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Lemuel's Mother's house burned

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Lemuel's Mother's house burned - it so homelike and comfortable." ANOTHER...
it so homelike and comfortable." ANOTHER nF.STnrCTIVE COFLl-UKATION COFLl-UKATION COFLl-UKATION IN PHILADELPHIA. voss Half a M U I Ion Several Injured. Firemen The city of Philadelphia was vLited on Thursday Thursday night by another most disastrous fire, involving involving a loss of about $100,000. We gather the fol-lowing fol-lowing fol-lowing particulars from the Gazette: About 1 1 o'clock fire commenced in the fourth story of Edwards' block, No. 171 Chestnut street, above Filth, opposi'e the State Honse, and continued, continued, despite the eiforts of the firemen, to spread slowly to other floors, and in a short time Involved the destruction of the entire block. The fir it fioor3 were occupied by Messrs. Saflord Si Cookman and W. H. Carry 1, curtain stores, who had .most costly and extorsive stocks. Their loss is estimated at S0,(N.O each. Mr. Carryl was insured tor ig30,iKK). Tr.e secotd, third and fourtii stories were occupied as a place ot storage for f limit uie and other articles, articles, and for the manufacture of cabinet ware, by Ceo. J. Henkf Is, who also bad an establish melt i.i the I ear, v bn;e lo:s is $,1,1 00. . Ilia stock was valued valued at $i',5,ti00, and insured for $3U,'00. One U;e-nif U;e-nif U;e-nif i.t is that the fire broke out iu the armory. Ecth the adjuining buildings, which are o"f lare siz?, caught, and bunted with a rapidity that de-i'M de-i'M de-i'M all ti e e;'i.rts of the firemen. Theroof of the '1-iige '1-iige '1-iige building on the corner of Fjfth and Chesuut f t ts, though covered with tin, caught alovg its whole length, and the si hole of this fine row of jscrs r r.jVare-ioonis r.jVare-ioonis r.jVare-ioonis seemed doomed to This building was chiefly occupied by Edward Edward L. Walker's piano ware-room, ware-room, ware-room, Lacey & Phillips' Phillips' harne r,n and sadihe manufactory, billinr l sa-' sa-' sa-' ii ons, Woist's restaurant and John G. AI-?gg's AI-?gg's AI-?gg's note. A large portion of tha st.ick of Lacey A; i'MKips was reuioved befuie the flames could i each it. 1 cur firemen were standing upon the huUdin : t tie criner of Fifth street, when the wall of the ;Iiih story of the adjoining building fell upon it, crushing them and tho roof down t-- t-- t-- the fourth-;str-ry fourth-;str-ry fourth-;str-ry fourth-;str-ry fourth-;str-ry lieor. They were all ha.Hy injurad, and one, a member of the Philadelphia Hose Company, was conveyed to the Tnited Stites Hotel with one hand burned, and his head much bruised. - His name. ,ss Jmms r. Hutitr, a merchant recovery doubtful. doubtful. The names of the others who were injured arc Mr. tVok, doorkeeper at the Walnut stroet theatre; theatre; Wm. Linburg, Thomas Peto, John Hays, Wm. (iallaghcr and J. B. Lefevre. The Old blnte House was in great danger, and ri me of the firemen directed their efforts to save the time-hotiored time-hotiored time-hotiored edifice h-m h-m h-m destruction. The fire, fdr a considerable time after it broke our, was ccnuneu to ine iouun story, and it was the ceneral impression of all who saw it that it might then have been easily extinguished. In deed, when the firemen got into service, one of the persons c.ccupying one of the lower' stories shouted shouted to them not to play upon his windows! Yet the ic vein ing element made steady progress until ail could see that the tire was assuming an alarming appearance. The bell cf the State House then rung Ihc continuous peal, and the heaven were lit up by the lurid i;lare. The two uoper stories burned rapidly, and at length the roof fell in. Then Coor after floor descended with a crash, sending sending huge column af "parks and smoke jn'oThe aii. Ihe heavy cornice, which was of woo-l, woo-l, woo-l, caught fire, e.nd, after btuning for a Mme, fell in a ttiasa to the ground. Meantime, the eastern wall of the fifth story fell over on the corner building, cruFhing