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ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. MONDAY. OCTOBER 10. 1910. 15 HOLY NAME DEHONSTRATION MAKES RELIGIOUS HISTORY, 12,000 MARCHING IN PARADE Catholic Pastors Themselves Surprised at Anti-immorality Anti-immorality Anti-immorality Movement's Impressive Showing and at Public Interest. SOCIALISM DENOUNCED BY SPEAKERS Twelve thousand men marched through the heart of Rochester, yesterday, carrying carrying the blue and white Insignia nf the Holy Name Soctejy, an organized movement movement against immorality of all s.irt,-and s.irt,-and s.irt,-and massed la the orphan asylum grounds at Gentses street and West avenue avenue to listen to remarkable speeches by a distinguished Catholic prelate and a Supreme Court justice, in which obodi-ent- obodi-ent- obodi-ent- obodi-ent- to constituted authority to ex. hnrted and a protect voiced in behalf of millions of American Catholics against every tendency to anarchy. The procession was an amazing religion religion demonstration, possibly the greatest greatest of Its kind in the history of Koch- Koch- ester. Subdivided according to parishes and with their pastor leading, the great body of nien marched eight abreast. They are all communicants and active ' adult members of the faith. There were no old or decrepit men in line and the parade moved at a good pace, yet it required required one hour and twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five minutes for the great body to pass a given point, the time being taken both in Main street i west and West avenue. Flags and Parish Banners. Every division had its American flag, carried alongside the banner of the parish parish branch of the order. Every art, profession profession and trade in the Flower City was represented and well represented in the orderly multitude. Many non-Catholics non-Catholics non-Catholics non-Catholics afked permission to march, through sympathy with the object and work of the Holy Nair.e Society, hut these requests requests were uniformly refused. The priests themselves could not give accurate accurate figures of the numerical size of the procession and were frankly eur- eur- ' prised as well as pleased by the extraordinary extraordinary turnout Twelve thousand is a conservative estimate estimate of the number in line and It is no exaggeration that 50,000 people looked on. From the start of the parade at Main and Scio streets, nt 3 o'clock, until It turned into Genesee street, the marchers passed between solid walls of people, even the side streets being crowd- crowd- u wnu uuitji 'eie. Two Bishops Receive Host. Bishop T. F. Hickey, of the Rochester Tiocese, and Bishop Benjamin F. Kieley, , of Savannah, Ga., awaited the coming of the parade in a stand adorned with the national and papal colors in front of St. Mary's asylum. They wore the purple purple berettas of their ecclesiastical rank. 'Hie two bishops, representing extremes of the United State that were locked in deadly fratricidal struggle half a century century ago, were Impressed by the splen-Jid splen-Jid splen-Jid appearance of the well dressed, clean-rut clean-rut clean-rut Americans who passed before them In thousands and the Southern prelate was emphatic in appreciation of the dent, onstrarlon. On the garden lawn In the rer of St. Mary's had been erected a temporary iltar Rnd a platform, each decorated with the American and papal color Immediately Immediately back of the temporary taber nacle on the altar waa the Stars and Stripes. As each division turned into Genesee itreet and around into the St. Fatrlck'a Orphan Asylum grounds In Clonton street, the priests dropped out at the Genesee street gate and grouped Va front aud to the right of the altar. The marching masses of men, with fifteen bands of mueic distributed along the line, formed in solid battalions In front of the altar and in the adjacent asylum playground! playground! Forest of Men About Platform. From the platform the sight was one to affect the Imagination. The front row of Holy Name members wan conspicuous with worshippers of