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DISMISSAL CUSE ! INTERESTS TNE MEDICAL WORLD CORNELL PROFESSOR IS EX-' *t FELLED FOR MAKING KNOWN NEW CAXCER REMEDY. ' MANY PHYSICIANS DEFEND THE! PROFESSOR AND ADVOCATE ' T H MORE FREEDOM. NEW YORK, Oct. 30--The dis-' missal of Dr. Silas P. Beebe from the faculty of Cornell University Medical college {this'department is in New York CJty) because of his methods in making public his advocacy advocacy of autolysin, a new cancer remedy remedy now being tried in many parts of the country, is a burning topic in medical circles. Physicians who do not advocate the use of autolysin are still disposed to defend Dr. Beebe's* Beebe's* publicity course. Many declare there should be' a "freedom of the medical professor." just as there is a "freedom of the press." Dr. Beebe is a man of high standing standing in his profession. He has been professor of_experimental therapeutics therapeutics in Cornell since~T909. He has the degress of M. S., and Ph. D. from Yale and M. D. from Cornell. He has been known as an expert of serum serum treatments for various diseases. He developed serums for goitre and Graves disease. On Feb. 18 of this year a leading New York newspaper contained an article giving the first public description description of antolysin. The statement erred in at least one important detail. detail. It declared autolysm is a serum, serum, whereas it is a liquid emiil-' sion invented by Dr. Alexander Horowitz, Horowitz, an Austrian biologist, ami contains substances derived from , many herbs and plants. | When it became known that the , newspaper article had originated | with Dr. Beebe, his fellow members ! of the staff of the General Memorial Memorial hospital were indignant. It was declared the staff of the hospital had reached np conclusion on the merits of autolysin. PUBLISHES ACCOUNT. In May Dr. Beebe published a detailed detailed account of the new cancer remedy In the New York Medical Journal. In his article, Dr Beebe himself called attention to the dangers dangers of unlimited public exploitation of a new remedy. He said: "The treatment of patients suffering suffering from inoperable cancer is one of the most difficult problems in medicine today. Approximately 75,000 persons died in the United States during the last twelve months from some form of this disease. While there are no available statistics, statistics, I believe it is a conservative estimate to state that, w ith our present present methods of treatment, at least 80 per cent of all persons \\ho develop develop nialignant tumors ultimately reach the inoperable, incurable stage. "The methods of treating this SO per cent, are admittedly unsatisfactory. unsatisfactory. Each new idea is greeted with hope and skepticism by the medical world. The lay press caters caters to the extraordinary public interest interest in this matter and oftea gives to the invalid and his friends unwarranted unwarranted and uncritical statements of the efficiency of these methods. So marked is "this tendency that investigators investigators in this field at times find themselves hampered in their work and their professional standing jeopardized jeopardized by the embarrassing public public notice which follows publication of their results. GREAT HESITATION. "It is, therefore, with great hesitation hesitation and a keen sense of responsibility responsibility that the writer ventures to put before .the medical profession a new treatment for " Inoperable cancer. Coupled with this is a hope that his action in the matter will be judged solely 011 the date contained in this communication and not by the inference inference or deduction of uncritical persona." persona." - , In In this article Dr. Beebe described described serious cases in which some improvement improvement had been observed for a time, but not enough to saye the patients' lives; and several less advanced advanced cases which apparently had been cured. In August the Journal of the American Medical association contained contained a fierce attack on Dr. Beebe. The herbs contained in the Horowitz emulsion were derided as belonging to a "Chinese materia medica" and j GRAND DUCHESS ADELAIDE OF LUXEMBURG PARIS, Oct. 30.--What is the truth about the beautiful young ruler, Grand Duchess Adelaide of Luxemburg? There, is a great mystery surrounding this fair girl, called to the throne of her little state at the age of eighteen, only to see it overrun by foreign soldiers, two years later. Many stories have been told about her, how she snubbed snubbed the Teuton generals and slighted the kaiser by sending back the roses he sent her on her birthday; and, on the other hand, German accounts of her regard for the people who have occupied her territory. There has been no good confirmation confirmation of the report that the Grand Duchess will soon abdicate abdicate in favor of her sister, the Princess Marie Antoinette, aged sixteen, and take the veil. But the story is easily credible. It is said that after three years of ruling the Grand Duchess is not only tired of court life, but in the last