Sunday Gazette -Mail 14 Feb 1960 UN Pilgrimage Planned- Vera McDerment

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Sunday Gazette -Mail 14 Feb 1960 UN Pilgrimage Planned- Vera McDerment - 4B--Feb. 14, I960 Cll/B CALENDAR Used by...
4B--Feb. 14, I960 Cll/B CALENDAR Used by Kanawha {Att turns tor tftc Ctab Calendar must te sub- imtwd to the Canftrs Worn* an« Dent before 2 p.m Thur»- day. Call DJ 2-6161.) today United States Army Mothers Post No. 3, 4 p. m., Mattie V. Lee Home, 810 Donally St Monday Senior Citizens Club, 1:30 p. m., Charleston W o m a n ' s Clubhouse, Junior Department to have Valentine p a r t y for group. St. Albans Garden Club, 2 p. m,, home of Mrs. George Dolin, panel discussion on "How to Plan a Year-Round Garden", members of panel to include Mrs. P. T. Bricker, Mrs. T. \\'. Bartram, Mrs. L. P. Harvey, study of "bird of the month". Cardinal, by Mrs. L. S. Coleman, Mrs. W. D. Bouldin co-hostess. Phi Pi Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, 7:30 p. m., home of Miss Alice Jo Sweeney, No. 6 Arlington Court, Miss Beverly McCrary to give program. Miss Janina Syms and Miss Kay Walker hostesses. Elk Hills Garden Club, 7:30 p. m., h o m e of Mrs. E. A. Groves, 1122 Louden Heights, d r i e d arrangements work.. shop. , North C h a r l e s t o n Woman's C l u b , 7:30 p. m.. N o r t h Charleston Recreation Center, Dr. Frederick T. Edmonds to- speak on "Some Answers to Cancer", election of nominating committee, all members " asked to bring guest, devotional by Mrs. Marvin M. Bland. Arboriand Acres Garden Club, 7:30 p. m., home of Mrs. D. E. Stone, 131 Riverview Dr., St. Albans, Mrs. Thomas Cracraft to speak on "Birds and Their Habitat", project to be "bird feeders." Forest Green Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. J. J. Murray Jr., 918 Churchill Circle, study of "Plant Conservation" by Mrs. K. K, Lindsey,. exhibit of holiday tables, Mrs. Bruce Thompson Jr. and Mrs. Lloyd Townsend co-hostesses. Madison College Alumnae Assn., 8 p. m., home of Mrs. E. B. Snellings, 310 Viola Rd., Mrs. Edvth Martin of Charleston High School English department to be speaker. Maiden Garden dob, 8 p. in- home of Mrs. Paul McCutcli- eon, K a n a w h a City, Mrs. George Hickman to speak on "House Plants." Forest Hills Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Paul Pleska, 718 Churchill Dr. Tuesday Kanawha County Council of Girl Scouts, membership nominating committee, 9:30 a. m., Girl Scout office. Meadowbrook Women's Bridge Assn., 9:30 a. m., clubhouse, reservations with Mrs. Richard Grady by noon Monday. Sleepy Hollow Woman's Golf Assn.. b r i d g e luncheon for members only, 10 a. m., clubhouse, reservations must be made before 1 p. m. Monday with Mrs. F. E. Dandois, hostesses Mrs, John D. Carr, Mrs. Frank L. Bisel and Mrs. Dandois, general meeting to follow at 1:30 p. m. TilUkum Garden Club, 10 a. m., home of Mrs. C. W. Lovell, 4515 Virginia Ave., Mrs. E. B. Watson to speak on "New Flowers for 1960." Bedford Garden Club, 10 a.m.,. home of Mrs. Arnold Scherz, 1527 Bedford Rd., color slides of Japanese gardens and flowers to be shown, M r s. Charles Sturm, co - hostess. T y l e r Heights Homemakers Club, 10:30 a.m., home of Mrs. Jack West, 5246 Big Tyler Rd., Mrs. 0. C. Givens to give lesson on "The C l u b Extends Its Influence". Omega Omega Chapter, Tau Phi Lambda Sorority, Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle 12:30 p.m. luncheon meeting for dental clinic committee, Young's Center Restaurant in South Charleston, Mrs. Kelly