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Mrs. Hurd Galveston - be iUailg JpicaputUs The Explosion on the...
be iUailg JpicaputUs The Explosion on the Pennsylvania. The IaOsI, Injured and Saved. The Mempliis Ledger, of Monday eveniDg, 14th inst, has the following account of the dreadful explosion on the steamboat Pennsylvania Pennsylvania on Sunday morning, the 13th, obtained from a8senrer8 who arrived at Memphis on the 1 J th, on the steamboat Kate Frisbee : The Pennsylvania, while ascending the Mississippi liver, near the foot of Berdaw island, about 6 o'clock on Sundav morning1, exploded her.;boilers, tearing away part of the cabin. There is no describing the dreadful dreadful scene. The boat floated on down: CaDt. Kleinfelter, who was iu the barber shop at I the time, was instantly at his post, and order - A ea ancnor cast. 1 ne aacnor line parted, however, however, and the wreck floated on down ; a wood boat was hailed. The owner, Mr. Harrison, came to the immediate rescue ; the dead, dying, dying, and wounded, as well as tl.e living, were put on the wood boat, save a tew who could not be taken oil before the wreck took fire. At one time the wood boat seemed as if adhering adhering to the wreck, and much serious apprehension apprehension was felt as to the prospect of some two hundred being burned up in the wood boat. Owirfr, however, to the enertrv and decision ol" purpose of a few noble and daring spirits, the wood boat after be;ug separated was drawn over to Ship and Battle Island, where they witnessed the wreck burn np f.vst, below them, in a tpnce of about ten miuctes, and where they remained until about 1 o'c lock, when the steamer Imperin', bound for New Orleans, was hailed, and towed the wood bout down to Anstij. When the wood boat was tirsf drifted over to the iplund a laixe number of the uninjured uninjured pafeengers volunteered to remain on the fence, in order to light, up the bout so thatbhe might drift on down to Austin, in order that the wounded might obtain medical assistance It was found impracticable to manage the boat, however, without ours; she therefore was tied up a ehort dh?Unee below where the uninjured patwengers wefi .left, until the lai perial came along, hence those 011 the fem e on tbe overflowed island were left there the Kate Friabee came up about 4 o'clock. Tbe scene during the evening aud night on the Kate Frisbee was of a most appalling character. The whole cabin, from - stem to etern, was thronged with tbe dead, wounded and dying. The Fiisbee, though having done but her duty, has done it most nobly. Everything was as free as water, and every possible attention attention was given to those whose necessities required required it. A collection was taken up, amounting amounting to near one hundred and tifiv dollars, all of which will be properly distributed a.niong those who may most need tinman aid. rr - L 1 - . 1 . . C . I I'll . 3 1 me louowing in a 11st ui iue auieu anu wounded, as far as ascertained. The Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, it is thought, ha.i about 35U passengers passengers on board : I'ntu.ngm lxnt .lowpb Pilau, Texas: Lewis J. P. lack; Father Delcross, New Orifeua; Kmaun - 1 Uennras; Mrs. Witt aud daughter Mr. Fulton) of St. Louis ; K. (JU. - asnii, New York : Foster Hurst, negro trader, New I Mean; H. B. Nichols, of Gonzales, Gonzales, Texas ; Denin Corcoran, New Or'.eaut. About one hundred andtweuty persons, including including deck hands and passengers, were on the llalboat. An Knglieh gentleman from Curia, who had horse! - , name unknown, and has a sister near Burlington, 111., left a brother in Cuba, is lost, and horses also losr. Mr. Linter, .John Sinkhorn, .Tamos Bowles, James Burns, and Wm. Woodford, all of Louisville. Mr. Lacky, Orand Lecturer Masonic Fraternity Fraternity for MissbsippL Passi:.n;ers Ix - 