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Maitland1779august - PHILADELPHIA, July 29. ON th 16th inftan't Cat....
PHILADELPHIA, July 29. ON th 16th inftan't Cat. Ingerfol, in the Monmouth, moot the (loop True Blue, of Salera, a prise to the Galateij and on the loth took the fchoonex Bend, which was bound from New Yoik for St.Euftatia, but taken by the Macaroni, retaken by the Greyhound I (loop and fentfor New York, when (he was taken by Capt. Ingerfol, who the fame day took the floop Calurobia of i o gun Capt. Hodlon, from Nevr York for Malaga. - ....... .. . - By a Gentleman from New York we arc informed, .that the Galatea had returned from a cruifc off Bofton bay,' where five fell in with the Minerva, a French frigate of j guns, who gave her a fevere drubbing, killed the Lieutenant and fevenrl merr? and could the Minerva hare left her convoy, (he would probably have (hewn the Galatea the way into Bofton " v ' We are alfo told that the cutter Revenge, of New York, had got jnto New York in a fluttered condition, having only 31 men out of $5 fit for duty and reported, that they had received their ditffing from a rebel frigate, being afbamcd to fay they were fo mauled by the brave Capt. Angus, in a 13 gun merchantman. , ' ,' . . The two ftandardi mentioned in hi Excellency's letter in our laft, were brought to town laft Sunday morning, by Mr. Archer. Rttum of ordnance and forts taken at Stony Toint, July 1 5, 1779, at ttgbt. Ordnance. Brafs, 3 twelve pounders, 1 three ponndei iron, twenty four pounders,' eighteen pounders, and 1 twelve pounder; brafs how. itiertinch, 1; brtftmortars toinch, ij jinch, 43 of an inch, a. Thirty fpongta" with ftavesnnd rammer heads, 9 ladders with ftaves, ir wadhooks with ftaves, 4 drag - ropes whb pins, , 4 draught chains, 14 hsndfpikes, is aprons of lead, is axes, so boxes, 10 buckets, 40 bottoms of wood, 10 inch, 5 budge barrels, 4 brufhes for kitt, so hand - barrows, 1 cart fling complete, 14 large and 7 fmall cartouches, a iron crows, 5 muailecaps, a compares, so pounds of tallow candles, 1$ oilcloths. Flannel cartridge filled. Twenty four pounders, 603, it title of Colonel) a corps of Indians, with negro and white favages difi guifed like them, and ahout 1500 of the m oft favage difafiected poor people, feduced trom the back fcttlemcntsof this ftate and North Carolina, entered this date the 30th of April latt : By a rapid march, the afliftaast of the bed guides, a lea Ton uncommonly favourable, and taking routs that could not be fufptfled, this relpectable body arrived before the town, quite unexpected the nth of May. On the nth, they precipitately withdrew by night aud have ever fince beer? Healing from ifland tq ifland, till they hae efcaped, though not without an attack in their lines on the xoih of June (after hairing been' twice in vain invited out) wherein they fuffered feverelv, especially their coips of highlanders. If (tripping even women and children, - and the very negroes, of all their doathingi cutting up all the feather beds that our people mould have to lie on, and carrying on the ticken j robing every where all the none pounders 11 74, three pounders 195, twenty men nowiij, imrry cignt 4 and forty 4I inch rnariart. Empty One hundred and forty fix t inch bowiti. two hundred and fury tl and two hundred and forty 4I inch martars. Paper cartridges filled Eighteen pounders 15S - Empty. Eighteen pounder soo, mufcet with ball 11,751. Three funnels, 1816 fulea drove and primed, i6i mufket'.flints, 9 pounds of flax, 14 hammers, 1 powder horn, t s tanned hides, 4 hand and t beam hooks, 9I fcts of mens narnefs, 6 hand hatchets, t tons of junk, s complete triangle gin, 3 bars of iron, a cutting knives, a paring knives with bbek and (table, 9 pounds of kit, j iron melting ladels, 1 mufcovy and a dark lanthorns, 7 (keins of Hambrough line, laboratory chetts, x copper aneafures, 11 mallets and fetters, t (keins of marline, 100 lb. nails, and loolb. clouts, 5 mantelets, 39 barrels corned, 4 dufty, and 4 mealed powder, so dozen port fiies, 15 punches for vents, 3 pair of pincers, It plummets of lead, t fathoms of rope for I a filing, is rockets with flicks, t flicks with port - rues, 40 fpikes for nailing guns, and 3 faws. HUH WiVTHWr - i VM ittvi.v vuiiwii iwviuw.) y vaiv. j, nuood fottomt. Twentv four pounders 304 roundi, 104 cafe, twelve pounders 900 rounds, three pounders aoo rounds, so6 cafe. Sbot, cafe fixed to wooden 1 bottoms. For Vowitj t inch, 40, for mortars 5 inch, to. Crate iron bottoms. Twenty four oounders 0 . in baes