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ArchibaldCampbell1780 - there - the in - faid re - - or in be - - - and...
there - the in - faid re - - or in be - - - and as faid to in' - nr full fo the the - a o - - our - in - but - . G E 0 R G r A, . . . To His Honour George Walton, Efquire, Governor and Commaader in Chief of the faid State. WE, the Reprefentatives of the Freemen of Georgii, in AffembJy met, beg ieave to inform your Honour of your unanimous election to the office of Governor of this State. 7 The firm confidence we repofe in your abilities, and fteady attachment to the independence of our country, give us full affurancs that, under your ad mini ft ration, a perfeverence fn thofe exertions which have hitherto characterized the faithful councils of this country, will take pkice. Sir, We have configned to your care a facred trufl, ' the government of a people who have bled fretly in the caufe of the confederal alliance; and are determined to feal the attempt of redeeming this country with the bfocd of all, rather than fubmit to the detefted and abominable yoke of Britiffi rule. William Glascock, Speaker. , To the Honorable the Speaker, and the reft of the Members of the Affembly of the State of Georgia. Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen, I AM thankful for the , honor of your appointment and polite addreft of yefterday : But I had been hopeful, from the late afflictions with which it has plea fed Heaven to vific me, that I (hould nor have been required, at this time, to take an active flatten in your affairs : Nor would any thing but the fituation of the State; calling for the af - fi fiance of every man, induce me to accept it. Relying upon your faithful fupport, I hall ufe my beft efforts to enforce the laws for the fafety and welfare of the people. On your part much may done. - - - - The conftitution, and the laws, call fer a vigorous fupport, to prevent otherwife unavoidable anarchy; A reprefeotatibn at Con - trefs is moft effentially ceceffary s TJ?e well - being of owr State 1 the exiRence of its independency ; and the balance offufFerage upon quetf ion determinable by inevitable in - tereft all depend upon it Nor is the reflorafion of credit to our paper circulation lefs important. The enemy efchaufted by great exertions, may chiife to rfl: all in one concluding effort the eafutng winner; and therefore it is Incumbent to make the moft fpeedy and effectual preparations for the fafety of the State. A corps of horfemen to watch the motions of the enemy and the Indians, and furHcient to keep out the thieves from both, fhould immediately be rtifed. Decifive meafores fhould be purfued sgainft the unhappy but dangerous few, who will live amongft us - and yet love our enemies ! My late fitua - tion gave me an opportunity of feeing, that, byperfons of thisdefcription, the councils of the States arebttrayed: By our laws, it is already criminal to correfpond with or fend intelligence to the enemy $ but fome certain and effectual mode of detection might be pointed out and authd rized. GEORGE WALTON. Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen, I have learned a lefTon in captivity. - The enemy keep no terms with thofe they ftile rebels ; let us prenf by the the LanJ C2U the har, VeHie many raortarj 95 pieces of heavy artillery, by which they have frequently greatly retarded the Spanifh operations That it is i'carcely poffible that the northern maritime powers fhould not - be involved in the prefent warThat Col. Archibald Campbell was to be appoined Governor of Jamaici, in the place of Goveihor Dalling, who was to be recalled, and wasiifb to have a regiment of two battalions, to be r - ifed for thederence of th2t ilbnd. The trne ftate of frelandj ertracd from a late London paper. T.e m a nu failures dmril at a ftsnd the Plebeians ftarytng thf tenants urablc to pay their rents the demands on th Treifury excJing its receipt by two thirds at leaft the, ir.en of proppity at the henil of an illegal army of near 3$,esc men, repubrly difci - pTined their petition for a free trade the only hope of comfort and if rejected, the ccnfcqu:nc( A Ktfolution of the lioiife of Lords. Die J wis t C3. 14, 1779. Rf solved, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal In Parliament afTembled, That the thanks of this Houfe he given to the different Vo'untter Corps in t!.i? kingdom for thrir fpirited (and at this time nectfary) exertions in its defence. PHltADELPHI A, March 9. . The prize floop Two Brothers, from Tortola for St. Euflatia, ?r arrived at Wilmington, fent in by the Holker, Capt. Lollar - LOTTERY - OFFICE, March 2, 1783. s - rri ti k. Manners of xr.c Lottery of th United States th? e'rwirg cf the ale to refolvr of to day until day cxample,and hold none with thofe who publicly orfecret - . , adhcr0 to the caufe of the tyrant. Artful and infidi - il acquaint the Public, That Thrd Oafs be - jan yefterday, pgr Congrefs, and will continue from finifned. Tickets may be !iar?f for a few davr; a"t th? Lottery - OiHce only, from Nine f'clork rill Twelve in the morning, and froTi Three toFivr in the cfttrnoo.n. STATE or the LOTTER Y, March 9. PRIZES DRAWN, 6 61 1000 dollars. 