'URrD. G'ustntf Kurlulb, H.tvuua, batily scalded ; II. Kilier. New Oriean, wiundeJ in the face (iuiiteirout ; J. Bio.iinlielil, New Orleanv, ir - rcliiribltt hernia, iauuroiis ; J. II. Coiriplir!!o. Ntiw Orleans, nruldeu severely; Heur t'le:i;erite. Sc. Lnnis, third clerk, atrvercly tiltk - d; XViiha - n tVilN. New Jert't'j, badly waMotl in t!.: Ih b 1 : dir.U ivily, St. Loi:i, ilin - i rou - ; Sum.iel Mat!. - , iVi.t.syivaiiia. badly eeulded; Charles Stoue, NuLvii:is, a - ralrtwi betid brnieed; Frank Yowes, New Orl - jiui,. (orarerlv trotn Mobile, danaeroiisly seliled : Jacue VVai. It. iJarr;, 'lIlllee;, badly scnlUed ; Aleck B.'. - , a buy of Sew Crlesns, dangerous; I'at Hiekey, Memphis, hauly M - uIded ; Peareou Mnrrison, New Ofiea:i. (ianeroti ; J110. Jlinny, New Orlesus, hadiy - elided; Jrweph Siuiouii, by. New Orleans, barlly .cj.c.ed: KrancS I'rutt, New Orl - 'nns. jaws frui ti'.rc 1, cui vt : Johti - Mit.;hell, Mobile, fcalik'ci ai d bn;ieil : Samuel Woods, si - eond clerk, slightly st ale, d ; Andrew Lind - - uy, Cincinriiiti, in.t dauj;eriu ; Thoiiiuf MeOco. deck ( liaud, eealded; Tom, ucem liatict ou board, slightly bametl. The following persons were brought to this city by the steamer Diana, aud It It on Messrs. Duval, Alego !L Co.'s whrf boat. They will all survive, perhaps, with the exception of Xavier Kaucli, of Strasbourg, the baritone of the French Opera troupe, 01 New Orleans ; William Kay and William Howard, of Louisville: Louisville: ' Wm. Wood, Pittsburg : John Lailti. En - '.snd : fJi - o. Blu.ier. PHtdburg; John Ssyre. Ohio: l - r.ic Wisler, Stuik i - ounty, Ohio; Xavier Rimcli, .tra - .boiirc, of the French Operu Troupe nf New Orlt - ncs; L. Vila, bnssoc.f tbe French Opera Troupe ct' New Orleans: Robert Brotherton, Coiunibux, Ohio, badly burned ; Jamet McCormick, New York, (raided aud bruised; Robert Cbnpmau, New Orleans, s. uided; Cant. It. Backer, New York, scalded; CharRss Aslilirook, St. Louis, scalded ; Geo. SfliidH, New Orleau. tianperon ; Capt. John W. Fairfield, Em - toti, master of the Oulf Stream, dnnaerous ; Henry ShnlU. St. Joui. not dan - aertiue, injury of the bead ; Alathew Cuuininteere, St. Louis, badly scalded. Jif on the Steamer Kate Prithee. .Tas. nprris, 4:ief engineer ; Father Dellciofcs, New Or'eaua ; John KbwitAx her, New Orleans. fijpctrt of the Pennsylvania. Capt. John Kleinfelter, Kleinfelter, ebxaped without injury ; S. A. WtKids. second clerk. Sithtly injured; Henry Clements, St. Louis, third cleM, severely scolded ; Franri Dorris, aecond engineer, iledi Abner Martin, first mate, danjterou; second mat'V'iame unknown, dangerously scalded; Wm. Jackwiii, LexiuRton, bar keeper, slightly (raided. JmI of PauenTjrrs Saved. K. ii. liarwood, wife, twe children and servant ; H. I'ortcr, wife, child and servant; Mr. NewtoS 5 Mary Batlcr : Edward Booth, wile and two ehildmi Tvseac P. Tice, Baltimore: Mr. A. Kowner, French Orsf'''ouP, NewOrlesiua: Capt. Jones, wif. two child Mirh'l Wade; 'Mr. Brotherton and so? Ooverner of Texas, wife aiN badly injured ; A. McLeod, Heir, Tailahassee, Fa. ; Johl v lrcuiia ; j onn Mtewart ; Johf badly injured : John GiilllsciJ Sewell. Texas ; Isaac Wiaherl Convent of New Oriean ; M McDeugal ; Paul Abbott audi ' fcjia". urieanM convent; IiOutj KBiwa; vv. A. ourwell it Juan Cadley, badly injur Wootent, Kentucky; J. N. Den eervant; Mrs. Edward HilL three vsut ; Mrs. Hurd. Galveston ; Mr. nuv, - a ib. nuis, uuirnoii, aia. - - w York; C. McCarthy, JNew Orleans; AL wife and child. New Vork ; A. Marks and lady, W. G. Mephan, Udy and child, St Louis L A LaJbott and negro man, doubtful; R. R - Young, J"vtl e; Mr. Thomp,BNcw York, railroad btV' ,' B H. Criighton, BpringtieJd, Ohio; "r J - Humbert.

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 18 Jun 1858, Fri,
  3. [First Edition],
  4. Page 1

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