Castleberry hostess. S o u t h Charleston Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1 p.m., home of Mrs. Ewell Barnette, 2738 Daniels Ave. Iris Garden Club, 1 p.m., guest luncheon at Woodrums', Mrs. William McClung to speak on "Cranberry Bogs", PEO, Chapter H. 1 p.m.. home of Mrs. H. E. Hohl, 3813 Virginia Ave., SE, program by Mrs. J. D. Terry. Woman's Auxiliary to Goodwill Industries, 1:30 p.m.. Chapel of Goodwill Work Shop, any persons interested in joining to call Mrs. J. Marion Bailey, president. Elk Shore Garden Club, 7:30 p.m., home of Mrs. Ralph Cowgill, 205 Concord St., Mrs. Fleetwood Guthrie to speak and show slides on "Conservation is Everybody's Business". Hemlock Haven Homemakers Club, 7:30 p.m., open house, home of Mrs. William Warner III, Ruffner Hollow Rd. Faith Rebekan Lodge of Frame, 7:30 p.m., Rider's Elview, Valentine party, members asked to bring Valentine with h a n d- kerchief for exchange. Charleston Assembly No. 1, Order of Rainbow for Girls, 7:30 p.m.. Masonic Temple Bldg., Virginia St., Linda Hartinger, worthy advisor, to conduct. . Beta Mu Chapter. Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, 7:45 p.m., home of Mrs. Robert Suttler, 1011 Valley Rd., Apt. 3, products party. Kappa Delta Alumnae Assn., 8 p.m., home of Mrs. J. M. Moore. 1715 Virginia St., E., Mrs. Nicholas Winowioh, co- hostess. Alpha Chi Omega Alumnae Club, 8 p.m.. home of Mrs. William F. Tully, 680 Forest Circle, South Charleston, Mrs. Morgan Mitchell guest speaker. Ladies Auxiliary No. 519, Fraternal Order of Eagles, 8 p.m., Eagles Temple Ballroom, corner Court and Lee sts. Cliappell Gardens Club, 8 p.m., home of Mrs. Robert Mankin. 823 Chappell Rd., Mrs. A. R. Barrett, co - hostess. Xi Alpha Xi Chapter, B e t a Sigma Phi Sorority,' 8 p.m., home of Mrs. Nancy Clendenen, 2743 Knox Ave., St. Albans, Mrs. Harriet McNulty to give program on "Civic Responsibilities." . Swcetbrier Garden Club, 8 p.m., home of Mrs. Claud Wiseman, 1504 Dogwood Rd., Mrs. W. A. Thornhill to speak on "Annuals and How to Plant A Seed Flat", Mrs. Herman Rollins co - hostess. Country Club Acres Garden Club. 8 p.m., home of Mrs. W. Shawkins, 4614 Country Gub Blvd., South Charleston. Mrs. Howard Jackson to speak on "Perennial Gardens.^ Spring Hill Garden Club. 8 p.m., with Mrs. S. L. Kerry, Kanawha Country Club, Mrs. Albert E. Starr to review book. "How. to Have a Green Thumb Without An Aching Back," Mrs. Charles Foster co - hostess. Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. George B. Warner, 1601 Longridge Rd. Colonial Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Ralph C. Hawkins, 335 Forest Circle, Dr. Nathan P. Baker to speak on "My Impressions of Russia," roll call to be excerpts on communism. South Charleston J u n i o r Woman's Club, 8 p. m., clubhouse, Mrs. George Lupey to speak on "Four Roads to West Virginia," Mrs. Alan Haynes to give devotional, hostesses Mrs. Calvin Broyles, chairman, Mrs. W. C. Cozad Jr., Mrs. William Tabar, Mrs. K. L. Rowsey Jr. and Mrs. Robert B. Jenkinson Jr. Highlawn Hills Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. R. W. Walton. 953 Elliott St., election of officers. Xi Psi Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. William Chancey, 465 - 58th St., SE., Miss Evelyn Ciccarello to speak on "High Moments of Love and Faith." Past Matrons and Patrons Club, Charleston Chapter No. 88, Order of Eastern Star, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Rush Meadows, 602 Stonewall Dr. Woman's Civic Club, executive board, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Cebert Price. 