the Cathedral par-ihh, par-ihh, par-ihh, and faces known in the artistic, social social and commercial life of the city were frequent in that line. Back of them and to the right stretched a forest of men, the mass bright with the blue and white cf the order and the banners of the divisions. divisions. There wm not a suspicion, of disorder in that great gathering and the blue-coated blue-coated blue-coated policemen had an easy task In keeping the pathway clear. When the two bishops Rnd Supreme Court Justice Peter Heudrick, of New-York, New-York, New-York, ascended the platform, the Par Hand with Musical Director Bonn, of the Catholic High School, temporarily In charge, played "Sweet N-me N-me N-me YY hlch Makes the Iyin Live." ,he dience, now swollen by thousands of spectators not members of the Holy Name Society, singing the hymn. Bishop Hickey was met with a Tolley of applause applause as he rose to greet the gather ing. With congratulatory allusions to the magnificent showing of faith implied bv the demonstration, he introduced Bishop Kielev, as an eminent member of the Catholic hierarchy wtio nan ira.eiru 'hundreds of miles to join in the great testimonial. In the courso of his remarks Bishop Kieley said: "T- "T- what is due inequality in the distribution of wealth? Is it not a reeessnry, an inevitable sequence ot the cf men? Our condition Impels us to a varying condition and characteristics desire for acquiring. It Is s consequence consequence of our very existence. "I know that an imported remedy is making headway in some quarters. Socialism Socialism claim to iave the remedy. This great evil lias not yet found a footing in my part of the I'nited States, but mf " ' (Ik I o FRANK i. 8CHWAI.B, Marshal ot pande at Half Name Societies. their teaching leads to a deuinl of the future life. Thought not all Socialists are Anarchists, Anarchists, yet tiie latter are generally prominent prominent in all socialistic Situation. Many persons have triifd to persuade themselves themselves that socialism aud Branchy can find no place in free America. The 'Haymarket of Chicago, the plots at Tat-ersoii Tat-ersoii Tat-ersoii and the murder-Inciting murder-Inciting murder-Inciting ravings of Mr. iMost in New York prove the contrary. We have under our Constitution Constitution aud laws every freedom which an honest man may desire aud every protection protection which an honest man needs. "Let ns, faitliful to Catholic tradition and Catholic teaching, support and defend defend now, always and everywhere the Constitution of our country and the laws made in pursuance, thereof. In His name Who gave us the truths which make us free, lot n resolve here and now to be always law-abiding law-abiding law-abiding citizens ot the great republic. " For Constitutional Authority. ' Justice Hendrlck was introduced as a layman eminent in his profession and his church. He said, in part: "The physical presence of Catholic citlieug at a great meeting like this emphasize emphasize more than can words the fact of the existence of millions of Catholic Americans., who stand for constitutional authority and against socialism, anarchy Industrial Exposition in Full Swing with Pittsburg Players in Daily Concerts Festival Orchestra to Be Attraction at Convention Convention Hall All This Week-Parades. Week-Parades. Week-Parades. Rcchester's third Industrial Exposition will be In full swing to-day, to-day, to-day, having been opened to' the public officially Saturday. The exhibits are In place and all is In readiness for the crowds expected after-nooua after-nooua after-nooua and evenings during the cotuiuf two weeks. The chief days of interest will be the Volunteer Firemen's I'ay, to-morrow, to-morrow, to-morrow, with parade of fire companies from towns of Western New York, and the Exempts of Rochester; Columbus I'ay, Wednesday; Rochester Pay with industrial industrial float parade, October 18th, snd the annual Inspection and parade of the Police Police and Fire Pcpartments, October 20th. The Illumination of the streets and approaches to Convention Hall will be a feature each flight. The