Hatfield Gang moved to Frankfort

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Hatfield Gang moved to Frankfort - hrakc- rail- Bar-natt. .No- SEMES NO. 7,621....
hrakc- rail- Bar-natt. .No- SEMES NO. 7,621. HATFIELD-frCOY. HATFIELD-frCOY. HATFIELD-frCOY. The Question of Jurlsdictloa Settled bj the Court ot ' Appeals.; '';".. The ' famous Dispute . Betreea Kentucky and "West Virginia ; . Orer the Prisoners. Jodie Pryor Baya the Lawless Gang Must Go to tha Frankfort -: -: penitentiary. ; A Batiaw of the Crimea ani tat Punishment Jcstlf Amtitd By the Lower Court. AN INTERESTING DECISION? rraninorv rov. iu. isoeci!.) in .-- .-- .-- un vi . Appeals jcsirruaj, xa uar ing the judgment - of the lower court. permanently settles the llatfiekl-McCoy llatfiekl-McCoy llatfiekl-McCoy . feud in Pike county. A part of tha murderous band lived in West Virginia, haw. . .v . : f j : mm lt tl lUV KUUV ffWUU 19 grand sequel waa committed in that btate, tne case brougnt up a qnestton 01 . jurisdiction between Kentucky and f- West Virginia, which the Cnited States -Supreme -Supreme Court adjudicated in favor ot Kentucky before the trial In Kentucky . 1 , , rwi m 1 r .... wuu urgiu. - iag uecuigo now o& ua - court of last, resort in Kentucky, aa expressed in the opinion of Judge Pryor, wno recites tnerein au tne material facta in the ease, is of general interest. bots from the widespread notoriety ot the outrage perpetrated, and the seem ing aiow. - out certain, retnonuon awarded the guilty ln the due process oi aw. The opinion is as fallows: "The appellant. Vlcntine Hatfield. Do Mayhorn, and Plyant Mayhorn, were indicted, tried and convicted in the Pike Circuit Court for the murder -of -of Tolbert McCoy.- McCoy.- . The verdict and 4Hl . a j .1. .1. !t ... juuiiuicui 1 evi uieir Duzusnmcna as cos. AnM... 1 .. . 1. c.. lnx life. xrom'Whioh thrv kava oonMled to this court. The' two Mayhorn were tried together, and a se para to trial bad for the accused Valentine Hatfield. Aa .- .- M.W UVUI- UVUI- IWIU, mkJkJLJf W W one charge of murder, 'and th legal . question in many respect are identical, . We Will consider th ease a If tlm At the August election in the year 1882. , personal diflieulty originated between three of the McCoy boys and ' one Ellison Hatfield, the brother ot tha appellant valentine Hatfield, in which' Hatfield -waa -waa stabbed or cut with a knife, and died in a short time from the effect of. the wound. What caused tne trouble between those partie is not disclosed by the record, nor wa it proper iar xne court oeiow in tne trial ot these appellant to have made such . an inquiry. After the fight had termi- termi- nated between the McCoys and Hat-fields, Hat-fields, Hat-fields, the McCots were at one arrested , by one who is termed in the record m special Constable,' and named Floyd Hatfield, and placed in the custody ot Tolbert Htfield and Joseph Uatheld, two Justices of the Pesce ot Pike coun ty. . These officers of the law in con nection with the Constable all of them, related to the mai killed, thought it proper to carry the prisoners.' the three McCoys, to the county seat to be tried. anil 1h. ... . r ilf a k.M ri,K tnem a guard to protect their prisoner . gainst any attack tlst might be made upon them by the Hatlieldsvwho had re- re- . tnained behind. Iher had not dto- dto- eeeded mnr miVa in th. dirMtirm ttt i'ikeville before the.y were overtaken liv Valentin 1 la t t.nl . f Atij. Af ti. mjk. cused. Elks Uatield and others,'' who,. acem-dincr acem-dincr acem-dincr t A t p fivn - ,t,iAtn.nt. wanted the law enloreed. but a a mat-ter mat-ter mat-ter of pubiio eonvenienee. thought tho ' officer of the htw should try them in the magisterial district where the fight ' took " place. The : accused, Valentine . Uatrield. was also an officer of the law. (a Justice or the Peace), but lived in th State of West Virginia,' short distance from the Kentucky border. - The officers officers ot the law having these boy in itation in - sutrendehng their iurisdic- iurisdic- tion to the Virginia Justice ot the Peace, who, in conjunction with a posse of armed men,, returned with these unfor tunate young .prisoner that they mirht bave them tried, as the defense now contends, contends, in tiie-eivif tiie-eivif tiie-eivif district bordering on and near the Virginia line. ' These par- par- Tie , cttuL not soue, iar on tneir return of a branch, by a man called Ana. Hat- Hat- . field and his squad ot men.' amonfr them the tno Mayhocn (appellants), who are til arfT.a-l arfT.a-l arfT.a-l n.litw f t'n .nn.tUnl V.tiM. tine llstfieiii..1 vliL-Qund vliL-Qund vliL-Qund of men were armed witk run when they met the Kentucky Kentucky Justices who bad been divested of their jurisdiction by the Virginia tiusEire. ana alter proceeding to tne res ilience ot jerry iintneid. tlie party obtained obtained a rope and tied the three boys together, and in this condition earned them to the Ecv Anderson , Hatneld, where the party waa entertained at dinner. dinner. i While at -tlie -tlie -home -home of the Eev. Hatfield. Ana. Hatfield stepped forth and directed nll ot Hatfield' friends iwui m uur, auu. iivui uie imuavnj, altltouirh there is some enr flirt in th. f-uteinents. f-uteinents. f-uteinents. these appellants all went into line; and if doubt exists in this par-tieulnr, par-tieulnr, par-tieulnr, tint they were all present is a eonoeded fact. The prisoners were " - U wwvrss .II V II, VI VI. U1C UIIC '. bounding the two States, and confined in a school-house school-house school-house on the Virginia side. There they were guarded by armed men. the defendant being among the num- num- uct, wuu, nuw uu luc iuiou aa wnin mi ii. rrotest acainst anv criminal intent. on their part, and avowinsr their pnrpone to protect these boys from injury by others, They kept them confined in this room nntil they beard ot the death of Ellison Hatfield, who, it was said, bad been stabbed by the youngest of the Mo-Coy Mo-Coy Mo-Coy boys,' and then he clamor tor hams hams n blood began. Tolhert MoCor was tewnty-one tewnty-one tewnty-one year old, Phamer McCoy nineteen, and liandall McCoy fifteen years. . In the meantime." they bad permitted the mother of the boys to visit them, and this old lady seeing that human law was powerless to save her boys, on bended knees implored the interposition of divine providence for the protectioni of her offspring from the -brutal -brutal 'resolve 'resolve of these merciless men. and the appellant Valentine Hatfield, in mockery of her fervent a ppe la, required heri using the buiKuare of the witness, ta make less noise and leave. After bearing or the death of HtZ field, they took these boys from tha aohool-hoime aohool-hoime aohool-hoime to the Kentucky side of the river, the two appellant, the Mayhorn being along with the armed force, and when reaching th spot where they were to carry into execution their murderous murderous Intent, they surrounded thets victims for th purpose, a they p claimed; at having a t hooting aaatoJa,

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  2. 11 Nov 1889, Mon,
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  • Hatfield Gang moved to Frankfort

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