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warner longs cemetery - NOTES AND QUKU1KS Historical, BlograpHlcal...
NOTES AND QUKU1KS Historical, BlograpHlcal logical. XIX. and Geuea Kloppcn KlrcUe (S. and Q. 1.1 1 First series.) Inquiry was made a dozen years ago as above. The samp is Klonn's Church in Bethel townshin. Lebanon county. Pa., and is almost on the Hue of Berks county. The first church was erected about the year 148 or prior thereto. Some ten years ago the Reformed Church people discontinued worshiping in the old church, and erected a new church opposite and a rod from the church of the Lutheran. The graveyard mntnina mnnv tombstones. which we propose arranging for these col umns iu tne near future. Here are ourieu many of the earlv German emigrants, who settled in Rethel towshin, Lebanon and Berks counties, and whose descend ants eontinnp to reside in luui section. B. W. Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Last week the daily papers contained the announcement of the celebration of the Kix - tieth marriage anniversary of a couple at Lancaster, Pa. This reminded me that Dauphin county, which is par excellent in everything, was not to be out done in longevity. To - day there is living .1 eounle wno were Dorn ana married In Dauphin county and this very month of May celebrate their sixty - fifth wedding anniversary. I refer to John Flelsher, of isamerviiie, m. tie was b. October 2ti 1806, in South Hanover township, Dau - unm county. fa.: m. 3lay. l3l. Jb annv Shaffner. They are in good health for persons who have passed the ItOth milestone in this earthly pilgramage and about to enjoy their diamond wedding anniver sary. IS. W. S. V 'Flic Reed Family of Reed Township innpoin vounty. One of the earliest families to set tie In Powell's Valley, following Anthony Powell, the first settler, who gave the name to the creek and valley in the upepr end of Dauphin county, was James Keed. Among his issue was one son, James. Capt. James Keed resided all his life iu what is now Reed townshin. He was a brave soldier in the War of the Revolution, and as captain in the cam paign m iNew Jersey did heroic service. He died in the year 1789 and was buried in the graveyard of the Presbyterian Church back of Dauphin. He married Miss Esther Ayers, b. 175G; d. 1830; dau. of William Ayres and Mary Kein, and had issue: i. John, b. June 2G, 17S3; m. May 12, 1S07, Sarah Ferree. ii. Deborah, b. October 0, 1785; d. aged 13 years, 5 months and 27 days by drowning. iii. Elizabeth, b. September 11, 1787, in Montgomery county, Pa.; m. her cousin. Hiram McXeill, son of Anthony McXeill (b. 1723; d. February 27, 1701; and Elizabeth Ayres). He was born October 6, 1705; d. March 23, 1837. Was associate judge of Montgomery county, Pa., and died there. Had issue. iv. William, b. July 0, 17S9; d. November 6. 18G4. v. Mary, b. September 8, 1701; m. Thomas McConnell. I. William Reed (James.James). He was born on the old homestead below Halifax, Pa. Was a man of prominence and elected county commissioner in 1847, but died before his term expired, and Reed township was named in honor of him. He married, hrst, Elizabeth Steel, of Perry county. Pa. She was born December zo, it. '.iner had issue: i. James, b. March 21, 1822; m. Julia oreese. ii. Hetty, b. March 6, 1825; d. s. p. in. Margaret, b. March 27, 1827; m. Dr. J. Ourtman. Wililam Reed married secondlv Clarissa (Hatfield) Kline, b. January 11, 1800. Ihey had issue: iv. William, b. September 7, 1831; m. Elizabeth Baskins and had issue. v. Cyrus, b. September 1, 1833; d. June 4, 1S55. at Salina, Mo. vi. Elizabeth, b. February 22, 1835; in. Thomas J. Sawyer. Reside at Halifax, Pa. oiTiV0"l2hn' b - May 30' 1838; d" February - " E. W. S. P. Long's Church, Powell's Valley, Dauphin County Pa. On a beautiful day of this month the writer landed in the ancient town of Halifax, which is located, where during the frontier times of our provincial days, stood Fort Halifax, and after a walk of more than