musical attraction all this week will be the Pittsburg Festival Orcehetra, composes! of highly trained Instrumentalists Instrumentalists under the direction of Carl Bern-thaler, Bern-thaler, Bern-thaler, who is also the piano accompanist. accompanist. He will bring with him forty of the musicians of the Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra., nd a quartette of vocalists of high standing. Agnes Kimball Is the soprano soloist In the quartette. She is said to possess a dramatic soprano voice of wide rangn in which there is both sweetness and power. Nevada Van der Veer (Mrs. Reed Miller) Is the contralto soloist. She was born In this state and has studied with the best masters in New York, Boston Boston snd abroad. She has been with the New Y'ork Oratorio Society under Fraurf Pamroseh and has also been on concert concert tour with the New Y'ork Symphony Orchestra and Walter Pamrosch. Reed Miller, the tenor soloist, Is said to have a voice of resonance and pure quality, Frank Croxton, bass oloir;"hj appeared with every orchestra of note In the Tinted States.- States.- He is said to be at his best In oratorio muele, with the and any tendency to rupture the family tie on which the community Is founded; Catholic citueas, who believe In just relations relations between laboring man and employer. employer. Tbey constitute a mighty fori en which their fellow citlsecs may rely for heiy in tightin present dangers as they did thaws ot the past. "Whether descendiints of tile PU grims of the North, or the Cavaliers of the South, there cannot be found 10,000 citi2fiii more loyal to the republic, more warmly cherishing its institutions, or who would more freely lay down their liiej for its maintenance than the great body of men jio marched to-day to-day to-day in the Holy Name of Jesus. "Our non-Catholic non-Catholic non-Catholic friends must re member that ar Catholic queen pawned her Jen els to finance the expedition, commanded by a Catholic knight, that discovered America; that the first whites wlio set foot in the Western World knelt, in a little West Indian island, before a crucifix held by a priest and dedicated the New World to civilhtation. Let tiiem remember that the Catholia colony of Maryland first proclaimed the iiow cardinal principle of rjl".sions free dom and that the Catholic Governor Dongan was the first to advocate it In our on New York. Reinem-ber Reinem-ber Reinem-ber the Carrolls and others of the Revolution and the Catholics who bore so large a part in the Ciwil -war. -war. "The evils Americans contend with to day are more insidious. There is the principle of socialism, on whhji the Htshop has talked plainly and strongly. Scarcely less dangerous is the evil of divorce, threatening the very foundation foundation of the American family, and the Catholic church is the great bulwark of the American home to-day to-day to-day against that evil, in the opinion of conservative citi-icus. citi-icus. citi-icus. j ' Protest Against Anarchy. "When a great anarchistic procession paraded the streets of New York with the red flag in front, openly demanding the destruction of organized government just as socialism champions the proposi tion of destruction of private ownership of property, there was apprehension throughout the country, but 80,000 loyal Catholic citizens, e.tch carrying the flag of the Cnited States, inarched in a counter counter procession xf protest." Bishop Hickey closed the speaking with au admonition to his hearers to exemplify exemplify in their daily lives the principles principles is which they had professed belief belief by their demonstration. The benediction benediction of the most blessed sacrament was given from the temporary altar by Bishop Hickey, assisted by Vicar General General D. J. Curran and Father M. J. Hargarther, the people giving the response, response, and singing "(1 Salutarls Hcuitia," led by the Park Band. It waa long after t o'clock when the great srowd dispersed, the demonstration having passed off -without -without an untoward Incident, even the weather conditions being being remarkably