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ny times nov 13 1858 p 3 calyo - to-quiry to-quiry at for at IS Qo-tm-ty) at a...
to-quiry to-quiry at for at IS Qo-tm-ty) at a Bread-stuns, a partici- at fur ft ; SO at , t $3 at IS at J tn-gineering, . 8 Nas-saa-st. : ft AC1DKMT OP M17BIC- M17BIC- ' -. - u AVtatra ajBara. nav . THIS MOESriNC. at 1 ; doors open at 121 ; to ecmelaJa - at 4H. ;- ;- The aaJ of th private hex and tieke'a eora-BMaee eora-BMaee eora-BMaee this aiemlng. The art vae bosus 01 be so! t ooiy at 1 h Aeartesiy th adnsiasl ticket at all the r alar Bsd sapplemeatary tk-kit tk-kit tk-kit offices. 0 hAATS WILL BE BEoER YIDv Th flneeomav an select their m seats, exeept in the proscenium aad private hose. There will likewise a tot single Kstsia the private hexea. TWO PlsTTItw OPEKA, ' LA SERVA PAH RON A aad MOB It A. First aiearaace in America of Madaas LABORDK. Prima Doona from tne Urand Opera in Paris. First appearance in a new rhurseter f Mile, PICCOl OktlNl, In a new romte opera, hieh will be given tor the first tisn to Asnertca. Debut in America of Slgnor MAGCIOROCm. rrincipal Bono and iiaaso from Her Majesty's Thextre, LundoD. Man prrwii haviag twea uoaMo to sntaio wlasiasioa to the Matinee of last Satnrday, whilst number from lbs nelKbbutlieod have been Brevnb'i from attending on no count of tbe severe rain-storm, rain-storm, rain-storm, Mr. I'llman rr-pa.-tfujly rr-pa.-tfujly rr-pa.-tfujly rr-pa.-tfujly rr-pa.-tfujly announces another GALA MATINEE, with unprecedented attractions. Madame LABORPE, whose name taaAM:tu-o. taaAM:tu-o. taaAM:tu-o. viifa the miot pleasant assoehv-tions assoehv-tions assoehv-tions ia the memory of opera-goers, opera-goers, opera-goers, w til aiake her tirst appvarance in her admired character of NORMA. Oa the m aae occasion aud to make the performance en f auusual iaterrst, ... . . Mlle-GHIOM Mlle-GHIOM Mlle-GHIOM will sing the part of Adalgiaa. LORINI . . as . Pollioue COLLF.TTI . as. Orovesa T be followed by Faeaielio't celebrated comic and vne-ast vne-ast vne-ast spcra of LA PERT A PADR0NA, (Tlie Domineering Housemaid,) which will be given for the first time ia Assert sa, end ia whieh Mile. P1CTOLOMINI sill appear (for the first time in America in her admired sharacter of the I'F-TCI.ANT I'F-TCI.ANT I'F-TCI.ANT nOTJSEMAID. This opera, which was composed a handml years ago by Paesieilo, the rather of ths modern Italian Opera and C-eenrsor C-eenrsor C-eenrsor of Rossini, was performed by Mile. I'axo-mini I'axo-mini I'axo-mini last season in London at Her Majesty's Theatre, and in the character of tha willful and domineering hoasemaid she achieved one of her greatest triumphs. On the same occasion During the comic pasticcio of La Serra Padroaa, will be introduced THE QUARRBLIXO DL'ETT, from A liber's comic opera of the "Mason and Locksmith," aud at Uie cud of the opera TDK P1CCOLOMINI WALTZ, expressly composed for her by Slnior Mnsio. SKiN'OR M At.GIOKOCIH, principal buffo from Her Msjndy's Theatre, London, will make his dtbnt in America on the same occasion. CHARACTERS IN THE SERVA PADROKA. The Master Slgnor Mairgioroahi Tie Iluusemaid Mile. PtccaloaaiBi The Cook Mad. Siedcnburg The male servant being, in conformity with tbe custom of the old Italian Comic Opera, adamb pertonage. Chorus of servant maids and waiters. THERE V ILL BE hO RESERVED SIS ATS. The whole of the Academy ef Mu.ic, eniatMe of seating FOUR THOUSAND PERSONS, Will he thrown open to the public, with the exception af the private snd proscenium boies. TWENTY TICKET OFFICES have been established. Tkkete wi!l likewise be for .le st the ENTRANCE DOOR OF THE ACADEMY. Far which especial purpose FOUR ADDITIONAL TICKET OFFICES Will be opened. The doors will be opened at l'H- l'H- The Vatinee win commence at ONE precisely. The entre-acts entre-acts entre-acts will be of short duration, so that visiUirs from Uie country in time for the railroads and steamboats. On Monday, DON GIOVANNI, when there will be NO MORE INCREASED PRICES. 1 be role of prices being the tame as uhu.iI. via : ONE DOLLAR to Parmu-t, Parmu-t, Parmu-t, Kalonny and Circle. I aniilv circle W ccdU Aniulntle4i.rs le W ccdU I Anipliitltei. 