Oscar Henry Daughenbaugh accidently killed.

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Oscar Henry Daughenbaugh accidently killed. - ft TERRIBLE OEftTH, While Squirrel Hunting...
ft TERRIBLE OEftTH, While Squirrel Hunting Sunday Oscar Daughenbaugh, Fifteen Years of Age, Was Killed. By tho Accidental Discharge of a Gun That He Had Loaded and Was Preparing to Wad. The Charge Goes Clear Through His Head —Tho Ooronor's Jury Acquits Another Young Man Concerned in tho Cose. of attendance ami F. for to the tho Sunday afternoon a report reached the city that a young man, with a pistol wound in his head, luy dead at tho residence of Darius Duughenbaugli, in Lancaster township, near the "Salty Smith" pliico. A reporter for the JOURNAL made tho trip to the Duugh- onbuugh bouse, accompanied by ex- City,' Marshal J. W. Sanderson and Uriah Kyle. A half-hour's ride brought tho trio to the farm, where hud already assembled quite u number of neighbors. In tho dining room of tho house, lying on a pine board that was ou some chairs, was the body of OSCAR II10NRY nAUmilCNIIAUUH, u lad who was fifteen yours of age tho '2(!th of last July. A white sheet excluded the body from public ga/e. A small cloth was lifted from the face, which presented anything but u pleasant sight. About uu inch under the right eye, next to tho nasal organ, was a largo hole, where the charge of u gun had entered, and which went clear through the head, coining out at tho base of the brain. Tho face was perfectly black from tho powder, indicating that it had been in close proximity to tho mouth of tho barrel. .It was sickening to those /around, and several walked out of tho room, after taking a look at tho countenance of the lad who but a few hours before was alive and well. HOW IT HAITKNKD. "Hero is my son," said Mr. Daughenbaugh, tho tears streaming out of his eyes, "ho knows all about it." He pointed to a lad who appeared very nervous and who said ho was past eleven years and was known as Harvey Potor Daughonbuugb. Ho volunteered to relate tho circumstances connected with his brother's death to the JOURNAL man, and did so substantially as follows: "Between H and 10 o'clock wo left homo, taking with us an army musket that was the property of Henry Ohlondorff, and which bad been hero for some time. A half-mile from our house is located tho homo of Frederick Koisor, who has a son named Henry. Wo asked whore ho was. and learned that ho was picking hickory nuts in the woods. Wo all went down to Ike Ilartmun's to ask him if lie wanted any crabs. In tho Engle woods my brother shot at a whip-poor-will, but missed it. Pretty soon Simon Stuas, another boy, called out loud, and wo whistled with our lingers in our mouth. Staus came up with a doubl '-barreled gun and my brother gave him some shot. My brother commenced loading his gun. Tho butt rested- on the ground and Henry Koisor raised it, and asked my brother for a cup. He pulled up the hammer and Oscar told him not to put on the cap until he bad finished loud- he thought he would be blamed for the shooting. HAHVEY DATJGITBNnAUGH was next called and related what appears in his statement above. He was certain, however, that ho had the doublobarrolled gun in his hand. The facts regarding the threats of Keiser as to taking his own life, etc., were again reiterated, and tho statement made that the shooting of the brother was accidental. A VERDICT in accordance with the facts was rendered, no blaino being attached to anyone connected. MR. BAUOIHCNUAUG1I said that the grin the boys took away from the bouse belonged to his son-in law, Henry Olilondorf. It was to have been taken away on Saturday, but it remained there. The boys hud been rather too free in using it, he thought, and did it without his consent. He was not aware of tho fact that they hud gone away from the house Sunday morning until sometime afterwards. He bears no ill will toward the Kelser boy, who bus always been on friendly terms with his children, and regards tho occurrence us having been accidental, with no blame to attach to any one. It was certainly a very distressing accident, and tho Daughenbaugh family have the sympathy of their friends in their grout loss. Tho funeral will tako place on Tuesday morning, at 10 o'clock, services to lie conducted at the house. : A PIONEER DEAD. .IAMHS ADDAJIS, ONK OK THIS OLD- Tl MICKS OK WTCKKVIS, CALMS!) 1IIOHEK—OTMKRO1UTUAHY NOTES. Mr. James Addams, an old resident of Buckeye, who bus boon ailing for some time, bus departed this life, and will bo laid at rest on Tuesday afternoon. He was u brother of the Hon. John H. Addams, and was widely known all over the county. niOUKAPIUCAL. Tho deceased was u native of Uurks county, Pa., where he was born sixty- six years ago. He cameto Stophenson county in 18f>0, and settled at (Jedur- villo. Ho was married to Miss Livina Ilennersheet/. in Pennsylvania in 1843, and'was the-father of leu children. Jhi curly life the deceased was an auctioneer, u business one of the sons, Gus, now follows. Ho farmed, was engaged in the grain and coal business some yours, and after selling out came west. Ho resided in the first brick house built in tho county, and hold several public ollicos during life. He worked hard to educate his children, was a good citi/en, and all who knew him will regret that he has passed away. THIS 1-iA'IMS WUH. MITCHELL. The services over tho remains of the lute Mrs. George Mitchell were conducted ut tho family residence on Sabbath afternoon, by Rev. O. F. Muttisou. There wore assembled soiuo of Ihe rcl- ulives and quite u number of old friends. Tho remains wore taken to Harrison, Winuobugo county, for interment, on Monday. Tho deceased was a native of England, and was first married in early life to Thomas Willie, who was killed in tho war. They had several children, some of whom