Royal Bowman and others vs. state of ohio, 1840

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Royal Bowman and others vs. state of ohio, 1840 - the tow-urn No. six, set off ; east six,...
the tow-urn No. six, set off ; east six, heretofore bv bix or at the dower twenty t e r mark, thence down the together and m n w i n g water in the g land above, Reference order description and s of the tract. The w i d - ow's G HOSEA your Ashes! / / T HE subscriber u ill pay the highest price for any quantity of good house Ashes, d e l i v e r e d at h i s Ashcry Suits also wanted, for w h i c h price will be paid. ALO.NZO I I . FOX. Peru, Jan. 1, lo4U. 50-3 ; B. .STU!ict, 1 STATE OF UJIIQ. Huron Coinnwu Pleat,. vs. I Huron October Term, hereby October, in Lyon, l l is, that convey h e land paying him on a contract. eptember, ms ie 3irch, on lie urn him he and, of both pay said the im- irovcmcnts made upon fol- 0 township Huron, of land h n Penney and general that swcrs i t h i n sixt; days the af t s a i d sixty dajs, wi ! o said and t decree Dated 1 John of year, his b setting h a t on the l l i a m St. , h u s b a n d and of k w o o d , j (said h i s , w w i t h said to said A twenty the t h i r d section R H u r o n , at per a n n u a l l y and taxes: t interest that said b l c improvements i prays K. Drew, Augustus K. Dudley. Jouathan D. Stoddard, Thomas (Jrinold, John Ratchet, Sanford Peck, James Brown, Lucius V. Bicrcc, Asa E. Daniels, Zudock Bowman, Royal Bowman, James W. B o w m a n , Simeon R e n i c k . ami Hannah, his wife, Joseph l ? arr, and Cosby, his wife, A l f r e d Wright, and Harriet, his wife, EFENDANTS, in this case, will take notice, that the Complainants have filed their B i l l in Chancery, in the of Common Pleas of the county and aforesaid, wherein they set forth, that they are the Trustees of the creditors of Cyrus K. Drew ; that said Drew to them four several promissory notes against Standlcy and Salmon Weston, payable in six, eighteen, twenty-four and thirty mouths, and for the sum of eight hundred, forty-one dollars, ninety- two cents; and one note payable^in thirty six months, for eight hundred, forty one dollars, n i n e t y - f o u r cents. That Weston mortgaged a certain lot, described in said bill, l y i n g in Uic uC'l'vls-ilo, tis.BCCunly Cor said notes. That the legal title ofsaid lot is vested n W i l l i a m Oliver, who sold the same Bowman, and by him sold to Jonathan D. Stoddard, and by him to Standey Weston. Also, a tract of land lying n Ruggles township, Huron county, .herein particularly described, but of which Bradford Sturtevant holds the legal title. That Baxter Bowman convey;d, or pretended to convey by deed, ihe aforesaid,lying in Toledo,to said Stoddard. That Standley Weston has since executed a deed of said lot to Augustus B. Dudley, but that no consideration has for the same. That at the time of the execution of the notes afore- said Salmon Wcslon was in the ownership of a tract of land lying in said o w n s h i p of Ruggles, known as lot in the \Vakcman and Jesup tract, and eleven acres adjoining the same, being in all about one hundred and eleven That said Weston f r a u d u l e w i t h o u t consideration, conveyed tract to Sanford Peck; that said Peck re-conveyed the same to said Weston, by w h o m it was soon f r a u d u l e n t l y , and without conveyed to Thomas Gnnoh: and John Matchet. Bill f u r t h e r slates said Matchet conveyed his interest to one James Brown, with notice of the proceedings, by whom the same was afterwards conveyed to one Lucius V. Bicrcc. Bill also states, thai Salmon Weston conveyed to said Match ct other lands, lying in the same town for the purpose of secreting tin same and d c f i a u d i n g his creditors. sets forth the recovery of judg ments on two of the nntes above describ that neither Salmon nor Standle] Weston have any property suujcct to e\ ; and pray that all the above dc tracts of land may be held liab" sold, and the proceeds thereof appro applicant himself; h wait to the payment of the judgments, general relief. The Defendants arc further notified, that unless they appear and plead, answer or d e m u r , w i t h i n sixty (Jays term of the court, the said bill, and matters and things t h e r e i n contained, be taken as confetscd. D A V I D GIBBS, Clerk. . A T J M H R (S OSBORN, Sol'm. 50-0 stake; T my instance, an Attachment was this day by Henry \V. Brown, Justice of tlic Peace of Lyme township, c o u n t y , against the property of Wdlitun JJu»tillnn,nn abr-cond- mg debtor. D. W. B A T , f. Ml P. lldt \llh day nf Dec. IdW. 4!J-o

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