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Santa Gertrudis Ranch - Lauro Cavazos - 4-E Corpus Christi CALLER-TIMES, Sun 1953 i The...
4-E Corpus Christi CALLER-TIMES, Sun 1953 i The fe*d ratioRS : Cavazo* said,, I are prepared . by the Kingsvllle Milling.Co.. and include grain sor-j ghurrts, meal, alf»Ka', molasses, cottonseed meal and a litU* ult. Cavazos, In recalling' of the other interesting assignments! Riven him, said he accompanied first load of "over'TOO", red-steers' to the KJeberg's ranch near Lancaster, Lancaster, Pa, The steers were of ta Gertnictis . blood, and made an interesting, color study against the luxuriant green grass and] streams of stunning water, he re-i j counted. : ., , [Trains Cutting Horses j Listing as his hobby the training 1 tot cutting: horses, C«vazos former-j | ly trained the King Ranch cutting 'horses tor shows and rode them the major Tiixas hoi-se shows. He! also was in charge of exljibHii tb.« ranch's Quarter Horses at the : different shows* ' "Working with tW cutting and j Quarter Ho»sas in ,, shows began to taXe me away for 16ngr periods] fron\ important assignments here at the Santa Gertnidis division,", Gavasos explained. The grooming j jaruJ showing of King Ran?h Quar-j j t e r and cutting horses is ROW j by Loyd Jinfcins and, his brother, T. C. Jinklps, of Fort Worth. Cavaios, however, he'ios prepare both Quarter Horse coUs and fil- jlies and Santa GertrucUs bulls for the annual" sales conducted by King Ranch at Kingsville. * - } "The foundation ot Kteg Ranch Quarter Horses Is Old Sorrel," azos explained, "and the ranch's! breeding program carries on the' (blood of this renowned horse." A shoulder injury which occurred! jwhcn Cavaros' horse fell with himi while working cattle, -and «mie-j what curtailed \he use of his right or "roping" arm. However, the! cow boss can still swing a true; loop when, the need arises. ' "I just don't do sa much roping '.new as I once did," Cavazos FIv« Children Cavasos is married and has fivei children, including a daughter and four sons. The three older ,boys j have left Jheir stamp on the.-local sports picture _ as well as that of Texas Technological College, Lub : ; bock. ! Sariln, the daughter, received a jrfo;rree in home economics from! ;Texas A-I College, where she was } named to Who's Who in American! | Colleges and Universities. She' I taught school at Martin H i g j Laredo, for three years, and is ' . . , , . ,. . . . · . " Inw Mrs. Albert Ochoa, wife of' [before bewr sent to the Jroatjgmaher vehicles were used where J the sssistant coach there. The recalled He w*s; the going was rough sr," h- re- Qchoas have two small *ovs. LAUSO F. CAVAZOS « . . Santa Gcrtnidis Division foreman FIFTH-GENERA TIQN TEXAPi 4 Cow Boss' of Santa Gertrudis Division Is 30-Year Veteran Cavaros By MART MAHOXEV CaUer-Timcs Farm Writer -iines. Laaro F. Carazcs. "ww boss-f* ^ «.i8|jant by that time. llatcd. r-t -c-.-ral foreman of t»;e Santa i**^* 1 Ce "?^!! y --« ^ .;Fecd ixits Gsrtrud"= dh-ision of th= Kir"^' Th ^ s *SnTMZ Ol if e armistice iia Cavasos also directs the separa-tTech. where he receivea his bache-i - ^;not mean that CavE!os snd ms^jpr, 0 £ Cat t3e to go in the larsrellor and master's degrees He is 1 · grosi? got to return to the states]f ec d lots on the Santa GertrucUs di-ifresenU\' studying zootojn.' and en'-' ] immediately. He reraamed i n 1 -- - - - - - -- - - · - - - · - - =, .. , with th"3 arm Ochoa have two small -bovs Larry, the oJdest con, tcoK part jin sports locally and at Texas! Fp.nch. i~ a fulh-grenei-atieti Tex- . _______ _ smed « n| % -i s ; oc . The feed lots are one of the | tomologv at Iowa State i-: of ^'jPtaces of interest to ranch visl-i Ames, la., on a fellowship. a itCr3 ' ! D5t * CavMOS iS n ° K ' » n A TM Army lieutenant in Korea. He piay- Most impressive animals in following his discharge leisure time and want-;about 20 poimds of feed any of Cavazos' fi^sr Bro-,TOJvj!le on Feb. !