eighteen bounder - g - - w - - j - g ww' V w a 41, to inch mortars 40. Looft hot. Twenty four pounders 150, eighteen pounders aot. Thirty nine (heep (kins, 50 fathoms of (kid aud psrtnmcle rope, 3 fcales two feet braf, 4 pair of fciflbrs. Stells. Ten inch fixed' so, empty 74, t inch fixed 15, empty 90, j inch fixe J 21, empty 141, 4 of an inch fixed 40, empty 160; 6 fas per s for (hells, 3300 fponge tackles, is fpades, 6 (hovels, a tarpaulins, lotompions, t officers and t laboratory tei.ts, 5,790 tubes, is pounds of twine, 30 priming wires, 1 fet of brafs weights trom 4 pounds to J of an ounce, I pounds worried, I4 wads for 14 pounders. For the ufe of tbi borfe department Fifty fetsof Urge hoile (hoes, and 3200 nails for ditto. for the ufe of tbi fmitb. One forge bellows, one anvil with beck iron, One (landing vice, 1 tew ircn, and one coal ca(k. Return of armt and otter articles not included before, : One hundred and thirty four tents, 5 markets, f horiernens tents, 9 wall tents, 334 mu(kets with bayonets, and 103 cartouch boxes. , Pubiijbed bj order of Congrtfs. CHARLES THOMSON, oVr'ry. Bxtrafl of a kter from Martinique, dated July S. "It feems pofitive that all the powers of Europe have confpired to tftablilh our independency. Nothing but our own mifconducl can counteract their good intentions. By the interference of Ruflia and France, peace is rcftortd to the Ernperour and King of Pruflia. By the mcdi. atory infloence of the Court of Vei failles, the ditference that l'ubfiflcd letween Rutfia and the Porte, are finally fettled, and fatisfaclorily Adjufted. A fpirit of true plulofophy feems to have introduced itfelf it courts, which inclines Privcea to prefer the happinefs gt their fubiecls, by confulting their peace and tranquillity, to the (p)eoded profpects of military fame. The Kin? of Pruflia. that fcourge of natrvns, whole afpiring views have fpread depopulation and diftrcf i throughout an empire, feems to have awoke from the iilufive dreams of ambition, and wifljes toattone for the mifeiies he has caufed to mankind.. He is now an advocate for univevfal peace, and has entered conjointly with Spain into the mediation of the difputcs between Great Britain, France and America. The taking cf the iflands of Jcrfcy and Guernfey is confirmed. CHAR LEST O'W N, July 7. THE fecond expedition of the Britiftx array (of the l'uccefsful iflue of which, the Engli(h and Scotch, and the Royal American newf. papers, have been fclled with pompous predictions for above a twelve .month pa A) to render themielvcs martcrs of this town is now at an end, and has proved equally if not more difgracefiJ to their arms, than their fir attempt in the yr 177. Their army under the command of Bri gadier Genual PrevoA, confiding of two battalions of highlanders (the (jift regkw ist) two regiments of Hcfliani, one battalion of the 60th, - two regirocnts of Noith American new levies, Colonel Biown's corps of :dragoons"or lisht horfe, to which were attached a large body of themoft .infamous banditti - and horfe thieves, that perhaps ever weie collected 'together any where. under the direction of M'Girt (dignified with the nlate and monev that could be found; detlrovin? naoers of allkinH., ' ! - r Aft " cutting up or dafhing to pieces every kind of ufeful houfhould furniture wantonly mooting down all kinds of live (lock burning houfes, and carrying off fome thoufands of negroes and hoifet, are meritorious and glorious a&s, we are warranted to fay, that no Britih array ever did acqaire more glory than that commanded by Brigadier Genera! Auguftine Pre volt; but what could not be accomjilhtd by an army to which fuch honourable corps were attached f Fat ticulars of this notable expedition will be publilhed, as foon as they can be properly collected and arranged through the whole of which we arc peifuaded it the information we have .already received can be depended upon, there will not be the leaft caute for cenfure on any part of the conduct of tht Honourable Col. Maitland, Major Skelley, Colonel Thomas Brown, one of the Heflian Colonels, and fome few other officers who did not come divefted of polite nefs and humanity. July 11. The aSthof laft month 35 Americans, under Col. Twiggs, at Mr. James Butt ler's plantation in Georgia, fought a p rty of 60 picked Britifli foldieii, jnoitly greniditrs, cc innundcd by Capt. Muller, of the 60th regiment killed four, among ttum Capt. Muller, and Lieut Swinton of the 71ft, wounded elcvtn, and took 35 prifoners. The wounded, am. ng them 8 officers, were ptrmittevl to go