Logansport (IN) Reporter 27 Nov 1895

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Logansport (IN) Reporter 27 Nov 1895 - LOGANSPOBT DAILY BEPOBTEB, WEDNESDAY .00 lauir...
LOGANSPOBT DAILY BEPOBTEB, WEDNESDAY .00 lauir i- (or pnco. BASEBALL ON THE LOTS. SYDNEY AT new of pain werj te aarf you yon: drag for sail all cu/e^ it 26 & the ~say, youghi seen "dem lots." ' All de kids from Shantj-town an' Mudville was sittitf on top de big clumps lookin' at us. Some tier gals had ribbon in der hair but der wasn't a stockin' in dc crowd. Say! De alderman was dere, an' Casey an" Ball wot keeps de saloons, "Well, de first scrap tvas 'bout de umpire. umpire. We wants Casey, dey wants a dude teacher. \Ve ses he don't go, dey says Casey don't go. 'TJast der cap ses: " 'Any fair man'll do me. D'ye know de 3'Oung- feller wid de cane?' " 'Xaw, 1 ses I. " 'Well, he'll do,' ses de cap. "'Young 1 feller,' ses 1, 'You's de umpire. umpire. D'ye know yer book?' " 'Mebbel'seshe. "So he steps up likssif he'd been der feller wot done it all an' ses he: "'Play ball!' "I goes first to de bat an' de long If-gged white-headed 'Cademy Kid wot was twirlin' begun to paw dust an' look squint-eyed at me over his shoulder an' he lets fly a skimmerwot nearly knocks ii hunk out. " 'Strike!' ses de umpire. "All de people wot was 'round yells au° groans: " 'Shoot de umpire!' " 'Slug 'em, Flannagun!' " 'Put 'im out! He don't know his biisiness!' " 'De umpire he jes 1 chews gum an' don't look roun.' 'tall.' "Den de 'Cademy Kid heaves annud- der shooter, 'n' I hists it. Say, y'ought ter hear clem yell. "'Hey! Dropclat!' " 'Look out dere, you'll fall on de stone!' 1 " 'Hi-i-i-i-i-i!' " 'Ho-o-o-o-o-o!' " 'Ya-a-a-a-a-a' 1 "T'rec of dem run inter wan 'nudder, an' dey lost de ball. Den we all yells. "De nex' ball wot comes I scales in de crowd, an' de t'ird baseman goes for it. We don't see no more of him till I gets roun' den OT.it.he comes. " 'Cap,' ses he, 'Dere's a red-headed oatter.' " 'Yer lire!' ses I, reachin' fer'm wid de bat. "Say! Be fust t'iag I knows some- fin! hits me on de conk. Ben de eart' jumps an'- swipes mo. When I gets up again I gets anudcler swipe. Dat wus de dude umpire. Could he scrap? Well, s^-y- ^ ff 0 * de fours' lick on de jaw, aa* ses I: Til sit right here, now, an' t'ink 'bout dis!' Eatsy Hannagan and Puck Connolly come "long an' swipes at de umpire' an'.he lays 'em out cold, clen de mob gets him an' we don't ^see him no more. •:' "Does de 'Cadenvy boys scrap? Well, jest! When dey sees dey haster dey gets back t«r back and hits out. Say! T)ey mus' had fnn'. All .de kids in Shantytcnva had a crack at dem. Some der big fellers got in nr.' pulled dem apart, an' dey had it out doxvn in de WID DE BOCKS OS THE PIG&EBY. mud, an' y'ought ter see dem uniforms. "Peg Kelly had de greatest time V'ever saw wid de rocks on de piggery. He heaved 'em right inter de crowd; didn't make no difference where, till Casey climbs up. wid a stick an" trumps him till ye could hear him yell clear over to Slurlville. "De clip I got from de umpire kinder lost me der cirous. By der time, I was lively 'gain all der 'Cademy kids had gone cop' one, 'n' he had 'n' 'gagement wid five er six wot was punchin' him. na and' a tlu at FLIP CASEY MAKES A BUN. < J < ( , , feller wot got dc ball an' t'rcnved itwaj' down clc lots.' " 'Foul,' ses der captain, 'we claims foul.' "'Nix,' ses I, 'dere .wasn't no foul. Your man can't field.' "De umpire ses dat he didn't see no foul. So lie lets it g-o at dat. "Den Flip Casey makes a run an" so does Puck Connolly an' Shad Dunni- £an, but Mugg^y Burke an' Hannig-an an' O'Day gets out at first. De runs was all home runs fer de gang is wid us, an' when de ball goes inter de crowd de 'Caclemy Kid wot goes.after it stays quite erwhile. He has a 'gag-e- inent t' eat. cinders fer five minutes, see? When he gets out he can't see nuftin, an' dey has to put nucider kid in his place. "Well, de oder fellers hajl der innins, an' ivliaddyer t'ink? De\ r makes five runs.. De gang helps us all dey can,, .s^ppin' der ball an' Mstin' it back, but dey was dead onter O'Day's curves. Dey jist killed 'em. "Dat's de, way 'twas clown to de six Minms. Dey made 15 an' we made t'ir- tee'n. Den t sends Uatsy Hannigan to . de bat. Eatsy had de only pair shoes' on onrside. Ho didn't have no