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Chillingworth Clip - NIWS.TKIIUNI __ Beach and Tourfea Kaflroad...
NIWS.TKIIUNI __ Beach and Tourfea Kaflroad Overpawe*. i* FORT PIERCE NEWS-TRIBUNE LOCAL DATA 'Publi.hed Dmily in fA« H . , r t VOL. 52--NO. 162 Imdimn River 5 « c f , FORT PIERCE. FLORIDA THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 1950 Max Min. Rain Bar. WfONKSDAY M 6S- ^State Of War Is Declared As A-Bombs 'Ravage' Nation mate. With both houses in recess until Operation Alert Declared to be Very Successful Government Officials Functioning in Scattered Hideouts EMERGENCY P R E S S HEADQUARTERS, OPERATION A L E R T (AP) -President Eisenhower today declared a mock state of martial law to mobilize "the authority and resources of the federal government" in coping with the massive j problems of a nation theoret- j ically ravaged by hydrogen and atomic bombs". The President's action following a late-into-the-mght session with , top officials--was announced bv a spokesman who said it was Eisenhower's view such a step was necessary to the national interest until Congress, supposedly scattered by the mock attack, could reconvene and until normal channels of government action were re-established. The theoretical martial law declaration was taken after the imagined damage from yesterday's great sham attack on 61 major population and industrial centers had been assessed, the spokesman said. The President came out with his martial law declaration on the second day of Operation Alert 1955, the hydrogen age preparedness exercise which started yesterday -when enemy bombers supposedly rained death and ruin on the nation's capital and 60 other key cities. This was the job to which the 31 "relocated" agencies, working in borrowed college classrooms remote resort hotels and one backwoods tent ciry, applied themselves^ to today, which represented^ the start of the second week of the mock mobilization,,_,,,. Cml Defense Administrator Val Peterson told reporters Operation Alert has been "very successful"' and -tne government operating "very effectively."' The success in some cases, he acknowledged, was of a negative sort. Manv cities, perhaps most of them, found they lacked the Compromise Talk Is Heard In Tallahassee, But Nothing Definite TALLAHASSEE if--Compromise · 11 a.m. tomorrow, about half of talk cropped up today among leg-]the senators and" representatives islators remaining in Ume during!went Home to attend to regular the 72-b.our special session recess 1 business. The others remained be- but there was noihing concrete on j bind to catch up with correspond- which to tie hopes for an early fence and to try to work out some end to the reapponionniem stale-;new approach to breaking the I deadlock. Sen. Carraway of Tallahassee, a member of a Senate majority group, said he looked for some sort of a settlement within two weeks as a result of a conference between opposing groups in the Senate and Cov. Collins. Carraway said the meeting on ·IACH (10 a-m. Today) Air 70. Ocean 78 'Fiehcf · Is Blamed In Judge's Disappearance REVOLT BREAKS OUT AGAINST PERON REGIME Pitched Battle in Buenos Aires Follows . . Excommunication BUENOS AIRES (ft -- Revolt roke oat today against the gov- ! eminent of President Juan D. Peron shortly after the Vatican excommunicated him and other government leaders. j ._ , There was a pitched battle ini {Tuesday in the governor's office|the center of-Buenos Aires and! ·had paved the way fpr a further i planes bombed Government House ! " conference that should aid in de-!the seat of government. Kevolu-' veloping a "fair, equitable solu-ftiomsts fired mortars machine' tion acceptable to all concerned." Collins said only "We have had I am and rifles against the presi-J dential guard. talks and discussions and hopeful." Sen. Morrow of Lake Worth, a member of the Senate minority ment claimed the country- group and an administration lead-i quiet outside Buenos Aires er, said he had heard talk of the Carraway-Barber bQl being revived and revised as a possible j of the" air force^andT the compromise. . jthe state radio said in a stae- Early last week Carraway and ment attributed to President The revolt was reported to have 1 spread to Rosario, Argentina's second city, although the govern- was; i "There have been some distur-f bances, due to uprisings of units Authorities Lean Toward Kidnap-Murder Theory WEST PALM BEACH (AP)-Not one substantial had been uncovered 24 hours after the mysterious disappearance of wealthy, prominent Circuit Judge C. E Chil. lingworth and his wife, causing a fellow jurist to theorize: "I think it was the work of a fiend possibly the fiend involved in the Ferri abduction." MAGGEE'S GROWING UP -Onetime child film star Margaret O'Brien, who withdrew from film acting while she "grew up," displays the dress she will wear when she graduates from. Hollywood H i g h SchooL Margaret, now 16 years old. received her formal education from private tutors, but she'll get her diploma at the regular high school commence- Sen. Barber of Yero Beach announced details of a proposal to present as a package a reappor- Lionment bill and a proposed constitutional amendment. The bill would have ghen Bay, Monroe, Seminole and Brevard counties senators of their own. The proposed constitutional amendment would have upped Senate membership from 38 to 41 and in addition would have made Okaloosa. Sarasota and Brevard counties separate senatorial districts. ] Carraway and Barber never. in-{ troduced the proposal, however, Peron. "Army troops are fighting to restore order. "One airplane has been shot down. Three others have "been obliged to land." Later the radio said only naval aviation was involved, not the air force. This correspondent saw casualties being removed from the Plaza de Mayo, in front of Government House. Nearby is the national cathedral, center of last weekend's disturbances involving supporters of the Roman Catholic Church and supporters of President Peron in HIGH TONED BULL ARRIVES BY AIR-^Panatak Bau " 1 764- pound prize bull, takes a snooty look at New York's Idlewild Airport on his arrival by air from London. The bull, soothed bv . handler was shipped by the Anglo Scottish Cattle Co., of London to Fred Lucas of Nashville. Tenn. The animal ;* x-.