in the roof: and, after a time, the fire thus communicated was seen burning throughout that Talnable edifice. . That, too, like its neighbor, nurnea aown eraauauy story ny story, it wat ewi ed by Mr. wm. Fotterall. The first story was occupied on Chesnut street by Etayman, & Brother's music store. The second story was occupied by Edward L. Walker's piano establishment, being the agency of the celebrated Boston maker, Uhickertng. ihe pianos were too bulky te remove in a hurry, especially as the walls of the building were bulged out by the falling of the adjoining wail, and their own, roof, so we doubt not ue w&oie storx is destroyed. Anion? th pianos pianos was one grand one, valued at $700.- $700.- The basement basement was occupied as a refectory. . . ' The buildings destroyer! were all large and valu able. Edwaids'. block occupied two lots, oaeh 2j feet front, and wis divided into two buildings by a brick v-alL v-alL v-alL The buildings destroyed on Fifth et. formed a whole row, four stories high, extending from Chesnut street to a j blind alley naif way Jo Market street.! On the north fide stood ote of the most i venerable relics of our revolutionary era vhich the city contained. It was known as the Jetlersou House, from the- the- fact 'of the Declaration of Independence having been written the re 'by JefUison. It was-a, was-a, was-a, low, old fashioned twe-ftorr twe-ftorr twe-ftorr teifice, with a second r.tory porch f. on., and ex tremely antiquated. It was destroyed. The large and magnificent building, ereted by the firm of E. C. & J. Bid die. at the corner of Fifth and A:inor streets, caught, lire and was partially Consumed. ! Between Biddle's building an.l the Jefferson Wigwm, or old Independence Hall, as it ij sometimes sometimes called, was a four story brick building, occupied occupied In the first sfory by John Penington, im-poller im-poller im-poller of b -oks, -oks, and above by Stapleton, printer.- printer.- This fine edifice, with its contents, was given up by the firemen, as they could not withstand the t ent arisirur from the vast volume of flames that reilcd up from the conflagration. Among nthr sufl'trers were Ceo. W, Smith, furnishing furnishing store, C. F. Hensell, saddler, two book stores; f mith, a Justice; b. Pepper and others. ' It was live o'clock in the morning before the rL.mcs were stayed, and the firemen were nearly overcome. Companies from Camden, German-town, German-town, German-town, 4tc , arrived during the night. The American Hotel, up to 3 o'clock, was completely completely flooded with water, and it was found necessary necessary to move many of the articles of furniture, &c. The boarders had nearly all left. ' The goods saved from the burning building! were stjrkea up in the streets in every direction pre-' pre-' pre-' stilting a painful spectacle. The Mayer's office and a tiortion of Independence Square were filled with the goods saved from the devouring element. AX0THXB 7IBE. The alarm of fire at seven o'clock the same even ing was caused hy the destruction ot Mr. A. Lem uel Adams' hook niacery and hiani nook manu factory, tKS North Third street, above Callowhill. STII.L ANOTHER riBK. Another fire broke out at four o'clock on Friday morning, in the southeast section of the city. The light could plainly be seen from the Exchange. It oiigir.ated in an emigrant boarding-house-on boarding-house-on boarding-house-on boarding-house-on boarding-house-on Swan?nn street, below Shlppen, known as the Lan cashire House, and, in consequence of the absence of the firemen, the flames gained much headway. J.vfii after a number ot engines ana nose carriages arrived the fire continued its destructive course. Two other emigrant boarding-houses boarding-houses boarding-houses and the dwelling dwelling owned and occupied by Mrs. Singleton caught ni:d were consumed. The Mariners' Church was slightly injured.

Clipped from The Baltimore Sun, 16 Dec 1854, Sat,  Page 1

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  • Lemuel's Mother's house burned

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