a half hour, along the public road leading to Matamoras, we found our objective point Long's Church. This church is one of the few not recorded in the histories of Dauphin county. A century ago and less, there settled here on a farm, by purchase, Henry Long, from the vicinity of Jonestown, Lebanon (then Dauphin) connty. Hero he continued to reside and followed farming and practiced his profession of medicine in this rude and unskilled way his pharmacy consisting of the roots and herbs from the fields and mountains. The location is the most charming In Powell's Valley. The church and graveyard is located on a gentle elevation, where you have two miles distant to the southeast the Peters Mountain, while to the northwest is the silent, silvery waters of the Susquehanna, winding its currents around Berry's Mountain, and to the west the rolling lands of Perry county, which end abruptly on the edges of the river interspersed with notches and ravines. One of them, "Girty's Notch," known as 6uch since the days of the Revolution, and named after Simon Girty, known iu history as "Girty, the White Savage," is in view. Girty's father, of the same name, was as early as 1740 licensed as a trader on the frontiers of the provinces located on Shearman Creek in the vicinity, where Duncannon is now located. Some time afterward they were dispossessed by the sheriff. The boys, one of which was Simon, afterwards was adopted by the Seneca Indians, and he became a valuable adjunct for the red savages. To the northeast you have a charming view of Powell's Valley.now in full bloom on every fruit and shrub tree, with sturdy yoemen dotted here and there planting the corn. Long's Church was erected about seventy - five years ago and is a two - story log weather - boarded structure, with but one floor and surorunded on three sides with a very, wide gallery. The appearance of the building now shows great neglect, on the part of some one, surely not by the Lutheran denomination, by whom it was erected. The small graveyard, as originally laid out. has outgrown its capacity, and by the taking in of additional ground it is called a tmetery, and the good condition the ground is kept in puts to shame the dilapidated appearance of the church. Here are buried some of the earlv sot - t'ers of Powell's Valley, who left the fecotch - Insh and German settlements across Peters' Mountain prior to this century. ollowing are the transcripts from the tombstones. d.BT;entaerry3.h!4il9' "" 18 IMS? tliVZ K 20, Bressler, Nicholas, b. February 3, 1759 - d. May 12, 182C ' Barnheisel, Michael, b. October 2 17GG; d. July 3. 1832. Barnheisel, Catharine, w. of M.. b. January 28, 1777; d. December 21, 1852. Banks, Leah, w. of Michael, b. October 13. 1817; d. October 27, 1882. Baker. Jacob, b. August 28, 1805; d. March 30, 1857. W GIVE AWAY AP,e . U to, es) of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets ONCE USED THEY ARB ALWAYS IN FAVOi? Hence, our object in sending emt broadcast ON TRIAL They absolutely cure Sick neadarh.. nn. iousness, Constipation. Coated Tojlr Appetite, Dyspepsia and kindred dernm - ments of the Stomach, Liver and Dow. U Don't accept sotne substitute said to be "just asgood." The substitute costs the dealer less. It costs you ABOUT the same. HIS profit is in the "just as good.1 WHERE IS YOURS? ddres3 for Free Sample. rkr Dispensary Medical Association, 66J Mala St, BUFFALO, At Y. Kaker, Mary, w. of J., b. October 25, 1S08; d. November 5. 1804. Baker, Nancy, b. May 4, 1813; d. March i - :. .loou. Bowman, Micheal, b. December 16. 1824; d. May 29, 1890. Bowman. Rebecca, w. of M.. b. September 28, 1S26; d. March 5, 1893. Bowman, Angelina, w. of John. b. Feb ruary iav; a. x eDruary n, 1S50. Buchaunon, Joseph, b. July 27. 1813 .1 ot mon 1 H ill ..1, lOOV. Buchannon. Mary M., w. of J b jrurcu iojlu; a. iNovember U4, 1881 Chubb, Daniel b. October 22, 1823"; d. U UUlKll JLVj JlOOI. Chubb, John, b. October March 17. 1871. 6. 1793; d. unuDb. stfier A., w. of J., b. November 10, 1802: d. September 3. 