year has been overwhelmed overwhelmed with terror at the horrors of war and the brutality and greed of soldiers. She has thus been driven to the determination determination to retire forever to a convent and never gaze again on the faces of men. Yet the real fate of the Grand Duchess is a deep, inscrutable mystery, one which ft few high German officers officers alone could elucidate. perience so obtained into one-publication." one-publication." "With respect to cure," he added, "the \\riter wishes to state that neither in this paper nor the former former one has he stated or expressed the belief that we should regard this method of treatment as a cure. The writer does not know -whether some patients w h o are now clinically well, will have a recurrence of the growth or not and is confident that no one else has more information on this point than he." Of one hundred cases reported, fifteen were clinically well, fifty-seven fifty-seven improved, and twenty-eight had shown improvement. Twenty-one of the last named were dead. ABOLISH DEPARTMENT. The expulsion of Dr. Beebe from Cornell \\s accomplished by abolishing abolishing the department of which be had been in charge. Dr. William M Polk, dean of the medical college, said: _^ "The issue between Dr. Beoos s,sa Cornell is merely that he announced it as his attention to exploit a remedy remedy which was not indorsed by the medical board of the General Memorial Memorial "hospital. There was a difference difference of opinion concetnlnf it. Whether or not this remedy has any virtue is not the point at issue. The point is that, as he did not consider consider it in accordance with ethics that he should enter into the exploitation exploitation of the remedy on the commercial commercial basis. The by-laws of the Ge»- eral Memorial hospital al?o provide that no publication of the results of any experiments there are to be made without the approval of the advisory board. The publication concerning concerning this preparation was made . ly no better than could Do obtained grasp the co de , Df ..,, _ - jf any (scar-producing) substance into the tumors." REPORTS 100 CASES. The present month Dr. made a report in the New Medical Journal of 100 cases. tho manufacture or sale of autoly- sm " said Dr. Beebe. "I have to .iitve oeen treated," - clurtea nearly every type of cancer, in all stages of the disease. Including some that are In a comparatively favorable general physical condition and others whose Invoivoment has been so great as to render them most hopeless, holploss subjects for treatment. The results of thfi observations observations of other men have been to such a degree a confirmation of our own, and so mnny inquiries have been received with respect to the present status of this treatment, that It has seemed wise to gather the ex- did that solely becauso 1 had experimented experimented with the medicine and I believed In it and because Mr. Horowitz Horowitz would not have been able to make it if he, had no capital. PATKVT MEDICINE. Kvory doctor prescribes patented medicines at tiroes. If he believes that a certain patent medicine It the best thing to give his patient, ho will prescribe it, and if the doctor Is honest and has the courage of Ms conviction, he will not he*lta(« to give full credit to the efficacy of such remedy. His business is t» relieve suffering and to cure ailments, ailments, and if he can do so by prescribing prescribing certain remedies, patented or not, it is no concern of his whether whether any one is making money from their sale. "If I am to be put down aa "commercially "commercially exploiting" autolysin, then 500 other reputable physicians throughout the country must come under the ban, too, for at least that number are using the medicine in their practice and are reporting good results from its use. In the New York Medical Journal of October 9, are four articles on the autolysin treatment of cancer, written by Dr. Curran Pope, of Louisville, Ky.; Dr. Edward Huntington Williams, of Los Angeles; Dr. Hugh G. Nicholson of Charleston, W. Va , and Dr. Andrew Andrew Wilson of Wheeling, W. Va. AH of these doctors write quite as favorably of the treatment as I did in the two articles I contributed to the New York Medical Journal. "None of us has said that it Is a sure cure for inoperable cancer, but there have been many cases where the patients have been adjudged clinically well. The treatment is too new to say that it baa 'cured' any case. It will take years of observation observation to determine that, but H certainty certainty has had remarkably beneficial results." | Last year Dr. Beebe was ID the public eye through marital diftlcul- ' ties. STOVE TRIMMINGS RE-NICKBIJCD Lima Nickel Plating Works, 218 8. Central avenue. 'Phone HiKh-»31«. it* Ou»rarst«*. "My boy, cab I s«t tills watch by "Yessir, but I ndvls* yer not t«r ·«·« tt there long, or some o' th« kMs 1) swipe It!"-- Wisconsin State JouraaL SVAP8J

Clipped from The Lima News31 Oct 1915, SunPage 21

The Lima News (Lima, Ohio)31 Oct 1915, SunPage 21
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