301 Rosemont Ave.. South Charleston. Theta Iota Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, 8:15 p. m., Coca- Cola auditorium, program on "Pictures" to be given by- Mrs. Owen Mahan. Miss Patricia Wallace and Miss Doris Jean Long, hostesses Mrs. Charles Haynes and Mrs. Richard Harrah. Wednesday Charleston Tennis Club, 9:30 a. m., ladies day bridge, reservations with Mrs. James Sell, 814 Bridge. Rd. Kanawha County Council of Girt Scouts, training committee, 9:45 a. m., Girl Scout office, Kanawha County Council of Ctrl Scouts, Brownie established camp committee, 9:45 a. m., Girl Scout office. Bouchetle Garden Club. 10 a. m., home of Mrs. F. R. Summerfield. 4006 Noyes Ave., SE, Mrs. C. G. Bergman, speaker; Mrs. E. W. Chesler co-hostess. Berry Hills Country Club bridge, 10 a. m.. reservations with Mrs. W. A. Payne. 2323 Windham Rd. Kanshirc Garden Club, 10 a. m., home of Mrs. John L. Cos- horn, 2505 Cherokee Ave., Mrs. E. R. Yates to speak on "Birds," Mrs. W. L. Morgan co-hostess. Sunshine Sewing Club, 12 noon, annual birthday dinner, home of Mrs. D. 0. Grogan, 523 Sixth Ave., St. Albans. Pilot Club of Charleston, 'noon luncheon, Daniel Boone Hotel, publicity committee in charge of program, Miss Sue Jarrett, chairman. Rev. James Kennedy speaker. Charleston Chapter of Hadassah, 1 p. m. luncheon meeting Synagogue, H. E. Perrish, decorator and buyer with Keiffer Brown Co. and vice president of Worthy Investment Co. to speak on "Interior Design and Related Subjects," Mrs. Dave Borstein, president, to conduct, Mrs. Louise Colker to offer prayer. Mrs. Joe Krauskops and Mrs. Alvin Sloman, hostesses. London Heights Garden Club, 1 p. m., home of Mrs. Frank A. Hardy, 1620 L o u d o n Heights Rd., Mrs. Ruffner · Payne to speak on "Arrangements in the Japanese Manner". Fort Lee Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1:15 p. m., Press Building dutch treat, .executive board meeting at 1 p. m. Fine Arts Dept.. Charleston West Side Woman's Club, 1:30 p. m,, clubhouse, program by dancing student, Mrs. Cecil MarUn to conduct. Mrs. C. S. Wilson. Mrs. I. V. Cunning- bam and Mrs. E. T. Aim, hostesses. South Charleston Quota Club, 6:30 p. m. anniversary party, Young's Center Restaurant in South Charleston, Mrs. Ruby Carr speaker. Pi Ps! Chapter, Tau Phi LamtK da Sorority of S u p r e m e Forest Woodmen Circle, 7:30 p. m., American Legion Bldg. in South Charleston, business meeting and ritualistic practice, Mrs. George Hager and Miss Lorraine Jones, hostesses. Beta Phi Chapter, Beta Sigma- Phi Sorority, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Jack Kinder, 927 South Walnut Rd., St. Albans, Miss Cecilia Landrum, co-hostess. Rock Lake Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. R. W. Gatewood, 955 Overlook Way, .South Charleston, Mrs. E. V. Graoe to speak on "Interior Decorating", Mrs. T. W. Tabor, co-hostess. Child Guidance Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Donald Willard, 1007 Mathews Ave., devotions by Mrs.' Walton Reynolds, Rev. Albert Donaldson to . speak on "Ways to Happiness in the Home", Mrs, Calvin Basham, co-hostess. White Shrine Patrol, 8 p. m., home of Miss Lucille Curry, 1615 Franklin Ave., during business meeting to arrange for supreme shrine meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. Kanawha Valley Dental Auxiliary, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Clyde Litton. 