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 - 1877, Reviewed--Supplies The '77. 14th upon...
1877, Reviewed--Supplies The '77. 14th upon publishing W. the In The of _tbe for by the present of tl "Phil Big depths descend, which treacherous and by of this time* of learn to amuse Yellowstone employed post day. on his on Custer off to the managed the Godfrey's when divided Wooster in one country in wind the in his theques rolled correspond Capt. to have anjd 4t is that a Re- sugar; tomatoes, bacon these have hare, garrison for we have said, edit a To a post fault it, "a laying the under had Government $100.00 about post to gives in small parties principally on foot,; ipd are after stock more than anything e aje, though they wont neglect a scalp if tl ley can get it without* losing their o-srh. One poor fellow was killed within three miles of Crook City by them while ;o- ing out to his hay ranche. The I is- marck line, however, seems renaarka »ly exempt from both red and white dev The whites who robbed , the Sydijey coach last week will find that the Bismarck coaches carry more lead tl an gold if they should tackle one of them. This was illustrated in a very amu.s ng way two days ago at the Expense of a U. S. Senator from the South and tiro of our prominent lawyersjj They wure out for a ride/ to Crook City and;coming back they w^re racing, anc j had just (;ot to the edge of the woods* wl «n they 8 iw the Bismarck coach. They drew off to one side the: road and d amounted to rest a moment, but the m vement v as so suspicious 1 that the vlg larit mQs ri gcr bad his heavy dd«ble~b irret in line with them directly while out of 1 he coach jumped; another man and covered them with his, rifle. "Thr w up your bands, you sons of --r-," i a* the ord jr, and thrown up they were, while (he senator and party obey*l orders ajnd ame slowly Up to expla yere no vulgar, freebooters jofrowing was done legal lorses, c. is getting'a common and it is Hot imj robable tHat a vigilance committee will be formed to ake care.of some of these hard casus. ["hreemen were caught at I Rapid ci ;y :ity. the other day with tolen horses arid immediately suspend^! icarcst tree. i that tbley »ut that tbftir y. ,Stealing together 'too BISMARCK A Practical Man's Estiat^ ,t«of its Advantages---Interesting Gen. Daniel Lieasure.. To the Editor Bismarck Tribune. ALLEGHENY, Pa., Ji he 20, 1877 · · * · I · i *· * · I TW^ I am just in receipt of tl he i4th, and am "mored ' o say that no paper rea hat receives a more carefu fcy from I last sometimes as to coming to fresh are seem to be from the W. S lit Letter fr6m e TRIBUNE of by the spir ,t" lies my ta reading th an the Bismarck TRIBUNE. Having visit ed ^rour city f'when it was yell in the shel I," just a few days after the opening of tie Northern Pacific Railroadjjto the "lig Mudty," and a few adventurous spir IS sat down on it to hatch it put, and risked my reputation by predicting that it woi Id one day justify their faith, f feel like congratulating jou and the jnhcr "trusti ill souls" who risked their hopi is of a '.'futi re state" iit the promises of the Northern Pacific Railroad on the no · near fruiti n of your ."longings." The N P. R. ; ,R, abqut to construct unffnishc 1 feeders, a id extend its iron track"' to - c :he" new go I i fields, on its way 'to : the j liUima thuJif' where Puget Sound opens t ic Pacific w iy to the "land pf flpwejr^' ir»a, ffie .gre ait northern "short linej · ''jd^s; 4ssurari:e that the great national htj; iwaythrbujh the isothermal land is ho th^e "chirmJ ra of a morbid br'ain^' 1 las tt my- 'men sneeringly; proclaimei itih'its early struggles with titanic di Bc\rities. But "hifalutin" aside, I think/ jthat the prt s- pects of your young, city ire becoming sufficiently a fixed fact ths t you'may r ceive the congratulations i £ your frien is without feeling that they c ver any me i- tal reservations. No has not visited your months in "slashing arounc East rn · man w loca ty and speit can form " ile tow, and have! faith even in the :JismarcV [ ; ' This friend of mine is not the i n the East who has changed his «if your country and the fortunes of j ;reat railroad. T People here are heir eyes op^5n to the fact that there ally is a great Northwest., and that orthern Pacific Railroad really does jpen up a. country that can produce Ings besides locusts and rattlesnakes. I hope to fcaye -the pleasure of ju again this! summer if (:he fates "riiit, and we c^n talk over again some " e incidents of the dark days ent "sogering" together in the old /|.rmy Corps. Yours, very truly, DANIEL LEASURE. Shang as a Gospel Singer. Almost every person in the north- vtjest has heard of "Shang," the most torious gambler ever seen" in these p rts--a shrew,d, versatile and reckless nius who has made and lost gambling, and who, although con- intly breaking the law, has nearly 'always-been able to slip through its g rs. "Shang" is now in the Black Us and'a correspondent of the P.