favorable for the season. season. A greater demonstration is promised for 1D11 and the parade of the Holy Name Society may be considered among the annual events of the Rochester Diocese Diocese for the future. Clasa Elects Officers. On Friday evening the Mlrllng Class of the Second Baptist Sunday-school Sunday-school Sunday-school held a business meeting and eoetaj at the home of the Misses Line, No. R2 I.yndhurst street. The following emcere we elected for rba coming year- year- President. Ornce Une; vice-president, vice-president, vice-president, Dental) Forschler; treasurer, Tjsiira VVIlmarth. and secretary. Edna Pop-plewell. Pop-plewell. Pop-plewell. Chatrnwn end several assistants of different committee were appointed. RefMhnieuts weru served. NtYUlA IAS lEtl t KKR, t'ontnklte lalulrt with PRUburf Festival OrcbMtr. of the stores in the towntown district, and while tliey expressed themselves as pleased with the reponse from manufacturers manufacturers and merchants they considered there was room fur a more complete representation. representation. This committee consists of E S. Osborne, : !' j"V - ' vv ' A "f r I I 4 1 I vi 3- 3- h EXTRAVAGANCE A SIN OF THE AGE Rev. F. F. Fry Preaches on This Theme. IS SEEN EVEN AT FUNERALS Pastor of Church of Reformation Points Out Various Forms ol Extravagance Say It Marks Weddings and Commen Speech Rev. Franklin F. Fry, of the Lutheran Church of the Reformation, preached last night on "The Folly of Extrava gance," the sermon being the first in a series of "Straight Sermons," the ptor announced. The test was Matt, v, 37: "Let your communication be yea, yea; nay, nay; for whatsoever is more than this cometh of evil. 'Extravagance Is going hevond the limit, wandering beyond the bounds," said Mr. Fry. "It Is certainly one of tbe follies and sins of the sge. Extravagance In drees who has not seen It' EirraTacance in living, to pleasure. In taste; then, also. extravagance In the we of words. Who can tell wht a river of crtme and "sorrow has llon-ed llon-ed llon-ed from this fountain! Living beyond beyond onr means, purchasing what we -can-not -can-not -can-not -can-not afford, trying to keep op la appearances. appearances. Indulging In the superlative what foolish notions of life are these' Extravagance in Speech. "In conversation we are not alwars safe. Isfled to speak the exact truth. Telling thlnirs as they are si tamo, snd we tire of the tame. We want the unusual, the thrilling, the extraordinary, so we overdraw overdraw and highly color. In these days people people have fallen Into the habit of using adjectives adjectives twice as large aa thev should use, and we aye supposed to make allowance. allowance. In older times the hemes were portrayed portrayed as giants. The hora of Rolnnd could be henrd for sixty miles. What ex rravagatit speech! This einsrgcrntion be comes a habit la our-speaking our-speaking our-speaking and writing writing i ne same ming is noticenme In onr extrsvsfcsnt waste of words. A choice word Is a choice rein, a nreclous Jewel. Such words as glorious, sublime, adorable, majestic, awfifl should be used snarlmrtv. As a rale, people who tslt extrnvajruntly have either Impoverished thoueht or a serint vocabulary. Thev try to rnnke np tn quantity what they lack In quality. How much that yon rend or hear Is absolutely reliable? You are always, unconsciously perhaps, making allowance. The world says, 'TV-ln 'TV-ln 'TV-ln your point; If facts will not win It, color them" But this wll Iwork disaster. Truth capital coin to the con-monwealth. con-monwealth. con-monwealth. It .uould never be despised. Nothing Eternal but Trulh. "FTe whO'Wuuld be convincing must be iwajs true and nothing Is wm-ta wm-ta wm-ta speaklns but the truth. Nothing nays but the irti. Nothing Is eternal hut trulh. Ti, heart cries out, 'Tell us truth, nothing but ..ruu. e need a revival of the lm i-a i-a i-a uu out.' it is tn tmportaut. mji'icnnov paying "Why not meet each othw m . of perfect sympathy? Loo at Wlr sm., lifAl Vi s - V . " ""j iwwiiuis epeota-ntar epeota-ntar epeota-ntar AAV try to huld the center nf the stage. Ave a, .