-,i.,^ « f «««» because Atty. Ge^ Ervin ruled!his campaign to curb the church (the constitutional amendment pro! m thig country ment photo) exercises. . (NEA _JTeleb, British Submarine Blows Up, Sinks; posal could not legally be adopted j The center of the city was (AP Wirephoto) at $6,000. Government Ready to Arrange Return of Any of 21 POWs Who Chose to Remain Behind P * ESS y would inform him that in OT QUARTERS, Operation Alert-The event of return to the United government announced today Jt| States he, of course, would be Will 3TTan*?f* rrl«* irf»tii¥-rt Tinm A r\F _..l ___ _«. *. _ ii _ ·» - . . . __ _ _ will arrange t b e e t u r n of ' American war prisoners who chose to stay in Com- during a special reapportionment · virtually alive with troops and' munist china afte «" the Korean -- . . . - . _ · T Du t w ho now have changed .session. ~ __, Morrow said talk proposed Shands bill, passed by the Senate j Friday, for the Carraway-Barber bill and amending it to provide Monroe County with a senator of its own. As it passed, the Shands bQl gave Bay, Manatee and Seminole -- J bands --of- workers could "be seen]., . . , the compromise ' running in the direction'of Govern- i eu " mulds substituting the ment House shouting "Peron, ! H o r e v e r ' t { l e House, and Peron!" This came a few news reached here the State, Defense and Justice de- ew hours after { P artment s warned in a joint state__________ of the Vatican's ' m ent that an v wh ° do com c back action The Roman C a t h o l i c j t o tne Umte d States will be held Church announced its penalty of atccounta We "for any wrongful act" excommunication--cutting off the sacraments of the church -- was they may have committed. The government announcement subject to the laws of the United States including the U.S. Code of Military Justice for any wrongful act which he may have committed." "" " * The State Department then will arrange for the return to the continental United States of any of tljese men who say' they want to come home, the announcement said. "Upon the return to the United States of any of these individuals," The comment was made todav by Judge Joseph S. While, who shared an office suite with the missing Judge Chillingworth. Mr. «nd Mrs. Charles Ferri vanished May i and no clue has been found concerning their fate. Bloodstains indicated they had been murdered. Ferri was to have been a witness in a Newark. N. J.. income tax case against Albeit Anastasia, reputed head of Murder, Inc. Judge White said he didn't ,be- ei\e his colleague was kidnaped and possibly slam because of a grudge. "If a person or persons had a grudge against Judge Chillingworth they would have gone up to the door and shot him. It is my personal belief we have a fiend in our midst.' Authorities leaned toward a kidnap-murder theory, and intensive checks were being made on a report that a small boat approached the judge's sand dune cottage at neighboring Manalapan. It was discovered they were missing from the cottage yesterday morning. The.FBI offered the use of its laboratories and crime-detection equipment to local authorities, bul a spokesman said there appearec to be no federal violation and no agents had been assigned to the case. No ransom notes have been found. Money in the house was untouched. Bulldozers were being used today to search the heavy- growth of sea grape and other tropical oceanside undergrowth for evidence. If the motive was revenge, officers could find no clue to it The judge was strict but fair, and for many years had handled no criminal sand, what appeared to be blood, stains on a beach walk and * smashed spotlight outside the concrete and frame beach house, indicating violence. "We are working on the theory that they were attacked and carried away either by boat or by car," said John R. Hiatt, Palm Beach County investigator. Kirk and his men spent most of yesterday-and last night checking report*. One was that a boat was seen offshore from the Chillingworth home at 12:30 a.m. yesterday. Another was that; lights* which customarily burned at the house overnight were not on at 4:30 a.m. Kirk also was trying to trac« the ownership of two spools of one- inch adhesive tape. One was found on the beach fa front of the hous« and the other was lying on the floor of the porch. "It appeared about a yard of tape had been torn off each" spool," Kirk told reporters. The veteran jurist wore eyeglasses but none were found, although no clothes were missing and the judge's wallet, with about $40 in it, was on a bedside table in the house where they slept lues, day night. The beds were unmade. Officers from Palm Beach, Lak« Worth, Boynton-Beach. Manalapan and Lantana scoured the area for clues while-Coast Guard and Air Force jIanes .searched the beach and ocean_ adjoining. A bloodhound was brought in but "found no footsteps to follow. 15 Feared Dead In Brazilian Air

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