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J. Maurice Finn, Salling, Hanson & Co. - The Effort S{ the Republicans. to Moke Out that...
The Effort S{ the Republicans. to Moke Out that Mr. Finn Is a Thief, '• ' Is n feoomerang. it seems to me, in view of all that has'beondone that it-U time for something to be sftid of a definite eharacfoi in this matter. I havo been charge< with embezzlement froniMV-Miclileson Mr. Michelson sworo out a warrant fin niV arrest and then withdrew it. That this was for political effect is plain to all.-. Mr. Micb.el.son owes me, and had it not been for political influence- all would have been settled long ago w5th : 46 rile, ferss^vhattheylhftvo already'toieii paid..-It \V*MrftB»»ly*-^ )| M lnw trah t ami had ft? ijfrtliee'n fo ilHionl Situation In ttui TwolftV district it would n'ev.or have "obtained such promine'ncf. When t *gavo Mr Michulson my demand note it was fnade such it note to cover, tho ponding settlement. Should anything happen to mo before a settlement was obtained to covet any possible amount due-him, t left with Mr. Miehelsou some stock. If I had been, dishonest, done wrong, or embezzled by saving Mr. Michelson $800 that he otherwise would have lost, I fnil to see it. Mr. Michelson'9 letter, given me on request, was voluntary and told the truth.; His latter actions, in view of the election, is plain. I never He aeo, ovit public comment. I'invested some money for Mr. Michelson in stock, wanted the stock sold some limb fearing it would decline. I deeded and and turned over to him certain property before tho sale of the stock, doing so to indemnify him against any further loss by a decline in value of tho stock, which loss was then $800. At the'time Mr> Alexander panic' first to Ishpeming the matter was unsettled betWcen.us. I had deeded Mr. Michelson a piece of property for five hundred, He had cut with'my consent certain pine from my lands—the amount I did not know—and was also an old unsettled matter on a land deal between Messrs. Sailing, Hansen & Co., of which he was the company. When J, stopped in Grayling some time since, after the charge made in tho Iron Ore we had not tho time to make a full and complete settlement. I that day gavo to Mr. Michelson $500 for a iioto. ho had endorsed, with ipe at the bank and a demand note for $930, as tho amount due on stock, less the timber cut off my lands would afterwards be deducted. Back of all this there was duo' me on a land deal, the particulars of which will bo found in the following affidavit, the same amounting to more than the amount or the original investruwit. of •eceived one dollar on the Fair & Michelson .deal and when the balance is finally struck it will be in ray favor. With this explanation I leave the matter with the public to judge. J, MAURICE FINN. LADY MANAGERS ASSIGN SPACE Oen. Miles Officially Admires One Hun dred Thousand Men.' The assignment of spaoo'for exhibits in the woman^ building, began yestev day. Mrs. Palmer- appointed .the following committee on assignment of space, in accordance with action takdn by-tin board of lady nianacers: Mrs. FelUra o Georgia, chairman; Mrs. Traufman of New "York, Mrs. Ashley of Colorado, rf . of Maryland. Mrs. Reed resigned be- .LI vstv a. wi i\j *•*• «• **fc-...»-^ — - • Mrs. Bnrleigh of Maine; and Mrs. Reed 8»?- 81,600. . STATE' OF WISCONSIN, C6ONtY' OF WlNNEAB AGO S3 . said day the city state of city estate !t the this of on for said the said date complaint, And ished the be week publication, served at time D. I, Robert Fair first being duly sworn depose and say: I am a resident of the city of Oshkosh in the state of Wisconsin. ' i dm president of the FiarLumber oorhpjilny-, 'doing ibusihess at 1 " Rpbbins Michigan, in Iho county of Ontonagon, and in Chicago-Ill. I have known Mr. J. Maurice Finn, now of Ishpoming, Michigan, and formerly of Grayling Michigan, since April' 1834. In the summer of :; 1884 I wan a member of the Firm of Fair Brothers, then of Cheney, Michigan, a small town lying nine miles east'of Grayling. Mr. Finn was engaged in general merchandising and lumbering at Grayling, and was "furnishing our Mill at Cheney with logs for Sailing, Hanson & company, of Grayling. Fair Brothers obtained an outSon on a tract of land near Watersmeet, Michigan. After looking it over ourselves wo entered into an agreement with JJels Michelson, of Grayling, and J. Maurice Finn, then of Grayling, to purchase tho said track of timber. The tract was thoroughly examined by myself, Mr. cause of homo duties, and the rest of tho committee began work by looking "oyor tllo applications. They will continue this work for a time and then go homo to prepare for a long stay in Chi- ciigo. .Mrs. Candemus Wheeler, of New York, chief Of decorationjind,ar- rangements in the woman's building, will confer with the committee