4005 Virginia Ave., SE., Mrs. Tom Davis speaker. Alpha Gamma Delta Alumnae Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Fred H. Winterkamp, 811 Chappel Rd., white elephant ·sale and straw ballot. Ferncliff Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Robert A. Kay, 848 Beaumont Ave., Mrs. W. A. Thornhill to speak on "Planting a S e e d Flat", Mrs. Charles McEhvee to report on state birds. Midland Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of. Mrs. Lewis E. Barickman, 1022 Valley Rd., program on flower arranging by Mrs. V. R. Fast, Mrs, Edward Rugetey and Mrs. George Warner, co-hostesses. Methodist Linda Ewing Is Engaged Conclave To Marry Opha Bennett Discussed Pilgrimage Planned A district spring meeting for May 11 at the Darlington Methodist Church in South Charleston was discussed when the executive committee of the Charleston District, Woman's Society of Christian Service, met Friday. Members were entertained by the president, Mrs. Andrew Gardner, with a Friday luncheon at her home at 1806 McClung St. The slate conference will be held in the Trinity Methodist Church in Bluefield on April 20, 21 and 22. Miss Dorothy O'Neal, a returned missionary from Africa, will be one of the principal speakers. Better Living Project Told Blue Creek Farm Women's Club's "Ready Machines for Better Living" project will be carried out at a work meeting at 10 a. m. Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Cecil Burdette of Blue Creek. Members will be instructed in proper care and adjustment of their sewing machines by Mrs. C. E. Ross. All club members are participating in the West Virginia University extension ' service better living project, "Simple Cotton Clothes." Anyone interested in the course can obtain information from club members. Two former members attended the club's monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. Oscar Anderson Jr. They were Mrs. Ivan Young of Arkansas, guest of Mrs. C. E. Ross, and Mrs. Hoy Phillips of Elkview, guest of Mrs. Fred Anderson. A white elephant sale is scheduled for the next monthly meeting on March 8. LIBERTY -- Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Linda Ewing to Pfc. Opha R. Bennett, son of Mrs. Lola Bennett Arthur of Robertsburg. She is the daughter of Mrs. Beechie Ewing Mad- Workshop Is Held Figurine painting and plastic plants will be included in the crafts workshop set Monday by the Stonewall Home Demonstration Club. The session will be held at the home of Mrs. H. Eugene MacShane. At a recent meeting at the home of Mrs. George Anderson, the group voted to participate in the Kanawha County "Sunshine and Gloom" building fund campaign. Mrs. J. B. Warner gave the devotions and Mrs. R. P. Robin-son, president, conducted the meeting. * * * GIVING the lesson on "The Club Extends Its Influence," Mrs. Thomas Edens pointed out that people in the community criticize clubs because they do not know about nor understand the objectives and activities of the groups and believe them to be only social groups. Mrs. Edens gave the history of farm women's clubs and urged members to promote the group by informing the public of the group's purpose. Welcomed as a new member was Mrs. George Anderson. Ten members and three guests attended. dox of Liberty and Elton Ewing of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Both Miss Ewing and Mr. Bennett are graduates of Poca High School. She is presently employed at the Charleston Meat Co. Mr. Bennett is now serving with the United States Army at Ascom, Korea. Wedding plans are incomplete. Linda Ewing The Odd Fellows and Re- befcahs of West Virginia have been