"Women Don't Want Ballot"

They Depend upon the manhood of California to protect them from the responsibility of the ballot.

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"Women Don't Want Ballot" - i ly v r II TO THE VOTERS OF NORTHERN...
i ly v r II TO THE VOTERS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA We the women of the Northern California Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage urge you riot to thrust the womanhood of this State into the political arena at the request request of the small minority of women who are asking for the ballot Mrs Harriet Stanton Blatch one of the leaders of the world suffrage movement in Pearsons Magazine February 1910 said Ive given up the American woman Shes hopeless If it de pends upon her women will never have the ballot The National Woman Suffrage Organization circulated circulated an appeal in this State during this campaign in which under the signature of Jessie Ashley national national treasurer it is admitted that there are only 75000 organized Suffragists in the United States working among 93000000 people and that the 75000 organized Suffragettes are not sufficiently interested in the agitation to give a dollar each to the movement In 1895 the question of woman suffrage was put to a referendum vote of the women of Massachusetts Out of nearly half a million women who might have voted on the question only 22000 were sufficiently interested to cast a vote either way Since that time the Suffragists have fought every attempt to put the question to a vote of the women even as they fought it here in California When in the polling booth we ask you to remember remember that the vast majority of California women do not want to vote We ask you not to put upon our shoulders the responsibility of mans work The advance of woman moral intellectual and economic has been made without the vote Woman now stands outside of politics and may appeal to any party on matters of education and reform The ballot does not govern the law of supply and demand and so cannot affect the wages of woman It has never raised the wages of man why should it be expected to do so for woman The woman suffrage movement is a backward step in the progress of civilization Do not permit California to take a step backward Women Are Not Free in Suffrage States In his story The Beast on page 307 Judge Ben Lindsey has this to say of the Hon Alma Laf - ferty I went at the beginning of the campaign to practically all the womans suffrage leaders who at national meetings had been telling how much the women had done for the Juvenile Court in Denver F Tollrri 4 - v n i l w V - m nf nV - - 4rtflrttt they told me they dared not make them - and none of them dared help me Women like Mrs Mary C Bradford and Mrs Lafferty who was a member of the last Legislature took the platform against me and suorted the System in its attempt to get the Juvenile Court On page 306 of the same volume Judge Lind sey ays ers selves conspicuous the teachers were afraid of losing their positions On page 307 of The Beast Judge Lindsev says again If anyone believes that woman suffrage suffrage is a panacea for all the evils of political life he does not know what those evils are The women are as helpless as the rest of vis They are bound by the same bread - and - butter consideration consideration as the rest of us Their leaders in politics are politicians when they get their nominations from the corporate machines thev do the work of the corporations and there is almost no wav to got a partv nomination except from a corporation machine Women in politics arc human beings they are not ministering angels of an ethereal ideality and they are unable to free us because they are not free themselves Suffrage Leaders Abuse Their Freedom Rev Anna Shaw President of the National Womans Suffrage Association savs I would make motherhood a Governmental institution institution I would pension all mothers and have them provided for first to last by the State I believe that motherhood should be independent of man One crying need of our civilization is the presence presence of women on the police force I would place a woman policeman at the door of every saloon and dance hall every nickel theater and every factory Mrs Carrie Chapman Catt President of the International International Woman Suffrage Alliance says I believe that the time will come and that comparatively comparatively soon when every American woman who does not earn her own living will be considered a prostitute These are the lengths to which the leaders of this movement are willing to go aud anv one who favors it favors them and must be ready to take the consequence 5 Is This a Direct Blow at the American Home Mrs Harriet Stanton Blatch one of the leaders of the world suffrage movement said in her discussion discussion of the economic emancipation of woman that she rejoiced in every co - operative working womans dwelling because it aimed a blow at the isolated house and she repeated her proposition regarding the institutional care of children Another leading Suffragist in an article on womans work in America says Suffrage aims to benefit woman by recognizing her as a perfect equal of man politically and socially and by fixing womans means of support by the State so as to render her independent of man Nothing Sacred to Suffragists The Suffragists have travestied the Bible the Declaration of Independence and the American flag Thev have travestied the Bible with their Womans Bible in which they take exception to the Creator as a Heavenly Father instead of a Divine Pair They have travestied the Declaration of Independence Independence have mocked the most halloaed document of the Nation and assert that man has made her woman if married in the eye of the law chilly dead He has endeavored in everv wav that he could to destrov her confidence in her own powers to lessen her self - respect and tomake her willing to lead a dependent and abject life The tenth count in the Suffrage Declaration of Independence is He has usurped the prerogative of Jehcvah himself claiming it is his right to assign for her a sphere of action when that belongs to her consciousness and her God The editors add Quite as manv false ideas pre - ail as to womans true position m the home as elbpwhere Womanhood is the great fact of her life motherhood and wifehood are but incidental relations The American Flag is not good enough for the Suffragists They have made a mockcrv of the National National emblem by flaunting the flag with but rive stars in the field signifying that only those fic States in which women vote arc worth a representation on the National emblem WOMEN DONT WANT BALLOT The great majority of California women do not follow the suffrage flag they do not want to vote they depend upon the manhood of California to protect them from the responsibility of the ballot They rely on manhood suffrage and a safe and sane government Vote Against the Woman Suffrage Amendment ISSUED BY The Women of Northern California Opposed to Woman Suffrage Association

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 09 Oct 1911, Mon,
  3. Page 5

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  • "Women Don't Want Ballot" — They Depend upon the manhood of California to protect them from the responsibility of the ballot.

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