspor.t Post Olllce, February S. 1SSS. KKIDAV, MAY 1'!), iSilii. AN EXCELLENT COURSE. Michael's .University Will Hear Lectures This Summer. husband ina-.lielr now. home John Guard/of Loxansi>ort wham we report' (j(l sick last week Is able to be out asa-in ami visited friends here this week. I E never put upanv Flour under any otber Brand than our own. W Our Magnolia Patent Flour Is Guaranteed to be Tweuty per cent better than any other .Flour made in the State. toil;iy. well iii Peru Co. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. CIO BROADWAY. JERSEY ICE CREAM, Be*t in tie City. Little Candy Kitchen, • 314 Pearl Street. AH of OUT fine ton bone 25c a pound The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique. Efficient, Labor Saving. Will i iprinkle lour times greater area than any others. Highest award at the Chicago Exposition. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC, Bole Manuiacurers, Springfield, Mass. ' F»r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber ttoroe In tho United States. Spring Suits. Good Goods and Low JRrlces, the Combination that Wins. (§) Made in the Latest Styles.! W. D. CRAIG 436 Broadway. Second Floor. COMllENCKMKNT. ty-L'i^rht sraiHiatus! leave si:Iio;il The rivenise cUi/.on is uot so .•Piirud 1'u i' life ,-i.s tlie.se younir people. The world may expect too mm:!i of Ilium lit'c'iiusu of this prepjiru- tion. Socii'iy should realize jtood from oai-li. Slio is an easy ci-ediror, is Sot-inly, when a ilobtor shows the rijjlit spirit; slio cau'crusli wlii'ii lie tries to escape payment. Here are,a few 'things that hcMi 1 .scrutiny: Study must novor cttisi. 1 . Kuowledjro-jiiiinins cannot bu stopped with profit. School Is valuable in Iliu desrreo that it tenches the youuj: liow to ieiirti. Learning follows; It, must r-on- tinuc indefinitely. Aspiration sels .'i killing pace. There must be no trembling. The iiulot as- SUIVIUCP of kiHMvk'disx' is needed. Disappointment in self must be fought with frank .wlf-confidence. ID the eyes of flic world, honest, assurance Is ability. Sham won't work long. Forwardness n;ay conceal quaking half-knowledge. A purpose is necessary. Too lunny .purposes produce an over-balaucod re- suit. Only prodigies play two or three tunes at once. Don't be a freak. Years may uncoil before real ability gains recognition. Plain, every day patience must nilfl. Lack of waiting powers ruins ninny promising lives. It don't pay to go'through life ns a "promising", man or woman. Try with energy to live up to the promises of youth. Fulfill early prophecies. Waiting must uot become a fixed linblt. Patience does not include inactivity. Learn to know an opportunity; be quick to act, having reeojrni/.ed it; be slow In releasing it. Of all things, study men, .Tuclgc leni- ontly all men, and yourself honestly. Remember Q licacty lanjirli is invaluable. Prut. <.:. \WMlch:icl has arranged t\i have a covti'su 'of iecturcs delivered at Michael's u-nlver*l:y clui'iug the summer months for ,tlie beiH'fU 1 of vhc students and I he public In general, Tlie lectures will In- free and" will be delivered by the very best local talent. Following are rho dates, subjacts : , r uul names of'the persons who will dciivor the .lectures: Hon. D. T. Baldwin, June llth, subject. "Sixty Minutes of Turkey." " licv. T. S. .Otithi'io. June l,Sth, subject, "Fealty'to Our Country," licv, D. N'. Howe, .dine i:'d, subject 1 . "Magic of Circumstances," . Rev. E. 1',,-Soinans, July ,2d. subject, "Siege ol! Viokslmi'tr." Itev. Di'. D, T. Putnam, ,Iuly Oth, subject, "Character Building." Q. A. Myers, July ICth. subject, "Pau- porlsm a.ud Taxation." S. T. MoConnell, ••.JtUy'- 23d, subject, "How to Make Life a Success," W. T. AVI 1 son. ..T.uly • 30th, subject. "History of a Rank. Note." Hon. Itufus Majroc, August CtJi,, subject. "Unannounced:" Very Itev, M. E. Campion, August 13th, subject, "T!u-Beauties of An Education." •'-..' FIRST OF THE SEASON. The disasters of Miiy have scarcely been equalled lu the country's history. Storm after storm swept through the South and West, each one fatal to many human beings, nnd each more terrible than the