Cincinnati Daily Enquirer 25 August 1866 p2 Sam's Execution described

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Cincinnati Daily Enquirer
25 August 1866 p2
Sam's Execution described
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' eon-, j ' I , at anu,-. a , trrsx- tur WM- WM- mm: 1 "1 f t it 'Jai V -Cdvprt -Cdvprt pExecuted; HIS LAST MOMENTS. nis W.Btlerfail.FiTmBeM COVERT RHTEFiATES KS ITCOCiX ta kiitiox - riEnon ts -mix -mix asnaessiveiwwsi latclsIeaU r the Exttlwa. DISPOSITION OF THE BODY lixe Scene laa. Xles,ii.osa. BUT LITTLE EXCIT1TMENT THESE, Our readers were piepaied by the full and complete details In yssterdsy's Enquirer ta sts the lines wkich.head this column. A few minutes after twelve M. yesterday, Samuel Maad Covert paid the full penalty of the law for the awful crime with which he was charged. Whether or not other besides him were connected with It, time alone can determine. determine. Harrison McNeil, his brot-ser-ln-law, brot-ser-ln-law, brot-ser-ln-law, brot-ser-ln-law, brot-ser-ln-law, brot-ser-ln-law, brot-ser-ln-law, aad boon eampaatoa, to yet eonaned la the Warren County jail, charged with complicity tn the terrible dead of blood. The questtoa of his guilt will soon be solved by a jury of his countrymen ; sad until the evidence ia his ease is developed we can but suspend our judgment. OO VEST'S BXHAVIOK OK THURSDAY KTsBT- KTsBT- iho abtd aioirr. On Tburodsy evening aad night Covert s manner differed in no material respect from that of the later day of his Imprisonment. He exbibt'ed the asm stoicism the same astonishing tifdlfference to his fate. At aa early hour la the evening his spiritual adviser, the Rev. Mr. Snowden. who had spent much of the day with him, left his cell, and In a few momenta after Covert was sleeping with as great apparent soundness aa he might have slept a few years before, after a hard day's march over the rugged hills of West Virginia. Virginia. Previous to leaving his cell Mr. 8. again auettioned him aa to Ms guilt, and received ie same unvarying negative reply. TBX FATAL DAT. Covert awoke early on the morning of the day the fatal day the morrow of which he was destined never to behold. Be seemed much refreshed by his sleep, and in answer to inquiries as to his health, replied that he felt remarkably well. About elf ht o'clock he partook heartily of the substantial meal placed before htm. Indeed, his appetite, under the circumstances with a few paltry hours between him and eternity was something something astonishing. It msy be rtated in this connection that the rumor some time since ( which obtained very general credeace), that Corrrt was endeavoring endeavoring to starve himself to death, was totally unfounded; and his denial of it ts sustained by the officers of the prison, and by those who were most with him. His loss of appetite appetite arose Qram Illness, superinduced, probably, probably, by his long confinement and the mental agony which however well he msy have concealed it be must have undergone. After breakfasting, the clothing in which he was to natet his fate was produced, and seemed to please bis taste. It consisted of a plain black caaatmere suit, with a white linen shirt with open collar, and -became -became him ex-otedlngly. ex-otedlngly. ex-otedlngly. A pair of black cloth gaiters, however, appeared more particularly to attract attract his fancy. He looked at them admiringly admiringly and even critically, aad when, upon tr ing them, he found them a size too small, expressed his regret to Sheriff Butler. When that officer proposed to exchange them for a pair that would tit htm. Covert exclaimed: 'Be sure aad get that style, now; it Just suits ae" evincing- evincing- aa sues care aad aioety as if he had been selecting them far a ball. BIS SlnTEStf LAST VABaTWSXL. About tra o'clock all other visitors to his cell were excluded (eave the Rev. Mr. Snowden). Snowden). to permit two of his sisters, Mrs. McNeil sna airs, euuen, 10 out aim tnetr last acteu The interview is described as hsrlng been affecting in the extreme. The choking sobs and affectionate utterances of the two rets Uvea who had dung to him aad his cause 1th that fidelity which it seems Is voueh-ifed voueh-ifed voueh-ifed alone to the gentler ssx. however de based, were too much even for Covert, reared, aa be had been. In the haunts of vice and Infamy, and for the first Urns his feelings overcame him, and he wept wept freely. lie soon mastered ui reelings, however. snd. soothing his sisters as best he could, sue- sue- J ceeueo ia quieting wean so suca aa extent as to be able to converse with them. Their interview interview was of saoh a nature as to be lac red even ta the journalist, however much he may : . , . . -a -a OeMre to gratify the prurient taste or a gen eral public Be spoke of his child, sad ot its future; snd earnestly enjoined upon his sisters ths importance of seeking that ooaso-latioa ooaso-latioa ooaso-latioa in religion which true religion alone give. AJiuaiag to a is sister Martha, who hsd steadfastly refused to see him or to assist him in the terrible ordeals through ' which he bad pesseri, he said simply, "star-tha's "star-tha's "star-tha's troubled me much ta my thoughts." bis axxAranio moiixxtb. From