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the the be Goveru-turLl her no de-kUively 1 watch-futiif-ita the all per-Xii'iovn hu-BIlllaingTetrlrtn8 a a KiiW- Moreover, Ihe question is already anfliciently elu-ciosir d. and resolved ia all its bearings We shall, tne re-lore content lretv a witn recmiism ndingthe perusal of this work in ear numbtr of the l8to mat . an well as ttujseul the I'Jih and 20th inn., all tirce of which will be itmrd irailti-d iu id? evjumns of our estfemed co- Itinpt friry li e Lrtmira A eic-Yrk; a prusal we repeat ,n the lui-bi-st deeree beneficial, as affording lUns-trations iif a mailt. r which. alihougD clear as sunshine. Mill owing to certain abstract principles which it em bodies, may not prrnaps be within ths ran to of a:l c-paciijrH. it bin perhaps little need of further support than rotoifion sense, hut it ia as well to clench ideas on questioiiscf great importance THE ELECTION. Ytte for t oagressmen. THIRD DISTRICT. Wards. Bowm. Watlbrid-Xf 1 531 l.tltiO II 349 477 111 1.U94 8li3 V J..... M33 1,338 Vlll 1,751 a.tW3 Total .....4,956 5,771 Majority for W"allbridgs 015 Fourth and Fifth' Diatncts of this Ward estimated. FOURTH DISTRICT. Words. Htvs. Walsh. KtVi. V. 4U 1,I3-J 539 VN.i 295 774 -i 7'JS X.! : 1.4W 110 XIV...: ... 658 1.431 2tt8 Total 2.5ti7 - 4.b03 1,713 I Walsh over Haws, 9,23d ; over afl, 533. - F1PTH DISTRICT. THIRTEENTH WARD Governor Ii"nt ...1112 Sevmour. 1715 Lent. Uoveruor... Kent 1140 f'hnr-ih ....I 1T11 t an Ci.i.mi Miiiuer.Ke.uihall 1142 Fi-ilett 1718 Ins State i-ruons. .Crusby 140 Clarke 1414 Maxor MoiRana Sft3 We-tervelt. . . 1739 Hienff K-ily. 1160 0r.... 1623 County Cltrk Ribht. ..1'2 Conutillj Ivi9 C"IlUvlr Tylor 1178 Ftwir 1670 , . T.;m- ... t Diiwuiiig; 16i0 Cl y Injector KicdJe f ' J liriacotu 170 Com. Rep. and Sup. Adams 10f9 Purdy .619 Street B.miFsi-'r.Ioa 1055 Fu er 1613 Caunvl ta Corp'B..Hifli am 1H6 Dillon IM0 Ooninr Hniei.iuRhausen K84 O'D mnell ...1639 CoiOLer Mixsing. lt20 Min!e 1691 Coroner ..Budd 904 Wuhelm 1754 Simmons WnO lliUoii 1722 jnst fttarine ft... .-hite l?r ThHnneon. . . .W64 Just IViaiineCt ftocdeli 1U30 Philiipa 1664 Xijst.Maru.eCt I.rveu H52 McCarrhy ...126 Gi v. Alma Houks. Smith ...1I5 Durro ..ItiOS Jast Supjen e C't..Kirkiand 1182 Morris ..Wil Just. Super'r C't...Maon 1169 Emmet... 1664 SIXTEENTH. WARD. Goversor Hunt 17!)8 Reyiuinr ... 1700 I Lieut, governor. ...Kent I79 Cnnrch 1604 ' Can. Con. niiMir...KeninUall.... 1779 Follett : 174 ; Ins Stare Piisons...CTo.b 1777 LUtk 1708 iiver M Morrana... 177 J. A. West vlt. 17 30 f-lieufl'. Jas Kelly 1769 J Oraer 165S j Conotv ClerV O W Kiblet . .. 1851 Conneiiy 115 Coutroller Jos R. Taylor. .1813 A.C Flafrg.,1755 , City Inpctor Chaa. Riddle.. .1579 V.'"' Com. Ren and Sun. ,W idatns 1700 b B Purdy. .160 ; Street Conimiss'r...J J Daue 17J3 Jaa Firey...l583 4 ont al to Corp'n. . . 'ien H.ifnian.l7"6 K. J Uiliuu. 1663 Coeoi'O. Biuenuisbausnl612 Wi)'OjineiLll5 Cor nier CUaa Misme 151-6 R Gamble.. .17 14 I oroue' ....Bern L. Budd... 16S Dr Wilhelni 1633 Coroner...... John 6t" uiona 1628 J. Hiitoa....l711 Jus Marine Cosrt. Joliu H.White. 1639 Th.mpsiin... i646 Jnl. Marine 4 ourt.W H 8trdell 164 A A. Phillips 1706 Jut. Msnne Couit. Jsmes Lynch... 18.46 McCarthy ...i592 majority for Pierce will be Returns from 28 counties on the last Governor's election, majority was 8.5C0. Pierce's majority is 5,4b3. to hear from, which gave Ta SGLT11 The Legislature of South Pierce and King Electors. ; . - The Rtw-isrk From the Buffaltt Com Somt thing inure than two before the iuiliat number we spoke at soma leugtn expressing our conviction that projector, Mr Ratmokd. neceseary to insure success. but it Caswell conceived, rio-airuuo to nc it profitably feature in it w aa an tflurt tu and coiis'equeiitly the great press, with the tespectabiltty papers o greater preteiiBions at-ttinpi bad never btoit faitly le-servi d well lor his determined wneth-er the lowett kind ol jouriialiem. e eva'ed in its scope and ben inscription of ai'verttsitig kind of stippr rt whu h had to a difitreitt clasa of short, to see whether, by moderate a rate as the

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 05 Nov 1852, Fri,
  3. Page 8

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