last, until the culmination was reached in the horrible calamity at St. Louis. The heartfelt sympathy of the people everywhere Is extended to the sufferers in the fatality of Thursday night. All that opeu-licartcd Americans can do will be done as in the past, for these unfortunates. The help is, as It should be, promptly extended and ?ra tofully accepted. The Latest Fad Club Enjoys an Evening at the Park. Thirty couples'danced'last evening at the park pavilion. lit was the opening outdoor dance of the/w'jirm season, and though to sluggish humans it seemed cold, the air was delightful for dancing, nad. the •members of the new club enjoyed every number. The music was furnished by Fornoffi's orchestra, and the last dance was over about 10:30 o'clock. Now the whirl is started, Spencer park ma> bo expected to become a very gayrcs'ort during the heated RECEPTION FOR MHS. LODTHAIN Marion News: Mrs. J. M. Wallace and Miss Mil-lain Wallace received Wednesday evening at their home, llli South Washington street, in 3)onor of Mrs. B. F. Louthain of'T.rigansporl'. Invitations had been sent 10 1HO Marion people and about HOO wore present. A light collation was served. Dancing was enjoyed by the younger ones after tlie elderly people had gone. Mrs. J. M. Wallace and Miss Miriam Wallace were ns-oistcd in receiving by Mcsdamcs • D. B. Swoe.tser. WosrlaUo. Misses-Edith Swoclser. Wallace. Laura Wilson, Aylor, W.igpor, Grace Could. ,BILL POSTERS' >I13ETIX«. ' The Indiana Bill Powers' association held ;tlx.'lr .annual meeting Tuesday a II- toruoon at Indianapolis. About twenty members were in attendance. Charts E..ScliIuigcr of this dry was eliosun as one of the delegates to Hie National con- voution which will he hold at Cleveland on .Tuly 14. It was decided to reduce tlie rates 15 per cent, iu all cities and towns :In the State excepting Indianapolis. :.-. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE DNLOOKED-FOlt TlilDMPH Biff Gun of American Mafco Withstands a Burstinfi- Shell. Powerful' Kxiilosloii, Blue!, to Aitor.lsh- mcnt of OrJimnco Officers, Doeu Cut Little DuaiuRO—Ilcsr;ir<Iciins;l.Sls:i:ll Victory for AmvrUiin Ordnance. QUART SHOP MAN ARRESTED. Mary Morgan lias . filed an affidavit, charffltip: Bajison Ice. who -conducts a quart shop at Dunkirk with tlie unlawful sale of Mquor. She alleges that In: sold liquor on Sunday and in less quantities than one quart. There are a number .of quart shops in the same locality. USED A BROOflSTICK. A Neighborly Scrap Aired in the flayer's Court. Mrs. Lottie Burgesswas arrested yesterday morning ou the charge of assault and battery preferred by Mrs. William Klinslck. The case was called before tho Mayor yesterday afternoon and the defendant was fouud guilty as charged and was assessed a fine of $5 together with the costs. Mrs. Burgess was given until, today to arrange for'the pay- of the penalty. The trial .was highly interesting to a Jarge crowd of spectators. The trouble was a neighbor's quarrel and It was alleged tJi.it Mrs. Burgess stmck Mrs. Klinsifk with a broomstick. •WILL, ENTERTAIN JUNIORS. .' T,be graduatiiis class of tbe Hi£l) school will entertain the Junior class next Tuesday evening at Hie Hijrli school buildinjr. Rel'reshnients will be served and an enjoyable time is anticipated. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. The English praise the action of tbe Supreme court in declaring the Horsa, a. vessel that carried munitions o£ war from America to Cuba, a neutrality breaker. The Supreme eourt only ruled ou the question, which was already settled by the constitution, which is tbe real instrument lu the cause of peace for the world. The Supreme court did its duty, but that is what is expected of the body. Feeling the public pulse Is ticklish business. • Those who try It are "trimmers." It is hard to rend correctly the people's mind. Gov. Matthews, Indiana's ''head-trimmer," thought he was solid when ho said silver at 10 to 1 would bring disaster. Now be joins boisterously in the games of the silver- ites. Mr, Boies and Ills friends have great, sport with the Matthews toy boom. There is need of a man to elevate the olilce of vice president to its proper (standing. What's the matter with Reed? D. H. Baldwin & Co.'s Music House. 