allotted a quota of 47 delegates for the llth annual "United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth" scheduled in June in New York City. This is an activity sponsored jointly by the youth committee of the Sovereign Grand Lodge and the International Association of Rebekah Assemblies. This offers some 700 young people and their adult leaders to study and observe the United Nations in action. Eligible to take part are students who are juniors or sophomores in high school and 16 or 17 years or age. The United Nations Pilgrimage Committee of West Virginia met last week to discuss further plans for the event. John E. Lake of Montgomery, who is jurisdictional U.N. chairman, has announced the following adult leaders for the trip: Mrs. Antonette Newcomer, Spring Hill; Mrs. Betty Hay, Morgantown; M. R. Wratchford, South Charleston, and Plummer D. Pride, Westover. Alternate lead- res are Jerry Cantrell, Wolf Summitt, Edith Morrison, West Milford, and Miss Vera Me- Derment, Charleston. Elected to serve as chair- Charleston: Others are Luther man of the state's publicity Collins, Welch; Milton J. Fur- committee for the Pilgrimage ner, WJof Summit, and Plum- was Miss Vera McDerment of mer D. Pride, Westover. Monday Hours Noon to Nine MR. AND Mrs. Charles 0. Hardman of Spencer arrived Wednesday to visit his brother- in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Winton R. Houcfc of Fort Hill. The Hardman's continued their trip to Mexico City and Acapulco. WITH 0 1 I- ( I ONLY REGULAR flK.M SUPERFINE W A V E . . . . . . . . 1 7 . 5 0 BEAUTIFUL. PERM ART PERMANENT: J5.0B OTHER PERMANENTS |«.5d TO J12.50 TINTS AND BLEACHES 15.00 UP MANICURES I1.M Sh.ropoo * S*t tl.OO Arch 60c fhireati tl.OO Field 11.50 op **-' FREE FACIAL * MANICVKE With MT of ear rernuneati COCTON GOOD ONLY Fek. 15 thru Fek. 2* Oar Initructora h»v« ·gain iuit returned from Virginia Farrell Advanced Halfttyl* Ae»dtmy where they brought back the Utest style* for our Students. CHARLESTON BEAUTY ACADEMY 71 m rill ST. OOtOTHY CANNES, Prw. 014-2771 h? iMtata mmtu iMtiwtar M»tnllra Best Fashion Bargains in Town at STORE HOURS MON. thru SAT. 9:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. 1017 QUARRIED ST. Lady, it's Your Money . . . Spend it Wisely!! AT FREDERICK'S, NATURALLY! Your dollars have more cents at Frederick's!! Sensational Final Clearance Reductions SAVE UP TO 80% NOW! BEST CASHMERE COAT BARGAIN Comparable Vglua to $110. Block, Navy, Colors "We Are the Cashmere King" '77' ALL OUR FUR TRIM AND PLAIN COATS FINEST WOOL TWEEDS AND PLAIN FABRICS REDUCTIONS ON All W TO ' "" OFF! 500 FREDERICK STYLE DRESSES REDUCED! CASUAL AND DRESSY STYLES Junior, Miit«i and loditt SJIM 7 to 42 UP TO BARGAIN RACK! Drititt, Rainwear, Gown* Skirt., Pant* $5.510, $15. Vz PRICE! AIL FINE JEWELRY All BELTS IOT BLOUSES « SKIRTS just right to go thru the day or 'round the world! $2995 weathervane by twe«d textured, linen over-collar to light op I your face, Handmacher ' "fitmanship!" 10 to 20, proportioned 10+ to 20+. YOU'Ll BE PROUD IF THE LABEL SAYS 'S EIGHT-EIGHTEEN LEE STREET Alpha Xi Delia Ahuuae, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Mildred New, 211 Fourth Ave., South Charleston, Mrs. Bruce Davis to speak on "Our National Philanthropy", bridge to follow. Phi Omicron Chapter. Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, 8 p. m., iiome of Mrs. Phyllis Swecker, 315 Third Ave., S o u t h Charleston, p r o g r a m by Becky Marshall, Kathy Greiser, Ruth Ann Peyton and Donna Estep. Mountain View Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Tom Gerencir, 5216 Washington Ave., SE., workshop on dried flower pictures conducted by Mrs. W. 0. Arden, co-hostess Mrs. Martin Patwell. Charleston Assembly No. 1, Order of Rainbow for Girls, advisory board, 8 p. m., First Christian Church Fellowship House, Washington St. Amity Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Robert Anderson, Winfield, Zora Ann Krneta speaker. St. Agnes Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. J. F. O'Connor, 4705 V i r g i n i a Ave., SE., George A. Peters to speak on "Landscaping of H o m e Grounds". Xi Epsilon Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, 8 p. m.. home of Mrs. 0. 0. Wright, 732 Garvin Ave., program on "Enjoyment of Nature" by Mrs. Ralph Campbell. Mu G a m m a Chapter, Alpha Iota Sorority, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Paul Knudson, 101 34th St., SE., program to be safety film, conclave workshop set. Forest Ridge Garden Club, 3 p. m., home of Mrs. Earl Carter, 688 Gordon Dr., program to be on West Virginia Parks and Forest, election of officers. Mrs. J. K. Brown ajid Mrs. Robert Munday, co- hostess. Thursday Kanawha C o u n t y Council of Girl Scouts, troop camp committee, 10 a. m., Girl Scout office. Literary Club of St. Albans. 1 p. m., guests of Mrs. C. A. McClung at Wren's Nest, Mrs. S. 0. Blair to present paper on "Furniture". Hill and Dale Mothers Club of Nitri», 7:30 p. m., home of Mrs. Mayford Flowws, Rt. 1, Nitro., speaker from Kaaawha County Guidance Clinfe to Speak on "Emotional Problems of the Parent", Mrs. George Sands, co-hostess. Green Valley G a r d e n 7:45 p. m., home of Mrs. Laura Webster, 110 Grosscup Ave., Dunbar, Mrs. R. W. Lynch to give program vines in water and soil, members to exhibit specimen vines growing either in water or soil. Willowmeade Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Douglas Neale, 1533 Autumn Rd., Mrs. W. A. Thornhill Jr. to speak on "How to Plant a Seed Flat", Mrs. James Bowman, co-hostess. United Commercial Travelers Ladies Auxiliary No. 222, 8 p. m., Williams Memorial Hall, 806 Central Ave., social meeting to follow. Shadowlawn Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. John Teti, 709 Mayflower Dr., program on planting seed flats by Abe Lilly, book review by Mrs. Johnson Burke on "Secret of the Green Thumb", Mrs. James Taylor and Mrs. Bonnie Fulcher, co-hostesses. Highland Terrace Garden Club, 8 p. m., home of Mrs. L. Gandee, 226 Staunton Ave., South Charleston, Mrs. Richard Foutche to give program on "Button Gardens", Mrs. W. S. Hughes and Mrs. Lee Agnew, co-hostesses. Friday Kanawha Garden Council, coffee 9:30 a. m., meeting at a. m., Charleston Recreation Center, reservations for entry in Woodrums' Set-A-Table Contest on March 22-23 will toe taken. Aetna Dell Homemakers Club. 7:30 p. m., home of Mrs. Dan-ell Hollister, Woodward Dr., Mrs. Andrew Colwin to give devotional, lesson on "How the Club Extends Its Influence" by Mrs. Emory Griffith. Saturday Agnes Scott College Alumnae, founder's day luncheon, 1 p. in., Woodrums' Tea Room, reservations with Mrs. W. M. Watkins or Mrs. P a u Watlington Jr. open Mondays 9:30 to t w o w o n d e r f u Tues., Feb. 16th and Wed., 17th the Mademoiselle representative will be here to show you their spring and summer sample shoe collection. Then you may select the shoes you want mode- rn the style, color and leather of your choice at no extra cost. then .. handbag* . . j*wtlry . . .hot* ..

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