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Water Week Beware 'Cave of Winds Z By JACK BI.l'K You seek out one of the state's ttf water legislators. You want hj advice on how San Bernardino sh&uld work to get water. 1 You ducK in and out of his of-ftpi for two days. You accom- pefiy him while he makes speeches. You ride in taxis with Wrti. He's expert, pleasant, knowl edgeable and humorous. "At the end of the two days, what are the kernels of his ad- -Don't litigate just to be liti "DIABETES" have from l Hundreds of patients J found satisfying relief i the symptoms of diabetes, J I sucn u ugr in uie urine, i J frequent urination, greatj thirst and hunger, loss oft j Wight, extreme tiredness I and exhaustion, cold feet, I I Cramps in the legs, neuritis ! (Mine, mm anrl nnil Itnh. ! I tag. skin eruption, despond-1 ;emblymaa Stewart Hinckley, gating. It's expensive and seldom productive. Sit down with your neighbors and i work ; out your problems. Avoid the courts and the "Cave of Winds" (the state's Capitol) uo it yourself. Who is this expert?: Carley V. Porter: 1 15 years a water legislator. Carley Porter: the co-architect of the State Water Plan. Carley Porter: a man who gets to the office by 7 a.m. (often earlier) and gets in half a day's work before the state's Assembly convenes at 10 a.m. You might call him the not-so-Old Man Mississippi of the Assembly n sort of father of waters. You squeeze out a couple of hard-to-find days to get up to Sacramento and see Carley Porter. You enlist the aid willingly and wonderfully given of Assemblyman John P. Quimby. You get a helping hand, too, from As I tencv. temoer SDells. memory, inability to poor' You pass through a bustling think i outer office where an administra- fV forTetE j;"- assistant and two secretaries about diabetes and other 111-! P"'" ' buy day " to B Jtiesa. Dr. Wing, D.C., thel w,nu suirc. I Chinese Doctor. Call for ap-jl "you are barely seated before I KTe.!!L BERNAR- 1 1 Porter's desk when Assemblyman tINO. 2336 Sierra Way north Wq, toin. ..You ' "to 8? 'IS 0(1 J0.' Of .30 w CARLEY V. PORTER . . . avoid adjudication i of Highland Ave. Phone ' TUrner 6-8609. Tueg. 9-12, j J Thurs. 9-12 and 2-5. PO- l MONA. 900 E. Holt Ave. (be- ' ! tween Indian Hill and Towne i l Ave.) Tues. 3-6. Fri 9-12. NA 9-3910. LA. office 1429 S. J Vermont DU 2-280L Frees I booklet "Regain Health, Nat- J urally! m nd?" ask Onimhv "Tf . naramo vauey ro ao hdoui ks about San Bernardino's water I'm water problem? interested." ; , That's what it was all about. Answer: iirst, to recognize Here is the essence (although not there 18 shortage on the Santa word for word quotes) of the in- ver ystem. Remember, terviews. that river toe basic supply for you, for Riverside, and for Orange First qtHMUun: Mr. Porter, Countv. immbmm J. wnat would you advise San Ber ii brif. qj CURSIES RC'.VERS WI3S SWEEPSTAKES For taking tht greatest number of top awards in the recent National Orange Show, Curries Flower Shop was awarded the sweepstakes trophy. In competition with other professional florists in the area, Curries flowers received 4 out of 8 first place awards. Mr. David R. Hilton, owner of Curries Flowers, 272 E. Highland Avenue, assures all of their customers of the same quality of workmanship and design for their orders. Shop with confidence at Curries Flowers, phone TU 2-3717 for any occasion you need flowers. Q. Once that la recognized, what should we do? A. Then the three groups San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange counties should sit down and fig ure out how much the Santa Ana falls short of their needs. Does it have only half the water? Three-fourths? Let's say lfs the latter. Then one-fourth must be brought in. Where from? Obvious ly, only Colorado River is pres ently available. Q. Who would do the buying? A. That would have to be worked out. q. By litigation? By adjudira tion? A. Only in the last resort. In fact, let me give San Ber nardino one bit of advice: Don't turn your water problems entire ly over to water attorneys. They tend to think in terms of litiga tion. Keep the general strategy in the hands of community leaders. Q. But you think there must be some sort of unified control of the i Santa Ana River system, all up and down it? A. Eventually. Your problem is arriving at that point with fair ness to everyone. Q. Doesn't that require going to court in other words, adjudication? . , - A. No. I give you the example of West Coast Basin one of the Los Angeles area basins. It was adjudicated. That adjudication took 15 years and cost $5 million just for liti gation. Can you imagine? That figured out at $165 per acre foot of water. I'll give you another example the Central Basin, also in the L. A. area. It was done by volun tary agreement. It saved millions of dollars in litigation costs and years and years in time. Q. Are there other methods? A. Yes. One good tool is the pump tax. The user of basin wa ter pays according to the amount he extracts. This conserves waterand helps in replenishment. The pump tax can be the whole solution in some cases; in oth ers it can work with adjudication, or with voluntary replenishment, or with other basin management plans. . . Q. To get back to our San Ber Chinese Becomes Citizen So He Can Leave U.S. MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Rich ard Wang Yuan Lee had an un usual reason for wanting to be come a citizen of the United States. He wants to leave the country. The former citizen of China has been an employe of a cotton firm here for 10 years. He was pro moted last year and given the op portunity to be the firm's representative in the Far East. But without citizenship papers he could not get a U.S. passport to leave the country. Lee took the oath of allegiance during naturalization ceremonies here. aardino problem. What should we do? A. First get supplementary water. Then set up lines of communication between the three counties. I would advise you to ask Carl Fossette, manager of the Central and West Basin Replenishment District, to come out and talk with you. He has organized such a program; he can give you valuable pointers. Q. And then? A. And thea work out a practicable, fair program for water use along the Santa Ana. Pon't fight for the sake of fighting. Don't litigate just to be litigating. Water's what you want. Water's what you need. Keep you eye on that. Q. How about you speaking to us? Ma31,SAN BERNARDINO SUN-TELf GRAM -A1 1, A. I surely will. Right now, I'm campaigning for Congress. But when that is over win or lose- Ill have time, and I'll 1 3 glad to. For one thinj, I love workins on water problems. They draw me like a magnet. , And you folks out there must realize: you have a beauty of water problem! 4 out of 10 firms never reopen after a fire, primarily because re cords needed to stay in business were destroyed. FREE SURVEY. Let us check your present fire-protective equipment and requirements. You may be adequately protected, but don't wait for a fire to prove it! Successor fo Arrowhead Ofiet Equipment Co. 376 D St. TU 4-1863 BRANDYWINE fo) ry rt n n "n h n 1 2V2 . Buttons or Sliced Effective Thru April 3, 1963 Copyright 1960-196M962 andor 1963, Safeway Stores, Incorporated No Umitt Buy All You Want at Safeway! Applicable Taxes Collected Mim Chip Shmoi Givm wlHi Nrctms. Sic.ot Fluid Milk PrieH, CifartttM, Toboceoi, Alcoholic Smtrsgn or Magadan " 111 i r n r 1 .. . . t. HIGHER lit a !

Clipped from
  1. The San Bernardino County Sun,
  2. 31 Mar 1963, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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