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Dr. Coon - Insvsrs For the College Dr. Clokey Says the...
Insvsrs For the College Dr. Clokey Says the Board of Safety's Charge Is All Bosh. Everything Was Done For Satan Smith, Colored, lhatv "I Could Be. After She Was Sent Away She Was Visited Eegalirly By ' the School's Physicians. DENIED IN DETAIL lr. Allison CTokey. Eogistrar of tho boutbwestern Homeopathic College, was seen by a reporter for the Courier-Journal yesterday, and asked if he would make a statement in answer to the charge made by Mr. Charles Wilson, ot the Hoard of Public Safety, that Susan Smith, colored, was neglected by the college. Dr. Clokcy said: Yes, so much unfavorable and unjueS comment has recently been made in regard to the treatment by our etatt of Susan Smith, that 1 feel called upon to oner an explanation. The lads In the case have been garbled and distorted beyond recognition by officious persons, and altogether a mountain made out of a mole hill by those who know absolutely nothing about the ease. The facts in the case are these : When tbe patient applied for treatment she was examined by Ut. (I. 1). Coon and several members of our 1 acuity, axuT tuberculosis of the ankle Joint diagnosed with slight involvement of the lungs. The foot and leg were swollen to three times their natural size, and reeking with tilth and pus. Dangerous symptoms of blood poisoning were manifest and immediate amputation was advised. To this the patient positively refused to consent, and as a last resort the next beet procedure was adopted. Tbe ankle Joint was hud open by Dr. Coon, at id as much of the diseased bone and soft tissue was removed as possible. This as every one who saw the patient can testify, relieved the paia and agony. When tbe patient was admitted she and hVr 1 fiends who came with her were distinctly given to understand that we eould provide for her in ourxhospital for only a few days, as our capacity was limited, and that as soon as she eould be moved her friends wo aid have to take care of- her, but that one ot our eurgeomt would be at her disposal wherever she might be. "fcfoe was. then, removed not upon the day operated upon, as stated by the papers, but more than two weeia afterward. The failure of the patient to improve only etnpha&ired the importance of amputation, but after two weeks' stay in our hospital she as stubbornly refused to consent to it as before. We eould then do nothing further tor the case, and she was simply living at our hospital at constant expense to n and giving ius no end ft trouble. Slo was nithy beyond belief, and ruined every article of clothing and bedduig that was used about her. Other patients nnnid not stav in the same room with her. and we consequently had to give oer a room targe euuugu iw . herself. When we loid her friends that we could keep her no lonjrer because she would allow us to do nothing further for her, they refused to take her. Then it was that we tried to send her to the City Hospital. Uefote taking any. steps in the matter we consulted ono of tue City Hospital staff, land acted only upon his suggestion. , , , "After the patient was refused at the r.itv ll.Mnital kite was taken back to our institution, when we called a-coupe and took her to tier irtenos, uuuxuuk that they keep her, and paying theui tnr tslrinor care of her. she was visited regularly by those connected with our school, and tier ioot carei.uaijr attended to. , ... - n- ia. .i.inmoiit made and stcnea by the woman's cousin, which should exonerate us from any blame in the premises and quiet all unjust wiuunu. This statement was mad; before the necessity for its use arose. It is as follows: This certifies that Susan Smith had every care and attention at the Homeopathic Hospital while under its charge. When admitted she was to remain only two days, but instead was kept three weeks. I believe that everything- was done thaX could have been done to relieve her suffer-lug and to Proloher hfe. HAMpTOX In the faoe of the iacts in ti case the Board of Publio Safety's charge of inhumanity beeomf absurd and nine-tentlis of all they have said proves to be absolute bosh. Our sthooU our hospital and our methods are open lor inspection to all and at all times. Since our hospital wa opened; two years ago we have treated a great variety of surgical cases and Susan mith is the only one of all our patients who has died and tlie need not have died had me consented to proper treatment. Whatever reason Dr. Barbour may have had for refuting admittance to tlie woman, it never for a moment occurred to ns that it was discrimination on his part against our school. - i trust the persifctenee with which the case ha been discussed and magnified by others will serve as an apology for my having presented our "ido of this matter."

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 10 Dec 1894, Mon,
  3. Page 6

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