'Baldwin piano, Ellington piano, Decker .flrci. plo.no, Fisher piano, Valley Gem piano, Estey orgai.g. Hamilton organs. JUry of this make sold for cash or easy payments to suit purchaser. Pianos for -rant, organs for ront. Second-hand »UnOB for Bale: J30, JGO, J75, »90, J125. Sec- end-hand organs: J1B.OO to JGO.OO. A flna large alze Ellington piano, worth $373 : Wttt be given awar absolutely free. Piano BOW on exhibition and can be seen at any time at our room, corner of Third •treat and Broadway. Come learn our am) .U*» a number for th'.x piano. OTBBMA».*SON Cor. 3rd »nd Broadway WANTED. ~t ADIBS Wanted: Sulnrj and expenses, ' w Mrt time. Selling row or" •"•"*« . Co,, Nntaerymen. Chlcngo. ADIBS ante: »,irj a , I or P«rt time. Selling ro-i-s and shrubs. Brown Broi. rEN 10 trike orders tn pvpry town and tltj; no i...,.— >n ir.^ood'wagcv; pnjf weeklyLIO..cfipl- The venerable watch dog, W, S. Hoi- man, has beeu worried out of bis concealment, and will be nominated for Congress. MAD A BAD RECORD^ George Fike Convicted of Swindling at Crawfordsville. George Fike, who was charged with swindling a numbopof Logansport people out of sninll atnouuts of money, has been sentenced to one year in prison 1'iir swindling the..keeper of a boarding house at Crawfordsville. Fike was released from tbe Cass county jail a few months ago upon a'promise to reform, but he appareutly.?.fa!lcd to keep his promise and will, have '.a year ..lu. the State's prison to-meditate:' -.• .• • •.;• • M. Fornoff's orchestra will play at Hie commencement of the High school at Monticello tonight. The postponed dance of the Fin de Siecle club' will be given early next week at ahe park pavilion. i Wit'ii any .purchase ladies will be presented '.with handsome souvenirs by Harry Frank today and tomorrow. ' Come to'dny or tomorrow and pick any kind ! of sods any pay . r >0c on the dollar ut Harry Frank's closing out sale. . Saturday, May 30 (Decoration Day), will bo observed oja the Yandalia as a holiday. Local freights will be abandoned, freight houses closed and no work but that necessary performed. In The Senate yesterday refused to increase the tax on beer. Frothy arcn- ments prevailed. Helen Cougar 1ms left her kitchen garden to remark Hint man must be disfranchised. .~ ' The planet Mercury, messenger oC the heavens, can now be seen. Mercury Is probably'on his way to Canton. Democrats at Huntlngton are taking the water works out of competent hands to "reduce expenses." Democratic editors. will meet at Lake Maxlnkuckee to talk about journalism only. ' i • • There is a. sanguinary fight going on In the Democratic State, committee. America contributed $30,000,000 to the Moscow picnic. PERSONALS. W. O. Washburn Is nt.Frankfort. Mr*. W. E. Patterson is visiting Marion. .... . Mr. and Mrs, J.,".E: Kiusey Lave returned to their home at Lafayette. ., • . Mrs, Ed Twomey and children arc. the guests of friends,at Indianapolis. MJsscs Eva .McHnie and Kate'Doiau returned yesterday from Marion after n week's visit. " ''••'• •' Mrs. John Studebii'ke'r and Miss Mattie Warring 'of Bluffton'iire tlie guests of .7ohn Jenks and'family of East Market street. Mrs. Mary .7. .Train of Chicago will visit friends In tlie city for. a £e\y weeks. She came down to attend the Mull golden wedding anniversary. Miss Amelia. Longsdorf. of Rochester Is In the .dty to.ntton^.commencement exercises. '.While,here she Is the .guest of Miss Jessie Twclls of the Westslde. Mrs.'G. Wi Michael, and three, sons went to Washington £>. C,. to attend the wedding oC Mrs.'.Michael's ' brother. The professor will .leave for Hint 'place' today. ' .. '. . ... .'• ... , Converse Journal: Vf^tl. Atkinson went to Logansport yesterday noon,to visit Mrs, Atkinson,, who is reported as doing well.and making .steady improvement. ... Peni Journal: .George.Forgy, o'f Lo-- gansport. was.in the city,last nlgli.t,'. Miss Lizzie Weidner crnne home last evening from a visit witli her sister in Logansport.- ..