1889. od i - wf'J1?' w - ,f.HuKh. March 28. 192; d. March 17, 18G5. ,. Defr, Richard W., b. May IS, 1827; enlisted in U. S. service, Co. H, Reg. Penna. Vols., and d. in Philadelphia Hospital December 1, 1864. Ditty, Simon, b. September 11. 1808; d. November 26. 1867. Eisenhower, Benjamin, b. July 21, lS07;d. October 3, 1875. Eisenhower, Mary M.. w. of B., b. De cember 30, 1810: d. April 29, 1888. Eisenhower, B. F.. b. February 15, 1843; d. August 3, 1874. Eisenhower, Mary, w. of B. F., b. August 15. 1844: d. Sentemher 19. 1875. En6inger, Jacob; b. September 1. 182ft; a. septemoer x, ltxH. Etter, George, b. October 27, 1783; d. June 2, 1833. Etter. Susannah, w. of G.. b. October i - lM. 1783; d. December 23, 1839. Etter. Catharine, dau. of Wentle Fack - ler, b. August 21, 1787; d. May 2, 1820. Etter. Abraham, b. Februarv 4, 1818; d. January 13. 1884. Etter, John, b. May 2, 1814; d. April 15, Ehrnian, Michael, b. , 1774; d. May 30, 1833. Ettien, Henry, b. January 14, 1820; d. September 20, 1887. Ettien, Christian, b. 1836: enlisted in Co. D. 107th Reg. Penna. Vol.; d. August 28, 1887. Fackler, Samuel, b. July 2, 1778; d. October 2, 1847. Fackler, . w. of S., b. July 7. 1787: d. August 28. 1874. Fackler, Samuel, b. December 25, 1819: d. March 20. 1887. Fackler, Elizabeth, w. of S.. b. October 15. 1819: d. September 15, 1S80. Frost, Elizabeth, b. November 11, 17S1 d. December 2. 1842. Fry. John. b. Decern ber 25, 1835; d April 15. 1872. Fetterholf. Jacob, b. September 14. ISIH: d. .November IS, iwk. Gilbert. Lavma. w. of George, b. Oc tober 10, 1826; d. October 14, 1894. Gates. William a., b. April 9. 1852: d October 28, 1871. Getz. Henry, b. Mav 31. 1 d. Anril Getz. Marv. w. of IT., h. 1777 - TVIW Getz. Martin, b. August 1, 1814; d. May 21. 1889. Getz. Marv. w. of M.. b. Deeemhor 1?; 1017. .1 . r , . tit ' xoxi , u. iviurcn I. J.030. Glaze, Nancy, b. Anril 18. 1761: d. No vember 18. 1831. Glaze. George, b. March 26. 17ftO - rl August i. j.uo. Glaze. Mary. w. of G.. b. .Tulv 21. 17KV u. .1 unuury o, ism. tilaee. Isaac, b. Anril 12. ISOfi - A Anril 10 - . lift Glace. Julia Ann.w. of T. h. Mntr 9. 1010. J T . n, , . . " u. January a. aootF. Gaymnn, Jacob, b. Mav ll. 1798: A April 5. 1857. Gayman. Mary. w. of J., b. Fphmnrv oec icru. iv - 1 to . c't jGSayman, Elizabeth, b. January 21, inw; u. isepiemoer 10, l?xn. Hoke. Jonathan, b. May 8, 1816; June 18, 1881. Hetrich, Peter, b. June 22, 1830; May 4, 18S9. Johnson, Anna. w. of Dr. Jacob V., September 17, 1781; d. December d. d. b. 1, lvnauff, Rosanna. w. of IT., dau of I'auiei teever, o. aiay 11 1792; d. June if, ltmi. KnaufT, Jacob. Ii. January 14, 1814; d. Septemlter 29, 1890. Knanff. Susan, w. of J., b. January 15, 1818; d. October 11. 1869. Knauff, Isabella, b. March 28, 1813; d. February 21, 1894. Knauff. David, b. October 9, 1815; d. October 3, 1863. Knauff, Barbara A., w. of D., b. March 16. 1822: d. November 6, 1895. Long, Dr. Henry, b. February G, 1764; d. January 18, 1842. Long, Mary. w. of Michael Sweigard, b. February 22, 1787; d. May 26, 1S44. Long, Eleanor, w. of Mathias Warner, b. August 15, 1801; d. June 29. 1875. Lodge, Christian, b. May 7, 1785; d. January 0. 1836. Lontz. Margaret R., w. of S.. b. November 6. 1809; d. November 24, 18S6. Lehr. Jacob, b. November 11, 1807; d. April 24. 1883. Lehr, Elizabeth, b. February 17, 1820; d. July 31. 1893. Meredith, Charles C, b. October 21, 1818: d. January 9. 1876. Meredith. Anna O.. b. .Tanunrv 4. 181 7 - d. September 27, 1S7H. lYloyer, Benjamin b.. b. December 0, 1811; d. April 10. 1892. Marsh Abner. b. March 25, 1815; d. February 4, 18S0. Marsh. Catharine, w. of A., b. Julv 31. 1818; d. September 10, 1864. Marsh, Samuel, b. December 9, 1839; d. November 28, 1867. Mehargue, John E., b. March 14, 1793; d. June 20, 1861. Mehargue. Margaret, w. of J., b. August 27, 1793: d. November 8, 1865. Mehargue. David B., b. July 2, 1830; d. August 12. 1891. Mehargue, Susannah, b. May 12, 1824; d. November 15. 