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9/24/1957 - To City Subicribtri! If yea fail fe gst ysur...
To City Subicribtri! If yea fail fe gst ysur Star f)fga§§ telgpHefti 7*3431 by 6 p. m. and a ipttial ea will deliver yeuf paper, Star For Weather Reporti Set Column at Bottom 6l This Pap S§TH YEAR; VOL. §8 — NO. t»*» «( NAB* (I** fttu H0«, ARKANSAS, TUISDAY, SiPTIMIIR 24, 19S7 Mtmfc»f: *». Nil Au«ilatfi 4 tlrtl. 1, MM. I Audi* lu»»au «( M*»th SI J,S1I PKICE Se COPV Carole Lee Ferguson Named Stock Show Queen THIS WAS THE LINEUP of 14 contestants for siock Show Queen Monday night, appearing on the Coliseum stage first In swlmsuits: Loft to Right: Dot C.illane">, Miss Pulaskl County; Betty Galloway, MIPS Lafayette County; May Margaret Hlxon, Miss Clark County; Shirley Buchanan, Miss Ouachita County; Joyce Lenderman, Miss Montgomery County; Betty Dyer, Miss Howard County; Connie .Trammel, Miss>,'Little River County; Carole i Lee, FerCMson,' M,l»s r" M illnt* f.ni I I1#V/ " I I M rl a V/ a 11 rt ti M Mice W4n+l ftti t*ln itc* /^rsi IM^ v> ' . M A t»t» «t" Miller County; Linda Vaughn, Miss Hot 1 Springs County; ; Maryi Ann Hall, Miss Hempstedd County; Martha JV/ Pry, Mlss s Nevada i County; Mickey Lambert, , Miss Union Co.untyiJiHa'' 1 ''*^ Ulndsay, §• Miss Polk County and Carol'Hignlght, Miss^JKe- County. 1 Seated f at the organ is Luther'Hollamon. •" v ' l( fi^"', 1 '' *U" ' '"' \ AND HERE IS HOW the girls from 14 of the district's 18 counties looked on the same stage in evening gowns. • * »ir—"—.^ '^ 5 iv« JiTTY'SV''"'r «.' :^e »'ir.-;---" %•'./ '-jsw-' •'.x ',,•' '' C •»* t i /'« 't," "''>, ?:: > ;-V '--"-" '"r'W j -\, ,*. H/ - ', • f.,"•••' "A. • '»"., /, . .,'< H>,i Hope Star Photos Violence in Lone Star Steel Strike LONE STAR, Tex. i/Pi—An es- limated iiOUO slr'knrs threw rocks and bottles and kept Ihe midnight shift from going to work at the Lone Star Steel plant by forming a human .chain around the en- trancHS today, Texas Ranger (Rtd> Arnold called )o the scene, said I h e Hangers had been • ordered to clear the strikers from company properly. E. B, Germany plenl president, said no one was hurl trying to gel in 'bul he said numerous bottles and rocks were thrown by the pickets at autos of persons trying to neter the gales, Highway patrolmen cleared pickets from in front ot the plant yesterday the company said, after it obtained a restraining or. der against striking workers. But they returned las.1 nighl, L, D, Webster Lona S(ar vice president, s ijd about 73 per cent of Iho goOO striking sleolworkers were members J? Lopsl <U3i Thu Easl Texas plant employes about 4500, Whereabouts of Registrant Sought Members of Seltetwc Survive L,oeal Board No. ?Q, L. E Aslin, P , (J. Crow, and Paul H, Jones, cire $eek,mg information relallvo lo, iho Whereabouts and correct address of the Mlowlng named jvsistraiu of ih,e I-o9at goard! , SJigha ^PsUc, a NI?KVO. Kii-t Uapwii mailing address 4041 Kills, Chicago, JUinois. Jt Js very imporUxnt that this regisjran.1 co«tac,l Ihe I.oeal Ppard, ai once, U jaoypfte in Hcm.pstead. County the presenl ^4d,ress of t!"'s pteasp contact thv 1 Guard Federal I zed by President, Ordered to Force LR. Integration McClellan Jays Ike Wrong in Troop Action .WASHINGTON (INS') — Sen. John L. MisCl-Mian (D-Ark.) locUiy snirl Mi'. Eisenhower's historic order m.'iv is"l . :>rf "m"rn tnubb Ihpii il will prevent " Ho adriod: "1 •rocrct tho proposed use or force. . .1.6 enforce IntcHralion. I believe il to be' without -. authority of low. I ntn very appronhcnsive Uiixl such acllon mny precipitate more trouble thnn It will prevent." ATLANTA (TNS) —Sen. Herman 13. Tnlm"H"e (D-Gn'.V,. -. tocluy comparr-d Peslrlent Eisenhower's use ' of federal troops In Little: Hock Ark., willi Ihe'Russian'sup- prcssion of the Hungarian revolt last yanr. Jii a .statement issued in -Allnntn Talrnadgo' S'.ild: "\Vp still mourn the destruction of Iho sovereignly of Hungary by Russian tanks nnrl tiriops in the streets of Budapest. We .ire now hrcacnted wih a spectacle of the ' President of the United Stales using tanks and troops