50 cents Rervol seats . . . . $'J I Pri vate boxes .$19 k. For particulars see adrerPsement in another euiainn. rHt.IJXl.1XKT tMHOl'KlKhsM', On Friday, Nov. Ur Secnnd and last grand ;a..ani; a nkiht, (prior to her departure for HavanaO on whieh occasion a ill be given, for the ONLY TIM 8 Tins SEASON, Meyerbeer's grand oivra of ROBERT LB PIAHI.E, with a greatcast. Mine. (lAZAMIi 4 will sing, for tbe first and only time, her celebrated rilt otAlioc On Saturday, Nov. W, IrUvhT ITALIAN OPERA IX BROOKLYN, At the Athenaeum, with chorus, orchestra, ouatutoes, Ac. A Sl-ECi Sl-ECi Sl-ECi Al. STAGE, with new scenery anJ ftlihte. havimr been built arri painted bv AHegri.anU Caiyo. Euli pariicalara will im fciven on Monday. ACADEMY OF MTJ8IC. 4LD PRICFS. TO THE PUBLIC. The fnrore of the I'oN GIOVANNI has been ef suchaa xtraordinarv charachnr, and sa many pers-ms pers-ms pers-ms liavo be.:n prevented from obtaining seats, that the Director had deemed deemed to give it on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY, thus snorting another opportunity of hearing U-aZANltiA U-aZANltiA U-aZANltiA aud PiCC'OLOMlhl en one and the same evening. On which occasion there ""Ub KO MORE INCREASED PRICES. Mr. CHsania iuduoed to make thia alteration partly from the fact of Ue great outlay tor the pro-luctim pro-luctim pro-luctim of DON GlOV AK M having heea reimbursed by Uie extraordinary extraordinary receipts of tLo three houses of last week, aad partly to give every facility of witnessing thit grett combination combination of talent U those person who do not claim the- the- prlvllegeota rvoervm se.it iu the lower par t of the house. THE PRICES OF ADMISSION on the two and MOfiT POffTTIYKI.Y LART KlflHTS OF DON GIOVANNI i will be To the Paron'tt, UaJoony and Circle, ONEfcOLLAR. Fami'ycirele &0cents I Amphitheatre.. SSeenta Reserved seats .$2 New private b-ives b-ives b-ives .$10 I be sale ol reserved seats will corameocu THIS MOK.v-INO MOK.v-INO MOK.v-INO at the Academy of Mnsie and U. Brensiug's ai S34 'slock, and MSiheil't, No. M Wali-st., Wali-st., Wali-st., at t. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT, On Friday, Nov. 1, 8ECOND AND LAST GRAND BAKZANIGA NK-JHT, NK-JHT, NK-JHT, (prior to her departure for Havanajun which oooasion will be given, for the ONLY TIME TITXS SEASON, Meyerbeer's grand opera of ROrtERT LE DIABLE. with a great cast. Mme. GAZ.A N1G.A will sisg. forth fir.l snd onli: time, her celebrated roic of Alice. On Haturda'vTi'Jov. , FIRST ITALIAN OPERA IX BROOKLYN, At the Atheasrnin, with chorus, orchestra, eortamcs. kc. A SrT.C'ltL STAGE, with new scenory and footlights, having been triitt. and painted by A llerl and C'alyo. Full particulars will be given en Monday. IMPORTANT NOTICE. An engagement haa been made with the Boston Theatre Theatre for the entire company, including Mile. PioeolomiuJ, 1-aborde, 1-aborde, 1-aborde, Mile. Poinsot, Oarl Formes, hu From R,t m, the enure company wilt leave f.ir fhiladelphia. The first epoch of the H mur srasuii will positively rloae towards the ' END OF THE PRESENT MONTH, and reopen again toward the en 1 of Janury. 111. ill Mi THE FKW FAREWELL PEKKOrt sIANCES, which will ha giv-'n giv-'n giv-'n the present and next week, - MLLE. PIC'COLOMLNI cannot poeaihly appear oa more than FOUR FAREWELL NiGITTS, MADAMS OAZZAN1GA oa two nights, when she wilt U-uve U-uve U-uve fur Havana. MME. LAbOROE n two nights. MLLE. POINSOT oa two nights. Jointly with CARL FORMES, who, after the Boston and Philadelphia aeasoct, will likewise likewise depart for Havana, - - To let, Uie Academy ef Music fvr any Bight daring Dc-eesMSer Dc-eesMSer Dc-eesMSer and January, except for Sundays, It having boaa already engaged fur REGULAR DIVINE RERVICE. On the two last nights of the season MLLE. POINSOT 111 make her debut ia a raerlca. as Valentine, la THE HUGUENOTS, which will he given with a cast infinitely superior to that of last season. PALACK UXHUESi C1UCLS. ' Taevderta this Brilliant Entertainment wfthin tw. AllTJSIallENTS . th ' - In M

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