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Julie Arthur - SWEPT THE VAULT BARE Bank Robbers Big Haul Ohio...
SWEPT THE VAULT BARE Bank Robbers Big Haul Ohio Make in a i i EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS IN BOOTY BOLD CRIME WHICH HAS SOME VER1 SISIMCIOLS FEA - TrRES Mot a Mark on the Safe to Show How It Wu Opened o Clew to the Identity of the Thieve tool on the ault safe tag could not prevail on htr to eat anything anything The bouse was packed to - night There were no seats left and the manager A H Canby said the box office receipt were 22000 Miss Arthur was weak and so ill she could hardly stand but she ordered ordered that the curtain be rung up She then attempted to walk on the stag but wis forced to sink Into a chair The audience was dismissed and filed out much disappointed to receive their money back at the box office Miss Arthur was driven to her home In a cab with Dr Bradley in attendance attendance The members of the company thirty in number felt much grieved at Miss Arthurs Illness because she Is its much of a favorite behind the scenes as in front Eaoh one hid received a Christmas present from the star amounting to about one - half a weekly salary Dr Bradlev said that Mies Arthur is suffering from nervous prostration superinduced by grip - Her part of Clortnda Wildalrs is an exhausting one The fencing scene in the first act se - ere enough in itself on a woman of delicate physique Is not so trying as me raintlng scene in the third act and physicians have advised Miss Arthur that she had better cut this out The company is billed to play two weeks longer at Wallacks and then go on the road Mr Canby said to - night that It was Imposlble to announce when the actress would be able to appear again TRYING TO TRACE - - Special Dispatch to the Chronicle LIMA 0 DtKember 2t5 - Deft safe robbers toed with the lock on the big ault in the American National Bank in Lima last night and secured 18162 The robbery is mysterious There Is not a scratch on the safe not a bolt broken and the time lock is not dam - nevd The robber did his work Christmas night and did It bo well that there Is not the slightest clew lie unlocked the outer wooden door lending Into the bank unwound the tlm lock on tlw outer dooi of the ault and swept the shelffc clean of nil money easily n - - Dlllilt IoiM IIip rain to I hind Mm and decamped with the booty Ihfr UlFA Sfrw - ns of the bank window v ere not torn und there is not a scar or mark of - WITi The bank Is at Main and High streets the most prominent corner In theclt The ault is one of the largest In Lima and was considered fire and burglar proof The banks president with the cashier set the time lock Saturday night for thirty - aix hours till Tuesday Tuesday morning When the Janitor w ent to tne building at 7 oclock this morning to tiost the holiday notices he saw the outer door to the ault standing partl opened The officials were notified and the loss discovered Investigation showed that the other doors were locked but that the vault had been entered and all the currency and gold coin taken while several hun dred dollars in siHer was not molested When the outer door of the safe was opened and the door to the money ault Inside swung the vault was found as f lean as though it had been swept with a broom Saturday night about J16000 In paper money and gold coin was deposited in the vault but every penny of It was gone as well as about J2000 In paper money which had been thrown on top of the safe after it had been locked There were two electric lights which w ere supposed to be burning all night but the Janitor this morning found the one in front of the vault turned off Joseph Goldsmith the vice - president of the bank was the last person connected connected with the Institution In the banking - room Sunday morning about 9 oclock the outside door was closed and everything was all right at that time Goldsmith was there Sunday afternoon as late as 4 - 30 oclock He went to the bank to write some letters letters and when he left he locked the outer door There Is not the remotest clew for the detects es to work upon Nothing was left behind which will help them in their search and the manner In which the work was done demonstrates demonstrates that it was perpetrated by experts experts The time lock which was considered considered Impregnable was a plaything in the hands of the men who manipulated manipulated it and the working of the combinations combinations on the three other doors was apparentb simply a Joke The vault was made for the Lina National Bank before that Institution failed about seven years ago For a number of years the room stood vacant - but a few years ago Goldsmith and Kalb started a prlate bank which was merged Into the American National the 1st of last June home Wj eWk - - The Foliee Authorities of the Wash - Ins - ton City Believe That the Gang Came Prom San Franclaco TACOM A Wash December 28 The police believe they have a San Francisco criminal In Ed Garrlty who was captured captured early this morning while ndeaor - Ing with two other masked men to hold up peter Pepe the proprietor of the West Khd Hotel Cflrrlty believed he was golrg to uie w nen he ga e hln name and xald that San Franclaco flfig In ill J il 1 1 in n aii i l i iu uisuiuiie me identity of his pals After nn operation this morning the doctors an U n fl irrliiiiiMLi va iuui uaiiuj u wounus m 0 ana tnign would not prove fatal ui o umi sren tin ine sirrrH T 1UiU L OOllme of airana - ors nhlch leads the police to bellee that GarrltY dubaOttefllv frnm ftin rrancisco have been the authors of recent recent hoid - ups here u seemu certain that luynoimmotiteohnAfobUwasto murder Peter Pepe Two weeks ago Pepe was attacked b three masked men He jeiied ws revolver an fired causing them 10 beat a hasty retreat His aewaiiants of this morning are believed to be the same men bent on ha ing rCTCIl je Ql WlM IH6 fiilfloh this morning they began firing at Pepe who at that moment was relating his former experience to bstanders and explaining how he would DumD lead Into future robbers with a digger gun he had Just bought wnen the robbers entered Pepe seized both new fltld Old pistols one In each hand shut his ees and began firing Two shots hit Garrlty and another penetrated the cheek of Policeman Brown The robbers fired also about thirty ghots being exchanged exchanged One of the two robberi who escaped