in the streets of Litlle Dock to destroy the sovcrnity of the Slate of Arkan- S>JS." WASIMNGTON (INS) —Son. Wayne Morse (D-Orc,), said today "evu-y AmRi'lcan citizen who Ix'- J'ovcs" in tovjrnmcnt bv low should sup|3ort/?Pr<,"Jident-Eispnlio\'v r ; er in the civil'rights'crisis, I\^ors6 oflen a sharp critic of the adrriinisU-.tion, said Mr. F.iscnhow- or's warning thnt he would use force if nccess'iry is "a constitu- tionnl and no-c-dcd^ cxercibc of hi? pi i sidonti'il dutia.s/ 1 In n statemonl Morse added: "II is timj for the South to i'acc up to Iho I'acl that il belongs to the union and comply with Ihe con- siuion of he United Slates." WASHINGTON (INS) — Defense Secretary Charles E. Wilson today ordered all Arkansas National Guardsmen to hold themselves in rpfiriino<!? lor possible service In Little Rock. Wilson' 3'ordoiv formally placing the sliito's militia under federal control instructed guaidsmen to await further orders from Army Secretary Wilbur M, Bruckcr on which units, shyuld report for ac- tivn duty. The defpiise secretary acted at 2:25 p.m. lEDT) an the nulhorHy of the order issued cailior by President Eisenhower lo put the Arkansas Guard into Icrlc-rnl s:-rv- icc Eruekcr immediately oul in a telephone call to Gov. Orval Fan- bus 01 Arkansas to notify Mm that both the Army and Air National Guards in Arkansas are now under federal fommand. Wilson's order nlso authorized Bruckcr to uso eny regular army tiocps from any state if he considers tlicy arc necessary to pro- vent the obstruction of racial integration in Genual high school, A top Pentagon spokesman said he expects trmt regular troops at well as the guardsmen will be used. Foir Weother in Most of Notion By The Associated Fair weather prevailed in the major part of, the country tuday. It was a litle cool in nrjofrl of the JJjaslorn secion of he rounlry and nil!'. 1 in Western areas, There were a few wet spots, mainjy in (hp Gulf Coast and tl}e Northeast Rain also fe'Jl in eastern Texas and parts of southern Louisiana, Scattered showers sprinkled .•jorthin-n Minnesota and eastward arross thu northern Great Lakes region into Ihe North Atlantic States. Methodists Plan Promotion Sunday Promotion Sunday will be observed al the Methodisl Church September 29 at 0:30 o'clock whpo all parents will meet in the'depart ment rooms of their children for a brief pi'ogviim. At 6;50 aii children to bp promoted will move with their parents Jo their now department where they will be greeted by their new teach* v ers. Then at I o clack, a format pvp-. motion service for U\e older pupils wll\ kP conducted, in tho sanctuary with tho mlnislev Rev. yirgil D, l^eeloy, and. the Chuveh Scho,oi Supurinlendent. Mi'. AHwi't ,Qv«v,cs. In phtugu of iho Thousands See Parade as Stock Show Starts A hufic parade formally opened the.'Third District Livestock Show here al 2i30 yesterday and was followed by a bcauly pageanl In the Coliseum lasl nlghl which was well fillohrlcd and has to be rated one'of Ihc bcsl shows of Ihe enlirc week-long cvenl. Tuesday's program calls for continued.'-'.-judging of livestock which got underway ycslerclay. Aberdeen Angus, Jersey Cnltle, Guernsey and Holsleln .Friesian Cuttle will be judged today. Tonight the feature altracllon will be a Radio and TV show .which promises to bo Ihe besl to show here. Maslor of Ceremonies will be Bob McFaddcn, widely acclaimed : comedian. Other nets Include Le Marx and Billle, a unique novelly juggling net; Howard and Wanda Bell, acrobats, in the modern manner; Elizabeth and Collins, who will thrill everyone with a knife throwing act, Al An- lonucci's Chimpanzees which is lops In entertainment for all ages and others. This stage show slarls promptly at 8 o'clock. Show officials announced this morning that the midway would be in full swing tonight Unfortunately the carnival was tin- 1 'able to ,set up lor last night's sliow. , PARADE WINNERS M , Yesterday's' parade ,atlraclccl thousands of persons and "featured everything needed lo make a wonderful parade, The judges announced Ihe various winners as: CIVIC FLOATS; 1. 