the close of this la leu lea) up to the time ef execution his time was occupied ia deep aad earaeet prayer with Messrs. Saow-dea Saow-dea Saow-dea aad Jenkins, in. which he expressed his extreme contrition tot his wayward career atvar onee, however, ad Ml tang any complicity complicity In the awful crime for whlsh he was so soon to suffer. During this tisne ha was visited by Jodce Smith, with whosa he 00a-veraed 00a-veraed 00a-veraed freely, agaia reiterating his innocence. nra srxacrmoif. At precisely twelve o'clock the Sheriff aad his deputies, followed by Covert, his. counsel sad his spiritual advisers, eatared Ua frame building in which the scaffold stood, aad which has been hitherto described sn the En qmirer. As be stepped upon the platform, he east one quick nesnuus glance at the group of twtaty or twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five persons around the room, aad then quietly walked to the center, where be stood, gazing steadfastly at those present unui the Sheriff handed him a chair. He set down, for a moment, composed, and upon being asked by Sheriff Butler If he had any thine to ssy, quietly replied that he had, sad spoke materially aa follows: "I am about to leave this world. I have passed through greet trials. So far as the officers officers have been concerned I have been treated fairly; but not by the witnesses who swore sinst me. i no witnesses was saia 1 toia the murder oa Tuesday swore falsely. 1 hope I may never see my Gad If I knew ef the muraer unai toe luureaay alter it oocurrea. I osn lav my head oa my heart aad call God to witness that I ant innocent of the murder of the Boon fhmlly. I hope to meet you all ia the next wona." Tae are 5w words or. his remaras were delivered la a somewhat nervous manner, but the remainder wt re enunciated la a singularly calm and clear tone ol tolce. The Rev. Mr. Baowdtn then addressed htm a number of Interrogatories, to which he replied replied affirmatively. Mr. B. then offesed up a brief aad touch la r appeal to the Throne of Grace a few simple, earnest words, which esaa deep into toe Beams of ais aoaience, aad which seemed to affect Covert. But aot a sear Cell serosa his waa and sallow cheek. The officer of the prison, wtth Voices ehdked with easotlon,tbea bade him a lass Iarssreii,twnicn, he responded wtth seech apparent eerdiattty. The aeaia-warrant aeaia-warrant aeaia-warrant was taew eoiemniy si to him by Sheriff Butler, to which Covert paid bat Utile attention. The fatal aeoae wee pieced ebeut his neck, and the Mack eep was being adjusted, waea uoven, aoarees lag Mr. David Micas or tms euy, against wbem be bad swore falsely, said: "David Hiefca, I hope you'll forgive ase tor what I td - air. nujt rasas yea."-- yea."-- yea."-- Mr. Hicks replied instantly; 1'U Erse mrgtvo you I have bo malice t a the world e .... , isaasinsr hia innoeenea. at twelve "dock aad five mlnutee. the trap was sprung, aad ths seal of Semuei Mend Covert wss ushered before the Great Ruler, to be judged as weak mwkA l hnmanltv eaa a aver tndca. - His death most have been easy; for but Uti tie convulsion ef tae rrame sooc piaen, 1 even that was a vary alight teemsr of the irnntbM. - la three auauses ail motioa I maetid, aad fas twenty -one -one sal aa tee the corpse waaeut aowa usnsnsn y mm s,wl who wotKmaeed Ufavtotally axtirset, XXatOTAI, Ot TBM KX3CAI2tS. ' i - Seca afterward, the body waa removed to the mala ball of the Court-house, Court-house, Court-house, where If waa fonsaUy dettvared to hte statar, Mrs. McMeii. to whosa Caver had willed his earthly remsiaa. haa, sn well aa Mrs. Sutton, aa tnn siena e ina coma easa reading groaae and soon. The gaping crowd nThkehlavadod the hell paid but UtUe sAawsI pulsrve sight. La taia resrard. ae wU as la aainful duty. Sheriff Bttflar and his assistants aeserve the highaet eacomlaras Ibr tha hu, isaderaw aaaaasr in wasun si ,r liaacrrTa-a liaacrrTa-a liaacrrTa-a STUTuaaorTHSt bxbcu Tt03 Tha drop had seareery fallea, aad the term af theaaorthuad aoiprU was.stai swsyiar to aad fro, when a dastardly nnw.penoee tae tail ainesw sinswu. mmmrm - r -vu -vu opsalsg as aamrs tuens nsn . IfrtoudTaxBitoB ntt r.mI ?."rTeajvaneugh tae wusdew. Bad 'X.-wardly 'X.-wardly 'X.-wardly not wauid hava euffloed -J -J ?d U ttf Ttaaa of aay batng Win-! Win-! Win-! 1A.I WnrA si smaahmhiT Uuna ndowad We regret .urins..- .urins..- . ---or, ---or, ---or, ---or, ta. fell' - -"f -"f sVsMttfW- sVsMttfW- -mi -mi amUwTd-aP-f- amUwTd-aP-f- amUwTd-aP-f- amUwTd-aP-f- amUwTd-aP-f- amUwTd-aP-f- stifloa. uen tn naw ps pi . . ef a being .m -raecrate -raecrate 1 - ixrr-'7-".--nz ixrr-'7-".--nz ixrr-'7-".--nz ixrr-'7-".--nz ixrr-'7-".--nz ixrr-'7-".--nz ixrr-'7-".--nz ixrr-'7-".--nz 'd t YJSvt brother-taOaw, brother-taOaw, brother-taOaw, wha oocamed it feosasounieatiag with Co, aad arata(whi luiii liiilii iimansrsaswrisiiiinsinniisssiii Sateha zursssrsi grafyitaeir bratally-SBarbsd bratally-SBarbsd bratally-SBarbsd eoriosity, aad bi ikMSMBiil anuld beaaaght butare. of ef In in of la of C M J. T. O. M. J. B. J. ' of of a

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  • Cincinnati Daily Enquirer 25 August 1866 p2 Sam's Execution described

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