•.. ' . ; . . Idavnlle Obseryer: W. B... Armlck. and wife were down from Lognnsport ever Sunday. .Walter left for Ms, position! In Cliicago. on : Mondaj;. morning last; ; : Mrs.:A.' wllliVisit.frlcrirls :hei;e for: GOLD DUST IN A HUT. Lone Miner In Mexico Bleu »nd Lcovei 8i75,o6o Behind. About 20 years ngo an American located at Durang-o, Mex., c.stablisbed a camp in the Sierra Mudre mountuins 90 miles south of that place,, and engaged in gold mining 1 . : A few days ag-o two prospectors stopped, at the American's cabin, and found tlie lifeless body of the raaii lying on'the cot within. A search ofc the premises was made, and golcl dust which'will aggregate in value $75,000 found. •'••' The only paper found was nn old letter addressed to Frank E. Lombriclc, 25 West Fourth street, Cincinnati,..0.. Tbe writer was a woman, who signed the nnmc of 01 lie Mare- ,oux. The letter was dated Wheeling-, W. Va.,' 1ST4,"nnd the contents merely stated tlint the writer would leave ou- the following day for New Orlea-ns, and would not return to Cincinnati Iqr severa-l rooutb.s. • • Startling news came the other day from thii nuval ord.n:iuce proving 1 ground at Indian l!<;;icl, s:iys n. Xew York Times special from \Ycishiugloii. Tlie official report was carefully guarded ut the navy department, and the few officers who were acquainted with its contents; discussed the matter until thu story \vas in circulation that a big-gun had burst. The facts, which wi:l probably come out officially in a few days, are thav a eix-inch breech-loadLug- rifle has bec:i injured by the explosion in thejrunof a shell filled with a new high explosive, which the nxpertswere trying. The sample of this explosive came, it is anrler- 'stood, fixirn the Maxim Powder company, and a six-inch projectile was filled with it. The gun used was a regular service weapon, kept for just such tests nnd trials. The e'» n was leaded with 50 pounds of powder, the usual amount of discharging six-inch shell, in addition to the shell filled with the explosive. The whole lot exploded before the shell could leave the gHm. The result was n surprise to the experts, and the causes of the explosion havo not been definitely determined yet, or at least not communicated to the department. It was expected by the officers conducting- the test that when they emerged from the bomb-proof, from which place gams ore fired on such risky occasions, they would find the gun in fragments. To outward appearance the gun was undisturbed. On close examination, however, the breech had been expanded not more than an inch. That was the only serious effect, and even that -*ns within tlie powers of the ordnance officers to remedj 1 . Remarkable to relate the gun can be used again despite the fearful strain which it has undergone. It has shown ISM, a "gain of over 5,400,000 long 1 1ous. The value increased only about $3,500.000. from S7S.4SS.OC3 IO $SS,OlO,27a, showing that anthracite coal was cheaper in JSOOtban in ISM. The product of bituminous conl increased from 13S.aCO,^05short.tonsoi2,- 000 pounds, in 1304 to 13-M21.fl74 short Ions m 1S95,again of overlii.500.000 Tons. The value increased about SS.000,000. There was an increased production m all but five of the eoal-priwliicmg-states. Alabama and IVnnsylvanin showed' phenomenal ga.vis of more than 23 ]x?r oent. Alabama increr.-sed from 4,307,- J7S short tons in 1S9-KO 5,G7'.),770 tons in iSfjo, with a valuation of S.'j.34S,795, and Pennsylvania from 33,912,403 short tons to 50,o'l7,4-;f, short tons, vaJ-ued at$3J,- 002,073. The slaters in which a dc- f-reascd product was shown were Georgia, Kansas, North Dakota, West Vir- jf'nia and Wyoming. The principal loser was Kansas. The decreases in the other stales were slight. • The prodiict.amoug 1 Hie other leading- coal states was: Illinois, 17,735,564; value $14,233,157; Ohio, 13,370,337, value ?10,C37,553, and West Virginia, 11,424,- S03, value 57,787,120. i AGREES Robert WITH DR. QUAYLE. iifjcnoll Think* U \V»« Idiotic to Pray for His Conversion. Col. Kobert G. Ingersoll consented to talk concerning the assertion made by Dr. Quaylc, in the Mclbodist conference at Cleveland, that it was idiotic to pray for him. "I think Dr. Quayle