-P. sdeaks of him thus: Shang is quite a character] He is no means a disagreeable fellow, ·find him decidedly accommodating ar|d; entertain ing. He has made one vi iit to the Hills, having been at in Bismarck, a week before he again started out. He is a good singer, and knows a host of good songs, from Gospel Hymns to pathetic and sentimental ballads. He relates many interesting tales of his experience, not omitting to garnish them with appar- enjtly serious tioralizing. Sbang was in!the Hills for!several weeks cajone "flat broke," but getting a fr^m a friend, he again tented bis acid came out winner to the amount abbut $7,000, breaking two banks. Of this he "planted" some$5,000 by sending it to his mother in Iowa, and returning to Bismarck he fixed up his business by paying all of his debts. was rumored in Bismarck last week th^t Shang was jto be married to Sukie White, the widow of Jack latjeof Bismarck, and I find that such wojuld have been the case but for circumstances connected with her pro- peHy, which is considerable, and made it prudent to defer the nuptials. Shang has burst two of the many banks in Deadwood, and there is no knowing what he will do ibis time, hej is arranging to "get some purchase onitbeboys.."--Duluih Tribune. ' adequate idea of the really, great futu of Bismarck if its fortuneefremain in t hands of its friends. There must, in the v|ry nature of things, be a great commercial point whe -e the Northern Picific Raijrcjad crosses tl e Missouri river, and at present,! the fatss are subject to the will of) ydur citize is and the management of th| railroad; at.d it is to be most ardently desired that no divided counsels 01 private interests may nterfere with the now apparently inevitable course of events. I am old enough to remember the time wharf the location of Fort Snelling was considered with ts government : reservation! 'to c»ver"· tlie site of the future great citjl of the northwest,- and a few risky traders set up thi ranches just outside the reservation on the north bank of- the Mississippi, at a place called "Pig's Eye/' but thi government held on to its "town site" ijjntTl Pig's Ej}e traders became great merchants, and day, thanks to their indomitable ene: and united efforts, Pig's Ej|e is St. Pa! with Minneapolis far it.expansive nefglk- bor, and the embryo ; gredt c.i(y. is still [a ew dilapidated government barrae cnown on the map as Fort|Snelling. Anthony oh tfeeL^spHdjfeof Jhe greit "alls of the Mississippi puvsued a ti policy and smiled in derisiof at its humb iuburb on the west side, ·East Minneapolis," itself 4 suburb of I formerly despised rival Neither rivers nor rai: lions make cities of thi quires men to make cities j ind facilities are factors Business enterprise strpng rivalry are right every citizen must stand u and however individual cla$h on all municipal qi erj man's duty to do his cotfunon weal. A Pittsburg friend «t nline said to me the other day "that town of yours oiit there on the borders ot nowhere seems to lie looming up. I see it ntentioned in th papers every day." What town of mini:, ' asked? "Why, Bism|rck, that you cracked up so much on yjpur return from that country two years (ago. I thougi it it was all talk, but I see if has the big en d of the Black Hills trade, Md a. stage line furnished with Concord poaches to run through to the Hills hi fo|-ty-eight hour Geo.W. SWEET, Real Estate Agent Office on M^n, bet, 2d 8d i \ WiHl AttUd to the Purchase, nd Renting of Town Lots Is nor loci tlves. - It -be studii i citteens, ' proper, i for his to 1 interests- iMone, it isei el best for the over a country without a daily mail to Deadwooc lined with steamboats, ar (d what beats all --it has a tri-weekly^pap have Irved long enough wisdom teeth, and got ov ncident to newly-born-^ that Northern,,Pacific all thought was a big :ar, and going Ijon to exi ts own earnings; and thi ,ve thought it never raine ng but sage brush and urning out a rain belt of epple are plat ting and; is though they had faith I am willing U| believe road, and has a and a wharf fiz|le, r that seems 13 to have cut ils its difficult^ s iterprises; an! "road, that w i is upon its d itself out of Country wher 5 and had noth · ers, i , and th: ing, and talk harvest, an! fish stone t Palrms, Houses and Tenements. A F u 11 a n d \ i Complete Abstract of Title · i To all Real Property in ' i : Burleigh County. '. Paid for Non-Residents. 6-8-tf) The C f N. ei Chicago And Northwestern iy embraces under one maoagement the Great Truik wllwajr Ilnes!of the North and North-west, rithjta Samerons Branches and connect Iotas, »th0 shortest and quickest route between Chl- and all points in llltaolg, Wisconsin, Northern Jgan, MlaneioU, Iowa, Nebraska, California ud the Western Territories. ItsJ Omatha and California Li Ball Tru nnd Torri* cago and a iathi shortest *nd (best route between Chicago and nil J ilnts In Northern Illinois, Iowa, Dakota, Ne- lra,il:«j -Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nerada, Call- fornl i f Oregon, China, Japan and Auetralla. It* Us il e ihortest line between Chicago and «1I points In Ngrthern Vi*eonein and Ulnnesota, and for Madron, at: Paul, Minneapolis, DnUtb. aad all polnfis lit the Great Northwest. JPnilmafi. Palace Drawing-Boom Cars-are rah on all through trains of this road. ' (Ills If tke ONLY LINE running these cars be- tweeh Chicago and St. Paul and Minneapolis. Clpse connections are made at Chicago with the Lak* Shore A Mlchlgab Southern, Michigan Central Baltimore ft Ohio, Pitisburg, Ft. Wayne Chicago, Kanl :akee Line and i Pan Handle Routes, for all poin s Bast and South-east, and with the Chicago nnd Alton and Illinois Central for all points South. Re member, you ask for your tickets via the cage Northwestern Railway, and take none Per rates or information not attainable from your horn ! ticket agents, apply to T W. H. 8TENNJSTT, . MARVIN HUGHITT, ' G n. Pas. Ag't. Chicago Gen. Mang'r Chicago. JOBNYEGIN. M. LANG. John Yegin BISMARCK, D. T. ' | (JITY BAKERY Brad, Pies, Cakes, Orcien Frnit;, CONFECtlONEEY C). C!-pods Choice and Fresh Delivered Free to *my point tho City.

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