to Savannah on parole. Gu party had only one man wounded. It is aflerted, that there" - was found in Capt Mullet's pocket, an order from his fupet iour officer, not to give qaarttr to inv inhabitant that fliould be found in armsj hut we ought not to give credit to fuch an affertion until proved to be a fact. The brig PolK, Capt. J jfuh Darrel, lately arrived from France; failid fiom t'nt ifle de Kf, the 10th f May lalt, with a large fleet under c n oy of a I'qudron of men ot war, commanded by M. de la Mothe, Plcquet, confuting cf 5 liiips of 74 puns, t of 64 guns, and 4 frigate! of 30 and 36 guns, having a numU. of ttanfports with a large body of troops on board, amo git tlum two Iriih regiments faid to be deftined at an augmentation to Co ut de Ella ng's force in the Well Indies. Capt. Da rel pitted with them iff a. On the aoth cf Jun he faw a fleet of upwards cf aoo fail, which he judged to be from tie Weft Indies bound home. Whtn he left France, Capt. Paul Jcnes was fitting out a (hip of 40 guns, another of xo, and one of 16, wliicli joined with four American privateers, were (hortly to fail fiom Port P Orient, on an ex pedition of importance, . , . , . Part of the Britifli army that lately entered and plundered the fourhern p. rts of this (late, and took a view of Charleltown, we hear; are returned to Georgia, and part remain on Port Royal ifiand, with their plunder. The brig Sally of this port, Captaiu Jofeph Evans, from St. Euftatia, it arrived ufe at Edenton, North Carolina, whither (he alfo carried two prizes, a (loop and a I'chooiicr from Georgia, laden with naval ilorcs and lumocr, oounu ior ivtw 1 oik.. If we are to give any credit to the information of a Spanifh Captain, lately arrived here, charged with defur.tches to Conprels. the indeuen dence of the United States of 'America, was publickly recognised at Havannah, on the 9th day of June lart and publick notice at the fame time given to all per ions inclined to fit out privateers to cruife againft the Englilh; that commiflions would be granted them on the ill day of July, The fame Captain adds, that an embargo was laid upon all the (Lipping at Havana the next day, and none fuft'eied to depart but two with money for Philadelphia, and his with defpatches; that thtre weie j (hips of tha liae at Havana when he lift it, 2 more ready to launch, and leveral others on the flocks, and no lefs than 18 frigates of 30 to 36 gu. s in port, moftly new, arid of "the length of 74 guns, carrying 16 to 30 eighteen, pounders upon one deck. W I L h IA.MSBU il G, August 14. BY Capt, Steel from St. Euftatia, who is arrived at the Earieru Shore, brings the agreeable news of the Count de Eltaing having takca Gicnada and given Admiral Byron a good drubbing, took one frigate, ' and drove the icti of the fleet into St. Kitts, four of which he faw towed in himfelf very much (battered j as Capt. Steel is a man of veracity, we may depend on this piece of intelligence to be true. We have had one other ai rival from France, in which came paflcnger the Rev. Mr. Ford, who has bi ought very imerefting dd'patches (or Congrefs, which it kept a profound lie ret. Copy cf a letter from an officer at camp near fort Montgomery, dated - July 21, 1779. 11 You muft und ubtedly before this h ive feen the particulars of our glorious and. fuccefsful enterprilc at Storey Point, near King's ferry, which renders it unr.ectfTtry to give a detail of fails, which will come ; officially from his Excellency ; but as I had the honour to command all the troops from our ftate employed on this fervicc, I think it my duty injuftice I to thufc brave men, to inform you that the front platoon of theforbra I hope confided of three fouiths Virginians the front of the vanguard t compofed ot volunKersfiom the column were Virginians, and the front of the column were Poley's battalivn, compofed of four companies, all Virginians, and Fleury's a Virginia and a Ptnnfytvaoia companies; Jwo ferjeants and five of my men who ejein the forlorn bop were cither killed or wounded. 1 I " I have the happinefs to fay that every officer and foldier under ray. command, behaved whh a degree of bravery peculiar (as I conceive) to' thofe who are determined to be tree. They furmounttd every danger and difficulty without confufion or delay, far furpaffing any entcrprife ia which I have had an active part. I wi(h neither thanks nor reward.

Clipped from
  1. The Virginia Gazette,
  2. 14 Aug 1779, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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