was right," said he, "when he said that to pray for the conversion of liobei-t Ingersoll was idiotic. He seemed to take the some view of prayer that I. do, nnd to be consistent he ought to stop praying. He ought, to tel) all his Methodist brethren to stop advising and bothering God, and that over every JfethodJst pulpit should be painted in large letters: 'To Pray for the Redemption of Anybody Is Idiotic.' Mr. Quaylo .seems to have tlie true spirit of his church." "What do you think of tho Methodist plan of putting God in the constitution?" "I think that il the fanatics get God in the constitution there will be no tlint it possesses great strength. It survived a test which exceeds any condition of battle. There is no telling what force was confined in the rending shell in the six-inch gun, but !t is proper to assume that its power was a great deal more than muzzle energy, which, to utilize a readily understood simile, was, in the case of this six-inch gain, capable of mov- i ^ ing a body weighing 2,773 tens the distance of a foot. The accident is regard- ""' ed as a victory for American ordnance. room left for man. Our fathers in I7S7 retired all -the gods from politics and established a secular government, in which the power to govern, does not come from God, butfrom the consento! thegovcrncd.Letuskcep tlie aristocracy of the air from governing the land in which we live." CONSCIENTIOUS VETERAN. LADIES Many RUM THE CARS. • Fifty Cincinnati. Cincinnati is worth $185,751,550, nnd has a 'dp-bt of $26,240,197. Perhaps t!i« ".New Woman "will be a stronger woman than tie old one. Certainly, fresh air and th«i right exercise will do much for her. Fresh air is a great restorative, exercise a great nerve tonic if a woman be iu condition to take it. A healthy woman can avoia disease. She can avoid the seemingly almost inevitable '• weakness" of herse.x if she pursues the proper hygienic methods. The same methods will not cure her'if she ; ... . ... be already sick. Taken under medical direction; in connection with the right medicine, they will help effects cure. No women who Buffers at all from so-called " female weakness" should attempt athletics of-any sort. She'should first put herself into possession of strong and nearly bealth by taking Dr.' Pierce's Favorite Prescription. After she is thoroughly well, exercise and diversion will help to keep her well. The cure should come first. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is designed and recommended- for only the one thing. It acts directly upon one set of organs. No matter what is the matter with them, it will cure it. 'It will not cure anything else. It is 'a wholesome -tonic, an invigorating nervine,, or nerve-food as well as a healing medicine, and thousands of perfectly well women have.found that by. taking it regularly during the .period of pregnancy, the danger and pain of; par. tuntion were..jnucn- lessened, ;and -in. many cases,.almost entirely obviated. Kockford pHSHcngcri Pay Contn and a Dollar to KIcJo. It was trolley day in Itockford, 111., the other day, the society ladies of the city taking charge nnd running tbe cars of the city railway company. The receipts are to go to the Ladies' Union Aid society, the great charitabloorgan- i/ation of the town. Every car in the service was run out and merchants wh« bought tlie advertising 1 privilege on them decorated them very handsomely. 6top» ni» Pension Became Ho OoUeve* Hfmaclf Cured ol Hl« Ailment. Samuel Fetters, a miller in Chester vallev, has. led the pension authorities nt Washington to suspect something-being wrong 11 with, him-men tolly, because of his refusing to acceptapension. During the war lie was a brave soldier, nnd contracted n disease that left effects that seemed likely to shorten his days. He accordingly made application for a pension, and it was granted him. This wa^ a year ago. Lately he lias become much better of his ailroetat, and believing that he is completely restored -to health, notified the authorities to discontinue his pension. Noat- LUUUJLUGV^JIuji".v* ii*\«uj .^..^ *.*...