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Martin1782ebenezer - naif1 to he - - - if - in the of in - of - - -...
naif1 to he - - - if - in the of in - of - - - - of or - the as of us - I to - - of in - a - in - - - - - - - As I have no agency on naval mattfrf, this - appli - cation to me is made on mutaKen grounds But curt ofity leading me to enquire into the nature and caufe of their fufferings, I am informed that the prina cipal complaint is, that of their being crouded, ef - pecially at this feafon, in great numbers on board of foul and infectious prifon - fhips, where difeafe and death are aim oil inevitable. This circumilance I am perfuaded needs only to be mentioned to your excellency, to obtain thatredrefs which is in your power only to afford, and which humanity fo ftrongly prompts. If the fortune of war, fir, has thrown a number of thefe miferable people into your hands, I am ceVtatn your excellency's feelings for fellow men, muft induce you to proportion the ihips (if they muft be confined on board (hips) to their accommodation and comfort, and not j by crouding them together in a few, bring on di (orders which confign them by half dozens in a day to the grave. The foldiers of his Hritannic majefty, prifoners with us, were they! (which might be the cafe) to be equally crouded together in clofe and confined prjfons, at this feafon, would be expofed to equal lofs and mifery. I have the honour to be, fir, Your excellency's moil obedient, Humble fervant, i (Signed) G. WASHINGTON. His excel encyj rear - admiral Digby. (COPY) . New - York, June 8, 1782. SIR, MY feelings prompted me to grant Meflrs. Abron and owen, permiilion to wait oh your excel ltncy, to reprefent their miferably fituation. And if your excellency's feelings on this occsfion are like mine, you v HI not hefitate one moment reliev ng both ihe Britifiiand Americans furfering under confinement. I have the honour to be, ' Your excellency's Very obedient fervant, (Signed) R. DIGBY. His excellency general Waftiington. Philadelphia, July 13. Extraft of a l - tt r from an officer in South - Carolina, dated M iy 13, to a gentleman in this city. " Iudofed you have a copy of the proclamation ilTu - ed by tUe gover or of our Hate, offering free pardon to thofe of our jjeluded fellow cirizenv now in the Britilh lines, with - a fe v exceptions. Since this, fu: dry tr ha - bitaut have lefr Savannah; monf;ft ilvm. are, fir Patrick HoufiouJ Mr. William Houflon, ( from England) msjor Douglafs and others of note, although they are exprclily excepted in trie f - id proclamation. " Df fertion j yrt prevails amongfl tiie Heffian to a v;ry great degree: in order to encourage and facilitate it, the overi.or hath iflued auotiier proclamation, which is hourly expecled to be received, offering to every deferter:2oo acres of laud, one milch cow and two breeding jfwine : this has fo effectually anfwer - d the purp fe, that they come off in great numbers. It is conjeclured by many, they will very fhortly evacuate tnnt poll, many negroes (the property of fir James Wright atui James Butler) having been fern removing by water to Auuine, and other circumftances which fee n to corroborate and fix this idea beyond a doubt." STATE of G R O R G I A. By the honourable JOHN MARTIN, efqoire, cap - t'dn gtneral; iiovernor and commander in chief of tne faid liate. A PROCLAMATION. t VflliR'EAS many of the citizens of this ftate, from V V local fituation or miftaken policy, have been feduced from their allegiance, taken protection from and joined the arms of theN ene r.ies of America, who, now feeing their error, would wilh to return to their allegiance and attone for their pail conduct, by aflift - ing their fellow citizeos to refcue tl)is country from Britifh tyranny and oppreflion, an event that muft in - evitably.take plact, from the united exertions of me continental and other troops affembled for that purpofe. Moved with compaifion for tr, is clafs of citizens, and being always more inclined o forgive than to punifh, where it can be done confiftent with the. peace an J hap - pinefs of the people. , I do therefore., by and with the advice and confent of the honourable the executive council, iffue this my proclamation, hereby offering full pardon and protection to all citizens and others, fubjectsof this ftate, now witniu the Britilh lines, ex cepr thofe who have been profci ibed in a former bill of attainder, thbfe, who have held or now hoKi any civil or military commiflion under the crown of Great - Britain, all murderers and thofe whofe names are underwritten, viz. Samuel Douglafs, Thomas Gibbons, David Zubly, junior, John Glen, Xachlan M'Gilliv - ray, John Fox, junior, Luke Man, Levi Sheftsll, Nathaniel Hall, Alexander Wright, Bazil Cowpet, johu Smith, George j Fox, George Cu hbtrt, Francis Cod - dington, David! Delegall, Pnilip Delegall, Chriftopher Frederick Tribner, Jacob Biinler, James Pall, - fenior, Philip Dill, fenior, Andrew M'Lean, John Douglafs, Jame Seymer and John Charles Lucina, on condition, - that lie or they on or before the 15th day f March next, furrender him or themfelves to the honourable brigadier general Wayne, or the commanding officer for the time being, and do duty in fuch corps, as he fliall direel, until the enemy are compelled to abandon this country or made prifoners. Given under my. hand and the great feal of he faid ftate, at Ebenezer', the twentieth day of February, one thoufand, feven hundred