and practically be part of it. Iii s,peaking of tho People's institute, on the west side, Bishop Fallows yesterday said: "Preparations arc rapidly being made for the fitting up of a building for educational, literary, art and religious purposes, tho building to bo beautifully adorned and decorated insiile so as to bo a large picture gallery as well as an assembly, hall. It will bo tho largest structure in the city excepting the An ditorium, holding about four thousand people: The building is to be located on the corner of Van Burno street and Irving avenue, on the'west side, The opening exercises will take place on November 18 and 19, when prominent gentlemen will make <brlcf -addresso*; *> ll Machines, call new. - A At afts These square unknown) motors level. chambers 100 feet Cordelia's from amounting .and '8,4'od'toris 4,171,878,000 , *Thc '•-. -. I 5 eartJiern found tortuous co- between Cocks & of known dis bus. same assumes collects Finn and Mr. Michelson. The tract was finally purehas^tin tho firm'natu, ot Sailing, Hansen & Co., who under the agreement, were to furnish the money, and Mr. J. Maurice Finji, was to pay to Sailing, Hanson & Co., seven per cent interest on two-fifths of the money paid by said Sailing, Hanson & Co., as a purchase price for said timber, Mr. Finri made the maps and estimated he timber, which estimate showed eleven millions of timber, tho purchase price of which was twenty-seven thousand and some dollars, including the fee (1 think) of eighty acres of land to be used as a mill site. We, Fair Brothers, received something from Sailing, Hansen & Co., to apply on this transaction —the exact amount of which I am uu able to state at present. The cutting of the timber was finished last winter. Whether Mr. Finn ever received any thing on this transaction or not I dc not know, but am credibly informed he has not. I am also credibly inform Tho second Regiment band-will- give concerts and rufrnsliments will^bu served free of charge,to thoso who attend. Saturday afternoon Prof. Welling opens the course for the children and youth with a stereoptieon story of Columbus. At th'o same time .there will be competitive orations on tho up per grades of a public schools," Gen. Nelson A. Miles yesterday issued the following circular; ' '•HEADQUABTEKS DEPAKTMBNT OF TAB MISSOUMI CHICAGO, ILL, Oct. 25, 1802.— Now that the duties and most important services of tho national tioops and the civic organizations have been completed in connection with 'the dedicatory excerciscs of the World's Columbian Exposition, it becomes my duty as it certainly is* my pleasure, press . my admiration of tne itud. intelligent effort of nearly 100,000 men who took part'in the various cere monies. / ' . Every organization made its best efforts to carry out the general plan of the council of administrating anil the tortuous must -hp? wi'i'u ,,i», o .» were at first. slaves si^lille of wards quality.—Engineering to ex earnest ed that this tract of timber was recently sold to Mr. Henry Sherry, of Neenah, Wisconsin, for sixty-five thousand dollars, which I know was the price asked for the timber for some time previous to the sale. ROBERT FAIB. Sworn and subscribed to before me this 81st day of October, A. D., 1898. THOMAS DAILY. Notary Public. The same |s due to Fair Brothers as, joint committee on ceremonies and to make tlie events incident to the dedica.- tion as imposing and impressing as the case demanded. .There was scarcely » serious casualty, while the general good order that was every where mainteued was the highest evidence of the best civilation. ; •.',' : -NKSSON A. MILES, Majof-General U. s. A. . \ r j. . Liability Of Mine Owners, decision of considerable importance has recently been handed down by Chjef Justice Puxaon of the Peun- sylyania Supreme Court, in which ho reverses the decision of the Court of Common Pleas, • awarding damages to Barbara K. Haley in her suit against the Phildelphia <& Reading Coal and Iron Cowpany, owner of the Greenback colliery. There was fire in these a mines and her husband lost his life, but it was proved that the fire was due to the negligence of the mine boss. On the point at issue Justice Saxon said: "We have repeatedly held that the owner of a mine is not responsible for the negligaDce of a mine boss, un- length expected The York $250,000000, $55000,000. 30,000,000; amount We butter. from to A low- Ijauis' less he is incompetent and the owner knows him to be so."—Marine Review. Unfprtupately too many people consider that fun consists of Annoying somebody A gi«y« question to settle is, whether * come around oftener their irksome- If get Ironwood E. the and The took the men **

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  • J. Maurice Finn, Salling, Hanson & Co.

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