stockin's. Jist shoes. Dis was de fust innings he put.'em- on, 'cause \ve .didn't"'know if we'd need 'em. If we could er knocked • der ball out where de gang 'ud kill der fielders, den we wouldn't need the boots, see? But der.pitcher was too smart. "Uatsy liits de ball a rap an' scoots fer first, but de ball gets dere before him. All de mob was jumpin' an' yell- in' to make de baseman'drop der ball, but he has his trap'set an' his eye on it an' I g-uess it was all day wid Katsy if it hadn't been lor Peg Kelly. Pegtrua a stone big's rer fist an" caught de baseman on de head. It knocked him kickin'an'Uatsy gets his base. "Say, de 'Cademy Kids kicked like steers.' " '^Thaddyer talkin' to me fer? Did I ,trun.'de",stone? > :ses L 'Whaddyer talkin' ter me fer?' "Hannagan spiked de secun' an' t'ird basemen as .he tvent by an' dey iol- ;lered murder. Hadn't ; b.e a right to spil«s on his sioes? De 'Cademy Kids till had spikes an.' we didn't savnuthin'. Say! '•'.'•"•. •'-'"'• . " -. "Well, we gets two more runs. j)e gang got der fielders an* used 'em up so dey don't find de ball till fie right time. Dere's a kick wot stops de game'ierfive minutes an' de 'Cademys jjets black eyes, an* den whadiflyer t'ink? Dat umpire calls me ont'on strikes. Ses I: 'Say, yoxuiig feller!. _Did I hear dat right? Me out on strikes', "'Dat's right,'ses he., "I hauls de bat 'long an' goes right up re he wete leanin* on bis cane *n" ses I: " 1>at mus' be mistake. De Bloody Hollers never strikes out on dere own grown'! Dere's"umpires wot Iftnks dey does, sometimes, but dey nerer does.* " 'Yer out!' sea ie; 'send ua de n«d j De oders left kinder sudden an' take der bats an' t'ings erlong. \rent one way, some nudder. run down troo Mudville, 'n' I didn't Some T'ree guess t'rum de way dey was goin.', dere run- nin' yit. "Dej" didn't t'ink'ter go home byway der coach, so Casey an' Ball invites de English driver down an' when I seen 'em last dey was dancin.' on him. ,Dey wouldn't see him sittin' dere lonely. Dat ain't dere style. "So dat's de way we beats de 'Cademy Kids. ^lebby dey can play cricket, mebby dey can play dat odder game wid de cross sticks an' de bat? Idunno! But dey can't play ball jist a little bit. On der own groun's wid de teacher an* police—rnebbe dey can play. But on der lots? Naw! Jfaw! De Bloody Hollers can beat 'em outer sight. • "So dat's how we got de championship, championship, an' dat's where we got de caps an' de mask an' chest pertecter an' de gloves! Sayl ain't dey jist great? Vfe'se de champion's of der lots, now, an' dere ain't nobody dast play us. I t'ink we could do de league team if we got 'em here wid de gang. "Did we have a good time dat day? Did we? Well! Ye never sawed a man 'njoy sport like Casey an' Ball.' Dey laxighed till dey near fell down when dey saw de gang git after de 'Gademy fellers. When it .were all over an' de ambulance had tooked der Englishman erway dey calls us in an'taps a keg. " 'Boys will be boys!' ses dey. Dat's •wot dey said. So we all goes in an' flushes de cinders out of our froats. "Say! I forgot to tell yon 'bout dat umpire. I finds out he's peffessional fedderweight scrapper. Dat was a hard game fer me. Say! "Did we do de'Cademies? Well, I fink! We .dood 'em fer fair! Ib'leve we kin do de league team if dey comes here an'plays us. Jie'girnme'anudder pair er spike shoes an' time 'nuif to get der gang togedder an' we kin do de league team. Such Ii Fame. One day, while Lord Hopetotm was in the height of his glory as the most popular popular governor ever seen in the colonies, three young men entered a barber's shop in South Melbourne. Two of them whispered to the hairdresser that the third was "his excellency." The supposed supposed governor was shaved -with much ceremony, and that same evening the following sign appeared in the "barber's window: "Shaving, 3d. With the razor same as I shaved .Lord Hqpetonn, &L"— Eealm. if to it a at. (N. to — The oldest known artesian well was sunk at liUers/Prance,'inthe twelfth centarr. —Congress Is antnorizgd to establish a currency, either in. coin or paper, and to make that currency lawful money for all purposes as regards the national government or private individuals.—TJ. S. Supreme Co-art Reports, Vol. 70, now the •w*s of of «ud forth, «]*; doe}

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