Noise is Only Product as Klan, Negro Marchers Meet in Virginia---Arizona Republic: August 7, 1966

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Noise is Only Product as Klan, Negro Marchers Meet in Virginia---Arizona Republic: August 7, 1966 - if ' - v r.".S!-.v r.".S!-.v r.".S!-.v ( AP...
if ' - v r.".S!-.v r.".S!-.v r.".S!-.v ( AP Wireuhoto NEGROES MEET KLAN-Negroes KLAN-Negroes KLAN-Negroes in Hopewell, Va., gather on the steps of City Hall for a protest demonstration yesterday as hooded members of the Ku Klux Klan lien the walkway. The Negroes were protesting a plan to build a garbage dump near a Negro residential section. There was talk, but no violence. Noise Is Only Product as Klan, Negro Marchers Meet in Virginia HOPEWELL, Va. (AP) - A group of demonstrating Negroes met face to face with a clutch of be-robed be-robed be-robed and hooded Ku Klux Klansmen here yesterday but all that came of it was noise. The Negroes, about 40 in number, number, shouted "Now!" The Klansmen, Klansmen, 22 in robes of white and red augumented by perhaps 100 more in civilian clothing, jeered and shouted "Never!" There was no violence. THE CONFRONTATION came at the Municipal Hall of this south Virginia industrial city, to which the Negroes had marched to protest the city's plans to put a garbage dump near a Negro residential area. Led by the Rev. Curtis Harris, Harris, state head of the Southern Christian Leadership Confer-ence, Confer-ence, Confer-ence, the Negroes men and women and a scattering of chil-djen-rmarched chil-djen-rmarched chil-djen-rmarched chil-djen-rmarched chil-djen-rmarched about 3 miles to the yellow brick city hall and there were greeted by the hoot ing Klansmen. Escorted by blue-clad blue-clad blue-clad police the city had called out its entire force of 22 for their protection the demonstrators walked between between files of Klansmen up the short walk to the concrete steps I "Never," welled up as Harris of the building and there con-: con-: con-: spoke. gregated to present their griev-j griev-j griev-j Negroes and Klansmen then ances. I knelt, in nravpr I K' "J . 1 UNDER A hot sun, hundreds of persons mostly ordinary citizens citizens downtown on the busiest shopping day of the week lined the streets to watch and listen. Most were silent throughout the protest session, which lasted 47 minutes. Harris presented a i acting city manager ! Peterson, protesting tentative plans for a "sanitarv iland fill" near the Negro resi 'dential section, Rosedale. AN UNIDENTIFIED Klan leader thanked God "for being white" and for "the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly." assembly." The Rev. Harris prayed for "human justice here in the presence of those who hate us." The 40 Negroes on the city hall stpns thpn snncf hvmnc nnrl the still j freedom songs and the cacoph-j cacoph-j cacoph-j ony of jeers and epithets from letter toj Toresten ; the Klansmen and their fist- fist- waving sympathizers began ! Taunts from the assembled; anew- anew- Klansmen, many of whom! Police said they "threatened Iwore paper banners reading to arrest" one white man who . . made obscene remarks and gestures, gestures, but otherwise officers AFGHANS SIGN PACT t and a few KKK security guards kept a possibly explosive situa tion well in hand. KABUL, Afghanistan (UPD-Commiinist (UPD-Commiinist (UPD-Commiinist China and Afghanistan Afghanistan have signed an agreement for construction of six projects 'with aid of $28 million in Chi credit, Agriculture and AT TIMES the rivalry was almost good-natured. good-natured. good-natured. . I The Klansmen left first. nese The Negroes afterward march- march- pH hnrk tn a rhurph fnr a mppf- mppf- Irrigation Minister Mohammad;ing and Harris said they wouId Akbar Reza announced yester-! yester-! march downtown again next 'day. Saturday.

Clipped from
  1. Arizona Republic,
  2. 07 Aug 1966, Sun,
  3. [First Edition],
  4. Page 8

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  • Noise is Only Product as Klan, Negro Marchers Meet in Virginia---Arizona Republic: August 7, 1966

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