Laureles Ranch - Water Well Names

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Laureles Ranch - Water Well Names - 3s of Water Wells Tell History of Ranch 20-P...
3s of Water Wells Tell History of Ranch 20-P Corpus Christ! CALLER-TIMES, Sunday 1853 be quite K ' appropriate. And tn*»** r G Sivt» IvA^itruAM *k A S**~. *_-.. » -there's -there's ) the Caesar trap and the Portalcs pasture named Kl Gavllan because Richard, Richard, Jr., shot a hawk on the site the day he was out looking for a spot to drill the well. Charlie. Burwell. foreman at taureles has a well indirectly named in his honor. Burwell once owned a, stainless steel cup he shows the location «nd MBMM of all the wells, permanent camps, traps and cattle pen* and weave many an interesting, though fanciful, fanciful, story from those S p a n , t havwg'. years ago, it was named after the - i, t the existing name of a- old pass. mott w u or Pasture the Hammer Well well serves. Possibly no one knows all these stories, Cy Yeary, veteran veteran employe in the Kingsvttle ranch office, knows many. Robert J. and Eichard M. Heberg know- Also on the Laursles is the Sfar- tillo (hammer) well. \Yhile it was being drilled, says Yeary, the drUl- er dropped his favorite hammer down the hole and exploded into Richard M. Kleberg after several dozen rattlesnakes were flushed out of the molt and killed. And there's the Leoncitas on the Laureles, Laureles, named for a nearby clamp oJ hackberry trees where a lion was treed and killed. names. prized~set quite a store by it. He J"" 6 merchant and a group stopped to quench ^ re f « wn «« *»i-f» «u?__» ^___ r _ . it-j_-?.. ... . - Ironf. the win Translated Into English; you find wells' named «ye_ fl water, cunning she-wolf, small rooster, "·*-· merchant, body in the brush. manv more. On* et^-i; et^-i; ·VnM.TaV,.-. · :" -«*·"»«»._«»"«· wjuvucu-uuu »nen uie wocne tsueno was ranch. happenings on the remembered the ;incident and the (always be the Christinas well to On th» f °it«.j«= n,-,rf*- «. ' · · ' , - ? d " nller s ra S e - When completed, employes at the division the Pas; ~cf 1 m ^* there's they called it "where the hammer Mosquitoes the Poor Cattlrt l^M'££!**£ ^? P l d _'"-.'l?**** 1 ^ I ho 5 teni ?5 Richard M.,Klebe«r. Jr..:Kamed - ,, .- j-, ^^_ ~,~~jf£,^.*f. v / *^ V^Al^-^k their thirst from a'thermos one day, h» passed tee cup around and someone left it on the car fender. When Burwell discovered his loss, he drove back to the spot, but the cup remained lost.' A we'll was later drilled nearby and it was natural for the hands to refer to ( J t as "whore the cup was lost." «kL"J~rK--'IWT""^"" ^ · ! 11 has amc 6 been shortened 'to .When the Noche Bueno waa[Taz, the cup well being put down on the Laureles, 'IJghtnlng JncWent S? , c I5 W -_"^ 0 9 k .. a le C' to . fini !}} Ono other that : Yeary. mentioned t h e ^r f t t i uie .roor uauie located near the it to the v, -a -is -is tha Presa del; 1 in middle , yearling calf, turkey, M e x 1'e buzzards, heifer,' swallow, short shirt, smail flag, the corner of Uncle Frank, prickly pears, high view and 'the lost windmill, Incidentally, just how does oce go '.about losing a windmill? Cyanide Used in Fight Against Rattlesnakes anJ alr are use(3 '«« lightning strucrthe r da1n;^ Ught-1' ^ anlIe anJ alr are used to ning did:strlhe the dam of a small (eradicate rattlesnakea , ; on the lake one night a cow crew was·, King Ranch. The cyanide mixture camped there. Someone remem : ' " . blown into tha snake and the entrance capped. At one den 27 dead snakes were removed after such ah "operation. ·" . ON THE KING RANCH . . . every vrell has a name » ' ' * Empire o j£ «

Clipped from
  1. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times,
  2. 12 Jul 1953, Sun,
  3. Page 92

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  • Laureles Ranch - Water Well Names

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