and eighty - two, and in thefixth year of the independence of America. - JOHN" MARTIN. By his honour's command, T ABR.AHAM JONES, Secretary. . Extract of a letter, dated head - quarters, South - Caio - lina, May 19, 1782. The ftate of Georgia has pfled a bill, conficating more than 3ooeflates.' The fir ft fale of which is to commence in June ; the terms 7 year credit ; a mortgage of the land for tapded prqprtyi anderfoiulftcurity for, . perfonal property and the intereft. They have alfq granted general Greene 5000 and genera. Wayne 4Poq guineas in land, tSrc.'9 An ORDINANCE for the better Diflribution of Prizes in certain Cafes. B E it ordained by the united flates in congrefs affembled, that fo much of the Ordinance, entitled " An Ordinance, afcertaining what captures on water (hall be lawful,' as ordains, that upon the capture of a veffel commiflloned as a, man of wsr or h privateer, by any of the vefTels of war of the united ftates of America, the whole of the property condemned fhall be adjudged to the captors, be and the lame is hereby repealed ; and that 111 all fuch cafes of capture the whole of the property condemned (ball be adjudged to the ufe. of the captors, if the veiTel taken (hall be of equal or fuperior force 'fo the veiTel making the capture; if otherwife, one half only lhall bead - judged to the captors, and the other half to the ufe of the united ftates, and fhall, after condemnation, be fo appropriated; unlefs the united ftates in congrefs affembled, in reward of diftinguifhed valour and exertion, fhall otherwife fpecially direct. faid, that the refolution of the 1 5th day of November, giving to the commanders, officers and men of ihips or vefTels of war, a bounty for every cannon and for every man belonging to Britifh fhips or vefTels of war captured by them, be and the fame is hereby rrpealed. Done by the united ftates in congrefs affembled, the 10th day of July, in the year of Our Lord, 1782, and in thefeventh year of our independence. Atteft. JOHN HANSON, Prefident, Charles Thomson, Secretary. Mr. C L A Y POOL E, You will do a kindnefs to the public by publifhing, in your ufeful paper, the following fimple Cure for that unhappy, waftiog diforder, the CONSUMPTION ; the which has been . communicated by an inhabitant of South Carolina, where it has proved fuccefsful 111 iuiii tj uingriuuft vaic ; tnu lias lately aamilll - ftred to the relief of feveral perfons in this ftate. ' pAKEof the bark of the fmall wild black cherry - tree, and of the low - land beech - tree (not button wood) equal quantities, of which make a ftrong decoction; give a piut thereof, per day, in feveral portions, or more if the flomach will bear it ; and to render it more palatable it may be mixed' into a weak toddy or tea, as may be mo ft agreeable to the patient: and although a few days;ufeof it may occafion fe.nfible alterations far the better in ' the afilifled perfon, y - - t this courfe of drinking itjmuit be perfifttdiu for at leaft three months to render tne cure effeOual. ' The Printers; throughout the united ftates would do wen io tomuiuim,dic inn uinai uiitovery inrougu ijc channel of ttieur feveral Papers. RECEIPT ' continental taxes from the ftatft of Delaware, publiihed in purfoance of the 6th article of inftruftions from the Office of Finance, dated the ,i;ali da of February la ft : For the jmonth of June, 1782, received nothing. Newcaftle, July 1, 17S0. JOHN READ, Receiver of continental taxes for Delaware. Thp OAT R T Mi Hemings's Plantation in late Papers to have ben is poftponed till Wednef - , 1 eysn o'clock in the after - (if not difpofed of before PaiTyunk, ladvertifed in our on Wednefday Eveninc laft, day Evening next., at,the Coffee - houfe, at 7 o'clock. To be Sold by Public Sale, On WEDNESBAT, The 17th of Julv inftant, at noon, at tlie CofFce - houfe, at privat fa'e ' . . ! A COMMODIOUS BRICK MESSU - AGE or Tu ment ikI bnk lot ot GROUND, firuatcon the caft.uVe of F.nt ftreet and welt fide.of Waicr ttreet., wthm .fi.e doors from tbe corner of Vinc.ftrcetjj in the city of Phia.ielphia, a ytar - ,ly - nt - chaigeoi two pound five millings fteiling. The MefTuagc ientt as tro Tenements,, and now brings in deventy pounds per annum, and would let for more. It ? three (toriei high! on .Front UirVrr. and four Itoriet on Water - Itreet, and has a good vault. Any perion witling t purchafe at priv fal, may know the termi by applying io RJCHARD WIXE - HE,AIi, Scnvener, at tne coiner ot Vine and Water - 11 it e:ts. S O L D, T O B E At the upper Market in the city.of Burlinrton. on 'Wednelday the 17th of t hit. inftant, at ten u'CIock in the foreaoon ot ih farns day, Three Tierces of elegant Cut Glafs Decanters, - nd twooxs of Wine G:afie$; late y feized and condemned at cminir Irom the lint of he enemy. THOMAS M. GARDNER, colieaer. i Burlington, Ju'y 10, 1781. Englifh Muikets, Gunppwdtrr, and a variety bf Dry Goodsi, T O B E S oL D, B V Lac&ze and Mallet In Water - ftrect, betvretn Arch and Itac - U.eet. Strayed about thej middle of laft week,, fnm tht. Bun c of Grpes Tvern, in Tiir? fireet, a .Red Mi'ch COW, a little wbolty in htr fore had. Whoever wil I. give information of iier to the Sunfrriher, or the Printer hi reof, iha II be hndComely rewarded; JACOB X. BERG EN. jwy s v . -

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Packet,
  2. 13 Jul 1782, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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