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marcus garvey 3 - Today People--Hard to Manage. Remember the...
Today People--Hard to Manage. Remember the Negro. piracies, Old and New. $2^for Bricklayers- Awful. ---By Arthur Brisbane His -followers kneel, praying, » is M'away. * pitiful scene of Soon you will know what can be done in getting money from country by those that have conquered and disarmed It- The French -will take the private property of Germans, mines, factories, etc., and work them. Those that interfere will stand before a firing squad "for sabotage-" Those that refuse to work in confiscated plants will go to jail, The French, thorough, logical, go through with what they start. But they'may be disappointed. A religious organization in South America undertook to treat a. tribe of Indians as France tries to treat the Germans of Ruhr. The Indians..were kindly treated, but thoroughly exploited- They went to bed and got up the ringing of a bell, worked all day long and their souls saved by conversion to Christianity, an additional profit. Everything seemed to be going well, when 'suddenly the Indians stopped having children, and there were no more workers after that generation. Exploiting human beings on a big scale is always difficult. _ Marcus Garvey. who started an ''all black" steamship line, promising his Negro followers a. republic in Africa, goes to prison for live years. confidence misplaced, if the judge and jury reached a righteous decision. ' 'Everybody will read about the illiterate black organizer of the Africa republic-, his collegiate gown, gold headed cane, gold eyeglasses' top hat. etc. Simeon Strunsky, .in his able editorial page, reminds you that tSft'country should also--b.ear-a.bauf another Negro, Dr- Carver, winner £ the Spingarn medal. Dr. Carver's work in agricultural chemistry, as Mr. Strun- Bky says, would honor any white scientist. What is more important it will greatly Increase the value farm lands and crops the So!ith. throughout Passing from grave to gay, Mr. Strunsky- creates this pleasant mot: "In reply to reiterated inquires as to Ws plans, Mr. :Ford says: Ts- I liaTe no presld e ntlal ambitions.' " Mt. Etna's violence is subsiding. The worst is over, perhaps, for centuries. Villages and vineyards are locked UP forever in the solid stone of cooling la^a. And you see an interesting contrast between ancient and modern methods. The inhabitants of two towns gage in a desperate fight to secure a miraculous "staff", supposed to have power to stop the lava flow. While the fight was going on engineers with trenches and barricades actually were diverting a lava stream from a village of many inhabitnts toward land un- hablted. \ work. Modern miracles also wor their Thev Bricklayers have won strike and ?2 more pay- set 1,000 bricks per day. Conservatism is horrified at this but nobody seems excited because the brick 'manufacturers ' get ?9 more for 1,000 bricks than they did a year ago. The manufacturer demands an increase -in profit 400 percent as great as that demanded by the bricklayer- But the -brick- maker is a capitalist--so that's all right. early Baron Rothschild, in Paris, discovers that he paid 150,000 francs ·for a "fake" antique. He was just as happy before he knew of the fraud. 'Now he is unhappy; also slightly ridiculous. Let that teach us to think long before we reveal too much truth those that do not want it. If the Mohammedaas like to believe ia a heaven, with private ownership o! many young ladies- made of solid musk: if Buddhists wish to believe that Gautama, tired of his young ·wife and her many assistants- gave his body to feed a starving tigress that had no milk for,her cubs--be -careful how yoa convince them of their folly. Their aatio.ue delusion" may be more valuable to them than your modern truth- " County i John D. Rockefeller Jr., gives i com$130,000 to supply hospitals with iasiilin. tbe miraculous extract of the panacreas that cures diabetes, This news is lar more important Continued, on Page 12 in

Clipped from
  1. Logansport Pharos-Tribune,
  2. 22 Jun 1923, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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