«""••— -j - itics to discontinue nispeiisiyu. ^VU-L- The morning- opened with o drizzling t< , Dtion was pai ,i u, his request, and re- rain, 'which continued throughout .the .... —-<v»_ «„,, ,./Mifhor name to rain,'which continued throughout .the day, and interfered with many picnic parties which bad arranged to spend tbe afternoon in i'tc- groves on the outskirts of the city reached by tho electric cars. Tlie rain did not materially affect the business of the ladies, however, for everybody in the ,city rode, nnd more passengers paid 50 cents or.Sl 'for the trip than a nickel. The ladies enjoyed the novelty of the affair immensely and will net a big sum. There were no accidents nnd the ladies did not go off duty uiit:J midnight. Tt wns n great success in every respect, SOCIETY BELLE'S AFFLICTION. ghovren Lavlnh Attentions on Gentlemen —X B»y» to tier Relief. Miss Clara Throop, one of tho most attractive of Toledo (OJ society ladies, has been afflicted for some time with a mental Infirmity which manifested itself in lavish attentions to men, who hart given no possible encouragement to her, and some of whom were not in a position to do so. On OBC occasion she announced that she had become engaged to a gentleman, who a few i.iiys afterward announced his engagement to another woman. Kelativcs of tbe young lady in desperation, a few days ago, had her head, examined by the: cathode ray •process, when it was found that the underside of a. portion of her skull was covered with a series of bony growths, resembling a row of buttons, which press down upon the brain. Surgeons say that by n process of trephining these growths can be removed. COAL PRODUCrnOrToF 1895. 8t»tlntlclan I«arke7ll«port» on the Amount Alined In the CilltoU 8t»tc». E. W. Parker, statistician of the United States geological survey, has completed the compilation of the statistics of the coal production m U»c Hnit»d Slates, during the calendar year 1895. The total output from all mines was 171,804,7-12 long tons, or 192,421,311 short tons, having a total value at the mines of $107,572,477. This shows an increase over the production in 1504 of about 10,350,000 long tons, or nearly 22,000,000 short tons, and an increase in value of about $11,500,000. c ' The outputof anthracite coal in-Pcnn- -"'-ania increased from 46,358,144 Jong ,''in 1804 to 51.783:122 lOB? tons Hl> cently another pay voucher came to him. Accoiding to his previous deter- ciination, he returned this with a full statement of his not being: entitled to' further receive it. A memlxir of the bureau visited him, expecting to find a lunatic, but instead he found a clear-minded and conscientious veteran, and he returned to Washington with the promise to have Mr. Kellers' pay stopped. This has been done. Automatic At the Spittleuiarkct in Berlin there is a coffee tavern where waiters ajid tipe are conspicuous by their absence. All nlong the walls of the establishment automatic machines are placed, each with a label 'revealing its contents—• beer, <x> Joe, tea, etc. You take a glasa,: ; hold H up to the machine, insert a penny to the slot, and you ore served instanter. More than 40.000 sparrows have been destroj-cd in Gratiot county, Mich., during the last 12 months, as shown by tbe bounties paid, but the birds appear to be practically as numerous as ever. One man makes a good income as n spar- • row hunter, collecting an average of $60 A simipoo WITH ClillfM SOAP A warm shampoo -with .CUTIC'CRA SOAP, followed by gentle "applications.of .(.'CTI- CUKA (ointment), the Rrcat skiii cure, will clear the scalp "of crusts, scales', nnd dandruff, alloy .itching, eobrlio irricatiori, stimulate the hair follicles, and produce a clc.in, healthy scalp and luxuriant hair,', when all else fails. ' . . • )HC iUCUiWal AUVlOCli • l«/w jjw^^^i i *•••"'«• ; Uonzo Walling Is'on trial nt New-: inst;,:Mrs.^.^I.visit:friend^etor: ^^Kf^ij£S°W' .^VliTwM to"M.7S&I2Z Ion? tons i v> .ff^^^XSStti&'m***. rt.'- .:,••'-""','-', ".•'••'•.:• "..'•'•': './^: a^ouM^t^ 6 ^'! 3 ^ 016 ^ 0 - 1 "^'?^ rttr*mry*t*te**^^^° a ^^°^^- ^i''^*,^ -.•:-,• ••:.••'.'."•" •' ..-•'.'A^- : -..•,'.-•• :•.," '••••'.^^ ' '

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