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 - Sunday, November 25, 1956 THE Home of Tomorrow...
Sunday, November 25, 1956 THE Home of Tomorrow Most Scientists Expect Electronic Devices to Enrich Human Living NEW YORK, Nov. 24 W--Step into your electronic life and home of tomorrow: Entire walls of your house glow with light, bright or dim, even in colors to suit your mood. You sleep in a bed without covers, but stay as warm or cool as you like. Youngster's muddy shoes are magically cleaned at the front door before their feet touch a rug. You live in a dust-free house, with the inside climate best adjusted for your health. Your dishes, automatically automatically washed, can be automatically automatically put away. At a football game in an open stadium you stay warm despite icy winds because of radiant he|t. you drive there and back by car without traffic tie-ups. When you're ill, an electronic doctor helps find the trouble. At office and factory and farm, your job is easier, less tedious, you work a shorter day and week. Electronic Magic These innovations promised by the seemingly magic wand of electronics. electronics. They are predictions by Each family member can be awakened at the proper hour, to his favorite music; dinner can be started automatically at a set hour; a facsimile newspaper delivered delivered 'to the breakfast table, the car warmed up in winter and the "brain" could take care of unexpected things, like melting f n ff driveway. scientists froTfTmore than a dozen leading industries and laboratories engaged in electronic research. look ahead, the these potential From their scientists see changes from harnessing electrons to the service of humans: The home: Entire walls or ceilings are panels glowing with soft, luminescent luminescent light, of any desired intensity, in colors warm or cool, gay or soothing. And silent electronic refrigerating refrigerating panels can cool or-heat This "brain" or another calculator calculator could help figure the budget, pay bills, give you answers in calculating calculating income tax. Television, Radio TV and radio: Your TV screen is like a picture frame on the wall, bringing you programs in full color from anywhere anywhere in the world. By your own TV system, you can watch the children playing in the yard, or see who's at the front door. You can tape and play back favorite TV progrjyrns, put your own home movies on your own TV set. You have a personal pocket radio about the size of a pocket watch. Health: You may add c o n t r o l l e d amounts of -negative ions, or charged atoms, to the air in your home, for research indicates this could help combat airborne allergies. allergies. Your doctor may use an automatic automatic clinician device which makes simultaneous readings of tempe'rature, heartbeat, blood pressure, and correlate them--and compare them with findings of whether prices go up or down. Electronics can help choose soil types, decide on proper field rotations rotations for the best yields. In time farms, or parts of them, be covered with plastic canopies, and weather or climate inside the canopy may be regulated for maximum control of heat, water, and defense against insects. When do some or all these things arrive? Depending on research progress, progress, cost§, and how much the public wants them. Electronics will surely bring a world where, the experts forecast you'll have more time for sports for hobbies, for culture, for travel. travel. But some e x p e r t s whether there, could be opposite human effects -- less creativity less satisfaction from work, more idleness not put to constructive use, more laziness. , It could even be possible, says one engineer, for a dictator to capture human minds electron! catty, by putting built-in radio and electronic devices into the heads of infants, controlling thei thoughts and reactions from child hood on to assure slaves. Most scientists expect electroni devices vastly to enrich huma living. rooms. Your indoor climate is con- past checkups--to help him in his diagnosis. Communications: You will see the person you're talking to by telephone--but only if you want to be seen. You can carry a little radio the size of a package of cigarettes so anyone can reach you and call you to the nearest telephone. You'll dial a telephone call to any telephone continent. Your telephone and telegraph telegraph messages will fly faster. Electronics will speed purchase of tickets for planes, railroads, theater, theater, football games, checking on reservations, delivering your reserved reserved ticket into your hands. Autos and traffic: Prevent Snarls TV and electronics can help prevent--or prevent--or untangle--traffic snarls, as well as speed safe traffic control control over airports. Some superhighways superhighways may become automatic --control towers will take over the driving, braking, acceleration of your car, and removal of disabled cars. Office and factory: High speed computers, record- trolled electronically for the desired desired temperature and humidity despite outdoor changes. Or windows windows can be opened and closed automatically. In the kitchen are a silent electronic electronic refrigerator with no moving parts, electronic ranges speedily cooking enticing foods, quick-thaw devices for frozen foods; ultrasonic ultrasonic and sterlizing dishwashers and clothes washers, even conveyor belts to put clean dishes where they belong; in the cupboard, electronically electronically controlled de-humidifying de-humidifying compartments, or crisping compartments for foods such as cookies. No Covers At night you sleep encircled by warming rays from a radio-frequency radio-frequency canopy, needing no covers, in a bed that doesn't need making in the morning. The radiant can- py folds away above the headboard. headboard. _ You You may clean house with an ing and printing machines will electrostatic wand waved over fur- take much of the routine drudg- niture to seize dust. Or have elec-lary out of everyday work. Auto- Six Stops Scheduled For Cole Bookmobile Six stops are scheduled on thre days for the Jefferson City an Cole County Libraries' Bookmobil this week. The schedule: Monday: East School, Jefferson City, 9 a.m.; Moreau Heights School, Jefferson City, 1 p.m. Tuesday: Lueckenhoff's Store, St. Thomas, 9:30 a.m.; St. School, 10:30 a.m. Thursday: Langkop's S t o Osage City, 9:30 a.m.; Taos 10:30 a.m. Kittru Is Prowler BURBANK, Calif., Nov. 24 Patrick O'Brien's urgent phone call that there was a prowler his kitchen brought four policemen to the scene. They caught one, --a kitten which had wandered through an open door. tronic precipitators which prevent dust from circulating in the first place. At the door is a special chamber which quickly cleans muddy shoes. In a special little room sits your own electronic "brain." You give it instructions the night before, 1 putting a day's program on tape. mation will boost production, cut costs, keep continuous track of inventories, start more goods flowing from the factory to fill depleted stocks. Farms: Computers can help the farmer plan his crop and livestock oper- Utions to get the best profit, f Costume Party for special Events For Book Special events to emphasize National Book Week Nov. 25 to 1 at the Jefferson City and County Libraries were outlined yesterday by Miss Dorothy Russell, Russell, librarian of the city and county libraries. This is the 38th year that Week will be observed, starting 1919 at the instigation of Franklin

Clipped from
  1. The Sunday News and Tribune,
  2. 25 Nov 1956, Sun,
  3. Page 30

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