'Prcscoll B&PW Club; '2. Tcrra-Firma Garden Club of Nashville; 8. Hope Lions Club, 4, 'Hope Kiwanis Club. SCHOOL FLOATS:. .1, Laneburg, 2, Pleasant Home 4-H tPikc County), 3. Spring Hill School, 4, Cub Scouts of Hope. PETS; Linda,Lou Cobb, 2. Joyce Collier. DECORATED BICYCLES, 1, Garland Ray Bright, Sandra Turner and Billy Etter, Other winners were entries 3-1-C-7-8-U. COLORED, FLOATS; Oak Grove, 2. Elementary Hope, 3. Lincoln High of Washincton. (Piclnrcs ol yesterday's parade can be found on Page six,) At lasl night's beauty show was somUhing to see, Fourteen lovelies from various sections of the district put on quite a show for the crowd. First' place honors and a $100 prize went lo Carole Ferguson, Miss Tcxarkana. Second place was Mary' Ann Hall of Hope; third place, Betty Joyce Dyer of Nashville and the next two were Betty Galloway of Stamps and Dot Callanen of Little Rock. Other entries wore Harlell Llnd- sey of Mena, Connie Trammel) of Aashdown, Linda Vaughn of Mai- vern, Martha Nell Pry of 'Pros'- coll, Shirley Ann Buchanan of Cemclen, Joyge Lenderman of Ml. Ida, Mickey Lamberl of 'El Dorado, Carol Hignighl, Murfreesboro and Mary M'argarcl Hixon of Arka» Continued en Page Two Rifle Club Won't Meet This Week The Junior Rifle Club will mil mool this week because of Ihc fair. Tlie next mooting will be Wednesday Oct. 2 wild tho grade school group meollng al -I p. m. and the Jr. High and High School group al 7 p. m, Crowd Quiet as Officers Arrest Five LITTLE ROCK l/l'l — A quiet crowd of liboul 200 while men and women watched Central High School- loclay al clasrAime With placed detachment thai i-on trnsled slrangcly wllh Ihc wild mob of yesterday. No Negro sliclonts had shown at !>:30 n.hi. and no incidents re ported. Early loc?»y five while men were picked up by police and later twi youths Identifier! by officers as North Little Rock High School students were tt.kcn inlo custody. The" iufck "rinbblrTjfar 'ntylal o r s scorned to. have f8"*dKhiponinff ft foci on Iho qiwvd, ^ Police said blows were .sti'iick in tho main street gt.ng fight but apparently no ono was hurl serl- cusly, The incidonl occuricd al a drive-in cafe —a hnngout for white tacn-agei-F. One while man Dan Dinkins, 47, WPS tealcd for lacerations of the face and a depressed skull !l frac- luro v alicr being hit on the head by 'a Lulling rock. Ills condition was..not serious. Repnrls Hint a 50-car cavalcade was! forming in downtown Lilllc Roc|f'werc described 'iy officers (is '"just a bunch of kids," They broke it up. Between B and 10 Negroes were arrested Police said Thoy reijo cicl no"'arrests of whltc"mrjn, "iVogrocs, armed v>ilh all typos of weapons, including pistols and razor blades are attacking whiles , . .throwing rocks, bicaking car windshields, and throwing bottles inlo doors of houses" an officer said. Newsmen who drove- by car through Negro districts found thnm uniformly dark and silent Where a houss was lighted th^ lights wem switched off ul the approach of the car, The picture .today, f.flm- yester day's i'laieups of fighting in front of Ccnt-al Hijh Schol, was this: J, President Eisenhower look a drastic and rarely used CM.cutive action, signing a proclamation entitled "Obstruction of Justice in the State of Arkansas" The key sentence read, in part; "New herefore I, Dwiaht D Eisehow- er president of the United States , .do command all persons o Continued on Page Two All Around Town •y Thf Itar tttff The foiks who SHW the bequly pageant last night, and there were many, will lell you this morning that winter is horo and a report from the Experiment Station shows a new seasonal low of 51 degrees, Livestock Show officials were yery regretful that the midway didn't get set up in time last night but promise it will be ready to< night. Carolyn Phillips, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. 