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Carmel Myers biography - a of Kelley, a are ton. Jimmy McNamee By. DAN...
a of Kelley, a are ton. Jimmy McNamee By. DAN THOMAS NBA Service Writer. TTJOLLYWOOD, -Calif,--Act first, ** then think. Throughout her entire life this has been the motto of Carmel Myers. Myers. And it, coupled with the encouragement encouragement -she has received from near to her, has made her one of filmdom's most prominent actresses. Born in. San Francisco about 28 years ago the daughter of -Isadore Myers, Jewish - rabbi, Carmel was about as far removed from the motion motion picture industry as an Eskimo is from 'the equator. Nobody, not even her parents, ever dreamed that some day her name would appear in electric lights throughout the world. · Yet it nas--and for a long period of time, too. For nearly 12 years those lights have been spelling the name Carmel Myers as a lure to cinema-fans. That may not sound like a-long career but it is a long time for a motion picture actress to be up in the world. Furthermore, Carmel shows no sign of dying an early professional death--thanks to the talkies. She was standing Tight on the edge of the cliff waiting to be shoved off into oblivion when some smart gentleman introduced speech into the heretofore · silent drama, and Miss Myers again became became in great demand. Yes, folks, it's her voice. She can sing like nobody's business. . '"I think my' early- training had a great deal to do with' my success," Carmel remarked between long pauses, during which we listened to the rain .beat against the windows of her beautiful Hollywood home. "From the time I was a small.girl mother impressed upon me 'that if I ever was going to get anywhere I had to have confidence in myself. Since getting into pictures I have learned just how important that is. If I am offered a part nov/ I never stop to think -whether I can do it. I always say- I can and then go ahead and do my best." - Carmel made her debut into the film racket when she was but a child of 16. First she made three pictures for D. W. Griffith, still known, as "the master." Then Carl TAemmle sent for-- her. · Just before' leaving with her father for the Universal studio to see Laemmle; Carmel's mother told her'to recite a particular poem for the producer, She' did.and was given a two-year starring contract. "If I had stopped to think, what_-I was. doing I never would have dared speak 'that piece,"' declares the actress. "But I didn't think about it until it was · all. over. I began to get scared." ' · That same, quality of'acting and then thinking has brought., many things to.Carmel.' After, her two years at Universal she decided she would like to go on, the stage. So, with no experience whatever behind her, she. went to. New. York- accepted, an offer for' the. ingenue lead in a play which ran: for five months. The same thing .held true a short time ago'when she', was offered offered the leading spot, at the-Palace theatre'in New York 'for one week. The Palace, "by the. way,'is the ultimate ultimate goal of all vaudeville .players. They strive for years to make it. Yet Carmel walked in-'cold without thinking what-'she was doing and went over big. ' . · ' Another factor which has added, to her success is-the encouragement she has received from-those-around her. At. first this, encouragement came from her mother and father. They-believed in her.- and gave- her confidence, in herself.-Later it.came from her ' brother, Zion, himself a film director, and his wife, Betty.. Encouragement from .Betty 'isn't .to be scoffed at either. She .herself could be one of our biggest'screen luminaries today if she. had.the desire. desire. If some of our · present- day actresses can be stars,. she could, a sensation. But. she prefers .to be just.a good wife to Zion. "And'then there's Carmel's husband, Ralph' Blum, prominent Los Angeles, attorney.' attorney.' . "I think my marriage' has been tremendous' help-to me," says, actress. "It is marvelous to .have someone whom you" know is think-- ing of you all the time.- Besides that Ralph believes that'I can accomplish, accomplish, almost anything. , And -1 can't fail him, so I go ahead and- things that otherwise ' I never would dare-attemnt. ' : · of it

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 10 Mar 1930, Mon,
  3. Page 5

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