*.-iS3*. !cav«zos had KTIOWTI prior to his Cv;r--.n? started to vrwk for the";Army «5ays. , Kir.j KaTich BS a youth of j? in| "Wauled 3io*e July. i?5^Th« r^nc 1 -. at that time' cavazo.^ .sought out'Kleberp awl 2" 8 '\» P C?'.!;l e '^ - t ^' e I? -' 8 iJrs -· aiiEOTinced he "wanted rnore h. ,i. sv,:.^. 'work, or wou5i 5irv5 So quit." Cuir 55 r* th« v?.:jr,-: cowSty rn: Recognising the capabilities? o f ^ b's t:r« Kir:" Ranch 'fessi'rrsTnentStlie cowhand. KJeberj: told Cava-| incifrfcrf ririinc f«a--«s xnrt iriv-Jzo* he would ne!p train him irjr cjs'l-e to -sifter ·'·arin^ the hoi:the big job of "cow bo«." That! ?umn:cr tr.cctha. His cniy prc-iphare of Cavazos" trairang began; vir-wS cxperitrc* ns is cti-.vp^ncb-i in 152?, ar.d he assumed the fore-: cr. Cavwros rrcaiir^. vzs one! manship six years later. year's "ap?rcr,t:ccsh5p" at thai By that time, the experimental PHUT, a ranch then o^vr.ed by i breeding prograni of the Kings K. B. n^A-r.-.^n-i and n"w the;ER.ncli. ainied at producing a ; }--^T-?;-*.v r {.he Atvojod Estate, .'breed which wouM de\-e!op m Th? Th? l-'s- O.c'tT Klsbcrg rrtcved lpoo5 beef carcass when finished: C-7.vnres; to the r»oris.« division ff:.on and at the same lime; U:e rafifh i.n !-i'.e 1313. sa-J U;c:do jsrell en South Texas rar.gc con-; yv:tj? beosref .= member of the" riiiioss, wa.s well urvderA-ay. co'rir!^, pr rr,\v c?,rnp. Csva;a=; It is Cavazos" job to top out a. rf rrssiinc-d ?t Tso-nai ur,'al war -«TVS'busch o! your.g bulls and decide; bwj:r:« v:rtusUy the crly news,, whicii ones go into the feed lots. t^ crJist IP. the Army.ia-d later serve af ranch herd Trifd To Enlist far Bro-ft-ssviile to jo:-i frr,-,r of hi* buddies. When the five --ciir,- n A s trie-:! to en'is' ' ' ~ "" " · sires, arjd which bulls will be. of-|l "r^v.i'i ^m- Rrwi-rtviu- 4n' Calves are not creep-fed at the ·: Gej*.ru4is division, and' y tsl th« cows go through the! _ _ _ " " irfental i«ed. er.ouch "ru':*"aiid un":fcTT."' : '"" and ; Cavazos explained". Other cows. Jn --t~",- T=ai';"l?,5er."cava?i?."wh/' : Set cake and p-ear, and sa!'. isi was t'yite'talJ ?.j!tl extrtmeiy slsn-' avaiiablt for all of Ihew. de'. arr^d to fc« aj-.°igrved "to the · Blcgeit Task li^ht £r:j?!ery. but AtTr.y recruit-f One of tl« fcigre^t tasks that · e.-:- ic-j'i him he was "too ji;ht." C a v a i o c can remember was I' vas September before Cava-'^brcught. about by sno-w and freet-, : BCtnaiJy was acc«pt";i in ihe i ing-weather in late January. 35S9. [* Army. H? "wss sen! to fort Sam "It got coJd and stayed cold: HGUF'.cri at Sas Ar.torfo ar;^ as-· for nearSy a week. ar.sJ all the-. r;?r.ed to the SOth Division Head-'canle retreated to the thick- Qtisi-tfr? "f O-d Camp Trans,. He-clumps of brush to avoid the icy: ub,' : j-'v.;er;iy htcaiae part fj'. Sa'-'Whids. I'kty wnu!d ret leave thsir' tr;y B of the r*5!b Field ArtsSlery." brushy shelter to *?tk feed, so all' j,,r,:i rfn-vair.^i -vith the pifup imiiS-available cowhands were to'. aH« r v.'oTid \Vsr I closed. , work .hauling truckjoad? r,f h a y The The ?.'?;d KrtJIJfn- v,-«nt t o ' a n d fc-rf to the animals. The bi^ «ev.- York in May. I1S. then trailer trucks were used sn 2rear, . France where it trained ^wiiere the rosds were paved and' sail?. Our careful and speedy handling gets your beef to market with the same dressing-out value with which if iecves your feed pens. NO injury; no shrinkage. Thers is no substitute for experience. That's why we list the foremost ranchers of this section among

Clipped from
  1. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times,
  2. 12 Jul 1953, Sun,
  3. Page 56

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  • Santa Gertrudis Ranch - Lauro Cavazos

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