-...., .-...., .-...., luo ,, e,mpie way for a glitter and glamor which is hurtm ,,. i.,vi.,, , sorrow we are often extravagant. AVe turn aemm itself into a display. AVhat with expensive, expensive, (lowers, 'caskets, carnages, Dresses and an expensive burial plot; death Is becoming becoming a eeriest drain on the poor man. "Is not the same true of wtsldlnjs in high life? From the hour the engagement is announced uutll vowt are etchnnged everything Is so theatrical The bride la aven all kinds of showent. Tli 'social events are ,trarnK.mt. The relltienx meaning of the marriage covenunt Is nl most entirety lust to sight. Ixive and tmat ought to be the dominant notes when two young hearts are drawD tocotlwr, made one. Marrtsire ties nude to be talked about will soma day be seriously regred-ted." regred-ted." regred-ted." USES HIS TEETH IN FIGHT State Street StorekeeperArrested on Charge of Second-degree Second-degree Second-degree Assault. Mlcneie Maloraul, 20 years old, who has a store at No. B42 Ktato street, was arrested Jestcrday niorulug fur having bitten the lower lip of Carlo Fldaiuo. He was locked up at hoadu'iarteis on tlie ch4rge of assault li the sefotui i-tree. i-tree. i-tree. Kllaiuo's Hp was uot badUy msngled. The two nieu quarreled over a matter of AO that the storekeeper had been given to keep for anothur man. The latter, 111 and alKint to gu to a hospital for treatment, railed at tho store and sed for the UK.iiey. iUioranl trltd to delay tlu pay meut. K.C.anz.i was In Uie store and urged the storekeeper to give the man the monev that belonged to hlit. INIaloraul did n t relish Hdai.io's Interference and told hlin Furthermore, he onlored Fldanto to get out of the store and never t center It uln. lie started lo push Flduuzo out of the pisie. and in the fight that followed t'lilauzo Hut MlLen. Sergeant Jlcheou and I'atroiinaa Bpaha mu relied both uieu to headquarters, where Detective Elliott truighteuI out the mat. Ur. THREE BRUISED IN COLLISION Cars Come Together in Parsells Avenue and Are Damaged, As a result of a rear-end rear-end rear-end collision of two cars In I'arselia avenue, uear Itat go atri-et, atri-et, atri-et, yesterday afternoon, three pas enters in ous car were slighlly injured and the veunbules of both cars were damaged. The cars, Xos. 4!0 and 3."9, were east-bouuii east-bouuii east-bouuii and were running at a fair rate of speed. Csr No. struck the other car with sufficient force to knock down The Greatest of Rug Sales One trpek ago to-dar to-dar to-dar vre pave public notice of a clearance sale of Oriental Ruga. TTe spoke of it as the most important sale of the kind that had ever taken place in this city. Our advertisement specified particularly three hundred and seventy-two seventy-two seventy-two pieces, the 6izes varying from a small mat t extra lar?;e carpets. Former prices and the tremendously reduced sale figures were given side by side. t These indicated in most instances a reduction BELOTV ACTUAL COST, in many cases HALF REGULAR REGULAR FRICES and in sorc even less. We looked for an immediate and remarkable response tp these unprecedented offerings, and we were not disappointed. The spar cions, sun-lighted sun-lighted sun-lighted and well-appointed well-appointed well-appointed Oriental rug room on the fifth floor of our building building wag visited by scores of people daring the week, all of them interested and more than satisfied with the inducements offered, as was proven by the fact that in the majority majority of cases selections were not limited to one or two rugs, but full advantage was taken of the opportunity to anticipate future wants and to buy for holiday gifts. And it was plainly evident that low prices were not the only attraction from the many remarks remarks heard relative to the beauty and character of the rugs themselves. . All who bought have good reason for self-congratulation. self-congratulation. self-congratulation. , , , Our advertised list, however, did not include the entire number of marked-down marked-down marked-down rugs, and among those not so included