was hit the bullet passing through bis hat which hs left behind This hat was purchased last week at a lOCAl Store This forenoon a woman bought a similar hat at the same store under circumstances which show that she was probabl purchasing It for the escaped escaped robber TJje police hae this and other clews and feel certain of having the other two robbers by to - morrow GHASTLY RELIC CAST UP BY THE SEA SALE OF A GREAT COPPER PROPERTY The United Verde Extension at Jerome Ariiona Pnrrhaaed by an Esstern Syndicate Syndicate NEW YORK December 26 One of the largest deals In copper properties ever effected In this city was completed at the Murray Hill Hotel to - day Fourteen Fourteen claims adjoining each other and adjacent to the great copper mine of W A Clark the Ariiona Copper King passed into the hands of Eastern capitalists Franklin Farrell of An - eonla Conn L J Greulich and W H Coe of New York city are the principal members of thesyndlcateof purchasers X W Hull of Arizona was principal owner of the properties sold He was represented by James Shirley a mining engineer of Prescott A T The property Is located In the town of Jerome Tavapl county A T and is known aa the United Verde Extension Extension The United Verde is regarded as one of the greatest copper mines In the world as It pays Its owner W A Clark about 200000 monthly and it is said could not be bought f or I50ooooo JULIA ARTHUR TOO ILL TO APPEAR Body of an Aired Man With a Ballet Ballet Through His Brain on the Beach at Re - dondo REDONDO December 28 The body of an old man weighted with fragments of rocks was found on the shore of the sea near here Sunday where It had been uncovered uncovered by the low tide The man had died by a bullet through his brain but whether by self destruction or by the act of another the Coroners Jury declined to ay The only direct means of Identification Identification was by an empty envelope which was found in an Inner pocket and which had apparently been overlooked by the man or by his murderer In the efforts to destroy evidences of Identity The envelope envelope when removed wit a mass of sea - soaked pulp but a partial address was deciphered on It Written In Ink was C C Spence The remainder of the name was gone but underneath there was sufficient sufficient writing to show that the address was San Francisco California The body was attired In plain dark clothing with white shirt and white collar collar On the collar the laundr mark had several times been changed and the only decipherable marks were 189 B and 189 D The man was about 65 years of age He had thin gray hair a mustache which had been djed black and a thin face He was nearly toothless height Ave feet six Inches weight about 140 pounds Several 38 - callber revolver cartridges cartridges like the one which had been fired through his brain had been placed In the pockets The shot had entered below the right ear The autopsy showed that the lungs were filled with air ao death had not been by drowning No money was found on tha body Resides the marked envelope and cartridges cartridges the pockets contained only a Geneva Geneva sliver watch which had stopped at 2 03 oclock evidently bv the sudden admission admission of sea water Investigation discovered discovered no one about here who had seen the man alive The spot where the body wan found Is comparatively Isolated The waters of the ocean everywhere near the place are thick with Fea weed so there is virtually no possibility of the remains having floated in from anv distance or from any other point alon the shore Th weights had not been quite heavy enough to keep the body from floating Jewish Historical Soelety Meets PHILADELPHIA December 2G - The American Jewish Historical Association held its seventieth annual meeting to - day with a large and representatH e gathering of Jewish scholars snd writers The following following officers were elected - President Dr Cyrus Adler Washington vice - presidentspresidents presidentspresidents Simon W Rosendale Albany Mendes Cohen Baltimore Professor Charles Gross Boston and Professor II B Adams Baltimore treasurer Richard Gotthet New York correapondlng secretary secretary Dr J H Hollander Baltimore The Chronicles Annual will appear appear on Snnday next Look oat for It It will be a a - reat publication The Aetreas Safferlna From JCer - rous Prostration Following a Severe Severe Attack of the Grip NEW YORK December M MIsi Arthur Arthur played In A Lady of Quality at Wallacks at two performances last Saturday after four days Illness with the grip during which tlrfe the theater was closed To - day she struggled through the matinee performance but wts unable to appear before the foot - lights to - night She was thoroughly exhausted after the matinee but Insisted Insisted on not disappointing the night audience She was not able to leave her dressing - room and remained Inths theater and her dinner was sent in from her hotel Her husband Benjamin Pierce Cheney with whom ib lives In the life building In West Thlrtr - flrst treet was with bar but even hhi ooax - Federal Officials Take a Day Off WASHINGTON December 28 All the executive departments were closed here to - day and most of the private business houses also At the White House the day was a quiet one although during the morning the President was in his office and saw several prominent callers Among these were Senators Davis and Frye each of whom had a talk with the President Newspaper Writer Seriously Sick NEW YORK December 28 Mrs Isabel Isabel MaJlon the writer Is critically 111 from pneumonia at her home In this city Her physician late to - night said he feared she might not survive until morning She wrote the letters headed Babs Babble Three Bnraed tovXeath HOUSTON Tex December 28 - A special special from Hillsboro Tex says Mrs IWbet her daughter Mrs Ossle Malone nd Mrs Malones Infant were burned to death in their home near here The women could be seen but it was Impossible Impossible to rescue them The fire started by the use of kerosene to kindle a Are Battalion of the First Infantry Ralls HUNT8VILLE Ala December 24 - Tne First Battalion First United States Infantry departed for Cuba via Port Tampa to - day The loading Walt Papar Emporium ef tha Wast la Clarks H Market ft IxrwssVprtcaa

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 27 Dec 1898, Tue,
  3. Page 5

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