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J. Maurice Finn - ' •*•* Big Fight Just Commenced THE CHANCES ARE...
' •*•* Big Fight Just Commenced THE CHANCES ARE TEN TO ONE IN FAVOR OF MR. FINN. The Intimidation that has Prevailed in "Upper Michigan for the Past Fifteen Fifteen Years to be Exposed. The election in Gogebie county last Tuesday Wij^to a certain extent quite a republican victory. Still, owing to the fact that ofllcial ballots were peddled outside of the polls in both the fourth and fifth wards.it, is extremely probable that tho vote of both of these wards will bo thrown out. If this is done, the republican majority is decreased by at least 000, and the" election of Andy Byrnes andD. E. Sutherland is assured. With the other precincts in the upper peninsula whore it is also known that fraud have been committed, it is also a certainty that J. Maurice Finn will bo the next congressman from this district. Mr. Finn is already engaged in collecting collecting evidence of fraud, and there is no doubt but that he will bo successful in securing a- scat in congress when ho makes a contest. 'His friends demand that ho make a contest, and Don M 1 . Dickonson, David B. Hill and all the leading democrats of, the country can be depended upon to stand by'him in such, a fight. The editor of tho i L , •. '. will also prpduco uiward^of^oiip'liuri- dred ailidavits to piib.Ve'tliajiJ'^raiid has been committed not only in tho last elections but also in a great many pvo- vious ones. So far as Mr. Finn is concerned, concerned, tho presentation of evidence shall bo so strong, that a committee appointed appointed by a democratic houso would hardly dare to make a report in opposition opposition to his being seated. Wo know of nearly one hundred persons persons from whom affidavits can be secured secured to help Mr. Finn out in this contest. W» Jpnly hope that every person who Knows of intimidation which has been resorted to in previous elections will call to TUB ADVOCATE ollico to give .testimony of his knowledge. Every person who'possesses knowledge of the use of blue tickets, tissue ballots, und the resorting to intimidation, should call at.this office and give his evidence. We^iow have an opportunity to secure the election of a man M'ho is an honest representative of the people, and who will do* his utmost to honestly represent the interest of tho homesteaders and the miners. ^Consequently eyery person having evidence of any fraud that has been committed in the upper peninsula during the past ten or fifteen years, should come forward and expose past- treachery and intimidation. A good, strong case must be presented. And why? Because some of the millionaire democrats democrats of the district who are associated in business with republicans have seen fit to treat the candidacy of Mr. Finn in a very cool msmner. The plutocrats and millionaires Orf this district gener- i "">>, him friemijijAtid in the nttxt eongrff * money;'Svl1%uo£ count. Tho next coi gross \\\\ 1|'one of reform. Thopfr pjo h,jive spoken with a loud voice, an money surely shall not bo tho mipvcn^ power. '< i It has been customary to elect met to congress from many of the district in tho northern states merely on ac count of their wealth. Tho" contrary has been the. case in southern states But a new status of affairs has beo iiiauguarated in northern states, am hereafter intelligence shall reign su promo.' It is a notorious fact that tlu 1 corporation to whom has been giver over half the land in this district-—in i district as largo as several .of the-No* England states—havo controlled tl election of oilr congressman, and cvt the election of the United States sonn tors fi'om this state. The people of th district have novov been represented r a mall 'who was not a tool of those la / grabbers—os those thieves who Ii thwarted the greatest mining distric tho world. WHAT ARK WE GOING TO ABOUT IT? Shall we always be fools? : -, Shall Shall we always be treated as si: v of corporate power? Shall we allow the hind thievji continue in possession of their ill-<f<< • ton goods, now that'wo are tohav* 1 honest administration? Gro'ver Cleveland would miy "N<L and if we think'he is an honest m?.' '• wo should all say "NO." ' " u ' ' . Petitions to congress will'tie asking that J. Maurice a seat. This is the 'tot we have had to have BOROUGH represented by ' est man. Petitions to congress, w: be signed by over twenty thousand honest men who can withstand.the <•, V '• *iiv • position of tho corporationSfv Some course, cannot sign Buojv^a petitio , .••••'. J U i* ' ^ oven if it were their wish'to do so. The slavery of the Avliites i5 oldc , days in this district is still within tl memory of all. This bondage sti .exists in certain sections. It is m safe for every workingman to sig such a petition. A man's first du. , is,to his wife und family. Men shou" remember this. Still, there will be sudlctent number of signatures to a memorial to congress setting, forl thatJ'. Maurice Finn has been d feated through illegal and fradulei methods, to secure him tho seat t which he is rightly entitled; Tho people want him there. W need him there, and if we exert our selves, he will be tho successor of th. millionaire mill-owner whose onl; object in going to Washington is t: secure appropriation for tho improvement improvement of Menominee river, upon th banks pf which he ownea a mill. Tho people can feel assured th this light in behalf of Mr. Finn wi be waged most vigorously. Tho o< operation of some of the leading iie\ papers in the country • will be qpeu' and no stone will be left unturnet give Mr. Finn the seat to rt which h entitled. .f '"' ally stand together. The intelligent workingmen have been around, as never before. They are around now, and want a man to represent them in congress who will, have some influence with the party that is in tho majority in the lower house, of congress. Even if Mr, Stephson Stephson wevc. $ friend of the common peo- inlluence would he have? sijfely would not LABOR IN THB FOUNDRY, Reesons for Differences Between Toffa$ Toffa$ Twenty Years Ago. The labor department of our inc • received very general attention : : ""^foundry friends, and the express on" this point are of special into,. They show a wide difference of ppii each firm's experience with itsempl determining its view of the reasons i the increase or decrease in efficiency molders in. recent years. The folio ing aro some of the opinions reeeiyo Shefflled Velocipede Car Co., Thr Rivers Mich: "It is our e perience tnat the molders of the presu day are not, as a rule, us skillei 25 years ago, for the^ reason class of work hi% Jargely" chaug< , this we mean blimps , v havo "fiucreaseH'+s size and run more to specialtu *j so th»t the molder works to a far grei er extent upon a certain line of pie and does not get the run of the gene work as he dul, do it and molders as find them. As it happeiis nono of our molders we foreign borij."

Clipped from
  1. The Gogebic Advocate,
  2. 12 Nov 1892, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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