'Phillips, i? a member of the staff of the Pray, Southern S(ate Collogp paper . . , Parbara Griffin, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Griffin is fresh- num editor for Ihe Southern State College yearbook, The M'uierjder . . , , Barbara was also electpd Jo Jhe women's council , . , At 'He.n.' jiprson the Cpllegp MadvigaJ Sin,. gers held, a first rehearsal , . . , garolyn stovy of JJofe is a first soprano with the group whUe 'Ma,ri guret Phillips ot pvesppll is ^ SPP' ond sapuuxo. i'yr Uo\y a arro'w hunters opens in Arkansas on pcjobor 1 ... the state has a special season for archeis . , , . deer without regard tg size or sox, may bo killed with a bow and arrow any time duringf Ihe month of October, Federal Troops Slated to March Later in Day By ROBERT E, CLERK NEWPORT, H, I. (INS) — President Elsenhower- today ordered federal troops inlo Llltlc Jtock to'; enforce school segrcgallon. Troops arc cxpccled lo onlcr Mi- lip Rock la lor loday to lake up position around slrlfo-lorn Central High School. Tho President directed Defense Secretary Charles K, Wilson to order the ArknnSii<i National guard Inlo federal service Immecllaloly; and uia il ir ,my jlhor nulls of tho nrmcd forces''lu control the situation. Mr, Elsenhower simulant'ously' scheduled- a Ifi-minute radio-lclovi- sion address lo Iho notion for about 7 p, m, (C3T) to discuss the in- leprullon crisis. He is flying back lo Wnshlngton from Newport lo moke the' address which will bo delivered forii Ihe While 1-l.nise. Tho chiof executive signed the histoy-mnkini; order in his office al the Newport Naval Baso al 12:22 , p. m, (EOT). He aclocl desoilc Ibe fact that Ihero wore no now, outbreaks of*' violence at Conrrjl , High School* when classes resumed,.Ibis "'" Afler an.'It * >'}.P Indents MondqjyirfUL| 4 ,",' ' But,'the v Prc'gid6ntWedHli3t his proclamation, ot, Monday, ordering an end to "wilful obstruction" of inlegrallon was violated when!' a crowd of some 300 galhcrcd at Ihe school loday, In hU now proclamation ho declared, (hat "wilful obstruction of enforcolTicnl" of Ihe federal court order for Integration "still exists and Ihrcalons lo continue," , Mr. Eisenhower dicctod that HIP National Guard should "serve in the active military service ot Iho 'United Stales for an Indefinite period and until relieved by appio-, pi iato orders, " His directive -inpllcs to both the Arkansas National Guard and Ihu Arkansas Air National Guard, Before issuing Ihe proclamation, the President conferred by ' telephone with Alloney General 1 Herbert Browne!! Jr., and Gen. Maxwell Taylor Army chief of slaff, , It was Iho first lime a president of Ihe United States had or-' 1 derod federal Iroops inlo a state to enforce a court order since 1014 when Wood vow Wison culcd out military forces during coal mine' dislunbanc33 in Arkansas, The Nali'onal Guard was un> plowed by Gov. Orval Fuabus ,to bar N-jgro sludonls fiom entering tho school until its removal was ordered by Federal Judge Ronald Davies lasl Friday, In laking his aclion Mr, Elscn- Continued on Page Two Weather 'Experiment Station report {01* "<;, 24-hours ending at 7 a, m. Tuesday. High 76, Low 51; Precipitation in September 5,71 inches; Total rain. ,;, fall for year, 53.30 inches, M M Pep, 76 55 76 53 74 56 63 47 67 63 83 53. l • Lyndon Pate, 170-poundcr who played for Hope High, is one of several promising newcomers lo the Soulhorn State squad . . . Pate, a halfback, now lives al Texarkana svith his parents, Mr. and yernon Pate. A Social Security oftice fiold representative will be at tho Court Room in Hope City Hall at D a m. on October 3-10-17-34 and 31 . . . if you have Social Security problems contact him any Thursday during the month. At iast might's bcauly pageant several local performers ably itU- ed. in during the lull pmods . they were Sammy Strong, Pca.rso« and Pr, Lowell Harris ijay fcUvi'U gl Slumps. Little Rock Memphis Now York Chicago San Francisco Seattle AH sections of and mild this afternoon tonight and Wednesday. Slight decrease,ill humidity, Hish this, afternoon neap 80 central, soulheasl and southi west upper 70s northeast rrjicj 70s to 80 noclhwesl; low loni&bt ;.ild 50s centra! upper 40s to Jow SO norllKast, low to nud '5QS, southeast jnd southwest mid. 4Q§ to low 50s northwest •'' < >d *.'••

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