wa3 the large 'collection displayed in our street show windows. These display rugs have since been removed to the rag department department and will go on sale to-day. to-day. to-day. Parties who were prevented from attending last week because of the rain or from other causes still have'' the privilege of choosing at clearance sale prices from a fine assortment which embraces practically all size3 and kinds. TVe would urge th'era to bring memorandum of size,s required thus facilitating facilitating the making of suitable selections and obviating the necessity of requesting rugs to be sent out on approval. HOWE WHEATLAND DUKE MAY BE SENATOR Leaders Said to FJan to Nominat Page. TO CAPTURE RURAL VOTES William C. Page Has Brilliant Record Record at Supporter ol David B. Hill and as Party PaeiJlcator in Troublous Times tn lha Fast Demoeriiu of tbe Forty-sixth Forty-sixth Forty-sixth fceuutu DUtrkt Imve a jlethora of candidates for state senator tikis year and nlreudj there are heartburnings aud Bora spots among the would-be would-be would-be rearers ot th ten-tttorial ten-tttorial ten-tttorial toga. For u lime tine Held y'us left to Frederick l. Lanik. but within tho past wik thorn ban been a riwii to gut into line for this ulaoe. Tli luMH-rulic luMH-rulic luMH-rulic leader bUcv tiny hava a cluim-e cluim-e cluim-e to win out tliis fall and, lis Tauunimy 111, art not likely to put a iihui ou the thket rniU-M rniU-M rniU-M he Tim been triod out in battlwi at the yrtaari aud polU. It is said that Willmm K.. t Hgp, mie-timw mie-timw mie-timw eulM the luk of Wheatland, is most like! to carry off the doitbtful honor of receiving th nomination, and from the viewpoint of nervKe tin? nelec- nelec- tiou would he a (food one, for ttai not Mr. Page the Kr:ind pamticamr of the warring Democracy of Monro county an! diil he not unite the factions into one co intact hand of tighter: lie waa a boNoiu fried ef David H. Hill, o of mursehis brand of Deinocrw-)' Deinocrw-)' Deinocrw-)' i of the hitfhent yrade. Mi. I'hzh hn alwwra been -liie -liie in pnrty work ami hnn not permitted him- him- mdf to Tie male a -audllte -audllte for piiblio ofhVe. Thnt Is, he hsrdly ever did. In on tiniriinrded moment, two yeir iro, he thought he was a candidate for eeretnrv of etnte. P.ut an rulioly mm- mm- hination tetween f'lmrlei F. iMnrphr. W. 3. Conner, of .Bnffnlo, and John S. Whnlen diielled the idea, in Jig time. He Tina nerved na enpervls-or enpervls-or enpervls-or of W heat- heat- l.md, but that do4sn't count. "Mi. Page ha -very -very frennentlr nrged Democrita to a"-ept a"-ept a"-ept nomination for public public othi-e othi-e othi-e In the Intereat of the party, but hn.a ear-fullv ear-fullv ear-fullv avoided e ttin Into the polifteal limclisht. f"r four of miriaaN. TMn year It i naid that the leailem will tnalat thnt Mr. P.iie beenme the cwndi- cwndi- dute f.ir fetintor and lead the PemoersoT HOWE & ROGERS CO. ROGERS CO, 82-84 82-84 82-84 STATE STREET and hi reward ought to be forthcoming. The only fly In the ointment U the fact that some of. Mr. Page' clone friends believe tluit his business Inter ems and his Mmuford farm reijitira- reijitira- all his attention aud that 5ie would not ba able to go to Albany In the event that he was elected. Hut Mr. Fuse may be brought to listen to reason, and in this ens youug -Mr. -Mr. Lamb urny ov to retire retire gracefully. The newT that Mr. Tug,, is gerkmily considered for the nomination i not pleasing to John Pullw Jr ii. tterling, a.nd orlier Wurdv Democrat! axnin. but it ia likely that thev will have to grin and bear. Class Officers at Institute. The senior duases 0f the Mechanics institute, numbering about 120 -'"dents -'"dents have formed an organisation and eU-oted eU-oted eU-oted these officers; President, John E. Carroll, Oawego; rlee-prtMydaBt, rlee-prtMydaBt, rlee-prtMydaBt, MIm Mamie M Miller. Krle Fa., ,tOTMlry( MUl, Edl(h U Nmith t.eneva; treasurer, Clarence f'rofoot . Little Fall.. Th. normal claS Vi household arts and science, iyi3, has chosen the following class offle.rs: Preni-'1-nt, Preni-'1-nt, Preni-'1-nt, Preni-'1-nt, Preni-'1-nt, Mis