503 in the W KEEL S. 30,006 dolls:?. JO,Ooo 15 o?o 10,000 5000 1000 500 .40 PAUL FOOKS, Check Cleric. N. B, The Adventurers msy he informed of the fate' of their Tickets by applying to th? Che.k Clerk, morning and evening at the Lottery - Onice. TO Of 334 of R E M A I N 1 1 1 2 "to 990 of of cf of of Of of of - to - - - ." . ey are, let us be no longer impofed upon, but ax a a , . . r put riifaffeaion out of countenance. For the effectuallv put riifaffection out of countenance. For the attainment of the great object of the war our citizen have bled freely, aud facrificed every eafe and comfort. Your enemies conffs them to have been brave, and to have contended for thsir country like freemen ; end we know, that all our council have been uniformly leading to prefent f - ifetyand permanent independency. Hitherto fuf twined by your own virtue, there is no doubt but that, fa your prefent dill reffet, Congrefs will fupport you. Let us not, therefore, difpsr j butchearfuJly bear every prefent ill, rather than admit an idea of a partial accom - medation with the enemy. Real fervices from our illuf - trious and mofl friendly ally, are complete proofs of tke finteriry of his intentions 5 and the junction of Spain and Sweden in the war are new pillars to the independency of America, which no earthly powers, io my judgment, can fkake. Pkiladilphia, Merck C9 178. FORTY DOLLARS REWARD. STRAYED lilt week, frorh the fubfcriJjcr in Third ret, near St. Paul Church, a fmall blck COW, with a brown back, about 3 vear oi.i, the ntar ear half cropped, and th: other wholly cropped. Whoever brings her home, (hall have tne abov rc - warti, paid by JOHN EWING. - - - - is BALTIMO R E, February 19. Late Engiifti paprt, rettivad by tht way. ot Sutia, further adviret that there never was a time Cncc the g o - rious revolution, when the affairs of Britain wr in a more critical and alarming fltujf.on. Tfcat the Mini (try of that feemingly devoted country, were fuhmirting to a ncfocration for peace, under the petty influence of the Court of Turin. That 7 Deum had been fung in tke Churches cf the Diccefe of Paiis, and there were Magnificent illuminatiofis in the palace and city of Vrfailles; on aceount of the fucce&s of the Count D'EAaing in the Weft - Indies That the toaft of the day in thecabi - Bit of Virtellti, about tht laft of October, was a continuance of the prefent Englilh MiniteI,, That one London merchant had in the i fland of G. enada, when it was taken by the French, no Itfs a property than 1 50,0001. That the annual product of Dminicj, Grenada and St. Vincents will make a lum of 1,096,000!. fterling That the records of hiftory cannot mew an instance of greater intrepidity, or of more pel feet discipline, - than the Americans difplaycd in their attack on Stoney - Paini - That the London Gazette gives a melancholy pictere of cOnqutring America I To perlevere, therefore, furely is madnefs : and if it is further profecuted, the Motto may well be applied to the Britifn Minifterf, 0 Qvos Dtas wult ptrdert, priuj dtOtntat "That the Prince of Wales being st Ceurt, and in. convention with the Archb - fhop of Canterbury his Highnefs took occafian to afk his Grace of what country Paul Jones was Sir, (replied the Arcbbidiop) by his firnamc he fhould be a Welfhman, and by his Chriftian name a Saint, but by his actions, the very Devil himfelf" - That Governor Johnftorie was" getting his fquadron lea - dy for the L:.(bon ttation, to cruize for prists, to iicreaft his fortune, but riot to die in the laft Ditch" That when Paul Jones appeared on the 'Change of Ainftcrdam (tho there is not a lefs attentive body of people in the world, than a colltction of Dutch merchant!) all bufi - ntft feeraed for a while fufpended, in order to gaze at and follow him. Ht was d relied in a blue frock coat, metal buttons, white cloth waiftcoat and breeches, with abioadfword under his arm. When be quitted the' Change, thecrond followed him to his lodgings, hut - zaing him all the way That the diftance (when the laft accounts came away) from the Spanifh intrs ntbments to Gibraltar, wasonlr about 510 fathoms That from f Whom thz Deity abandons, ht hrtt infatuates. Vbtladelphka y lAarch 7, 17X0. To be SOLD at Public AuSlicm, On Saturday the i8th inftnt, at Twelve o'clock, at the C - rTr - houfe, . A VALUABLE PLANTATION fituate in Greenwich townfh p, GIoucier county, W?ff New Jerfcy, containing one hundred and eitven sores of excellent land, on which are a gr od dwelling. houfe and a young bearing orchard, about h ur a? res pt cleared meadow and a cnfiderable quantity morfrmar be made, about twenty - ces of the upland cleared and under good fences the land w - H timbered with ork rnd pine fit for fa wing, fome cedar farnp, 2nd an excrllit tfreani of water running nsar the liou . This piace will probably hecoms very valuable, a Giafs - houfe having been lately erected within a mile of it. It is convenient to feveral faw and grift mills, and within about fix miles of z good landing on Mantua Crck. The above traa is cltar of all incumbrances, and binds on land of John JelTops, Berjamin Lodge and Jacob Parks. The terms will be made known on the dav of fal. WILLIAM BROWN, Auctioneer. To be SOLD very cheap, AVERY large biy HORSE, five yers oio, juft broke to the fadv lej he is found, and if pronely taken care of will be extremely valuable ; t' e price only Five Thoufand Dollars. No perfon cz d ajaply who will riot give the mouey. To be feen at the C ontinental Stables in this city. Enquire for the owner of the Printer. T O B E S O L D, fWO trtcf t of LAND lying contiguous to ech other, containing five thoufand acres acb, on the main branch ef Delaware River, in th State of New - York. The foil is good and well watered, 2nd the river navigable for flats in th fpring and fall ttfpfcifadelptia. Continental Money or Loan - Office Certifi ates Tfill be taken in payment. Enquire of the Printer. ' - - - ' . - Pttladeptia, Marei.6, i7g0. A LL perfons indebted to the cflate of zabeth Keates, deceafed, cn bond, note or book debt, are hereby defired to ni?ke payment tn or before the ixth of April, to prevent further trouble And all perfons having any drmands on or a?airft the faid eftate, are reqnefted to bring in thfir amounts, properly proved, to iht fubferiber, at Mr. Bernard's itf Third - ftreet, near the Dock. MICHAEL LEONARD, Adniniftraton

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  1. The Pennsylvania Packet,
  2. 09 Mar 1780, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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