1894. McCnllister, Mary Ann. b. February 25, 1840; d. October 22, 1855. Mellon, John, b. June 14, 1807; d. February 19, 1877. Mellon, Elizabeth, w. of J., b. June 5, 1812: d. January 15, 1800. Miller, Daniel, b. October 25, 1792; d. February 10, 1859. Miller, Mary, w. of D., b. December 8, 1791; d. January 17, 1860. Miller, Samuel, b. August 81, 1824; d. May 12, 1858. Machett, Sophia, dau. of Henry Gets, b. 1815; d. 1839. Nace, John, b. 17T0; d. March 0, 1833. Nace. Elizabeth, w. of J., b. March 23, 1790; d. February 13, 1852. Nace, John. b. February 10, 1818; d. January 19, 1843. Nace, Martha, b. December 7, 1811; d. January 27, 1839. Petermnn, Susannah, w. of J., b. May 24. 1757; d. October 24, 1842. Peters, David, b. December 27, 1842; d. October 5, 1884. Reinbarger, Mary. w. of II., b. April 0, 1805; d. June 10, 1858. Ryan. Andrew, b. May 81, 1787; d. Au - guest 24, 1850. Ryan, Elizabeth, w. of A., b. April 27, 1719; d. September 1. 1850. Ryan, Andrew, b. May 21, 1824; d. March 7, 1852. Ryan, Samuel, b. April 4, 1704; d. January 28, 1868. Ryan, Sarah, b. March 15, 1782; d. October 19, 1860. Ressler, Mary, w. of Q., b. January 25. 1829; d. November 27, 1858. Rauch, Anna Maria. (Deibler), w. of H., b. November 17, 1809; d. February 12. 1834. Shultz, John, b. January 8, 1788; d. December 19, 1864. Shultz, Marv, w. of J., b. March T, 1789; d. July 17, 1852. Shultz, Samuel, b. September 25, 1800; d. February 24, 1853. Rhive, Sarah, w. of J., b. September 20, 1801; d. May 80, 1855. Shive, Daniel A., b. June 10, 1824; d. August 29, 1893. bhive, John, b. November 8, 1800? d. May. 18, 1805. ,yoiFard' Bchael. b. November 4, 1790; d. December 25, 1851. Sweigard, Catharine, dau. of M., b. January 18, 1818; d. November 30, 1863. isioTYiLv f niS - 8dau - of M - b - May S' Mn.ry A?nio1,; December 1, 1826; d. November 14, 1828 9 891 JaCO,, b - Marcu 25. 1808; d. May 'Still, Elizabeth, w. of J., b. October 1 1812: d. August 13, 1864! ' Sellers, Henry, b. November 24. 182 - d. October 13. 1890. - Sellers, Ruth, w. of H., b. May 8, 1829 - d. August 18, 1855. 1 Shaddow, George, b. January 13, 1812 - d. January 13. 1876. Sweigard, Adam, b. July 18, 1815; 0. :i t 1QIQ KTvoliMird. Anron H.. b. Mt 9(1 18351. 1 d. January 17, 1866. Sweigard, G. W - , Co. I, 40th Pa. Inf. Taylor. James, b. February 20, 1807; d. July 18, 1889. Tyson, Catharine, b. 1772; d. October 2, 1855 Tyson. Jacob, b. June 23, 1803; d. December 7, 1868. Tvson, Elizabeth, w. of J., b. May 8, 1804; d. May 29, 1861. Tvson Catharine, w. of J., b. July 3, 1840; d. May 4, 1807. Tyson. Susan, b. September 5, 1826, d. August 3, 1852. , ,, ,orn Tvson, Henry, b. Decemler 23, 1809; d. February 20, 1872. Tvson, Marv. w. of H - b. Decemler 25. 1815; d. February 8, 1884. Wambaugh, Jacob, b. September 8, 1805; d. March 20, 1844. Wambaugh, Lydia. w. of J., b. March 12. 1807; d. January 23, 1872. Weidenmeyer, William, b. Novemler 3. 1821; d. February 2, 1892. , Werth, John Ludwic, (Wirt), b. July 21. 1794; d. July 13, 1845. erth, Anna Mary, w. of J. L..b October 27, 1800; d. February 11, 1846. n . - irner, Jacob W., b. March 18, 183;; d. May 6, 1865. Wagner. George Michael, b. September 29. 1750; d. October 8, 1831. bearing, Mary, w. of J., b. January 17, - ; . April 16, isoi Zeariiig, Jacob, b. I NovemlKT 6, 1790; i. October 16, 1861. Zearing, Susannah, w. of J., dau. of Jacob Petennan, b. March 30, 1788; d. May 1, 1830. . ft Jf Ziegler, d. March Zeigler. ruary 6, 1796; d. 5, 1799; by local reach the There is and that Deafness dition of chian inflamed imperfect closed the this tube hearing cases out which is tion of "We will any case that Cure. F. J. Sold by apr28 - The riages in 100 are broughams, by the of the and are ' Most Disease, Jfltnutes. The most disease heart, spells at up in bed ankles, is one of heart. spells of mated dropsy brain may aches, whenever easily, and or so new's thousands counted begun at This give it is as by W. 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