Emily U. Packard, tnrgls. Mich. vice-president, vice-president, vice-president, Miss Marion MinUe. Hochealer; ecrtarv. Mis Mildred K. Smith. Klmira; t'iasurer, Miss France, E. Eggers, Dunkirk, SERVICES AT GRACE METHODIST Men'g League Conducts Them. Meeting and Social To-night. To-night. To-night. The service, last evening at Grace Methodist Episcopal Church were held under the direction of the Men's League. The speaker, 8. Grant Ahriel, secretary of the Street Railway Y. M. C. A., discussed discussed "ConsKvratod Service," and the audience seemed Impressed. The Men'a League will hold a re gqlsr business meeting to-night to-night to-night at 7.45 o'clock, following which there is to be a aocial hour. Tbe entertainers are Henry .1. Milage!, basao. and Mrs. Her'h Eld-ridne, Eld-ridne, Eld-ridne, a well known reader. The women nr invited. TOLD IN A WORD OR TWO. Tn Monroe Bapt!t Aestt-tattoo Aestt-tattoo Aestt-tattoo will meet at Ovtvsry Baptist Oburca Thurslay mid Friiley of tills week, 'ibero w!U t three session ea- ea- h day. Rev. Samuel .McBrMo. D. p., of 'w Tmk, a Scotcb Irlali presdier. will beein a series ot evangsllstle servl-n servl-n servl-n at tuhury E.ipilat Chunh nevt Suuday. The Fifth and Sevsuteemh Wards tv. C. T. V. will hoil a fcnainssa meeting t tbe hwe of .Mrs. IS. 3. Thontfon, H5 Bever- Bever- y street, lo-aiurrvw lo-aiurrvw lo-aiurrvw afieruouo at 3 o'J'.n:k, A ftualcess Bieeili.g of the Mnth and TVntb WahU W. C. T. L". wsll be held at Oriental Boar of Contract Meeting. At the jneif of the Board of Contract Contract and Supply Wednesday morning bids will be opened for B.OOO feet of eight-conductor eight-conductor eight-conductor armored cable for the flre-alartti flre-alartti flre-alartti telegraph aystem, and for one twenty-four-ltich twenty-four-ltich twenty-four-ltich twenty-four-ltich twenty-four-ltich and one thlrtynix-inch thlrtynix-inch thlrtynix-inch Venturi meter. The board will also open bid for grading of (irafton street and Kenning alley, and for Hovey street cement walks. , Goes Alter Convention. Kidney II. Lewis, convention secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, left Saturday Saturday eveuiug for Richmond, Va., where he will attend the convention of the Hailway Signal Association and the National National Association of Lanndrymen, In aa effort to bring their ll'l 1 meetings to this city. Cocoa Mats. Rubber Mats, Steel mats, leather mats, rop and metal mala for outside use. all sizes. Howe 4 Hogers Co. Careful larestors. People who have moderste sums to invest usually look for something iiLteal estate that will assure thetu a good te-tura te-tura te-tura on their money. Several mea aud women, wlih this object lu view, linve Inspecti-d Inspecti-d Inspecti-d Farkdale terrace, aud selected lots ns site for their homes. And one of their chief reason for buying n this tract Is the promise of great increase in values. It looks as though Taiue la this "desirable community must surely double in the tn:a fiv years. Look over the lots to-day. to-day. to-day. ' Take Lake avenue car. Protection to Business Men. The recent attempts to foo!d'ip employees employees Intrusted wlih pay-roll pay-roll pay-roll funds have aroused several leading busiaews men to take extra precautions. AVe hare arranged to send cab and driver on day par funds are to be drawn to take employee employee from office tn lank and r-'turn. r-'turn. r-'turn. Tli security is positive; the harge nominal. nominal. Zimbnch's Taiicab Service. 'Phones 9 Mattresses to Order. New kinds, mle by new and modern method. Price rery reasonable. Inspection Inspection Invited. Howe & Hoser Co. Notice to Contractors. Rssdvirtlismsnt fsr lids lor tmptoy' ijildlnj (or Nsw Tort State Hospital fsr Inolplsnt Tuksreul), Biyhroot, K. T. All 4)rnpoels .received on September 2.?. Iftto, h.iinic t.en r-ie.-fcd. r-ie.-fcd. r-ie.-fcd. r-ie.-fcd. r-ie.-fcd. eu;eJ proposs for emnloyees' building, based on revWed drawiiu snu a.e.-tlU'!4iioL. a.e.-tlU'!4iioL. a.e.-tlU'!4iioL. for 4ne entire

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