were expected bore today. Eighteen years and three months ago, at Harrison, the deceased wus married to Mr. Mitchell. She was, at Ihe time of her death sixty-five years, live months and three days old. 1'AL.MISIt. Mrs. Earl wont to Chicago Monday morning, to attend tho funeral of tho lato Charles 1'aimer. Tho deceased was ji sou of A. I), rainier, formerly of Kidott, and was twenty-six years of ago. Ho leaves u wife and a child, besides other relatives, to mourn his loss. of had and ing. Tho loud had been put in, and my brother was pulling some paper out of his pocket for a wad when I hoard the hummer slip. Tho gun went oil! and my brother threw out his arms and CHOPPED DEAD. Simon Staas run ho.no, and Henry Keiser commenced to yell, lie wanted the gun I had to kill himself with, and I fired it off. He pulled out a knife, and Iho Monsonkump boys, who wore present, told him to put it away. I jerked it from his bund. The lad then went on to state that a man named Guslloff arrived, and a wheel- burrow wus secured at the Hill place. Tho body of tho unfortunate victim was placed on it, and they all look turns in wheeling. Mr. Duughen- buugh, who hud learned of what hud occurred, hitched up a team and met the parly on tho way The remains were then placed in a wagon and taken to the home, which has been made very sorrowful through this calamity. roUOMUt ST1CAUNS reached the Daughenbaugh place in the afternoon, and empanelled u jury composed of George I. Hrown, Charles Hiiekman, Rudolph Kencho, A. P. Latlig, Chunncoy Uoyor and Charles Snydor. The genlloinen secured the witnesses, will) the. exception of Slaus, who was ufruid lo show up, and the inquest was held in tho room where the body lay. Tho Keiser lad, who is norly eighteen years of ago, presented a picture of woo. lie appeared very nervous and excited, and imagined that he was under arrest.' His mother, who wus also present,, appeared deeply affected. He was the lir.st to testify, staling that at the time of the accident he was in the Englo woods, a half-mile northwest of tho Daughonbaugh place. There were present Oscar, Harvey Daughoubaugb, Simon Staus, George and Hoborl Mensonkump, aged 10 and lli years. He was positive that tho gun that wus loaded wus that owned by Staas, and in that, us in several other instances contradicted tho statements of Harvey Duugheuhuugh. Ho te.sti- lied as to putting on the cap, saying at tho time, "Look out, it may go off." Oscar, who wus just pulling Ihe rod in its place, replied, "Oh, no, il won't.'' He lot down tho hammer ami then the explosion took place. "The gun was slanting ut the time,"said Keiser, "and Fin sure tho hummer did not slip in my hand. Oscar fell forward on his kiiees and then backwards. He never spoke u word.' 7 Yoimg Keiser. in reply lo Ihoqnoslion, said he wunled to KILL 1I1MSELK after what had occurred, ho wus so I'riglilened. Ho also took a knife out of his pocket and it wus taken away from him. II wus also ascertained that he requested Guslloff to kill him,because The Pair. Tho fair fo'r the benefit of tho He- formed church closed on Saturday night. It is estimated that in the neighborhood of $1)00 was cleared. There were ton grand pri/es, but for some reason or other, only six of them wore rallied off. John 1'illcrbcck is Iho possessor of the base burner; Mrs. Snow drew tho lounge; Dr. Fair's ticket gave him a nice willow rocker; Dr. V'oigt carried off Ihe extension table, and Fred Fisher, of Silver Creek, liud the llckol lhat entilled him lo Iho bod spring. Personal Paragraphs. Miss Elidu Sloner, who is visiting relatives in Chicago, is expected homo the latter purl of llio week. James will also come from tho west by and by. Mr. J. P. Jtyerly started for the west to-day. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Murphy, of Wavorly, Iowa, arrived in the city Sunday morning. Henry returned to duly to-day, but, Mrs. Mnrpliy will remain here for u few days. Miss Addie M. Clayton returned to Chicago todiiy. Chas. Heiger and wife departed for Dewill, Neb., Monduy ufternoon. Mrs. Dr. Wurts and son, Mr. A. S. Wurts, left for St. Paul this afternoon. Miss Cora. Kundinger left, for Chicago today, to visit Mrs. Win. Marlon. C. J. Wells and wife, of Lanark, are ;it tho residence of Jacob Kline. Miss Fannie Slovens is back utr her post art stenographer til the Henney ollice. She visited Washington, Philadelphia and other places and hud u very good lime. THE COUNTRY. LUNA. (Kroni our own CciiTCspomlmU.) LKNA, Sept. 2t)th-A great deal of interest is manifested in the case of John French. A goodly number of people will attend the case for curiosity. Mr. Charles Ferroll quietly passed away on Saturday evening. lie had been u long sufferer, and his death has released him of his alHictions. Alex. McEuthron and wife celebrated a marriage anniversary on Saturday evening. Preparations had been made for u largo number of their friends. The storm came, which threatened to spoil the pleasure, yet in the face of thai a goodly number wore present. Mr. and Mrs. McEuthron are old resi- denlors. of this city, tho gentleman being one of our first business men. His worthy wife, since health bus fulled her husband, has taken bis place in thu store. They have many warm, true friends who joined in hearty congratulations. The evening was a very pleasant one to all present. A, boiiutious repast was set before them. The. guests loft about the midnight hour. Card of Thanks. Wo ilcsirfl to return our heartfelt thanks to the friends who so kindly as- sisled and sympathized with us in our bereavement. Mus. JOHN STIIOUJI AND FAMILY.

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  2. 20 Sep 1886, Mon,
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  • Oscar Henry Daughenbaugh accidently killed.

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